Night of Champions


Tuesday Night’s Carmondy Cup Finals Results:
-WOMEN’S HEARTLAND #1 CONTENDER’S 3-WAY MATCH: Felicia LaBarbara defeated Tammie Hardy and ‘Queen of the Trailer Park’ Lani Harlot
-MEN’S HEARTLAND #1 CONTENDER’S 3-WAY MATCH: Randy Barrington defeated Buckshot Henderson and ‘Rock Star’ Robbie Marrs
-WOMEN’S TAG TEAM CARMONDY CUP FINALS: Jill Berg Enterprises defeated The Hanson Sisters
-MEN’S TAG TEAM CARMONDY CUP FINALS: The Stevens Dynasty defeated The Kings of the Wild Frontier
-WOMEN’S CARMONDY CUP FINALS: Victoria McGill (Jill Berg Enterprises) defeated Amberley Stanton
-MEN’S CARMONDY CUP FINALS: The Masked Texan aka… Charlie Blackwell defeated Scott Stevens

Cue the pyro…

Missouri Valley Wrestling
Night of Champions
Wintrust Arena
Chicago, Illinois
Sunday December 17th, 2023

Announcers: Thunderbolt Smith and ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall

Backstage Interviewer: Kellie Burkowski

Ring Announcer: Heather Cooper


The video vignette kicked off, showcasing a montage of all the contestants featured in tonight’s ten-match card. Fans witnessed the intensity and passion in each wrestler’s eyes, their best moves displayed in quick succession as music pumped up the excitement. The camera panned over the Wintrust Arena in Chicago, Illinois, where an eager crowd filled the entire bottom part of the venue, 6545 people buzzing with anticipation.

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen!” Thunderbolt Smith welcomed viewers from the broadcast table, joined by ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall. “We have an absolutely electric night ahead of us with six title matches on this incredible 10-match show!”

“Thunderbolt, I’ve never seen a crowd so ready for action,” chimed in Hall, taking in the excited faces around them.

“Let’s run down the matches for tonight!” Thunderbolt continued. He began listing off the bouts:

Ricky Stevens vs. John O’Reilly
Laney Harrison/McLean Oswald vs. The Working Girls
Lisa Barbosa-Stevens vs. ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin
Surf Express Bro vs. The Stevens Dynasty
WOMEN’S HEARTLAND TITLE: Kirsten Canfield defends against Felicia LaBarbara
MEN’S HEARTLAND TITLE: Aaron Gray defends against Randy Barrington
WOMEN’S TAG TEAM TITLE: The Hanson Sisters defends against Jill Berg Enterprises
MEN’S TAG TEAM TITLE: No Quarter defends against The Alabama Gang
WOMEN’S TITLE: Jennifer Colton defends against Victoria McGill in a Steel Cage Match
MEN’S TITLE: ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson defends against Luke Woods.

“Talk about a stacked card, Thunderbolt! Six title matches tonight!” added Hall enthusiastically.

“Absolutely, Rick. There’s no doubt we’re in store for some unforgettable moments,” agreed Thunderbolt. As they watched the crowd, Thunderbolt couldn’t help but feel a sense of awe. The energy in the arena was palpable, and it was moments like these that reminded him why he loved his job so much.

“Alright folks, buckle up! The action is about to begin!” Thunderbolt Smith’s voice carried throughout the arena as Heather Cooper stood in the ring, ready to introduce the first match of the evening. “Alright folks, it’s time to kick off tonight’s action! Let’s send it down to our lovely ring announcer, Heather Cooper!” Thunderbolt said enthusiastically.

The crowd buzzed with anticipation as Heather raised the microphone to her mouth.

“Thank you, Thunderbolt,” Heather replied, her sultry voice echoing through the speakers. “Ladies and gentlemen, introducing first, from Athenry, Ireland, weighing in at 200 pounds, standing 5 feet 10 inches tall, he is ‘The Irish Brawler’ John O’Reilly!”

