9/14-Syndicated Lock and Loaded Airs


Missouri Valley Wrestling’s Syndicated Lock and Loaded show taped Saturday night at the Great Southern Bank Arena in Springfield, Missouri dropped today.  Here are the results:

September 14th, 2023- MVW’s Syndicated Lock and Loaded Show

Show Open:
Thunderbolt and Hall recap Tuesday’s Wrestling Night in the Heartland
-Replay of the end of the Men’s Tag Team Title match between The Alabama Gang and The Stevens Dynasty
–#3 vs. #4 MEN’S TAG TEAM MATCH: #4 No Quarter (Bracken Krueger/Daryn Thompson) defeated #3 Surf Express Bro (Bowie Abrams/Bradlee Nelson).  Krueger and Thompson face #2 The Kings of the Wild Frontier this weekend.
-Kellie Burkowski interviews No Quarter after their win but The Stevens Dynasty comes out to celebrate their title win, The Kardoucheian Empire comes out to complain about not being in contention, and then The Alabama Gang show up and tell everyone the line to a title shot against the new champions starts and ends with them.
-Victoria McGill defeated Kelly Lynn Smith
-Kellie goes to interview Tori afterwards but Jill Berg Enterprises CEO Jill Berg stops her and has Kellie interview her instead.  Berg says Jennifer Colton can’t hold off Tori forever and the belt is coming to JBE.
-Coach Reg cuts a backstage promo as Andrea and Melissa Hanson play with wrestling action figures in the background.  She calls the Hansons an unstoppable force who will dominate at the Heartland PPV.
-#2 vs. #3 MEN’S DIVISION MATCH: #3 John O’Reilly defeated #2 Buckshot Henderson
-Kellie interviews Women’s Champion Jennifer Colton who’s had just about enough of Jill Berg Enterprises.
-Christa Carmondy draws the first eight matches of the Carmondy Cup.
-MAIN EVENT/NON-TITLE: Women’s Champion Jennifer Colton defeated Lisa Barbosa-Stevens

MATCH #1-WINNER-#5 WOMEN’S TAG TEAM DIV: #5 LATX (Christina Garcia/Racquel Ramirez) vs. (Non-Division) The Rollins Sisters (Kelsi and Kennedi)
-Garcia and Ramirez once again avoid the drop by coming up with a big performance to maintain their #5 ranking in the Women’s Tag Team Division. The Rollins Sisters, Bergman’s Barn Women’s Tag Team Champions, remain in the Non-Division.

Kellie Burkowski Reviews the Heartland Matches This Past Weekend
Women’s Heartland Division:
-#4 Tammie Hardy defeated #5 Kelly Lynn Smith- Smith is back in the potential drop zone again and faces a promotion/relegation match
-#4 Tammie Hardy defeated #3 Felicia LaBarbara- Hardy sweeps the weekend and moves up to #3 in the rankings.  She faces #2 Debbie the Destroyer Friday night in Hutchinson, Kansas. The winner gets the #1 contender ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin Saturday night in Emporium, Kansas.

Men’s Heartland Division:-#4 ‘Rock Star’ Robbie Marrs defeated #5 Dave Mann- Mann is in the potential drop zone and faces an upcoming promotion/relegation match.
-#3 Absolute Zero defeated #4 ‘Rock Star’ Robbie Marrs- Absolute Zero holds the #3 ranking and will take on #2 Captain Jack Friday night with the winner challenging Ken Kardoucheian in a #1 contender’s match on Saturday in Emporium, Kansas.

MATCH #2WINNER-#4 WOMEN’S DIVISION: #4 (Women’s Div) Lisa Barbosa-Stevens vs. #1 (Women’s Heartland Div) Tessa Martin
-In a hard-fought match, Barbosa-Stevens holds on to remain in the Women’s Division with her win over ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin.  Martin remains in the Women’s Heartland Division with the loss.

Review of the Carmondy Cup Drawing-First Round Matches
Christa Carmondy drew the first-round matches in the Women’s Carmondy Cup this past weekend:
-Miranda Crawford vs. Marilyn Kendricks- Sept. 15th
-Desiree Davis vs. Missy Barnes- Sept 15th
-Elsa Matthews vs. Kalya Davenport- Sept 16th
-Robin the Wonder Girl vs. Jennelle Jenkins- Sept 16th

Christa then drew the Men’s first-round matches:
-Bobby Starr vs. Mr. Wrestling XXXIV- Sept. 15th
-Kyle Davenport vs. Craig Richardson- Sept 15th
-Xavier Crossman vs. Shane Ferguson- Sept 16th
-The Monongahelian Stomper vs. The Masked Texan- Sept 16th

Cletus T. Johnson Promo
The camera cuts to Cletus T. Johnson standing in front of a tattered Kentucky Redneck Mafia banner. Beside him, his cousin Ginny Van Lear exudes an air of quiet menace, her past as an MMA prodigy evident in the way she carries herself. The smell of sweat and rage fills the air, a testament to the raw energy that surrounds these two.

