3/12-Wrestling Night in the Heartland on HOTv


Cue the pyro…

Missouri Valley Wrestling
Wrestling Night in the Heartland
Athletics-Recreation Center
Valparaiso, Indiana
Tuesday March 12th, 2024

Announcers: Thunderbolt Smith and ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall

Backstage Interviewer: Kellie Burkowski

Ring Announcer: Heather Cooper


Jennifer Colton Celebrates Winning the Women’s Title
The camera panned to the Clubhouse, an Evansville, Indiana bar that the Colton family sometimes takes over for a night. Tonight was no exception and in the center of it all stood Jennifer Colton, the new MVW Women’s Champion. Her BFFs, Miranda DC from The SHOOT Project and PRIME Wrestling’s RIA, flanked her, their faces beaming with pride.

Jennifer began, her voice strong and confident as she held up the title belt for all to see.

Jennifer Colton
MVW Women’s Champion

Jennifer Colton: Fans of MVW. “Your unwavering support has been the foundation of my journey. And Amberley Stanton, thank you.  You were there for me and came to my aid when I needed you most. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Jennifer turned to her two closest friends, wrapping an arm around each of their shoulders.

Jennifer: But let’s not forget who truly pushed me to reach this moment.  Miranda, RIA…you both believed in me wholeheartedly from day one. Your unwavering faith gave me the strength to overcome any obstacle.

Tears welled up in Miranda’s eyes as she squeezed Jennifer’s hand tightly.

Miranda DC; We always knew you had it in you.

RIA grinned proudly, placing a hand on top of their intertwined hands.

RIA: And now everyone knows it too.

Jennifer’s gaze shifted to the corner to a picture of Jill Berg that she picked up and showed to the camera.

Jennifer: This victory is especially sweet because it came at your expense, Jill.  But trust me when I say this is just the beginning. We’re only getting started.  Thank you again.

Fade to black…

The vibrant crowd’s energy at the Athletics-Recreation Center in Valparaiso, Indiana, was evident as the camera showed Thunderbolt Smith and ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall both sitting at the broadcast desk.

Thunderbolt Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Wrestling Night in the Heartland!   I am Thunderbolt Smith.

Thunderbolt pointed at Hall.

Thunderbolt: He’s ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall.

Beside him, Hall flashed his trademark grin, the excitement in his eyes reflecting the anticipation of the fans.

Thunderbolt: And last week, folks, we witnessed a seismic shift in the MVW Women’s Division when Jennifer Colton dethroned Victoria McGill to become the new MVW Women’s Champion!

Sitting at the commentary table, Hall chimed in with excitement.

‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall: That’s right! After weeks of frustration and losing matches due to Jill Berg Enterprises’ constant outside interference in her matches, Jennifer Colton brought her own group to the ring to watch her back and threw the balance of the match to her.

Thunderbolt: Well.  We heard from the new champion at the beginning of the show.  We’re going to hear now from Jill Berg Enterprises.

Cut to the squared circle, where the diminutive yet formidable figure of Jill Berg, CEO of Jill Berg Enterprises, stood surrounded by her associates- each one a physical manifestation of her corporate power. Prisoner #034291 loomed like a dark shadow, Sheline Carrigan’s muscles tensed with unspoken threats, Madison Miller’s calculating gaze swept the audience, and Victoria McGill, the fallen champion, looked every bit the wounded warrior.

CEO Jill Berg, Prisoner #034291, ‘Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan, Madison Miller, Victoria McGill
Jill Berg Enterprises

The crowd booed but Jill’s voice cut through the din, sharp and accusing.

Jill Berg: Just shut up already.  Jennifer Colton knew she couldn’t beat Jill Berg Enterprises in a fair fight so she used outside ringers to help her win the match!


Rick (off-screen): That’s what they call corporate spin, Thunderbolt.

Jill Berg: And now she’s hiding away at her precious Colton Clubhouse!  Jennifer Colton didn’t have the nerve to show up here tonight to celebrate her win and face Jill Berg Enterprises.  No, she ran away to wherever she is with her little friends.

Her words echoed off the walls, drawing jeers and shouts from the crowd.

Jill: Enjoy the title, Jenny.  You won’t be holding it for very long.