As Charlie Robison’s “John O’Reilly” blared throughout the Wintrust Arena, the red-haired Irishman strode confidently down the aisle, clad in a green shirt and blue jeans. He raised his fists high in the air, eliciting cheers from the excited fans.

“His opponent,” Heather continued, “from San Francisco, California, weighing in at 185 pounds, standing 5 feet 11 inches tall, he is the ‘High Flyer’ Ricky Stevens!”

Iggy Pop’s “Search and Destroy” filled the arena as Ricky Stevens emerged from behind the curtain, long black hair flowing behind him and dressed in black wrestling tights. Accompanying him was Dru Danes, who cheered him on from ringside. The crowd roared their approval for the high-flyer as he entered the ring, ready for battle.

“Long Haul” Rick Hall chimed in, “This should be quite a matchup, Thunderbolt. Both O’Reilly and Stevens are top contenders in the Men’s Division and this is a #2 versus #3 match. But only one will come out on top tonight.”

“Indeed, Rick,” Thunderbolt agreed, focusing intently on the wrestlers in the ring. “Both men gave everything they had in that 3-way elimination match with Luke Woods to determine who would face MVW Champion Bill Dickinson tonight, but ultimately they fell short. This is their chance to prove themselves once again.”

“And Ricky Stevens wins!” Thunderbolt exclaimed, the crowd erupting in cheers. But Thunderbolt’s tone changed dramatically at what else was happening in the ring. “But, it appears John O’Reilly may have suffered a serious injury during this match.”

Medical staff rushed into the ring to check on O’Reilly as Dru Danes and Stevens looked on with concern. His celebration was muted, overshadowed by worry for his fallen opponent.

“That doesn’t look good,” Hall added.

“Let’s head backstage,” Thunderbolt said somberly, “where Kellie Burkowski is standing by with Coach Reg and the Hanson Sisters.”

As the camera cut to backstage, Kellie stood alongside the Women’s Tag Team Champions The Hanson Sisters, who playfully toyed with pro wrestling action figures with sister Charissa Hanson behind Coach Reg. Coach Reg addressed Kellie confidently, “We ain’t worried about our loss at the Carmondy Cup, seeing as it wasn’t for the title. Tonight, my girls are ready to take care of business!”

“YEAH!” Andrea Hanson shouted, her sisters nodding in agreement. The scene ended with the Hansons leaving to prepare for their upcoming match, determination clear on their faces.

Heather Cooper stood in the center of the ring, her sultry voice echoing through the packed Wintrust Arena. The excited crowd buzzed with anticipation as she introduced the first team for match two: Laney Harrison and McLean Oswald. As “You’re Going Down” by Sick Puppies played, the two young wrestlers made their way to the ring. Laney, a high-flyer from Rich Hill, Missouri, exuded confidence as she walked down the ramp, while McLean, a powerful wrestler from Damascus, Oregon, followed closely behind.

The music changed to Donnie Iris’s “Ah Leah” as Heather announced their opponents: The Working Girls. “Queen Cool” Leah Iris emerged first, dressed in blue jeans and a cropped ‘King Cool’ t-shirt, her black hair waving around as she strutted out on stage. Next out was ‘Former Hooter’s Waitress’ C.J. Lewis, a busty blonde wearing a white Hooter’s shirt and Daisy Duke shorts. She sauntered down the ramp to “She Works Hard for the Money” by Donna Summer, swaying her hips to the beat.

As the teams faced off in the ring, Thunderbolt Smith mentioned that Laney Harrison and McLean Oswald were the #1 contenders in the Women’s Tag Team division, while The Working Girls ranked at #3.

“Good win there for Harrison and Oswald!” Thunderbolt cheered as Laney executed an impressive move, running up the turnbuckle and slamming Leah Iris head-first into the mat. The referee counted to three, securing the victory for Laney and McLean.

