11/7-Wrestling Night in the Heartland on HOTv and PWA-TV


Last Week’s Wrestling Night in the Heartland Results:
-Women’s Champion Jennifer Colton starts the show with a defiant promo on Victoria McGill and Jill Berg Enterprises after JBE attacked her the week before.
-MATCH #1: Luke Woods defeated Captain Jack
-Kellie Burkowski interviews ‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Mr. McMann and talks about Luke Woods’s future and upcoming match against ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson for the Men’s title.
-Jill Berg (CEO-Jill Berg Enterprises) cuts a promo on Jennifer Colton on behalf of Victoria McGill and then The Hanson Sisters for JBE tag team Sheline Carrigan and Madison Miller.
-Kellie interviews Cary Stevens with the Men’s Tag Team champions The Stevens Dynasty.  Cary lambasts No Quarter for disrespecting them.
-MATCH #2-WOMEN’S TAG TEAM #3 vs. #4 CONTENDER’S MATCH: #3 Laney Harrison and McLean Oswald defeated #4 The Rose Warriors
-Kellie interviews Harrison and Oswald after the match about their young wrestling career and training at Joe Bergman’s Barn.
-Yosemite Samantha cuts a heated promo on Shizuko Yamazaki before their match tonight.
-MATCH #3-WOMEN’S DIVISION #2 vs. #3 CONTENDER’S MATCH: #3 Yosemite Samantha defeated #2 ‘The Shadow Warrior’ Shizuko Yamazaki
-Kellie Burkowski’s Heartland Report
-MAIN EVENT-NON-TITLE: Men’s Tag Team Champions The Stevens Dynasty defeated Bob and Brett Murray
-The Stevens Dynasty and No Quarter have a stare-down to end the show.

Cue the pyro…

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Missouri Valley Wrestling
Wrestling Night in the Heartland
Qwest Arena
Omaha, NE
Tuesday November 7th, 2023

Announcers: Thunderbolt Smith and ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall

Backstage Interviewer: Kellie Burkowski

Ring Announcer: Heather Cooper


The deafening roar of 8500 wrestling fans filled the lower seats of the Qwest Arena in Omaha, Nebraska. The crowd waved homemade signs and cheered with wild enthusiasm. Thunderbolt Smith and ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall stood in the ring, microphones in hand, taking a moment to soak in the electric atmosphere.

“Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to Wrestling Night in the Heartland!” Thunderbolt announced, his voice booming through the arena’s speakers. “I’m Thunderbolt Smith, alongside ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall, and we are here to bring you an action-packed night of wrestling!”

The crowd erupted into cheers as Hall stepped forward. “We’ve got a great lineup for you tonight, folks! Five… count ‘em… FIVE incredible matches that are sure to leave you on the edge of your seats!”

As Hall continued to hype up the night’s events, Thunderbolt couldn’t help but feel the excitement coursing through him. He knew these wrestlers were ready to put on a hell of a show, and the buzzing energy of the crowd only served to fuel that fire.

“First up,” Hall began, “we’ve got a #2 versus #3 contender’s match in the Men’s Division with John O’Reilly, the Irish Cannonball, taking on Ricky Stevens, who was just let go by the SEC. Ricky will be accompanied to the ring by Dru Danes!”

“Following that match,” Thunderbolt chimed in, “we’ve got a Women’s Division #1 contender’s match where we’ll see Victoria McGill face off against Yosemite Samantha, the roughest, toughest, rootinest, shootinest cowgirl who ever crossed the Rio Grande! That’s sure to be one wild brawl!”

“Absolutely,” agreed Hall. “Next, we have Women’s Tag Team Champions The Hanson Sisters going head-to-head with Laney Harrison and McLean Oswald in non-title action.”

“Next, we have a Men’s Tag Team Title match between champions The Stevens Dynasty and No Quarter. The Stevens family, consisting of Bo, George, and Scott, along with their patriarch Cary, have held onto those titles for quite some time, but No Quarter is hungry for victory. This is bound to be an intense battle!”