But it was not just the loss that had Jill Berg seething- it was betrayal. She turned her steely gaze upon Victoria McGill, who shifted uncomfortably under the scrutiny.

Jill: And YOU!   You call this being focused on the match?

Jill tossed a manila envelope full of photos at Victoria.

Jill: This is what my investigator found you doing.  Your little love adventures with HOW’s Drew Mitchell?

Victoria flinched as she caught the envelope.  She didn’t bother to look inside.  It was too late – the damage had been done.  For Victoria, it was humiliating… but it was about to get worse.

Jill: Oh… and this…

The video screen flickered to life, revealing screenshots of texts sent from Tori’s phone, her personal messages exposed for all to see: “Changed my mind. Miss our time together… let’s hook up.”

Jill: JBE phones are for business, not your little love notes, Victoria!

Jill berated Victoria and her anger resonated through the arena. The crowd gasped and buzzed at the public shaming, some reveling in the drama, others empathizing with Tori’s plight.

Victoria McGill’s face flushed a deep crimson, her eyes darting around, seeking an escape that did not exist. She fumbled for words, her demeanor crumbling under the pressure.

Victoria McGill: I-I’m sorry.

Victoria looked up at Jill with tears in her eyes.

Victoria: I just…I didn’t think it would affect my performance.

Jill: Well, it did!

Jill grabbed Victoria by the shoulders and shook her.

Jill: You let your personal life interfere with our business, with my business!

Victoria: I—I’ll do better.

Her voice was barely above a whisper. Her reply hung in the air, feeble and insufficient, and Jill Berg’s scowl deepened.

Jill: Oh no, that’s not good enough.

Jill crossed her arms over her chest.

Jill: You’ve betrayed my trust, Tori. And more than that, you’ve disrespected this entire organization.

Victoria simply stood there, trying to hold back her tears.

But Jill wasn’t finished yet. She turned to face the rest of the wrestlers gathered in the ring, her voice booming over them all.

Jill:  This is a warning to all of you.  No excuses.  There is no distractions outside of wrestling! We are here to win championships, not play games!  Must I remind you again…

Jill paused and made her next words crystal clear.


Jill turned and rolled out of the ring.  As she stormed up the ramp to the back, leaving a stunned and ashamed Victoria behind, the other wrestlers in the ring exchanged uneasy glances with each other.

Cut back to Thunderbolt and Hall…

Thunderbolt: Well, that was… uncomfortable.

Rick: And not fair.  JBE has been playing fast and loose with the outside interference and last week it finally caught up to them.  This isn’t on Tori.  It’s on the whole damn organization.

Thunderbolt: All right, we’re going to cut to a commercial break and we’ll be back with our first match of the night… right after these messages.

High Octane Wrestling

Back from commercial… the atmosphere in the Athletics-Recreation Center was electric, charged with the anticipation of a night packed with high-octane action. Thunderbolt Smith’s steady voice resonated through the arena as he ran down the card for the evening, his tone reflecting the excitement of the Wrestling Night in the Heartland.

Thunderbolt: Tonight, we’ve got four matches for you… Rick?

Rick: Thunderbolt, we’ve got two big #3 versus #4 contender’s matches tonight to start.  First, the #3 ranked contenders in the Women’s Tag Team Division The Hanson Sisters will face the #4 contenders The Rose Warriors.  Big match here.  Both teams want to get back into title contention and a loss leaves them on the lower end of the rankings.

Thunderbolt: Then we’ve got #3 contender in the Women’s Division ‘The Shadow Warrior’ Shizuko Yamazaki going up against #4 Amberley Stanton.  Yamazaki will have her hands full with the young Stanton who’s arrived on the MVW in a big way, a runner-up finish to Victoria McGill at the Carmondy Cup.

Rick: Plus, the MVW Champion ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson will be in action tonight against The Monongahelian Stomper in our main event.  And MVW Tag Team Champions The Stevens Dynasty are here tonight as well, they will take on Bobby Starr and John Wack.

Thunderbolt: Let’s send it back to Kellie Burkowski who has the Rose Warriors with her. Kellie?

Rose Warriors Interview
Kellie Burkowski, poised and professional, nodded along before the scene transitioned to her next interview with The Rose Warriors. Eliza Rose, vibrant and determined, leaned into the microphone.

