6/11-Last Night’s PWA-2 Night Two Results-Kings of the Wild Frontier in Action and Joe Bergman’s Final Match

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Last night in Mexico City, Mexico, Boone Daniels and Crockett Davies… MVW’s young tag team Kings of the Wild Frontier… experienced their first major show as they opened the second night of the PWA-02 super show.  Daniels and Davies took on PRIME Wrestling’s Masters of Moscowverse (Kenny Freeman and Randall Schwartz) and for a while, they more than held their own.  Then Ivan Stanislav decided to ‘yeet’ Davies through the Spanish announcer’s table and changed the momentum of the match to Freeman and Schwartz.

MATCH #1: The Kings of the Wild Frontier (Boone Daniels/Crockett Davies) vs. The Masters of the Moscowverse (Kenny Freeman/Randall Schwartz)
Cut to the broadcast table where Missouri Valley Wrestling announcers Thunderbolt Smith and ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall are.

Thunderbolt Smith: Hello again everyone, I’m Thunderbolt Smith of the MVW announce crew.  This is ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall.

Rick Hall: Hey.

Thunderbolt Smith: And following that….well….I wouldn’t quite call it an opening contest so much as a mugging, we are OFFICIALLY ready to get underway with PWA-02 Night Two! We have seven matches on tap for you tonight.

Rick Hall: That’s right, Thunderbolt.

Photos of Boone Daniels and Crockett Davies (Kings of the Wild Frontier) and Kenny Freeman and Randall Schwartz with Ivan Stanislav (Masters of the Multiverse) appear on screen.

Rick Hall: Our opening match will feature a new tag team from MVW… Kings of the Wild Frontier… they’ll be taking on PRIME’s Masters of the Multiverse.

Photos of Scott Stevens and Abe Lipschitz appear on screen.

Rick Hall: Next, we’ll have HOW’s Scott Stevens taking on Abe Lipschitz from PRIME.

Photos: STRONK Godson and Coral Avalon appear next.

Rick Hall: High Octane Wrestling World Champion STRONK Godson will be taking on PRIME’s Five Star Champion Coral Avalon in the next match.

Photos: Joe Bergman and Sage Pontiff

Rick Hall: HOW’s Joe Bergman wrestles in his final match ever tonight as he takes on Sage Pontiff from PRIME.

Photos: Conor Fuse and Cancer Jiles

Rick Hall: After that, HOW’s Conor Fuse takes on PRIME’s Cancer Jiles in singles action.

Photos: Dan Ryan and Jatt Starr, Bowie Abrams and Bradlee Nelson, and Joe Fontaine and Sid Phillips.

Rick Hall: HOW’s Dan Ryan and Jatt Starr, Surf Express Bro from MVW, and Winds of Change of PRIME will face off in a three-way Tornado Tag match to determine the first PWA Tag Team champions.

Photos: Lindsay Troy and Ivan Stanislav, Steve Solex and Christopher America

Rick Hall: And in our main event… President and CEO of PRIME Lindsay Troy will meet HOW’s brand new HOTv champion Steve Solex in a Capture the Flag Match

Thunderbolt Smith: All right, Rick.

It goes pitch black in the arena.

Thunderbolt Smith: And it looks like it’s time to get the show started.


The music (Big and Rich’s ‘Save a Horse- Ride a Cowboy’) starts up and a big flash of light illuminates the arena.  When the lights come back on… Boone Daniels and Crockett Davies are on the stage… looking out at the crowd… sitting on horses.

Rick Hall: Well now…

Boone’s on a black horse; Davies is on a white horse.

Daniels is sporting a Daniel Boone-like coonskin cap, a worn leather jacket and other attire appropriate for a Western frontiersman.

Davies is also dressed in the attire of a Western frontiersman complete with hat and a shotgun slung on his back.

A spotlight shines on MVW’s ring announcer Heather Cooper standing in the center of the ring.




The crowd roars as a marching band walks in step behind the duo with two flag girls holding up a large banner that reads: ‘SADDLE UP.’

Behind the marching band there’s a group of five women dressed in suit coats and mini-skirts with garters who dance along to the music carrying briefcases in their hands.

Rick Hall: Coming out tonight with quite the entrance.  Almost Rah-like.

The procession moves forward when Big and Rich begin to sing.

Well, I walk into the room
Passing out hundred dollar bills
And it kills and it thrills like the horns on my Silverado grill

Upon closer review, the marching band are all playing banjos and fiddles, marching in step down the ramp towards the ring, led by the ‘drum major’ who leads the way.