“And finally,” Thunderbolt declared, his voice rising with anticipation, “our main event of the evening! ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson defends the Men’s Title against the Sports Entertainment Corporation’s Luke Woods! With Dickinson’s no-nonsense attitude and Woods backed by the power and influence of the SEC, this is a match you won’t want to miss!”

The crowd roared in approval as Hall and Thunderbolt exchanged an excited glance. They knew that tonight’s Wrestling Night in the Heartland was going to be unforgettable and couldn’t wait to witness it all unfold before their eyes.

“Let’s get this show started!” Thunderbolt shouted, his words echoing throughout the arena as the fans cheered on, their excitement reaching a fever pitch.

“Hold on.  Something has just happened backstage.  Let’s go there to Kellie Burkowski who has an update for us,” Thunderbolt announced as the camera transitioned to Kellie.

Kellie stood outside the dressing room of Men’s Tag Team champions The Stevens Dynasty, her eyes wide and her nose wrinkled in disgust. “Thanks, Thunderbolt. I’m standing here outside the dressing room of The Stevens Dynasty where it seems someone has buck-bombed their dressing room.”

As she said this, Bo, George, Scott, and family patriarch Cary Stevens staggered out of the dressing room, all of them coughing and gasping for air. The smell that wafted from the open door was putrid – a nauseating mix of manure and rotten eggs that made it hard not to gag. It wasn’t hard to see that their dressing room had been buck-bombed.

“Ugh, what the hell is that smell?” George groaned, holding his hand over his nose, while Scott doubled over, trying not to vomit.

“Who would do somethin’ like this?” Bo asked through gritted teeth, his face red with anger.

Kellie held her microphone close to her mouth as she reported the situation. “It appears that someone has buck-bombed the dressing room of The Stevens Dynasty, and Ginny Van Lear is the number one suspect. As you can see, the family is not taking this lightly.”

Cary, his face contorted in rage and nostrils flaring, looked straight into the camera. “Ginny Van Lear, y’all better hope it wasn’t you who pulled this stunt. This here is personal! You’ve disrespected my family on a night on the night we’re defendin’ our tag team titles? Tonight is supposed to be about our legacy, and now, we want vengeance!”

“Y’all just made the biggest mistake of your lives,” Scott added, his eyes narrowing. “Nobody messes with The Stevens Dynasty and gets away with it.”

Kellie nodded, understanding their anger and frustration. “You’ve heard it here first, folks – The Stevens Dynasty will not let this go unanswered. We’ll see how this unfolds tonight during their match against No Quarter. Back to you, Thunderbolt.”

“Unbelievable,” Thunderbolt Smith chuckled as the camera cut back to him and ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall at the broadcast table. Both men exchanged a knowing glance before turning their attention back to the screen.

“Ginny Van Lear is probably the one behind this,” Hall opined. “Not surprising seeing what Scott Stevens did to her husband Adam Ellis last weekend at HOW’s In God’s House pay-per-view show.”

“Indeed, Rick,” Thunderbolt agreed. “But while they sort out what happened backstage, the show must go on. We have an incredible line-up tonight, and it’s time to get things started.”

As if on cue, the lights in the arena dimmed, the crowd’s anticipation palpable in the air. The familiar strains of rock music filled the Qwest Arena, and ring announcer Heather Cooper stepped into the spotlight. Embodying sultry confidence, her form-fitting black dress accentuated her curves, and her red hair cascaded around her shoulders.

“Good evening, wrestling fans,” Heather purred into the microphone, her voice sultry and commanding. “Welcome to Wrestling Night in the Heartland! We have an amazing night ahead of us, so let’s kick things off with our first match!”

The crowd erupted in cheers, eagerly awaiting the start of the action. Thunderbolt and Hall exchanged another look, both men putting aside their concerns about the earlier incident to focus on the matches at hand.

“Here we go, folks,” Thunderbolt said, his tone shifting to one of excitement. “Let’s get the show underway!”

“Let’s go,” Hall chimed in, his own enthusiasm evident. “It’s gonna be one hell of a night!”