“Looks like they’ll get their chance to win the Women’s Tag Team title against either The Hanson Sisters or Jill Berg Enterprises on February 7th,” Thunderbolt added, as fans congratulated the winning team.

“Let’s head backstage for an update on John O’Reilly,” he continued, and the scene shifted to Kellie Burkowski.

“It looks like John O’Reilly had suffered a bad neck injury during his match with Ricky Stevens,” Kellie reported. “O’Reilly has left the arena in an ambulance and is on his way to a Chicago hospital. My source says John is likely to be out for a considerable amount of time.”

“Thanks for the update, Kellie,” Thunderbolt said solemnly, the mood somber as the show moved on. “Let’s go back to the ring and Heather Cooper.”

The camera panned over to Heather Cooper, the seductive ring announcer clad in a skin-tight black dress that left little to the imagination. Her ruby red lips curled into a mischievous smile as she introduced the next wrestler. “Our next match will be one fall. Introducing first, please welcome Lisa Barbosa-Stevens!”

The crowd erupted in cheers and whistles as they caught a glimpse of the fierce competitor making her way to the ring. Standing at an impressive height of 6 feet and weighing 130 pounds, Lisa was a formidable opponent. Her toned muscles were on full display as she strutted down the ramp in her signature red wrestling tights, exuding confidence and power. She hailed from Houston, Texas and had earned a reputation as a tweener – not quite a hero, but not quite a villain either. As her entrance music, “What Have You Done Now?” by Within Temptation blared through the arena speakers, Lisa’s eyes never wavered from the ring ahead. She was ready to unleash her toxic sting onto whoever dared step into the ring with her tonight.

“Lisa’s looking determined tonight,” Hall commented as she climbed into the ring.

“Absolutely,” Thunderbolt agreed. “But let’s not forget her opponent.”

Heather’s voice boomed through the arena as she announced the next contestant, “Get ready for a hot and spicy delivery, folks! It’s ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin, coming in at 36 years old and standing tall at 5’8″. She’s a fiery one, wearing her signature blue baseball cap, t-shirt, and jeans, with her trusty pizza box in hand. Give it up for our hometown hero from Bowling Green, Ohio!”

The crowd cheered as Tessa confidently strutted towards the ring, her eyes locked on her opponent.

“Big news here, folks,” Thunderbolt began, his voice serious. “This will be both Tessa and Lisa’s last MVW match, at least for now. Lisa is going to focus on helping her young daughter Emma  Faith Barbosa-Stevens in her fledgling wrestling career.  Tessa is going to work backstage for MVW.”

“That’s right, Thunderbolt!” Hall chimed in. “Emma just signed with MVW, and she’ll be working out at Joe Bergman’s Barn alongside her younger brother Scott Stevens, Jr. What an exciting time for the family.”

Instead of celebrating wildly, Lisa extended a hand to help Tessa up, and both women stood together in the ring, receiving an extended ovation from the appreciative Chicago fans.

“An incredible send-off for two amazing wrestlers,” Thunderbolt said as he and Hall applauded along with the crowd.

“Couldn’t have asked for a better match between these two,” Hall added.

Thunderbolt then sent it backstage, where No Quarter’s Bracken Krueger and Texan Daryn Thompson were preparing for their upcoming match against The Alabama Gang.

Krueger and Thompson discussed their opponents with a mix of respect and determination.

“Only issue we got with The Alabama Gang is the fact that we’ll be sharing a ring with the tag belts on the line,” Bracken rumbled, his voice deep and imposing.

“Right,” Daryn drawled, the Texan accent heavy in her words. “But we’re focused on our title run, and we’re looking forward to tonight’s match.”

As the camera returned to Thunderbolt and Hall, both commentators nodded in agreement, eager to see what the next match would bring.

Heather Cooper, MVW’s sexy and sultry ring announcer, stood in the middle of the ring, her brunette hair cascading down. The excitement of the Wintrust Arena crowd was palpable as she prepared to announce the next tag team match. Her voice rang out, amplified by the microphone she held, “Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for our next tag team match!”