And I buy the bar a double round of Crown
And everybody’s getting down
An’ this town ain’t never gonna be the same

Daniels and Davies appear relatively calm, perched on their respective horses, oblivious to the circus behind them, making their way down towards ringside.  This is their first real big boy match of their career and it’s in front of sixteen thousand people.

Cause I saddle up my horse
And I ride into the city
I make a lot of noise
Cause the girls
They are so pretty

We also see a farm girl driving a large, green John Deere tractor down the ramp and a cowgirl dance team… dance… behind her, trailing the rest of the group.

Riding up and down Broadway
On my old stud Leroy
And the girls say
Save a horse, ride a cowboy
Everybody says
Save a horse, Ride a cowboy

Daniels and Davies approach the ringside area.  They slowly guide their horses down the aisle at a leisurely stroll.

Well I don’t give a dang about nothing
I’m singing and Bling-Blinging
While the girls are drinking
Long necks down!

Arriving at ringside, Daniels and Davies circle the ring followed by the marching band and the girl driving a tractor.  The five women dressed in business suitcoats and the cowgirl dance team climb into the ring to do their dance routine there.

And I wouldn’t trade ol’ Leroy
Or my Chevrolet for your Escalade
Or your freak parade
I’m the only John Wayne left in this town

Daniels and Davies stop at the ring steps and dismount from their horses.  Two horse wranglers take the reigns and guide the animals back up the ramp to the back.

Cause I saddle up my horse
And I ride into the city
I make a lot of noise
Cause the girls
They are so pretty

The marching band and the tractor both start back up the ramp.  Daniels and Davies are now in the ring in the corner trying to stay out of the way of the elaborate dance routine going on in the ring.

Riding up and down Broadway
On my old stud Leroy
And the girls say
Save a horse, ride a cowboy
Everybody says
Save a horse, Ride a cowboy
What? What?

Boone and Crockett raise their arms at the ‘What? What?’ part.

Thunderbolt Smith: What?

Rick Hall: Yeah, that was a little awkward looking.

Thunderbolt Smith: At least both youngsters are getting a laugh out of that.

They begin to remove the cowboy garb and get down to their wrestling trunks.

Save a horse ride a cowboy
Everybody says
Save a horse ride a cowboy

The dancers quickly make a hasty exit leaving Boone Daniels and Crockett Davies in their corner to talk strategy one final time. As the Kings continue to warm up, we see a whole different sort of visual…the symbol of the Red Army, bringing our attention back to the entranceway for the arrival of the Kings’ opponents.


A trap remix of the Soviet Union national anthem plays throughout the arena as Kenny Freeman steps out onto the stage, pushing the wheelchair of Randall Schwartz with Red Army leader Ivan Stanislav standing next to the duo.





They arrive at the top of the ramp, where Randall asks Kenny to take a pause for the cause as the crowd shows their disdain for the trio in their presence.

Thunderbolt Smith: What’s going on here, now?

Rick Hall: They’re basking in the jeers from this crowd tonight.

And bask they do, the Masters looking rather smug as they nod to their new leader…

Thunderbolt Smith: Ivan Stanislav is big.  REALLY big.

Rick Hall: Bigger than Bill Dickinson even.  And that’s big.

…before Kenny gives a small nudge to Randall’s wheelchair, sending the Entertainer on a joyride down the ramp!

Rick Hall: What in the world…?

Thunderbolt Smith: Randall Schwartz is off his rocker, look at the smile on his face!

Why is Randall smiling, one may ask? Because he slams on his chair’s breaks near the end of the ramp, rolling into a somersault to the floor at ringside…before rising to his feet, revealing that he is quite capable of standing and walking.

This draws even more boos from the crowd, who don’t seem too enthused with the performance as Kenny and Ivan walk down the ramp to ringside.

Rick Hall: Randall can walk! It’s a miracle!

Thunderbolt Smith: We found out after PRIME’s ReVival 29 event that Randall Schwartz was cleared to compete tonight, and it looks like Randall has removed any doubt of his capabilities as the Masters of the Moscowverse look to make a statement at the expense of the Kings of the Wild Frontier.

Rick Hall: Thunderbolt, after Kenny Freeman put down Jack Owyns that same night they want to come out here tonight and prove to Ivan Stanislav that recruiting them to the Red Army was a good idea!

The three of them arrive at the ring now, with Randall sliding into the ring to stare down the Kings as Kenny takes a walk up the steps to enter. The pair starts to mouth off with the Kings as referee Davey Keels does the pre-match check of both teams.

Thunderbolt Smith: MVW’s senior referee Davey Keels will be in charge of this match.

Rick Hall: This will be one of the few times Daniels and Davies will actually out-weigh their opponents.

Thunderbolt Smith: Except Freeman and Schwartz have Ivan Stanislav in their corner.