MATCH #1-MEN’S DIVISION #2 vs. #3 CONTENDER’S MATCH: Ricky Stevens vs. John O’Reilly
Heather raised the microphone to introduce the two men in our first match of the show.  “This match is a #2 versus #3 contender’s match in the Men’s Division.  Introducing first…

Ricky Stevens (#3 contender- Men’s Division)
AGE: / HT: 5’ 11” WT: 185 / HOME: San Francisco, CA
ALIGN: Face / STYLE: High Flyer / FIN: Dead and Buried (X-Factor)
THEME: “Search and Destroy” – Iggy Pop

Valet: Dru Danes

John O’Reilly (#2 contender- Men’s Division)
AGE: 35 / HT: 5’ 10” WT: 200 / HOME: Atheny, Ireland
ALIGN: Face / STYLE: Brawler / FIN: Cannonball Right hand
THEME MUSIC: ‘John O’Reilly’- Charlie Robison

“John O’Reilly with a surprisingly easy win over Ricky Stevens tonight,” Thunderbolt announced as referee Davey Keels raised O’Reilly’s arm up in victory.

“Thunderbolt, that spinning back fist totally caught Ricky Stevens by surprise,” Hall observed. “That dazed Ricky and O’Reilly didn’t waste time going for the pinfall.”

“Big win for John O’Reilly,” Thunderbolt said. “We’ll be back with more wrestling action after these commercial messages.”


High Octane Wrestling

The camera panned back to Thunderbolt Smith and ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall at the announcer’s desk, their faces flushed with excitement. The crowd buzzed in anticipation as the next match was about to begin.

“Welcome back, folks!” Thunderbolt exclaimed. “We have an incredible match coming up between Victoria McGill and Yosemite Samantha. It’s a #1 contender’s match, and the winner will face Women’s Champion, Jennifer Colton!”

“Thunderbolt, this is gonna be one hell of a fight,” Hall chimed in, barely able to contain his enthusiasm. “Yosemite Samantha is a brawler through and through, but Victoria McGill has the height advantage and technical prowess.”

“Let’s go to Heather Cooper in the ring for the introductions,” Thunderbolt said as the sultry redhead stepped forward, her curves accentuated in a tight-fitting dress.

MATCH #2-WOMEN’S DIVISION #1 CONTENDER’S MATCH: Victoria McGill vs. Yosemite Samantha
She held the microphone with confidence as she introduced the competitors.

Yosemite Samantha
“The roughest, toughest, rootinest, shootinest cowgirl who ever crossed the Rio Grande” (#2 contender- Women’s Division)
AGE: 31 / HT: 5’1″ WT: 105 / HOME: Dodge City, KS
ALIGN: Heel / STYLE: Brawler-Hardcore / FIN: Shotgun Knee/Cannonball Combo
THEME MUSIC: “Moth to a Flame”- Metallica

Victoria McGill (#1 contender- Women’s Division)
AGE: 25 / HT: 6’ 2″ WT: 140 / HOME: Killeen, TX
ALIGN: Heel / STYLE: Power / FIN: Gutwrench Facebuster
THEME MUSIC: “Twisted Ambition”- Samantha Fish

CEO Jill Berg

WITH: Prisoner #034291

“What a match!  This could have gone either way.  Yosemite Samantha took the fight to McGill and she nearly beat her!” Thunderbolt exclaimed. ” But out of nowhere, Tori hit the Gutwrench Facebuster and that was it over Yosemite Samantha!”

“Absolutely, Thunderbolt,” Hall agreed. “It took over twenty minutes but Victoria McGill ultimately came out on top and she will now get another crack at Jennifer Colton.”

Prisoner #034291 stormed into the ring and Sheline Carrigan and Madison Miller to join forces with Victoria McGill to beat down the exhausted brawler.

“Wait a minute!” Thunderbolt exclaimed. “Jill Berg sent in Prisoner #034291, Sheline Carrigan, and Madison Miller to attack Yosemite Samantha!”

“Here we go!” Hall added.

Yosemite Samantha tried to fend them off, but the four-on-one assault left her battered and bruised.