Kellie Burkowski: Eliza, tell us about tonight’s match?

Eliza Rose: Every match is a step closer to the top.

Eliza’s gaze locked on the camera, speaking directly to the fans at home.

Eliza: The Hanson Sisters are tough, but tonight, we fight not just for ourselves, but for every fan who believes in us. We need this win, and we’re gonna get it.”

Geena the Warrior Princess stood beside her partner, arms crossed, a half-smirk playing on her lips.

Geena the Warrior Princess: We know the Hansons can brawl.  But we’re the Rose Warriors. We’ve got the strategy, the skill, and the heart. Knowing how to fight isn’t enough. You’ve gotta know how to win.

Eliza: And that’s what we usually do.

Kellie: Thanks ladies.  Thunderbolt?

As they spoke, their opponents made their way to the ring. The crowd erupted in cheers as the video screen came on and showed The Hanson Sisters – Andrea, Melissa, and Charissa – marched down the ramp, their expressions set in stone, embodying an unspoken promise of impending chaos.

Thunderbolt: The Hanson Sisters look ready for war.

Rick: The Hanson Sisters aren’t here to play games. They’re all business tonight, and I can tell this is going to be one for the ages. It’s all about climbing the ladder, and both teams know what’s at stake.

Thunderbolt: All right.  To the ring and Heather Cooper for our first match.

MATCH #1: The Hanson Sisters vs. The Rose Warriors
The scene transitioned smoothly to the bustling energy of the Athletics-Recreation Center. Heather Cooper, MVW’s ring announcer, stood poised in the center of the squared circle, the spotlight accentuating her presence. Clad in a form-fitting black dress with sparkling silver accents that hugged every curve, her brunette hair cascading over her shoulders, Heather embodied the sultry allure of professional wrestling’s golden era.

Heather Cooper: Ladies and gentlemen… our first match tonight is a #3 versus #4 contender’s match in the Women’s Tag Team Division with…

Crowd: ONE FALL!

Heather: Introducing first…

The Rose Warriors- ranked #4

Geena the Warrior Princess
AGE: 35 / HT: 6’ 1” WT: 145 / HOME: Sioux City, IA
ALIGN: Face / STYLE: / FIN: Reverse Brainbuster
THEME MUSIC: “Theme from Xena Warrior Princess”

Eliza Rose
AGE: 24 / HT: 5’ 8” WT: 125 / HOME: Philadelphia, PA
ALIGN: Face / STYLE: / FIN: Louisville Slugger
THEME MUSIC: “Load Up the Bases”- Whiskey Falls

Heather: And their opponents…

The Hanson Sisters- ranked #3
– The hockey-loving Hanson Sisters always bring their hockey sticks to the ring and wear their thick black horn-rimmed glasses while dressed in their retro Charlestown Chief hockey uniforms.

Andrea Hanson
AGE: 28 / HT: 5′ 11″ WT: 160 / HOME: Red Lake, MN
ALIGN: Tweener / STYLE: Brawler-Goon / FIN: High Stick
Melissa Hanson
AGE: 29 / HT: 6′ 0″ WT: 164 / HOME: Red Lake, MN
ALIGN: Tweener / STYLE: Brawler-Goon / FIN: CHECK!-mate
THEME MUSIC: ‘Hit Somebody’- Warren Zevon
Manager: Coach Reg aka Regina McGill
AGE: 40 / HT: 5′ 7″ WT: 136 / HOME: Kalamazoo, MI
ALIGN: Face / STYLE: Brawler-Fighter / FIN: Pepsi Plunge
Charissa Hanson
AGE: 26 / HT: 5′ 10″ WT: 152 / HOME: Red Lake, MN
ALIGN: Tweener / STYLE: Brawler-Goon / FIN: Elbow

Thunderbolt: We are about ready to go… referee Bailey Jenkins points to the timekeeper’s table.

Heather: Your winner at thirteen minutes and thirty-six seconds… THE ROSE WARRIORS!


Rick: Thunderbolt, Eliza Rose came off the top rope with that Super Diving Foot Stomp to Andrea Hanson and that was it.