Rick Hall: He may very well be the difference maker.  We’ll find out how far along Daniels and Davies have come in their young wrestling career.

Keel motions to the timekeeper’s table.


Thunderbolt Smith: And night two of PWA-02 is underway.

Boone Daniels and Kenny Freeman to start.

Thunderbolt Smith: Here we go… NO!  It’s SCHWARTZ!

Schwartz runs in behind Freeman and try to catch Daniels by surprise.



Rick Hall: Alert move by Boone Daniels.

Thunderbolt Smith: Right hands by Daniels and Schwartz is down on the mat.

Daniels reaches out and tags in Crockett Davies.

Thunderbolt Smith: Daniels clubbing Randall Schwartz and makes a quick tag to Crockett Davies.

Davies lands right-hand forearms on Schwartz and Kenny Freeman looks like he’s about to come in.  Keels glances over to him and Freeman holds his fire for the moment.

Thunderbolt Smith: Davies whips Schwartz to the ropes.

Keels starts a five count on Daniels who hasn’t left the ring yet.

Thunderbolt Smith: Drop toehold by Davies.

Daniels runs the ropes on the other side.

Thunderbolt Smith: Big leg drop by Daniels.

Rick Hall: Good teamwork by the King-

Thunderbolt Smith: COVER BY DAVIES


TW- Freeman clubs Davies from behind.

Thunderbolt Smith: Kenny Freeman makes the save!

Freeman goes right over to Daniels and dropkicks him off the ring apron.

Thunderbolt Smith: Freeman’s taunting Daniels but he doesn’t see trouble behind him.

Davies taps Freeman on the shoulder.  Freeman turns and…


Thunderbolt Smith: RIGHT HAND BY DAVIES!

Rick Hall: That rocked Kenny Freeman!

Thunderbolt Smith: Another right hand by Davies spins Freeman around!

Daniels back up on the apron and he pops Freeman with a left hand.  Daniels holds out his hand and Davies tags in.


Ivan Stanislav jumps onto the apron.

Rick Hall: Ivan Stanislav is screaming at Randall Schwartz to get up!

Thunderbolt Smith: Schwartz must have got his bell rung good- Daniels climbs to the top turnbuckle!

Daniels flies through the air.


Freeman crash lands on the mat.  Daniels rolls him up but Schwartz is revived and he boots Daniels in the back of the head.


Rick Hall: Davey Keels didn’t make the count because Freeman wasn’t the legal man in.

Thunderbolt Smith: Now Davies and Schwartz are going at it.  Schwartz down.

Davies gives Schwartz another boot for good measure and then looks to clear out of the ring.

Thunderbolt Smith: Schwartz back on his feet and delivers a forearm shot to Davies.

Davies staggers forward into the ropes but comes right back out.

Thunderbolt Smith: Schwartz whipped into the corner by Davies.  Here he comes.

Davies with a forearm shot to the face in the corner.

Thunderbolt Smith: And Schwartz collapses in the corner.

Davies goes over and tags in Daniels.  Schwartz back to his feet and runs towards them.


Thunderbolt Smith: Right hand chop by Boone Daniels catches Randall Schwartz coming in.  Headlock takeover by Daniels but Schwartz counters with a headscissors.

Schwartz releases the hold and goes to his corner to tag Kenny Freeman back in.  Daniels goes over to Freeman.

Thunderbolt Smith: Freeman uses his own foot to block a takedown attempt.  Standing switch by Freeman.  Snap German suplex.

Freeman holds the bridge.


Thunderbolt Smith: Davies in and makes the save!

Rick Hall: Randall Schwartz is in the ring now.

Thunderbolt Smith: All four men in the ring.

Davies is throwing down with Schwartz… Daniels is tangling with Freeman.

Thunderbolt Smith: Boone Daniels stomping away on Kenny Freeman.  Rake of the eyes to Schwartz by Crockett Davies.

Davies lifts Schwartz up and slams him to the mat prompting the Russian Bear to climb up onto the ring apron.

Thunderbolt Smith: The Russian Bear is on the ring apron and he doesn’t look too pleased.

Rick Hall: Thunderbolt, Ivan Stanislav is saying words in Russian I don’t believe are family-friendly.

Thunderbolt Smith: OHHH!  Kenny Freeman just went low on Boone Daniels.

Daniels doubles over.  Davies sprints towards Freeman.

Thunderbolt Smith: FREEMAN MOVES!

Davies rams into the turnbuckle.

Rick Hall: He hit that at full speed!

Thunderbolt Smith: Freeman whips Davies into the ropes… HE GOES OVER!

Davies flips over the ropes… but he manages to hold on to the top rope with his hands.


