Joe and Laura Bergman Get to Work

author image by JD | news | 0 Comments | 27 Jun 2023

It is evident that Missouri Valley Wrestling is undergoing a remarkable transformation since the return of Joe and Laura Bergman as 25% owners. Laura’s swift action saw the renewal of MVW’s contract with HOTv for another year, and she has furthered this partnership by securing a deal to relocate the company’s website to the HOTv platform, a move that promises to have a significant impact on the promotion’s digital presence.

Meanwhile, Joe has been working tirelessly to bolster the MVW roster, having already recruited several promising talents. Notably, former MVW Men’s Tag Team champion Cletus T. Johnson has transitioned to singles competition under Joe’s guidance and is already making a name for himself. Additionally, Aaron Gray, a standout from the Independent Western Wrestling World, is scheduled to make his debut next month.

Joe’s keen eye for talent combined with the hard work Dawn McGill has done behind the scenes working with them have resulted in the addition of several new faces from his Barn, including the likes of Kelly Lynn Smith, Amberly Stanton, Kings of the Wild Frontier, and The Lumberjacks. These signings, combined with the existing roster, have created a dynamic and competitive environment that bodes well for MVW’s future. Majority owner Ray McAvay had this to say, “It is clear that Joe and Laura’s contributions are already making a positive impact on Missouri Valley Wrestling.

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