4/27-Carbondale, Illinois House Show Results


Results from last night’s Carbondale, Illinois house show…

April 27th – Banterra Center / Carbondale, IL

MEN’S TAG TEAM NON-DIVISION #2: The Lumberjacks (Dave Strack and Dan Poole) defeated The Shamrocks (Sean O’Grady and Tom Flynn)
-Strack and Poole prevail and will face The Oklahoma-Texas Connection tonight in Cape Girardeau, Missouri in the Men’s Tag Team Non-Division Semi-Finals.

MEN’S NON-DIVISION #2: ‘Suburban Homeboy’ Gary Walker vs. Dave Mann
-Walker scratches out the win.  He will take on Kyle Davenport tonight in the Men’s Non-Division Semi-Final.

WOMEN’S NON-DIVISION #2: Blair Williamson defeated Kyla Davenport
-Williamson moves on in the Non-Division and will meet Tammie Hardy tonight in the Women’s Non-Division Semi-Final.

#3 vs. #4-WOMEN’S HEARTLAND: #4 ‘Queen of the Trailer Park’ Lani Harlot defeated #3 Debbie the Destroyer
-Harlot scraps and fights her way past the massive Debbie the Destroyer.  The Queen of the Trailer Park moves up to #3 in the rankings and will face #2 Charissa Hanson next Friday in Hays, Kansas.

#3 vs. #4-MEN’S HEARTLAND: #3 ‘The New Age Cybertronic Criminally Insane Rogue Sentient Robot Wrestling Machine’ Ultratron-6.1 vs. #4 Tiger Jackson
-Jackson fights a hell of a match but ‘The New Age Cybertronic Criminally Insane Rogue Sentient Robot Wrestling Machine’ proves too much.  Ultratron-6.1 is in action next on Friday in Hays, Kansas against the #2 ranked contender ‘Rock Star’ Robbie Marrs.

#3 vs. #4 MEN’S TAG TEAM: #4 The Redneck Mafia (Cletus T. Johnson/Enos T. Johnson) defeated #3 Surf Express Bro (Bradlee Nelson and Bowie Abrams)
-A rejuvenated Cletus T. Johnson and Enos T. Johnson sweep aside Surf Express Bro to claim the #3 contender’s ranking from the S.E.B.  Next up: The Sports Entertainment Corporation next Saturday in Salina, Kansas.

#3 vs. #4 MEN’S DIVISION: #4 J.J. Bittinger defeated #3 Buckshot Henderson
-An equally rejuvenated J.J. Bittinger does the same with Buckshot Henderson.  The former 2-time MVW champion moves up to #3.  He will face #2 Ricky Stevens next Saturday in Salina, Kansas.

-Women’s Champion Jennifer Colton
-Women’s Tag Team Champions Jill Berg Enterprises
-Men’s Heartland Champion Matt Taylor

April 28th – Show Me Center / Cape Girardeau, MO
MEN’S TAG TEAM NON-DIVISION SEMI-FINALS: Oklahoma-Texas Connection vs. The Lumberjacks
-MEN’S NON-DIVISION SEMI-FINALS: Kyle Davenport vs. Gary Walker
Blair Williamson
-WINNER-#5 WOMEN’S TAG TEAM DIV: #5 Backman Taylor Powerdrive vs. (Non-Division Champion) LATX
-WINNER-#5 WOMEN’S DIVISION: (#5 Women’s Div) Felicia LaBarbara vs. (Women’s Heartland Champion) Kirsten Canfield

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