Thunderbolt Smith: Schwartz and Freeman are laying the boots to Daniels.  Davey Keels goes over and tries to break up the two on one.

With Keels’ eyes averted, Stanislav turns to Davies who’s landed right next to him.

Rick Hall: Uh oh.  Not a good place to be.

Thunderbolt Smith: STANISLAV…

…lifts Davies up with one arm…

Rick Hall: Oh boy.

…and with great force launches the youngster into the air and…


…through the Spanish announce table at ringside.

Thunderbolt Smith: There’s a Spanish announce table?  I mean… IVAN STANISLAV JUST THREW CROCKETT DAVIES THROUGH A TABLE!

Ivan Stanislav: DYAAHAAHAA!!

Rick Hall: I think it’s safe to say that we’ve just had our first yeeting of the evening.

Thunderbolt turns to him.

Thunderbolt Smith: Yeeting?

Rick Hall: Hey, I did my homework for tonight.

Davies is somewhere in the wreckage of what used to be the Spanish announce table, which opens the door for the Masters to start taking control of the situation.

Thunderbolt Smith: Kenny making the tag back to Randall here, and these two are beating down on Daniels! They’re really taking advantage of Davies being incapacitated.

Rick Hall: And Davey Keels ready to break things up before they get too chaotic. Let them fight!

Kenny backs off, heading back to the apron as Randall goes to work on Daniels, locking in the dreaded chinlock to some jeers from the crowd.

Thunderbolt Smith: Wait, no, Daniels is starting to fight back!

Rick Hall: I don’t believe it, nobody gets out of the chinlock!

Thunderbolt can’t help but shoot a glare at Hall as Daniels gets to his feet…only to be sent to the ropes by the Entertainer, who catches the young man from behind with a sleeper hold yelling “GLAAH-I GOT ‘EM” in the process!

Thunderbolt Smith: Daniels trapped in another hold! Can he get out of the sleeper, or will he pass out?

Rick Hall: Schwartz out here putting on a clinic here in Mexico, Thunderbolt! You love to see it!

Randall cinches the hold in tight, trying to seep all the energy out of Daniels as Keely checks the arm, raising it up once only to watch it fall. Twice…and the arm falls again. And the third time…

Thunderbolt Smith: NO! Daniels keeps his arm up on the third check, indicating he’s still got some fight left in him!

Rick Hall: I’ll give him credit, Daniels has a lot of heart…but can he actually get out of the mess he’s in!?

Daniels hits Schwartz square in the sternum with an elbow shot, finally getting out of the hold as he hits the ropes…hitting a big shoulder tackle on the rebound, sending Randall down to the canvas!

Thunderbolt Smith: Down goes Schwartz! Down goes Schwartz!

Rick Hall: Oh no! Randall may end up back in that wheelchair by the time this is over!

Randall manages to slide back just enough for Kenny to get a blind tag in, before leaping off the ropes to hit a big leg lariat on Daniels!

Thunderbolt Smith: Oh my, what impact by Freeman on that leg lariat! Kenny’s already back to his feet…and he hits a dropkick that sends Daniels to the corner!

Rick Hall: Kenny absolutely precise in his motion and attack tonight, Thunderbolt!

Kenny drags Daniels away from the corner now, turning him onto his stomach before going to work on his overly-complicated submission hold!

Thunderbolt Smith: Freeman Special! PRIME fans will remember this move being put to good use on Jack Owyns at ReVival 29, and Kenny’s got it locked in tight on Daniels now!

Rick Hall: Oh man, if you thought the sleeper hold was something special…ain’t no way Daniels is getting out of this one!

Daniels is struggling, trying to reach for the bottom rope nearby…but he’s completely trapped between the head hold, the wristlock, AND the leg being grabbed!

Thunderbolt Smith: Wait a minute, Davies is finally coming to on the outside…but Ivan and Randall are on the attack!

Rick Hall: There goes the Kings’ chances of winning this one!

And Rick Hall makes the right call, as Daniels has no choice but to tap out! Keels calls for the bell, this one is over!



The crowd inside Arena Mexico are none too pleased about this, booing the ever-living hell out of the Masters as Kenny finally releases the hold, allowing Keels to raise his arm in victory. Ivan and Randall slide into the ring, having done the proper amount of damage to Davies on the outside before the Russian Bear raises the arms of his recruits to another chorus of boos from the crowd.

Thunderbolt Smith: What an opening contest this was, folks! The Kings of the Wild Frontier showed a lot of heart in what is essentially their second match in the business, but it was not quite enough to overcome the might of the Masters of the Moscowverse!


Also last night, MVW 25% owner Joe Bergman finished off his pro wrestling career with a win over Sage Pontiff at the PWA-02 show. 