Thunderbolt: The Rose Warriors move up to #3 in the rankings… The Hansons continue their free-fall after losing the tag titles to Jill Berg Enterprises.  One match down.  Three to go.  We’ll be back after this.


Amberley Stanton Interview
The camera panned to the backstage area, where Kellie Burkowski stood with a microphone in hand. Her posture was professional, but her eyes betrayed excitement as she awaited her next interview subject. With a flick of her hair, she turned to the frame and greeted Amberley Stanton, who stepped into view. Amberley’s eyes were ablaze with determination and lingering anger, and she wore her ring gear, the vibrant colors reflecting her fiery spirit.

Kellie: Amberley, after what happened at the Carmondy Cup finals in December between you and Victoria McGill, you’ve been climbing the rankings with a purpose. How do you feel about your progress, especially with what went down with Jill Berg Enterprises and Victoria McGill?”

Amberley’s gaze hardened at the mention of her rivals, her voice firm and unyielding,

Amberley Stanton: Kellie, I’m glad Jennifer Colton put an end to McGill’s reign last week.  I really am.  But that doesn’t change my path. I’m here to rise up the rankings, to fight my way to the top, and to become a champion.

She clenched her fists as she recalled the Carmondy Cup finals McGill had unleashed upon her in the ring.

Amberley: McGill might have knocked me out with a cheap shot from a foreign object at the Carmondy Cup finals and then defeated me at the St. Louis Supershow, but she can’t knock out my ambition. I’m learning every day and I’m still coming for those belts.

Kellie: All right, thanks Amberley for your time.

Shizuko Yamazaki Segment
The camera abruptly cut to Shizuko Yamazaki’s dressing room. The lighting was dim and mysterious, save for a single shaft of light that illuminated Shizuko’s silhouette. She sat cross-legged on the floor, her eyes closed in deep meditation.

After a long moment of silence in which the only sound was the distant roar of the crowd outside, Shizuko slowly rose from her seated position. Her movements were fluid and deliberate, as if every motion was part of an ancient ritual that she had honed over years of intense training. She was a warrior, and she was ready for battle.

Cut back to the broadcast table…

Thunderbolt: All right, we’ve heard from Amberley Stanton and saw Shizuko Yamazaki getting ready for the match… let’s go to Heather Cooper for the introductions.

MATCH #2: ‘The Shadow Warrior’ Shizuko Yamazaki vs. Amberley Stanton
Heather raised the microphone and began.

Heather: Ladies and gentlemen… our next match is a #3 versus #4 contender’s match in the Women’s Division and will be…

Crowd: ONE FALL!

Heather: Introducing first…

Amberley Stanton- ranked #4

AGE: 24 / HT: 5’ 8” WT: 100 / HOME: Seward, NE
ALIGN: Face / STYLE: Technical / FIN: Stanton Sleeper
THEME MUSIC: “Since You’ve Been Gone”- Kelly Clarkson

Shizuko Yamazaki “The Shadow Warrior”- ranked #3
AGE: 24 / HT: 5’4″ WT: 125 / HOME: Osaka, Japan
ALIGN: Face / STYLE: Martial Arts / FIN: Floatover DDT
THEME MUSIC: “Clock Strikes”- One OK Rock

Thunderbolt: Stanton versus Yamazaki.

Rick: Amberley Stanton has shown major improvement in her young career but Shizuko Yamazaki is experienced and that may be the decider in the match.

Thunderbolt: All right.  Referee Corrina Romanov is ready to go and this match will get underway.

Heather: Your winner at nine minutes and seven seconds… ‘THE SHADOW WARRIOR’ SHIZUKO YAMAZAKI!

Thunderbolt: The Floater DDT is the finishing move and Shizuko Yamazaki remains the #3 contender in the Women’s Division.

Rick: Amberley will learn from this and she’ll continue to grow as a wrestler.  Good match.

Thunderbolt: Two matches down.  We’ll be back with more after these commercial messages.