“Yosemite Samantha is getting pummeled here!” Thunderbolt shouted.

“Yosemite Samantha is outnumbered in the ring, Thunderbolt!” Hall added.

The scene ended with Yosemite Samantha lying prone on the mat, her body heaving from the relentless onslaught. Victoria McGill and Prisoner #034291 stood over her, their faces twisted with satisfaction at the carnage they’d caused.

The crowd erupted in a cacophony of cheers. ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin, Ginny Van Lear, and Women’s Champion Jennifer Colton raced down the aisle toward the ring, their faces.

“Help has arrived!” Thunderbolt shouted, his voice filled with relief. “Here comes ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin, Ginny Van Lear and the Women’s Champion herself Jennifer Colton!”

“Tessa Martin wants to get her hands on Jill Berg and Jill Berg Enterprises!” Hall chimed in, sharing his colleague’s enthusiasm. “And so does Jennifer Colton.”

As they slid into the ring, Tessa wasted no time, charging at Tori with a battle cry. Her forearm connected with Tori’s jaw and then she dropped McGill with a devastating Pizza Cutter. The impact sent Tori sprawling to the mat, dazed and disoriented.

Simultaneously, Colton focused on Prisoner #034291. She darted behind the menacing figure and delivered a swift low blow. Prisoner #034291 doubled over in agony, gasping for air.

With lightning speed, Ginny Van Lear snapped off a spinning heel kick that connected squarely with Prisoner #034291’s temple.

“Heel kick by Ginny!” Thunderbolt called out, “Prisoner #034291 collapsed like a sack of potatoes, she’s out cold.”

Tessa hits a Pizza Cutter on Carrigan.  Colton chucks Miller out of the ring.

“Wow.” Hall leaned forward in his seat.  “You knew Tessa Martin would be coming for payback after she was abruptly fired from Jill Berg Enterprises.  You knew Jennifer Colton would be eager to get some payback after JBE jumped her a couple weeks ago-“

“Here comes MVW Security!” Thunderbolt called out as MVW security personnel swarmed the ring, pulling the combatants apart and restoring order. The crowd roared their approval, cheering for the trio of women who had come to Yosemite Samantha’s aid.

“Tessa, Ginny, and Jennifer,” Hall said, as security separated the women in the ring, “just saved Yosemite Samantha from a world of hurt.”

“Indeed, they did, Rick,” Thunderbolt agreed, his voice still tense from the action. “And folks, don’t go anywhere! We’ll be right back after this commercial break!”



Back from commercial, Thunderbolt Smith and ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall looked at each other in disbelief as the camera panned across the arena to capture the unexpected development unfolding before them. Omaha police officers confronted Ginny Van Lear.

“We have a situation on our hands here, folks,” said Thunderbolt, his voice tense with anticipation.

The video screen flickered to life, revealing an incredulous Scott Stevens standing in the parking lot, staring wide-eyed at his rental car. The vehicle had been shot up with a shotgun, an unmistakable sign of Ginny’s handiwork.

“Wow, look at that damage!” Hall exclaimed, his voice climbing to a fever pitch.

“This has got to be payback for what Scott Stevens did to Adam Ellis last week,” Thunderbolt said, “she is very, very protective of her husband.”

“Yeah, but to take a shotgun to Scott Stevens’s rental car?” questioned Hall.

As the crowd watched the scene unfold, Ginny’s fists clenched tightly by her sides, her face flushed with anger and defiance. Her eyes darted between the police officers and the video footage of the destroyed car, her mind racing with thoughts of what would come next.

“Ma’am, you need to calm down,” one of the officers replied sternly, gripping her arm firmly, but not aggressively. “We have witnesses who saw you in the act, and the evidence is clear. You’re under arrest.”

“Wow,” Thunderbolt said, shaking his head in amazement as Ginny was handcuffed by the police officers and led away. “I have to say, I never expected this kind of chaos tonight.”

“Tell me about it,” Hall agreed, his voice still filled with excitement. “This has been quite a night for the Stevens family already. First Ricky losing to John O’Reilly, and now Ginny getting arrested? They won’t be forgetting this one anytime soon.”

