3/16-Tulsa, Oklahoma House Show Results


Results affecting the rankings from last night’s Tulsa, Oklahoma house show:

March 16th – Expo Square Pavilion / Tulsa, OK  

WINNER-#5 WOMEN’S HEARTLAND DIVISION: (Non-Division Champion) Ninja Kitty defeated #5 Savannah Smith
-And she does it.  Ninja Kitty returns to MVW after over a year of being away and returns to the Heartland Division.
-Smith drops down to the Non-Division.

WINNER-#5 MEN’S HEARTLAND DIVISION: #5 Ultratron-6.1 defeated (Non-Division Champion) Tiger Jackson
-Jackson does not do it.  He falls to ‘The New Age Cybertronic Criminally Insane Rogue Sentient Robot Wrestling Machine’ Ultratron-6.1 and remains in the Non-Division while Ultratron-6.1 stays in the Men’s Heartland Division.

#2 vs. #3-WOMEN’S TAG TEAM: #2 The Working Girls (Caroline Lewis and ‘Queen Cool’ Leah Iris defeated #3 The Rose Warriors (Geena the Warrior Princess and Eliza Rose)
-Big win for the Working Girls as they worked hard to pick up the win.  With the injury to McLean Oswald, Lewis and Iris will automatically become the new #1 contenders for the Women’s Tag Team Title while Oswald and Laney Harrison will drop down to #2 and The Rose Warriors remain at #3 in the rankings.
-Next up: The Working Girls will take on Jill Berg Enterprises for the MVW Women’s Tag Team Title on April 6th in Hastings, Minnesota.

#2 vs. #3 WOMEN’S DIVISION: #3 ‘The Shadow Warrior’ Shizuko Yamazaki defeated #2 Yosemite Samantha
-Yosemite Samantha looked like she was on the way to win but The Shadow Warrior hit the Floatover DDT out of nowhere and pulled out the win.
-Next up: Yosemite Samantha vs. Victoria McGill Tuesday night in Normal, Illinois in a Women’s Division #1 contender’s match.

#1 CONTENDER’S MATCH-WOMEN’S HEARTLAND: #1 Debbie the Destroyer vs. #2 Allison Chambers
-Debbie the Destroyer fends off a strong challenge from Allison Chambers to hold on to the #1 contender’s ranking.
-Next up: Debbie challenges Women’s Heartland Champion Kirsten Canfield on Tuesday night in Normal, Illinois.

#1 CONTENDER’S MATCH-MEN’S HEARTLAND: #1 J.J. Bittinger defeated #2 ‘Rock Star’ Robbie Marrs
-Bittinger prevails in a close match.
-Next up: J.J. Bittinger vs. Absolute Zero Tuesday night for the Men’s Heartland Title.

MVW Champion ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson
MVW Women’s Champion Jennifer Colton
MVW Men’s Tag Team Champions The Stevens Dynasty
MVW Women’s Tag Team Champion Jill Berg Enterprises

March 19th – CEFCU Arena / Normal, IL
-#2 vs. #3-MEN’S TAG TEAM DIVISION: #2 Surf Express Bro vs. #3 The Alabama Gang
#2 vs. #3-MEN’S DIVISION:  #2 Adam Ellis vs. #3 Ricky Stevens
-WOMEN’S HEARTLAND TITLE: Kirsten Canfield © vs. #1 Debbie the Destroyer
-MEN’S HEARTLAND TITLE: Absolute Zero © vs. #1 J.J. Bittinger
-#1 CONTENDER’S MATCH-WOMEN’S DIVISION: #1 Victoria McGill vs. #2 Shizuko Yamazaki
-NON-TITLE: Women’s Tag Team Champion Jill Berg Enterprises vs. #3 The Rose Warriors
-NON-TITLE: Women’s Champion Jennifer Colton vs. #3 Yosemite Samantha
-MEN’S TAG TEAM TITLE: The Stevens Dynasty © vs. #1 No Quarter
‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson © vs. #1 Luke Woods

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