MATCH #4 Joe Bergman (HOW) vs. Sage Pontiff (PRIME)
The match graphic appears and the crowd braces themselves for what’s to come.

Joe Hoffman: Joe Bergman’s last match is here. He’s definitely got his hands full with Sage Pontiff, though. Pontiff is certainly no push over. He’s been doing very well in PRIME I’m told.

Benny Newell: I’d rather have one of our own finish Joe Bergman off for good, because he will be finished off. Guy doesn’t have it anymore.

Joe Hoffman: Where are you getting this from?

Benny Newell: Good riddance.

Joe Hoffman: That didn’t answer my question.

As the announcers continue to bicker, Bryan McVay is in the center of the ring ready to get the ball rolling.

Bryan McVay: This match is for ONE FALL! Introducing first, from Joshua Tree, California… weighing in at two-hundred-one pounds… SAGE PONTIFF!

“Satori Part II” by the Flower Travellin’ Band plays as Sage casually strolls out to a chorus of boos, with seemingly no fucks given.

Joe Hoffman: Of course nobody’s going to cheer for this man tonight.

Benny Newell: I’m… thinking about it.

Joe Hoffman: You can’t be serious.

Benny Newell: Joe Bergman has continued to throw the Lee Best name under the rug for his ENTIRE career. Of course I don’t want this man to walk off into the sunset. I want him to be rolled off a cliff.

Hoffman ignores the Newell comment as Pontiff makes his way to ringside.

Joe Hoffman: A HUGE moment for Sage since it’s Joe Bergman’s last match, regardless. If Pontiff can be the one who takes him out with a loss…

Benny Newell: Yes. It would do great things for his career. Let’s point out the obvious.

Pontiff rolls into the ring as the crowd anticipates one of the men they came to see.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent…

The room is already deafening and everyone is on their feet.

Bryan McVay: From Planttin, Missouri… weighing two-hundred-twenty pounds…

The broadcast can barely pick up McVay’s voice because the crowd says it along with him.

Bryan McVay: JOE BERGMAN!!!!


The opening piano played by Billy Powell begins. It is followed by the iconic guitar licks from Gary Rossington’s slide guitar. Then Lynyrd Skynyrd’s epic “Freebird” blares out of the PA speakers.

Joe marches out to a huge ovation. He raises his arms in the air and a can of PBR in tribute to the ‘ordinary people’ in attendance tonight and, of course, Section 214.

Benny Newell: 214 is retired after tonight. Thank fucking god. Guy should’ve been paying respect to the Best Alliance all these years.

Joe Hoffman: Get over it.

Bergman makes his way down, taking in the atmosphere for what is going to be his last time. Meanwhile, in the center of the ring, Sage Pontiff doesn’t seem to care one way or another. He’s locked his fingers together and rolls his arms around to stay “loose”.

Joe hops onto the apron and enters the ring to another ovation.

Benny Newell: (Sigh)

Referee Matt Boettcher calls both men to the center of the ring for a quick “talk”. Sage looks indifferent the whole time.

Joe Hoffman: Get your phones rolling…

With Bergman in one corner and Pontiff in the other, Boettcher calls for the bell and the crowd EXPLODES!


Sage Pontiff makes his move and tries wrapping his arms around Bergman’s waist. Sage positions himself to the side of Joe and looks for a German suplex but Bergman sinks down so Pontiff isn’t able to.

However, not to be outdone, Pontiff ends up tripping Bergman to the mat and then he drops an elbow to the back of his head. Another elbow. Another. A third. Fourth. Fifth.

Joe Hoffman: Sage is not going to allow Bergman to have the spotlight. He’s attempting to take the crowd out of it right away.

Benny Newell: It’s smart. No sentiment.

Pontiff stands and pulls Bergman up with him. He connects with an arm drag. Pontiff is back to his feet and connects with another arm drag. Similar to the hard elbows, Pontiff continues to throw arm drag after arm drag, sending Bergman every which way in the ring.

Benny Newell: Did Joe mail this in before the bell even rang?

Joe Hoffman: C’mon now, I highly doubt that.

The crowd can tell Bergman is trying to survive but Sage has come to play. Pontiff pulls Bergman off the mat and looks for an atomic drop but it’s not a well carried out atomic drop so Joe slips out, bounces off the ropes and ends up hitting the PRIME star with an elbow of his own.

Pontiff lowers his weight, picks up Bergman and in one fluid motion he tosses Bergman onto his back with a backdrop.

Joe Hoffman: Unphased by the Bergman elbow-

Benny Newell: Yep, Ordinary Joe mailed it in.

Joe Hoffman: He did not.