As the officers escorted Ginny out of the arena, the fiery young woman remained defiant to the end, her eyes locked onto the camera as if daring anyone to challenge her actions. In that moment, she showed the world that she would do anything to protect her husband, Adam Ellis.

The camera cut to the dimly lit Sports Entertainment Corporation dressing room, where the ‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Mr. McMann stood with a smug grin on his face. Next to him was Luke Woods, his muscular arms crossed over his chest as he listened intently to McMann’s words.

‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Mr. McMann and Luke Woods

“See, Luke?” McMann gloated, his eyes glinting with satisfaction. “Ricky Stevens losing to John O’Reilly just proves I was right to let that ungrateful little weasel go. He couldn’t handle the pressure of being in the SEC, and tonight, he choked against O’Reilly.”

Luke Woods nodded in agreement, his jaw set with determination. As much as he didn’t want to admit it, there was a part of him that enjoyed seeing Ricky humbled – after all, it only further solidified his own position within the group.

“That’s right,” Woods replied confidently. “I wouldn’t lose to O’Reilly – not in a million years. I’m focused on one thing, and one thing only – bringing gold to the SEC.”

McMann clapped Woods on the back, clearly pleased with his protégé’s unwavering loyalty and ambition. “That’s exactly what I like to hear, Luke. Tonight, you’re going to put an end to Bill Dickinson’s title reign. That 330-pound Southern Brawler has held onto that gold for far too long. It’s time for a new era in this company – the era of the SEC.”

As Mr. McMann spoke those words, Luke Woods felt a surge of adrenaline course through his veins, fueling his desire to prove his worth to the SEC and to himself. He knew that defeating Bill Dickinson would be no easy task, but he also knew that he had come too far to back down now.

“Bill Dickinson is tough,” Woods admitted, his voice steady and focused. “But he’s never faced anyone like me before. I’ve got the power, the skill, and most importantly, the backing of the SEC behind me. That title is as good as ours.”

“Exactly,” McMann said, his voice dripping with confidence. “Tonight, you’re going to show everyone – especially poor Ricky Stevens – exactly why you’re the future of this company.”

With that, Mr. McMann patted Luke Woods on the back one last time, his faith in his star wrestler unwavering. As the camera faded to black, Woods’ steely gaze remained locked on the door to the dressing room, his thoughts already on the impending clash with Bill Dickinson and the ultimate prize that awaited him – the championship gold.

sVo Logo

Sanctioned Violence Organization

Outside the Qwest Arena, Omaha police officers were busy cuffing Ginny Van Lear and escorting her toward a waiting police cruiser.  The police officers finally managed to shove her into the backseat of the cruiser, which then sped off, leaving a cloud of dust in its wake.

Back inside the arena, Thunderbolt Smith and ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall sat at their broadcast table, shaking their heads in disbelief as they watched the scene unfold on the monitor.

“Unbelievable,” Thunderbolt muttered, his voice even keeled despite the chaos that had just unfolded. “Ginny Van Lear just couldn’t control her emotions, and now she’s paying the price.”

“Yep,” Hall agreed, the excitement evident in his voice. “But we’ve gotta move on, folks. It’s time for our next match.”

Thunderbolt nodded, and the two commentators turned their attention to the upcoming bout between The Hanson Sisters, the dominant champions, and the young up-and-comers Laney Harrison and McLean Oswald.

“Let’s talk about this match, Rick,” Thunderbolt began. “The Hanson Sisters have been on a tear lately, but Laney Harrison and McLean Oswald have shown a lot of promise in their recent outings.”

“Absolutely,” Hall chimed in. “Harrison’s got that high-flyer style, and Oswald brings the power game. They might be young, but they’re not gonna back down from a challenge like this.”

“Right you are,” Thunderbolt said, his focus completely on the match at hand. “But will it be enough to topple the reigning champs? Only time will tell.”

“Let’s send it down to Heather Cooper in the ring,” Hall added, his voice rising with anticipation.