The arena lights dimmed, and Poison’s “Nothin’ Like a Good Time” blared over the PA system. First to emerge from the backstage area were the young, fun-loving stoner/party boys Surf Express Bro – Bradlee Nelson and Bowie Abrams. Both men were dressed in colorful blue and light green wrestling attire, smiling and interacting with the fans as they made their way to the ring. Bowie had the blue headband; Bradlee Nelson had the light green headband.  Their enthusiasm was infectious, and the crowd fed off their energy.

“Surf Express Bro is ranked #2 in the Men’s Tag Team Division,” Thunderbolt said, observing the two wrestlers’ entrance. “They’ll be looking to make a statement tonight against the formidable Stevens Dynasty.”

As the music faded, Heather continued her announcement, “And their opponents, The Stevens Dynasty!” The Outlaws’ “Ghost Riders in the Sky” filled the arena, and the ornery Texan Cary Stevens led Bo Stevens and the lumbering 445 pound George Stevens onto the stage. All three men wore expressions of intense focus and determination as they walked slowly toward the ring.

“Look at the face on Cary Stevens,” Hall commented.

“Indeed, Rick,” Thunderbolt agreed. “Cary is still steamed about not wrestling No Quarter for the title tonight, and the decision that cost Scott Stevens a chance to wrestle Bill Dickinson for the MVW title next month at the St. Louis Supershow. The Stevens Dynasty are the #1 ranked contenders in the Men’s Tag Team Division, and they have a lot to prove tonight.”

“Bowie Abrams submits, and the Stevens Dynasty gets the win!” Thunderbolt declared. But instead of celebrating, Cary Stevens’ face twisted into a scowl as he snatched the microphone from Heather Cooper’s hand.

“Listen up!” Cary spat into the mic, his voice dripping with bitterness. “The fact that we’re not wrestling for the title tonight is a travesty! And my son Scott having his title match at the St. Louis Supershow stolen right out from under him? That’s just bad news for No Quarter!”

He paused for a moment, looking around the arena with a cold, steely gaze. “Bo and George are going to take out all their anger and frustration on the tag champions come St. Louis!” With that, he slammed the microphone down on the mat and stormed out of the ring, followed closely by Bo and George.

“Wow. Cary Stevens is definitely not happy about how things have played out,” Hall remarked, slightly shaken by the intensity of the promo.

“Nope,” agreed Thunderbolt, as the arena lights shifted. “But one thing’s for sure – No Quarter better be prepared for a fight come St. Louis.”

The broadcast table gleamed under the bright lights of the arena, papers shuffled as Thunderbolt Smith’s calm voice resonated through the microphone. “Folks, we’re about to witness two Heartland title matches tonight,” he declared, his tone steady as a heartbeat. “These are the coveted house show titles, and while they may not grace our TV screens often, their prestige is unmatched when it comes to live events.”

“Long Haul” Rick Hall leaned forward eagerly, his eyes sparkling with anticipation. “That’s right, Thunderbolt. Our first match is a Women’s Heartland title clash between the three-time champ, ‘The Wichita Wonder’ Kirsten Canfield, and the rising star, Felicia LaBarbara. Just over two weeks ago, LaBarbara was fighting in the Non-Division, but now she’s here challenging for gold.”

The camera cut to the sultry Heather Cooper in the ring, her curvaceous figure drawing eyes as she took the microphone, her voice creamy and rich. “Introducing first, the challenger…” As Felicia LaBarbara emerged from backstage, her black wrestling attire hugging her athletic frame like a second skin, her short blonde hair bouncing with each determined step, murmurs rippled through the crowd.

“From Garibaldi, Oregon, Felicia LaBarbara!” Heather announced, and the audience responded with a mix of cheers and jeers, reflecting the complexity of LaBarbara’s heel persona.