Sanctioned Violence Organization

March 15th – Clinton High School Gymnasium / Clinton, OK
March 16th – Expo Square Pavilion / Tulsa, OK
March 19th – CEFCU Arena / Normal, IL
March 22nd – Benton Civic Center / Benton, IL
March 23rd – Decatur Civic Center / Decatur, IL
March 24th – Thornton Gymnasium / Aurora, IL
**March 30th – Spring Fling – Lake of the Ozarks / Lake of the Ozarks, MO**
April 12th – Surf Ballroom / Clear Lake, IA
April 13th – Cedar Rapids Ice Arena / Cedar Rapids, IA
April 14th – Xtream Arena / Coralville, IA

The camera panned across the lavish interior of the Sports Entertainment Corporation’s dressing room, the scent of success and ambition filling the air. Trophies lined the walls, showcasing the numerous victories of the SEC. The camera zoomed in on ‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ and the ‘Raconteur of Road Rage’ Triple R, who stood at the center of it all, a smirk playing on his lips as he addressed the lens with confidence.

‘The Sports Entertainment Genius’ and ‘Raconteur of Road Rage’
Triple R

Triple R: Welcome to our sanctuary,”

He gestured around at the opulent surroundings.

Triple R: This is where legends are born, where dreams become reality. And next week, we will witness another chapter in the rise of the SEC.”

Phil Feinbaum, known as the Mouthpiece of the SEC, stepped into frame, his sharp suit perfectly tailored to his imposing figure, fixing his steely gaze on the camera.

Phil Feinbaum: Let’s cut to the chase. We are not just another faction in this industry. We are THE faction. And Luke Woods? Gator Bates? The Alabama Kids? They are not just wrestlers; they are superstars destined for greatness.

Triple R nodded in agreement before continuing, his voice booming with authority.

Triple R: Luke Woods’ time has come. When he steps into that ring with ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson, it won’t just be about winning a match. It will be about proving himself as the top dog in MVW.

Feinbaum interjected once again, his tone dripping with disdain as he addressed their competition in the Men’s Tag Team Division.

Phil: The Alabama Gang, Surf Express Bro, No Quarter—you’ve all had your moment in the sun.  But it’s quickly setting. The SEC doesn’t just compete; we conquer.  The Stevens Dynasty? Enjoy your reign while it lasts. Because when the SEC is finished, the only name that will matter is ours.

He turned to face Triple R, a shared look of determination passing between them.

Triple R: The Alabama Kid and Gator Bates are a formidable force.  Once they wrap those tag team belts around their waists, the names of every other team will fade into obscurity.

Triple R stepped forward, his eyes blazing with intensity as he addressed the camera directly.

Triple R: We are not just coming for the titles. We are bringing them back to where they belong – to us, to the SEC.

He raised a clenched fist, a symbol of victory and domination.

Phil:  The Sports Entertainment Corporation is not just a faction; the SEC is a powerhouse, destined for greatness, and we will leave our mark on MVW history.

As he concluded, the camera lingered on the SEC banner hanging proudly on the wall. The room buzzed with energy and determination, ready for whatever battles lay ahead.

Cut back to the broadcast table…

Thunderbolt: Rick?

Rick: I’d say Gator Bates and The Alabama Kid have a tough road ahead.  The Men’s Tag Team Division is stacked from top to bottom.  It’s not going to be a cakewalk to move up the rankings.  It’s going to take some time and a lot of effort to get there.

Thunderbolt: Speaking of the Stevens Dynasty.  Kellie Burkowski is backstage with Cary Stevens.

Stevens Dynasty Interview
The camera panned away from the enthusiastic commentators and onto the backstage area, where the air was thick with tension. The imposing figure of Cary Stevens loomed over Kellie Burkowski, his broad shoulders filling the frame.

Cary Stevens
Patriarch of the Stevens Dynasty

Kellie: Cary, next week the Stevens Dynasty got a rematch with No Quarter for the MVW Tag Team title.

Cary Stevens: Look at us.

He gestured to Bo and George standing behind him with the title belts over their shoulders.

Cary: We’re the kings of this here division, ain’t no one gonna mess with us. Y’all best be steppin’ back and showin’ some respect. No one can touch us.

His confident words were met with nods of agreement from his sons, who stood tall and proud by their father’s side.

Cary: Y’all really think that No Quarter is gonna come in next week and take them belts from my boys? They got some serious delusions goin’ on there, I tell you what.

He scoffed, shaking his head in disbelief.

Cary: They ain’t got the gumption or the grit to get their hands on those titles from The Stevens Dynasty.