Benny Newell: Listen, I don’t want PRIME to win, I already said that. But I’m not going to sit here and pretend I enjoy Joe’s work, either.

Pontiff peels Bergman off the mat and looks for a gutwrench suplex when Joe escapes, bounces off the ropes and ducks a clothesline attempt so he bounces off the next set of ropes. Bergman flies through the air, looking for a potential crossbody block but Pontiff catches him and turns it into a powerslam! Sage hooks the leg…




Benny Newell: Mailed. It. In.

Joe Hoffman: Sage Pontiff is twenty-four-years-old and no doubt recognizes how big this moment is. Maybe it’s more about him right now and less about Joe losing his footing.

Bergman is on his feet. He blocks a right palm shot from Pontiff and then reels him in for a side-to-belly suplex, which lands. Joe floats over, lifts Pontiff up and looks for a snap suplex this time when Pontiff hooks his right leg around Bergman so the move can’t be performed. In response, Pontiff lowers his own base and sends Joe Bergman head-over-heels overtop of him, crashing to the mat in another arm drag.

Pontiff dropkicks Bergman in the neck. He pulls Joe up and connects with a snap suplex. By now, the crowd is in a hush, worried they might not be seeing a lot of offense from Bergman at all.

Pontiff drops an elbow. He pushes Bergman to the mat and then bounces off the ropes, striking directly when Joe gets on a knee… with a running, leaping forearm strike.

Joe Hoffman: You could hear that one from over here!

Pontiff drags Bergman to his feet, kicks him in the midsection and then plants the vet with a sloppy looking DDT in the center of the ring. Sage rises, raises his hands to a chorus of boos and spins around-


Right into a forearm shot by Bergman!

The crowd comes alive as Bergman works quickly. He forearms Pontiff into a corner, then Irish whips Pontiff into the corner across the way. Sage meets it chest-first and sticks to the buckle. Bergman races in, looking for a shoulder block when Pontiff suddenly collapses and falls into a heap on the floor. Joe meets the buckle and gets nothing.

Joe Hoffman: That backfired. I definitely don’t think Sage meant to fall over.

Pontiff stumbles around on the canvas, trying to find a vertical base. He’s up, but Joe notices him by then. Bergman is cautious to approach his opponent this time but goes for a standing dropkick once he’s close enough.

Pontiff takes a minor step back, right at the last second and then he lunges forward, the split second Bergman hits the mat with his back. Pontiff snatches Bergman’s legs and tries to twist him into a figure four leg lock. However, Bergman won’t submit without a fight. Right before Pontiff locks in the move, Joe leans forward and drives his elbow into Sage’s face. Pontiff drops the hold, and Bergman rolls into the ropes to help him stand upright.

Pontiff won’t be denied. He’s like a pitbull and immediately charges at Joe the second the vet is on his feet.

Bergman tries for a jumping cutter but Pontiff snaps his head back at the last second and Ordinary Joe misses. Sage leaps onto the ropes right beside Bergman and then whips his legs across Joe’s head…

Into a poisonrana!

The crowd gasps as Bergman’s head ricochets off the mat.

Benny Newell: Should’ve retired ten years ago!

Pontiff stands, dusts himself off and looks over at the referee like he has the match won. He quickly finds where Joe Bergman lies and hooks a leg…




The crowd comes alive but Sage hates it. He’s immediately on the offense, hammering careless looking fists into Bergman’s face as the referee shouts for them to be open palm strikes. Needless to say, it doesn’t matter. Pontiff hurls Bergman into a corner and charges in with a wild splash. He takes hold of Bergman’s head and then performs a running bulldog in the center of the ring! Once again, Pontiff goes for a cover.




Joe Hoffman: Sage didn’t hook the leg.

The crowd gives another sign of life, as they are seeing signs of life in the Average Joe. By now, Pontiff is driving his knee haphazardly into Joe Bergman’s face and Joe is trying to cover up, but having difficulty doing so…

Pontiff props Bergman onto his knees and hits the ropes-

Suddenly, Joe shoots up and connects with a roll through roundhouse kick, sending Pontiff out of the ring!

Sage falls through the bottom and middle rope to the surprise of the crowd. Bergman collapses on all fours, trying to catch his breath.

Joe Hoffman: Hell of a move there. Joe has bought himself some time.

Benny Newell: Whatever.

Bergman is on his feet and he’s firing up the crowd. He races over to the side of the ring where Sage is recovering from the roundhouse kick. It looks like the kick caught Sage under the nose and there’s a small trickle of blood running down his face because of it.

Bergman measures Pontiff…

Slingshot leg drop!

The crowd chants heavily as Bergman throws himself up and out of the ring, crashing down onto Pontiff in a picture perfect move!