LaBarbara’s piercing gaze swept across the sea of faces, her mind whirling with strategy. *Stealth Viper… wait for the perfect strike,* she thought, her muscles tensing like coiled springs as she ascended the steps into the ring.

Then, the twangy chords of Craig Morgan’s “International Harvester” blared over the speakers, signaling the arrival of the champion.

“And her opponent,” Heather continued, “she weighs in at 95 pounds from Wichita, Kansas. She is the Wichita Wonder and the MVW Women’s Heartland Champion… Kirsten Canfield!”

Kirsten Canfield strode out, the very image of heartland pride in her brown shirt and jeans, her presence commanding an eruption of cheers.

“The Wichita Wonder’ is always a super face among this crowd,” Thunderbolt observed, nodding approvingly as Canfield approached the ring with a confident, yet defensive technician’s gait.

“Unbelievable! LaBarbara has done it!” Hall’s voice climbed an octave, unable to contain his excitement.

“We’ve got a new Women’s Heartland Champion and her name is Felicia LaBarbara,” Thunderbolt roared. “What an amazing rise of fortune for her.”

Ray McAvay and Joe Bergman walked down the ramp and joined LaBarbara in the ring, their expressions solemn and respectful as they presented LaBarbara with the gleaming belt. But before the celebration could fully ignite, a rhythmic *THUMP*, *THUMP*, *THUMP-THUMP-THUMP* filled the air, seizing everyone’s attention.

“Wait a minute,” Thunderbolt said. “Jill Berg is coming to the ring.”

Jill Berg, CEO of Jill Berg Enterprises, made her entrance, power radiating from her petite frame, flanked by the imposing silhouettes of her security detail. With a clipboard in hand and a contract ready to be signed, she extended a business proposition that would change the trajectory of LaBarbara’s career.

As LaBarbara inked her name onto the contract, her mind raced with newfound ambition. “This is it,” she said. “This is the big leagues. I’m going to shine… no, I’m going to blind all of you with my brilliance.”

Her signature was completed, the deal was sealed, and a new chapter began for the young wrestler now draped in gold.

“Jill Berg has just signed on Felicia LaBarbara to Jill Berg Enterprises,” Thunderbolt stated matter-of-factly, capturing the gravity of the moment.

“JBE just picked up gold,” Hall chimed in, his voice tinged with respect. “And Jill Berg, she’s all about expanding her empire with champions.”

Jill Berg’s stilettos clicked against the canvas as she seized the microphone with authority, her voice cutting through the cacophony of the arena like a knife. “When you’re talking about Jill Berg Enterprises, you’re talking business and Jill Berg Enterprises Means Business,” she announced, eliciting mixed reactions from the crowd. The spotlight glinted off her steely gaze as it found Felicia LaBarbara standing beside her, basking in the glow of triumph and new allegiance. “I’ve had my eye on Felicia for quite some time. Her potential is undeniable, her ascent meteoric. Bringing her into JBE? It’s simply good business.” She flashed a triumphant smile, her eyes already calculating the future. “One belt down, two more to go.”

The broadcast table came back into focus, Thunderbolt Smith maintaining his composed demeanor while ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall couldn’t help but lean into his mic, enthusiasm barely contained. “You can’t argue with results, Thunderbolt. LaBarbara’s win tonight was nothing short of impressive!” Hall declared, fist pounding the table for emphasis.

“Indeed, Rick. Indeed,” agreed Thunderbolt, before smoothly transitioning. “Now, let’s take it backstage to Kellie Burkowski who’s with Sunny O’Callahan and the Alabama Gang.”

The camera shifted to the interview area where Kellie, poised and professional, stood with Sunny O’Callahan, flanked by the burly forms of ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson, R.G. Jenkins, and Mark Hendry. Sunlight seemed to bounce off Sunny’s sequined top as she held her bottle of Southern Comfort like a talisman.