A glint of defiance shone in his eyes as he stood his ground.

Kellie: What about the SEC?

Cary rolled his eyes with disdain.

Cary: The SEC? Sure. Ain’t no worry, we’ll handle ’em when they finally reach our level.

Kellie: Back to you Thunderbolt.

Cut back to the broadcast table…

Thunderbolt: The Stevens Dynasty will be action right after these commercial messages.

SHOOT Project

Ray McAvay and Joe Bergman Segment
The crowd erupted into a deafening standing ovation, showing their appreciation for the owners of Missouri Valley Wrestling, Ray McAvay and Joe Bergman, as they walked out on stage and made their way to the ring.

‘Red Solo Cup’ Ray McAvay and Joe Bergman
The Owners of MVW

Thunderbolt (off-screen): Well, I believe this will be addressing the upcoming Spring Fling show at the Lake of the Ozarks in three weeks.

Rick (off-screen): I’ve heard some scuttlebutt about the potential matches.  But it’s good to hear it from the owners themselves.

Ray grabbed a microphone and began to address the buzzing audience.

Ray McAvay: Good evening ladies and gentlemen.  As you all know we are just mere weeks away from our annual Spring Fling event at the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri!

He paused for the requisite applause that followed.

Ray: We have some explosive matches lined up for Spring Fling.

Joe chimed in eagerly.

Joe Bergman: That’s right, Ray! We have one match in particular has been causing quite a stir. You heard the Stevens Dynasty boasting about their dominance in the Men’s Tag Team Division and we’ve heard the SEC talking earlier tonight.  At Spring Fling, both teams will have to put their money where their mouth is as the Stevens Dynasty… Bo, George, and Scott Stevens face off against The SEC… Luke Woods, Gator Bates, and The Alabama Kid.”

The crowd roared at the thought of these two powerful factions going head-to-head.

Ray continued with a sly smile.

Ray: But that’s not all, folks.  We are also going to feature an epic eight-woman tag match with the new MVW Women’s Champion Jennifer Colton teaming up with Amberley Stanton and The Working Girls – Caroline Lewis and ‘Queen Cool’ Leah Iris… to take on Jill Berg Enterprises – Victoria McGill, Sheline Carrigan, Madison Miller, and Felicia LaBarbara.

The fans erupted into cheers and jeers as the two teams were announced. Ray glanced over at Joe before adding with a smirk.

Ray: That’s not all.  We will be adding even more exciting matches to the card in the next week.

Joe: We’re looking forward to it.  We sure hope you all are looking forward to it as well.  Thanks and enjoy the rest of the show.

With that, Ray and Joe bid farewell to the enthusiastic crowd and made their way backstage.

Cut back to the broadcast table…

Thunderbolt: There you have it, The SEC versus The Stevens Dynasty will headline Spring Fling.

Rick: Welp… the SEC has high ambitions in the tag division and it doesn’t get any higher than taking on the Stevens Dynasty right now.

Thunderbolt: Then we have the eight-woman tag match featuring Jennifer Colton, Amberley Stanton, and the Working Girls taking on Jill Berg Enterprises.

Rick: Wow. There’s no love lost between Jennifer Colton, Amberley Stanton and Jill Berg Enterprises.  And the Working Girls?  That’s an interesting choice to go up against the big corporate might of JBE.

Thunderbolt: It’ll be a fun night.  Back to the ring and Heather Cooper for our next match.

MATCH #3: MVW Tag Team Champions The Stevens Dynasty vs. John Wack and Bobby Starr- Non-Title
Heather nodded at Thunderbolt and began.

Heather: Our next match will be…

She stopped and held out the microphone.

Crowd: ONE FALL!

Heather: …and it will be a non-title match.  Introducing first in the ring… the team of ‘The World’s Least Dangerous Man’ John Wack and Bobby Starr!

Wack and Starr acknowledged the crowd.

Heather: And their opponents…  they are the MVW Tag Team Champions!