Joe Hoffman: Benny, you were saying?

Newell doesn’t say a word as Bergman stands, shouts into the rafters and sends Pontiff back to where he came from… into the squared circle.

Bergman quickly follows. He sees Pontiff is trying to get on his feet so Joe performs the same move. The 214 grabs the top rope and slingshots himself over and into the ring, landing another leg drop to Sage!

Joe waits on his opponent to stir, before enclosing and taking Pontiff by the waist…

It looks like Bergman may be going for a gutwrench suplex when Pontiff wiggles his way out of it. Sage turns Joe around to face him and drills the Average Joe in the temple with a forearm. Pontiff looks to drag Bergman into a suplex himself when suddenly Joe reverses it into a hurricanrana!

Into a pin!

Joe Hoffman: Both legs hooked! Joe has both legs hooked!




Joe Hoffman: Barely a kickout! I thought Joe had Sage dead to rights!

Benny Newell: You could see Pontiff was trying to kickout the second his legs were trapped. Luckily for him, the last second was still available…

Both men are up, as the crowd gives a cheer. Bergman is certainly hurting, he’s clearly taken more damage throughout the match. But he’s sucking it up as best he can.

Sage cracks his neck. He marches to the center of the ring and raises his right arm.

A test of strength.

Joe nods and meets him in the center of the ring- but once he’s there, Pontiff kicks Bergman in the stomach and lands that gutwrench suplex!

Benny Newell: There ya go! Sage is here to win a match, NOT to worry about who’s last match it is!

Pontiff lifts a woozy Bergman off the canvas and connects with Atharvaveda, his release dragon suplex!

Joe Hoffman: This does not look good, Joe landed on the crown of his head!

Pontiff races over and pumps Bergman with a wild knee to the face. Sage hurls the vet into a corner and begins unloading again. It’s elbow after elbow to the side of the head before Pontiff whips Bergman into the corner across the way. Once Joe bounces out, Pontiff is there for an implant DDT. He pushes Bergman onto his back and looks for a pin-

When Bergman comes through with a desperation inside cradle!




Pontiff can’t believe it. He pops to his knees and then levels Bergman with an elbow. Sage pulls at his hair, he’s shaking his head…

Joe Hoffman: Pontiff better not lose focus. Yes, that was almost a three but he’s STILL in control!

Bergman is struggling on all fours while Pontiff comes in with a shotgun dropkick to Joe’s face. Sage lifts Bergman up, tosses him into the ropes and then absolutely throws himself through Bergman’s body with what looks to be some kind of modified shoulder block/spear tackle.

Joe Hoffman: Pontiff is literally throwing his entire body at Bergman.

Joe is down and out. He lays on his back, motionless. Pontiff’s face is full of intensity as he contemplates what to do next. He begins kneeing Bergman in the side of the head, while trying to position him for his Canadian destroyer finisher…

The crowd is trying to give Joe life, but they aren’t sure he’s going to survive. Pontiff has Bergman in position-

And then Joe escapes and connects with a roundhouse kick. Bergman is on roller skates but he ultimately hits a superkick flush under Pontiff’s jaw. Bergman bounces off the ropes, leaps in the air and takes down Sage with a hurricanrana! Joe shoots up, he’s surviving off fumes now as the crowd continues to cheer…

Bergman turns to where Sage Pontiff should be…

But he’s not there.

Instead, Pontiff is behind Bergman. Sage latches onto Joe’s waist and throws the 214 in the air for a release German suplex!

Joe lands on his feet!



Pontiff pulls at his hair. He charges at Bergman but Joe ducks and Sage hits the ropes. With Pontiff’s back turned to the vet, Joe grabs onto the PRIME star and tosses him over his head in Bergman’s own release German suplex!

The crowd is white hot and Bergman is feeling it. He Irish whips Sage into a corner but the California native hits the buckle so hard he flips right up it and now he’s sitting on the top buckle.

Bergman is going to meet Pontiff there. The crowd is on their feet, as both men are on top post, trying to go blow for blow. Suddenly, Sage slips away and lands on the second turnbuckle pad. He superkicks Bergman square in the jaw.

Joe Hoffman: This doesn’t look good…

Sage decides he’s going back to the top rope and he’s going to end Joe Bergman once and for all.

Pontiff hooks his right arm around Bergman and ensures Bergman’s left arm is also across his shoulders.

Joe Hoffman: Superplex time?

Pontiff pulls Bergman into a standing position. It doesn’t take long, a mere second after Pontiff pushes off the buckle with everything he has…



Joe Hoffman: SAGE HOLDS ON!

Pontiff floats over, still taking hold of Joe Bergman and connects with another suplex!