“Y’all must’ve forgot!” Cletus bellows, his voice echoing throughout the backstage area. “MVW done forgot about ol’ Cletus T. Johnson, but I guarantee you, they ain’t gonna forget no more!”

Ginny nods, her eyes narrowing as she adds, “Tonight, we’re bringin’ a good ol’ fashioned Kentucky Hoedown to the Men’s Division. We’re gonna make sure everybody remembers who Cletus T. Johnson is.”

“Damn right!” Cletus exclaims, his eyes blazing with determination. “I was once a tag team champion, and tonight, I’m back to take down the biggest target in the Men’s Division.”

“An’ Sunny,” Ginny warns, her gaze shifting to the camera as if addressing Sunny O’Callahan directly, “you best mind your P’s and Q’s, or else.”

Kellie Burkowski Interviews ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson
Quickly, the scene transitions to Kellie Burkowski backstage, her blonde hair framing her face as she stands between ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson and his manager, Sunny O’Callahan. The tension between the two groups is palpable, electricity sparking in the air.

“Bill,” Kellie begins, her voice steady despite the charged atmosphere, “what do you have to say about Cletus T. Johnson and his challenge tonight?”

Dickinson sneers, his Southern drawl dripping with disdain. “Cletus? I been the champion for over a year, and I ain’t backin’ down now. I’ve taken on all comers, and I’ll continue to do so.”

Sunny sips from her bottle of Southern Comfort, her frizzy blonde hair and 70’s southern rock attire making her stand out in the chaotic backstage. She smirks, adding, “Cletus thinks he’s somethin’ special? He ain’t nothin’ we ain’t seen before. Bring it on.”

“Y’all heard it here first,” Kellie says, wrapping up the interview as Bill and Sunny exchange heated looks with the camera.

MAIN EVENT/NON-TITLE: Men’s Champion ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson vs. Cletus T. Johnson
The camera cuts back to the broadcast desk, where Thunderbolt Smith and ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall sit with anticipation, their eyes fixed on the ring.

“Alright, folks,” Thunderbolt begins, his voice steady and even-keeled as always, “we’re about to get underway with what promises to be an interesting showdown between Cletus T. Johnson and Men’s Champion ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson.”

“Thunderbolt, I can’t wait to see these two go at it,” Hall exclaims, his excitement barely contained.

“Indeed it is, Rick,” Thunderbolt replies. “Let’s send it down to Heather Cooper in the ring for the introductions.”

The camera pans over to Heather Cooper, MVW’s sultry ring announcer, her brunette locks flowing and her curves accentuated by her tight-fitting outfit. The crowd roars with anticipation as she raises the microphone to her lips.

“Introducing first!” Heather announces, her voice booming over the speakers. Robert Count’s “What Do I Know” blares through the arena, and Cletus T. Johnson emerges from the back, accompanied by his cousin Ginny Van Lear. Cletus exudes confidence, his chest puffed out and his eyes locked on the ring.

“From Hueysville, Kentucky,” Heather continues, “weighing in at 300 pounds, he is a former tag team champion… Cletus T. Johnson!”

Cletus and Ginny make their way down the ramp, the crowd jeering and taunting them. But Cletus remains unfazed, only growing more determined with each step closer to the ring.

“Can you believe the nerve of this guy, Thunderbolt?” Hall asks, his voice tinged with incredulity. “Cletus really thinks he can take down the champion tonight?”

“Only time will tell, Rick,” Thunderbolt replies, his gaze never leaving the ring.

The music changes to Hardy’s “Unapologetically Country as Hell” and the Men’s Champion himself, ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson, steps out into the spotlight, accompanied by Sunny O’Callahan. The crowd erupts in cheers, showing their support for the reigning titleholder.

“Introducing his opponent,” Heather announces, her voice rising with excitement, “from Troy, Alabama, weighing in at 330 pounds, he is the MVW Men’s Champion… ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson!”

“Let’s not forget about Sunny O’Callahan by his side,” Hall adds, his eyes following the duo as they strut down the ramp, Sunny sipping from her bottle of Southern Comfort.

“Absolutely, Rick,” Thunderbolt agrees. “She’s been instrumental in Bill’s success over the past year.”

As Dickinson and Sunny reach the ring, Thunderbolt continues, “The referee for this non-title match will be Davey Keels.” The camera zooms in on the seasoned ref, who nods solemnly, well aware of the importance of the task ahead.

“Bill Dickinson gets the win,” Thunderbolt says. “But Cletus T. Johnson didn’t make it easy. That’s going to wrap up our show. See you next week.”

-#3 vs. #4 MEN’S TAG TEAM MATCH: LATX defeated The Rollins Sisters at 7:32
-Lisa Barbosa-Stevens defeated ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin at 14:40
-MAIN EVENT-Men’s Champion ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson defeated Cletus T. Johnson at 8:17

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