MATCH #3-NON-TITLE: Women’s Tag Team Champions The Hanson Sisters vs. Laney Harrison and McLean Oswald
“Ladies and gentlemen,” Heather began. “The following non-title contest is scheduled for one fall!”

As the crowd erupted with excitement, Thunderbolt and Hall exchanged one final glance before turning their full attention to the match that was about to begin.


Laney Harrison

AGE: 21 / HT: 5’ 10” WT: 110 / HOME:  Rich Hill, MO
ALIGN: Face / STYLE: High Flyer / FIN: Shooting Star Press

McLean Oswald

AGE: 22 / HT: 6’ 0” WT: 112 / HOME: Damascus, OR
ALIGN: Face / STYLE: Power / FIN: Face Slam

Women’s Tag Team Champions The Hanson Sisters
– The hockey-loving Hanson Sisters always bring their hockey sticks to the ring and wear their thick black horn-rimmed glasses while dressed in their retro Charlestown Chief hockey uniforms.

Andrea Hanson
AGE: 27 / HT: 5′ 11″ WT: 160 / HOME: Red Lake, MN
ALIGN: Tweener / STYLE: Brawler-Goon / FIN: High Stick

Melissa Hanson
AGE: 28 / HT: 6′ 0″ WT: 164 / HOME: Red Lake, MN
ALIGN: Tweener / STYLE: Brawler-Goon / FIN: CHECK!-mate
THEME MUSIC: ‘Hit Somebody’- Warren Zevon

MANAGER: Coach Reg

WITH: Charissa Hanson

As the final bell rang, Thunderbolt Smith and Rick Hall exchanged glances.

“Wow,” Thunderbolt said, shaking his head in disbelief. “Again, The Hanson Sisters end up brawling on the floor and again, they get counted out as does Laney Harrison and McLean Oswald.”

“Absolutely, Thunderbolt” Hall added, his voice still tinged with excitement from the match. “Harrison and Oswald stood in as well as they could.  But again, the match went to the outside of the ring and anything can happen there.”

“All right,” Thunderbolt said, “we’ve got more action for you after these commercial breaks.”

Shoot Logo

SHOOT Project

The camera cut back to the broadcast table where Thunderbolt Smith and ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall sat, their eyes full of anticipation for the upcoming match. The arena buzzed with energy, fans on the edge of their seats.

“Welcome back, folks,” Thunderbolt began, his voice steady but excited. “In case you’ve missed it, there’s been a heated rivalry brewing between the Stevens Dynasty and No Quarter over the past few weeks.”

Hall nodded, chiming in, “That’s right, Thunderbolt. Four weeks ago, Daryn Thompson laid out George Stevens with that vicious punch, sending him out of the ring four weeks ago. That count-out win really set the tone for this feud.”

“Absolutely, Hall,” Thunderbolt agreed. “And now, Heather Cooper is in the ring, ready to announce this high-stakes match.”

MATCH #4-MEN’S TAG TEAM TITLE: The Stevens Dynasty © vs. No Quarter
“Ladies and gentlemen,” Heather’s voice rang out, silencing the crowd. “The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the MVW Men’s Tag Team Championship!”

The arena exploded in cheers as the teams made their entrance.

No Quarter

Bracken Krueger
“The Lakeshore Leviathan”
AGE: 30 / HT: 6’11” WT: 290 / HOME: Chicago, Illinois
ALIGN: Heel / STYLE: Power / FIN: Into the Deep (over-the-shoulder Fisherman’s Driver)

Daryn Thompson
The Texas Technician, The Daughter of Dust

AGE: 28 / HT: 6’ 0” WT: 165 / HOME: Dallas, Texas
ALIGN: Heel / STYLE: Technical/submissionist / FIN: Legacy Lock (Anaconda vice)
THEME MUSIC: “Kicking and Screaming” – Blues Saracino

Men’s Tag Team Champions The Stevens Dynasty

Bo Stevens
AGE: 26 HT: 6’ 1” WT: 234 / HOME: Waco, TX
ALIGN: / STYLE / FIN: Rolling Cutter
THEME: “Ghost Riders in the Sky”- The Outlaws

George Stevens
AGE: 41 / HT: 6’ 5” WT: 445 / HOME: Texarkana, TX
ALIGN: / STYLE: Power / FIN: Texas Sized Slam
THEME: “Ghost Riders in the Sky”- The Outlaws

MGR: Cary Stevens

WITH: Scott Stevens

George Stevens stood over Daryn Thompson after he clotheslined her to the mat.  Heather Cooper went to step in but saw that hostilities had not ended.