“Kellie, this second half of the year has been as unpredictable as a twister in Tulsa,” Sunny said. “But when Jenkins and Hendry took out the Stevens Dynasty in the elimination match for the right to be right here in this moment, they reminded everyone that the Alabama Gang aren’t a team to mess with.”

“Absolutely, Sunny. But what about tonight’s match?” Kellie probed, turning her gaze towards the formidable trio.

“Tonight, No Quarter’s gonna learn what it means to step into the ring with the real deal in R.G. Jenkins and Mark Hendry. And our boy Bill here,” she gestured toward the MVW Champion, “after he takes care of Luke Woods again, tonight, he’s just one step away from surpassing Charlie Blackwell’s record. Ain’t that right, Bill?”

Bill Dickinson cracked his knuckles, a smirk playing across his lip. “Charlie, you had your time,” he said to Kellie. “This record’s mine. Looking forward to it,” he rumbled.

“Thank you, Sunny, gentlemen,” Kellie wrapped up, sending it back to the commentators.

“Time for the second Heartland title match of the night,” Thunderbolt’s voice filled the arena once more. “Aaron Gray, the rookie sensation, defends his title.”

“Gray’s got his work cut out for him, Thunderbolt,” Hall added. “Randy Barrington—on fire since last Saturday—earned his shot fair and square.”

“That’s right. Barrington did the same thing Felicia LaBarbara did. Win his way into the Heartland Division and win two consecutive three-way matches to earn a title shot. Now, can Barrington repeat what LaBarbara just did? We’ll see.” Thunderbolt pointed at Heather Cooper in the ring. “Heather, take it away.”

Heather Cooper, the embodiment of sultry elegance, took center stage in the ring.

Randy Barrington’s music hit, and the crowd’s energy surged as the Missouri brawler marched down the ramp.

“Our next match will be for the MVW Men’s Heartland title,” Heather declared. “Introducing first, the challenger weighing in at 240 pounds tonight. From Springfield, Missouri… Randy Barrington.

Barrington’s eyes were locked on the prize, muscles tensing beneath his skin like coiled springs as he ascended the ring steps.

Heather continued, “And his opponent… weighing in at 260 pounds… from Modesto, California. He is the reigning MVW Men’s Heartland Champion… Aaron Gray!”

Aaron Gray followed, his military fatigues hugging his physique, Tomahawk-style hair adding to his daunting presence. As he approached the squared circle, he exuded an air of invincibility.

In the end, Aaron Gray’s hand rose in victory; his title was retained. Hall’s voice boomed through the broadcast, “Nice win for Aaron Gray!”

“Randy Barrington wrestled a hell of a match tonight,” Thunderbolt concurred, his tone respectful. “This one could’ve gone either way.”

And as the victor’s music played, echoing off the walls, both wrestlers knew they had left everything in the ring, their resolve unshaken, their paths unwritten.

The backstage area of the Missouri Valley Wrestling arena was a hive of activity, but in one quiet corner, Kellie Burkowski stood with the gleaming Women’s Champion, Jennifer Colton. The young champ’s eyes sparkled with a fire that matched the gold around her waist, her stance relaxed but ready, like a coiled spring.

“Jennifer, tonight’s cage match means no interference from Jill Berg Enterprises,” Kellie began, microphone steady in her hand. “How are you feeling about facing Victoria McGill under these conditions?”

Jennifer’s lips curved into a confident smile, her eyes never leaving Kellie’s. “Kellie, I feel fantastic. This is the moment I’ve been waiting for – just me and Victoria, one-on-one.” She bounced on her toes, fists clenched at her sides. “Without Jill Berg or Prisoner #034291 lurking around, I can prove that I’m the true champion.”

Her determination was evident, radiating off her like heatwaves on asphalt. Kellie nodded, impressed. “Well, best of luck out there, Jennifer. Back to you, Thunderbolt and Hall.”

