10/22-MVW’s Six-O-Five Show




Missouri Valley Wrestling’s Six-O-Five
MVW TV Studio
St. Louis, Missouri
Sunday October 22nd, 2023

MATCH #1- Kirsten Canfield vs. Missy Barnes.
-Canfield has just returned to MVW and has quickly moved up to #2 in the Women’s Heartland Division.

MATCH #2- The Southern Boys (‘Dastardly’ Dave Miller/’Dangerous’ Dan Williams w/Texas Cowgirl Haley Dallas) vs. No Quarter (Bracken Krueger/Daryn Thompson).
-No Quarter is ginning up for a run at the Men’s Tag Team title and already have a win over champions The Stevens Dynasty.  Tonight, they get a test in former Men’s Tag Team champions The Southern Boys who’ve been competing in sVo and Texas Championship Wrestling.

MATCH #3- Backman Taylor Powerdrive (Randi Backman/Fredricia Taylor) vs. The Working Girls (Caroline Lewis/’Queen Cool’ Leah Iris
-The Working Girls tune up for their Women’s Tag Team title challenge on Tuesday night versus the Hanson Sisters when they face BTP.

MAIN EVENT- Tonight’s main event is another special attraction match featuring Tyler Best.  Best was last seen wrestling in X-Pro in August.  He will be facing Bobby Starr in the main event.

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