“NEW CHAMPIONS!” shouted Thunderbolt.  “NEW CHAMPIONS!”


Scott Stevens comes in behind Krueger with a chair.



Scott, Bo, and George Stevens, fueled by anger and disappointment, continued their relentless assault on both Krueger and Thompson, leaving them writhing in pain on the mat.


Cary Stevens stood in the ring, like a ruthless conductor directing his symphony of violence.  Scott Stevens hits a Toxic Sting on Daryn Thompson.  Then as Bo and George hold Krueger up, he Toxic Stings him as well.

“Toxic Stings to both Krueger and Thompson!” Thunderbolt exclaimed, “The Stevens Dynasty have lost the tag titles and they are not taking it well at all.”

“Not at all, Thunderbolt.  The Stevens are out for blood, Thunderbolt,” Hall added, his voice tense. “And Cary Stevens is making sure they get it.”

“And here comes MVW Security,” Thunderbolt noted as once again MVW security rushed down the ramp, their faces set with determination as they prepared to put an end to the carnage. They swarmed the ring, prying the attacking wrestlers off the new champions and restoring order.

Thunderbolt turned his focus back to the broadcast. “We still have our main event coming up – Bill Dickinson vs. Luke Woods for the MVW Men’s Title! Don’t go anywhere, we’ll be right back after this commercial break.”

PWA Logo

Phoenix Wrestling Alliance

November 10th – Xtream Arena / Coralville, IA
November 11th – Cedar Rapids Ice Arena / Cedar Rapids, IA
November 12th – Vibrant Arena / Moline, IL
November 17th – Hinkhouse Gymnasium / Nevada, MO
November 18th –  Warren Hearnes Center / Columbia, MO
November 21st – Hulman Center / Terre Haute, IN
November 24th – Carson Center /Paducah, KY
November 25th –  Banterra Center / Carbondale, IL
November 26th – Racer Arena / Murray, KY
December 1st – Gross Memorial Coliseum / Hays, KS
December 2nd – Tony’s Pizza Events Center / Salina, KS
December 5th – Charles Koch Center / Wichita, KS
December 8th – BMO Harris Bank Center / Rockford, IL
December 9th – Joseph Gentile Center / Chicago, IL

Kellie Burkowski stood in the backstage area, her blonde hair perfectly styled as she prepared to deliver the Heartland Report.

“Good evening, MVW fans! Kellie Burkowski here and I have some exciting news to share from our recent matches,” she announced, her voice full of energy. “In a thrilling contest, Women’s Heartland champion ‘Queen of the Trailer Park’ Lani Harlot managed to withstand a furious start by Lisa Barbosa-Stevens. After an intense back-and-forth, Harlot put Barbosa-Stevens in the White Trash Compactor and got the win to retain her title!”

‘Queen of the Trailer Park’ Lani Harlot

As Kellie spoke, footage from the match played, showing Lani Harlot’s triumphant victory. Her eyes sparkled with enthusiasm as she continued.

“Also, we crowned a new champion tonight as long-time wrestling veteran Buckshot Henderson defeated Absolute Zero to become the new Men’s Heartland champion!” Kellie exclaimed.

Buckshot Henderson

“Congratulations to both winners!  Back to you Thunderbolt and Rick.”  Kellie sends it back to Thunderbolt.

The camera then cut to the broadcast desk, where Thunderbolt Smith and ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall sat. The crowd buzzed in anticipation, still reeling from the end of the Stevens Dynasty-No Quarter match.