The Stevens Dynasty

Bo Stevens
AGE: 27 HT: 6’ 1” WT: 234 / HOME: Waco, TX
ALIGN: / STYLE / FIN: Rolling Cutter
THEME: “Ghost Riders in the Sky”- The Outlaws

George Stevens
AGE: 42 / HT: 6’ 5” WT: 445 / HOME: Texarkana, TX
ALIGN: / STYLE: Power / FIN: Texas Sized Slam
THEME: “Ghost Riders in the Sky”- The Outlaws
Manager: Cary Stevens

Ricky Stevens
AGE: / HT: 5’ 11” WT: 185 / HOME: San Francisco, CA
ALIGN: Face / STYLE: High Flyer / FIN: Dead and Buried (X-Factor)

Thunderbolt: Next week, No Quarter versus The Stevens Dynasty for the MVW Tag Team Title.  But first, Bo and George Stevens take on John Wack and Bobby Starr.

Referee Ron Martin motions to the timekeeper’s table to start the match.

Heather: Your winner at four minutes and twenty seconds… THE STEVENS DYNASTY!

Thunderbolt: The Stevens Dynasty gets the win here tonight…

Bo and George Stevens toss Bobby Starr out of the ring… then John Wack as well.

Thunderbolt: …and they’ve cleared the ring.

Rick: And we’ve got company.

On the stage stood Bracken Krueger and Daryn Thompson aka No Quarter.  Cue the intense stare down between them and The Stevens Dynasty.

Thunderbolt: Krueger and Thompson look like they mean business…

Rick: Oooh, copyright infringement.

Thunderbolt: Not like Jill Berg Enterprises mind you… but they mean business.

Rick: It’s going to be a fun one, Thunderbolt.  No Quarter wants those titles back… The Stevens Dynasty proved they would do anything to win the titles.  We’ll see how it goes next week.

Thunderbolt: All right.  Our final commercial break.  Main event coming up after these messages.

March 15th – Clinton High School Gymnasium / Clinton, OK
March 16th – Expo Square Pavilion / Tulsa, OK
March 19th – CEFCU Arena / Normal, IL
March 22nd – Benton Civic Center / Benton, IL
March 23rd – Decatur Civic Center / Decatur, IL
March 24th – Thornton Gymnasium / Aurora, IL
**March 30th – Spring Fling – Lake of the Ozarks / Lake of the Ozarks, MO**
April 12th – Surf Ballroom / Clear Lake, IA
April 13th – Cedar Rapids Ice Arena / Cedar Rapids, IA
April 14th – Xtream Arena / Coralville, IA

‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson Interview
Kellie weaved her way through the bustling backstage area, microphone in hand. She was on a mission to get an exclusive interview with ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson, the reigning MVW Champion. As she approached his locker room, she saw him surrounded by his trusted companions – R.G. Jenkins and Mark Hendry, known collectively as the Alabama Gang.

Their expressions were stern as they stood protectively beside their champion, who exuded a rugged pride that seemed to match the weight of his title. Kellie cleared her throat to get their attention.

Kellie: Bill, you broke Charlie Blackwell’s record for longest title reign in MVW history in January. What does this milestone mean for your future in the company?

Dickinson let out a low chuckle before responding, his Southern drawl slow and deliberate.

Bill Dickinson: Seven years I’ve been fighting in every corner of this country. And finally, the people have seen fit to root for ol’ Bill Dickinson to make history.”

He tipped his hat with a smirk, oozing confidence and self-assurance.

Bill: But they say records are meant to be broken… I say my record was meant to be extended. Every day I hold onto this belt, I’m setting a new standard. Adam Ellis? Luke Woods? They ain’t ready for what I bring to the ring.

Kellie: Next week, it’s Luke Woods for the title.

Bill: Luke Woods…

His gaze turned steely as he mentioned his upcoming opponent.

Bill: Kellie, next week, Luke Woods’s is gonna learn again why they call me the ‘330 Pound Southern Brawler.’ I am the greatest MVW champion this company has ever seen, and I’ll do whatever it takes to stay on top.

Kellie nodded, taking in the champion’s words. But as she looked at the Alabama Gang standing steadfastly behind him, she couldn’t help but wonder about their role in all of this.

She turned to address them directly.

Kellie: R.G., Mark. What do you make of Dickinson’s impressive reign as MVW Champion?

Both men’s faces were etched with the same unwavering determination that had carried them through countless battles inside the ring. R.G. Jenkins spoke first, his voice deep and commanding.