The camera panned away from the spirited champion, catching the last bounce of her ponytail as the scene shifted back to the broadcast table.

“Thank you, Kellie,” Thunderbolt Smith said, his voice rich with anticipation. “It’s time for our first tag team title match of the evening.”

“Indeed,” ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall chimed in, shuffling his notes. “The Hanson Sisters and Jill Berg Enterprises have been at war over those tag belts since last April. The Hansons reclaimed the gold almost ten months ago. But can JBE snatch victory tonight? We’re about to find out.”

“Over to Heather Cooper in the ring,” Thunderbolt directed, his gaze following the camera’s view to the center of the action.

The crowd’s roar crescendoed, drowning out even the thumping rhythm resonating throughout the arena. Heather Cooper stood in the spotlight, her sultry figure commanding attention in a shimmering dress that hugged every curve. She raised the microphone, her voice smooth as silk.

“Ladies and gentlemen, our next match will be one fall…” She paused, the audience eagerly shouting back in unison, “ONE FALL!” Heather grinned, basking in the ritual exchange. “…and it will be for the Missouri Valley Wrestling Women’s Tag Team title!”

The *THUMP*, *THUMP*, *THUMP-THUMP-THUMP* grew louder, foretelling the arrival of power incarnate. Jill Berg, flanked by her loyal security detail, strode out with the confidence of a queen surveying her domain.

Jill’s sharp gaze swept across the throngs of fans, each step a testament to her empire’s might.

Then, with a crash of guitars, ‘The Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan emerged, her red and white wrestling attire emblazoned with the proud Canadian Flag. Her powerful frame moved with mechanical precision, a living weapon programmed for dominance. Her theme song, “Killer” by Fist, set the perfect backdrop for the destruction she intended to unleash.

Madison Miller followed, the beats of “Do It To It” pulsing through the arena as she glided to the ring with a technician’s grace, her eyes cold and calculating.

“And their opponents…,” Heather continued, her voice rising above the crowd’s fervor.

The opening chords of Warren Zevon’s “Hit Somebody” sent an electric charge through the air. The Hanson Sisters appeared, hockey sticks in hand, thick black glasses framing their intense eyes. Their retro Charlestown Chief hockey uniforms were not costumes but battle armor, each fiber woven with the essence of the legendary goons they emulated.  Andrea, the blonde, and Melissa, the brunette, glared at their opponents as they made their way onto the stage.

“Introducing the reigning Missouri Valley Wrestling Women’s Tag Team Champions!” Heather announced. Andrea and Melissa Hanson skated down the ramp, their manager Coach Reg barking strategy like a drill sergeant prepping her troops. The crowd erupted, the energy in the arena crackling with the promise of an epic showdown.

“Looks like we’re all set for a slobberknocker,” Hall remarked, unable to contain his excitement.

“Absolutely,” Thunderbolt agreed. “Let’s get this match underway!”

The raucous crowd thundered their approval as referee Bailey Jenkins hoisted the arms of Sheline Carrigan and Madison Miller, both sporting triumphant smirks that could have been carved from stone. “THEY’VE DONE IT!” Thunderbolt Smith’s voice boomed over the arena’s PA system, barely audible over the cacophony of cheers and boos. “We have NEW Women’s Tag Team Champions!”

Ray McAvay, his face a mask of stoic pride, strode down to the ring with Joe Bergman, each holding a gleaming title belt. They presented them to the victors; the leather and gold glinted under the harsh lights as Jill Berg Enterprises reveled in their conquest. Jill Berg herself, imperious as ever, mouthed words that sent a chill through the spectators, “Two down… one to go.”

“An impressive victory,” ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall noted, unable to hide his respect for the strategy and skill displayed.