“Wow, what a night it’s been so far, folks,” Thunderbolt said, his voice steady and authoritative. “But now it’s time for the main event. As you all know, ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson has held the MVW Men’s title for an impressive 434 days.”

“Absolutely, Thunderbolt,” Hall chimed in, unable to contain his excitement. “Charlie Blackwell holds the record for the longest title reign at 499 days between July 2018 and December 2019. Bill Dickinson is getting close to breaking that record!”

“He could break the record at the St. Louis Supershow on January 9th,” Thunderbolt said. “But tonight, he faces a formidable challenger in Luke Woods. Many consider Luke to be the future of MVW, and he’s certainly proven himself as a former Men’s Heartland champion.”

As they spoke, images of Luke Woods appeared on screen – his eyes filled with determination, his athletic build a testament to his dedication to the sport.

“Tonight is undoubtedly the biggest match in Luke Woods’ young wrestling career,” Thunderbolt declared, his voice echoing throughout the electric arena. Hall nodded in agreement, adding, “Absolutely, and let’s not forget that Woods is a former Men’s Heartland champion.”

Woods paced back and forth, his face etched with determination, while Bill Dickinson cracked his knuckles, emitting an aura of unshakeable confidence.

“Will Luke Woods be able to dethrone ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson, or will the reigning champ continue his reign?” Thunderbolt asked rhetorically, raising the stakes for the upcoming match. “We’ll find out soon enough when these two titans clash in our main event. Stay tuned, folks – let’s go to Heather Cooper in the ring!”

MAIN EVENT-MEN’S TITLE: ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson © vs. Luke Woods

The camera panned to Heather Cooper.  Se raised the microphone to her lips and proclaimed, “Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for the main event and it is for the MISSOURI VALLEY WRESTLING MEN’S TITLE!”

Luke Woods
AGE: 21 / HT: 6’3” WT: 200 / HOME: St. Louis, MO
ALIGN: Face / STYLE: Technical / FIN: Arm Octopus Hold
ENTRANCE MUSIC: Generic Upbeat Music

MGR: ‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Mr. McMann

MVW Men’s Champion ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson “The 330 Pound Southern Brawler”
AGE: 38 / HT: 6′ 1″  WT: 330 / HOME: Troy, AL
ALIGN: Tweener / STYLE: Brawler-Power / FIN: Southern Fried Powerbomb
THEME MUSIC: “Unapologetically Country as Hell”- Hardy

Valet: Sunny O’Callahan

“Bill Dickinson retains again!” Thunderbolt announced as referee Davey Keels raised the champion’s arm in victory. “And he is one step closer to breaking Charlie Blackwell’s record.”

Hall chimed in, “Luke Woods should not feel too bad. Bill Dickinson is at a completely different level right now, but Woods will eventually get there.”

As the wrestlers and officials began to clear the ring, Thunderbolt exclaimed, “What a show! That’s going to do it for tonight. We will see you next Tuesday night for another edition of Wrestling Night in the Heartland!”

Before the show went off the air, Ricky Stevens and Dru Danes appeared on the stage, smirking as they looked down at the defeated Luke Woods.

Ricky taunted Woods with a mock golf clap.

Mr. McMann, sees the disrespect shown by Stevens and stared at Ricky,. The camera then focused on Woods’ face as he stared back at Stevens as the show ended.

-MEN’S DIVISION #2 vs. #3 CONTENDER’S MATCH: John O’Reilly defeated Ricky Stevens at 2:24
-WOMEN’S #1 CONTENDER’S MATCH: Victoria McGill defeated Yosemite Samantha at 20:42
-NON-TITLE: Women’s Tag Team Champions The Hanson Sisters vs. Laney Harrison/McLean Oswald goes to a double count-out at 5:45
-MEN’S TAG TEAM TITLE: No Quarter (Bracken Krueger/Daryn Thompson) defeated The Stevens Dynasty (Bo and George Stevens) © to become the new Men’s Tag Team Champions at 7:09
-MEN’S TITLE: ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson © defeated Luke Woods at 5:47


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