Sage STILL holds on! It looks like he’s going for a third suplex when out of nowhere Joe lowers his base, keeps his feet on the ground and somehow… someway… the wily vet connects with a falcon arrow suplex of his own.





The air is knocked out of the arena, as everything thought the match was over!

Joe Hoffman: I don’t know how Joe got that second wind! Bergman was hit with a suplerplex… then another suplex! How did he have the wherewithal to find a falcon arrow suplex!?

Benny Newell: The damage is done. That’s ALL Joe had left in him! Look at him, he’s DOA!

Benny’s words ring true… as the first person to move on the canvas is Sage Pontiff.

Joe Bergman hasn’t flinched.

No one in the bleachers sits. The crowd is prepared to witness the end of the match, and, of course, the end of one man’s career.

Pontiff is on his feet but he’s definitely feeling it. He looks down at Bergman and begins to position Joe…

Joe Hoffman: That’s all she wrote…

Sage takes one moment to look into the crowd and then a smile crosses his face. He takes a few steps back and charges at Bergman, looking for his Canadian destroyer-


Bergman connects with a standing dropkick!

The crowd is ruckus. Bergman barely has anything left… but he finds the second rope, pulls himself upright and measures Pontiff, leaping towards Sage with a cutter!

It connects.

Joe isn’t going to waste another second. He slides across the mat, hooks his arms around Pontiff’s neck…

And locks in the Dragon Sleeper!

Pontiff tries shouting at first. He’s even attempting to bite… but he can’t get his mouth anywhere close enough to Bergman’s flesh.

And he’s fading.


Referee Matt Boettcher slides into position. He lifts Sage Pontiff’s hand…

Boettcher calls for the bell.


The crowd gives a MASSIVE cheer upon Bergman being announced as the winner.

Joe Hoffman: He’s done it! In his last match… what a show of resiliency!

Benny Newell: Goodluck with your future endeavors. Can we move on now?

Bergman drops the hold the second the bell rings. He falls on his back, barely able to do anything else.

Bryan McVay: The winner of this match… JOE BERGMAN!!!!

Joe’s theme song plays as, finally, he’s able to stand, albeit with help from the ropes. Boettcher raises Bergman’s left arm, while the crowd continues to give a standing ovation.

Joe Hoffman: Bergman left it all on the line tonight. A heck of a career!

Even Benny Newell attempts to give in.

Benny Newell: Yeah, I guess. It was a good showing.

PWA 2 fades as Joe Bergman exits the ring and starts walking a lap around the outside, thanking as many fans in attendance as he can.


You can catch a replay of Night Two of the PWA-02 show here- PWA-02 Super Show Night Two.

June 11th– PWA 02 Show – Arena Mexico / Mexico City, Mexico
Night Two:
-Masters of the Moscowverse (PRIME) defeated Kings of the Wild Frontier (MVW)
-Scott Stevens (HOW) defeated Abe Lipschitz (PRIME)
-STRONK (HOW) vs. Coral Avalon (PRIME)- no contest
-JOE BERGMAN’S FINAL MATCH: Joe Bergman (HOW) defeated Sage Pontiff (PRIME)
-cOnOr fUsE (HOW) defeated Cancer Jiles (PRIME)
-PWA TAG TEAM TITLE: Dan Ryan/Jatt Starr (HOW) defeated Surf Express Bro (MVW) and Winds of Change (PRIME)
-CAPTURE THE FLAG MATCH: Lindsay Troy (PRIME) vs. Steven Solex (HOW)- LT is proxy for Ivan Stanislav; Solex is proxy for Christopher America

Also, next week…

June 17th – Wrestling Night in America PPV – Hale Arena / Kansas City, MO
-MAIN EVENT/MEN’S TITLE: ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson © vs. Bracken Krueger
-MAIN EVENT/WOMEN’S TITLE: Daryn Thompson © vs. Jennifer Colton
-MEN’S TAG TEAM TITLE: Surf Express Bro © vs. The Alabama Gang
-WOMEN’S TAG TEAM TITLE: The Hanson Sisters © vs. Jill Berg Enterprises
-MEN’S HEARTLAND TITLE: Luke Woods © vs. Ken Kardoucheian
-WOMEN’S HEARTLAND TITLE: ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin © vs. Yosemite Samantha
-Ricky Stevens vs. John O’Reilly
-Lisa Barbosa-Stevens vs. ‘The Shadow Warrior’ Shizuko Yamazaki
-The Stevens Dynasty (Bo and George Stevens) vs. The Kardoucheian Empire (Koley and Kourtney Kardoucheian)
-The Working Girls (C.J. Lewis and Leah Iris) vs. The Rose Warriors (Geena the Warrior Princess and Eliza Rose)


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