R.G. Jenkins: We’ve been by Bill’s side for a while now, Kellie. We know what he’s capable of and we’ve seen him conquer every challenge thrown his way. He’s not just a champion, he’s a leader and we’ll do whatever it takes to help him stay on top.

Mark Hendry nodded in agreement before adding.

Mark Hendry: And let’s not forget, we’re not just here to protect Bill. We’re also here to make sure that MVW Championship stays right where it belongs – with the Alabama Gang.

Kellie: All right.  That’s all from backstage.  Back to you Thunderbolt.

With a nod from Dickinson, the trio departed, their unified front leaving no doubts about their intentions: they were determined to keep the MVW Championship in their grasp at all costs.

Cut back to the broadcast desk…

Thunderbolt: Thanks Kellie.

He turns to Rick.

Thunderbolt: It’s been an interesting night, hasn’t it?

Rick: Yes, it has.  Big wins tonight from The Rose Warriors and Shizuko Yamazaki.  We heard from the brand new MVW Women’s Champion Jennifer Colton, MVW Women’s Tag Team Champions Jill Berg Enterprises, MVW Tag Team Champions The Stevens Dynasty and MVW Champion ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson tonight.

Thunderbolt: MVW Owners also broke the news of the two main event matches coming at Spring Fling on March 30th:
-The Stevens Dynasty (Bo, George, and Scott Stevens) vs. The SEC (Luke Woods, Gator Bates, and The Alabama Kid)
-Jennifer Colton, Amberley Stanton and The Working Girls (Caroline Lewis and ‘Queen Cool’ Leah Iris) vs. Jill Berg Enterprises (Victoria McGill, Sheline Carrigan, Madison Miller, and Felicia LaBarbara)

Rick: We’ll see what other matches Ray and Joe book for the show.

Thunderbolt: All right… it’s main event time.  Let’s go to the ring and Heather Cooper.

MAIN EVENT: MVW Champion ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson vs. The Monongahelian Stomper
Heather strode out to the center of the ring.

Heather: Ladies and gentlemen… tonight’s main event will be…

She paused and waited…

Crowd: ONE FALL!

…and grinned.

Heather: …and it will be a non-title match.  Introducing first in the ring… Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s very own… Monongahelian Stomper!

The Stomper raised his arm and nodded to the fans.

Heather: And his opponent… he is the MVW Champion!

‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson “The 330 Pound Southern Brawler”
AGE: 39 / HT: 6′ 1″  WT: 330 / HOME: Troy, AL
ALIGN: Tweener / STYLE: Brawler-Power / FIN: Southern Fried Powerbomb
THEME MUSIC: “Unapologetically Country as Hell”- Hardy

Sunny O’Callahan
She dresses in the fashion of a female background singer from a late seventies Southern rock band
AGE: 25 / HT: 5’8” WT: 89 / HOME: San Diego, CA

Thunderbolt (off-screen): Next week, Luke Woods challenges ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson for the MVW Title.  Tonight, it’s The Monongahelian Stomper.   Referee Davey Keels is ready and this match is about to start.

Heather: Your winner at two minutes and fifty-eight seconds via count-out…’REDNECK’ BILL DICKINSON!

Thunderbolt: Well…

Rick: Okay.  Bill Dickinson meant business tonight.  He looks ready for Luke Woods.

Thunderbolt: Oh yeah he does.  All right folks, next week:

MVW TITLE: ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson © vs. Luke Woods of the Sports Entertainment Corporation
MVW TAG TEAM TITLE: The Stevens Dynasty © vs. No Quarter
Plus: Women’s #1 Contender’s Match and the Women’s Tag Team #1 Contender’s match.

Rick: Looking forward to it.

Thunderbolt: We’ll see you next week.

-The Rose Warriors defeated The Hanson Sisters at 13:36 in a #3 vs. #4 Women’s Tag Team contender’s match
-‘The Shadow Warrior’ Shizuko Yamazaki defeated Amberley Stanton at 9:07 in a #3 vs. #4 Women’s contender’s match.
-MVW Tag Team Champions The Stevens Dynasty defeated John Wack and Bobby Starr in a non-title match.
-MVW Champion ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson defeated The Monongahelian Stomper in a non-title match.

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