Thunderbolt nodded, sending it backstage where Kellie Burkowski stood with the ‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Mr. McMann and Luke Woods, the number one contender bubbling with confidence. “Congratulations to Jill Berg Enterprises on their success tonight,” McMann said, clapping his hands with calculated precision. “And now, it’s time for young Luke Woods to take the next step. Tonight, he will end ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson’s title reign, which has gone on way too long.” He smirked, his eyes glinting with anticipation. “Luke Woods is not just the future of MVW; he is sports entertainment incarnate. Dickinson? He’s nothing but a dinosaur, an outdated relic of a bygone era.”

“Thank you, Mr. McMann,” Kellie replied, her professionalism shining through despite the palpable tension. She turned back to the camera. “Back to you, Thunderbolt and Hall.”

“Thanks, Kellie,” Thunderbolt responded as the scene shifted. “All right, folks. Time for the Men’s Tag Team title match. No Quarter versus The Alabama Gang.”

“R.G. Jenkins and Mark Hendry had quite a run early this year,” Hall chimed in, his voice thick with anticipation. “But they lost those belts to the Stevens Dynasty. Now, after an elimination match win, they’ve earned another shot at glory.”

“Let’s go to Heather Cooper in the ring,” Thunderbolt urged, passing the baton to MVW’s sultry ring announcer.

Heather, commanding the crowd’s attention, began the familiar pre-match ritual. “Ladies and gentlemen, our next match will be…” she announced, pausing dramatically as the audience roared back, “ONE FALL!” Her lips curved into a knowing smile. “…and it will be for the Missouri Valley Wrestling Tag Team title!”

“White Trash” by Chris Janson blared as R.G. Jenkins and Mark Hendry, led by the always captivating Sunny O’Callahan, strutted their way to the ring. Their presence was pure Southern defiance, a tangible assertion that they belonged in the squared circle.  Jenkins wore his black bandana covering his head with the black vest and pants.  Hendry had red with blue trim on his wrestling trunks.

“The challengers,” Heather introduced with a flourish, “R.G. Jenkins and Mark Hendry…The Alabama Gang!”

“Look at them, Thunderbolt,” Hall couldn’t help but say, “They’re ready to brawl, and they mean business.”

“Indeed,” Thunderbolt agreed, just as the champions’ entrance music hit.

“Here come the champs,” Hall stated, a grin spreading across his face at the sight of Bracken Krueger and Daryn Thompson, known collectively as No Quarter, imposing figures both. Thompson’s Texas drawl could almost be heard in her stride, confident and unyielding.

“Missouri Valley Wrestling Tag Team Champions,” Heather declared, her voice rising above the fanfare. The crowd’s roar was deafening.

“Looks like we’re set,” Thunderbolt said, a note of finality in his voice as the combatants eyed each other warily from their respective corners. “This match is underway!”

The arena quaked with the roar of the crowd as “Krueger pins Jenkins and No Quarter retains!” thundered through the speakers, Thunderbolt Smith’s voice echoing off the walls. Referee Ron Martin had slid into place, his hand slapping the mat three times before he stood up and grabbed the tag belts, hoisting them high in a glimmering arc of gold and leather.

“Thunderbolt,” ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall chimed in, his voice tinged with the adrenaline still pumping through the veins of every spectator, “Good match. The Alabama Gang are a hard-hitting team but Krueger hits his finisher Into the Deep on Jenkins.”

The image of “The Lakeshore Leviathan” himself, Bracken Krueger, came into focus—sweat sheened over his towering frame as he rose from the crumpled form of R.G. Jenkins, the echo of his devastating finisher still resounding in the air. Daryn Thompson, “The Texas Technician” and the other half of No Quarter, stood guard like a sentinel by the ropes, her steely eyes fixed on Mark Hendry, who was itching to break up the pinfall. She’d been quicker, though, and now they were standing tall, champions once more.

“And the tag team champions retain,” Hall finished, almost breathlessly as the reality of the moment sank in.

Cutting away from the pandemonium of the arena, the scene transitioned seamlessly backstage to the Jill Berg Enterprises’ dressing room, where the atmosphere was charged with an electric current of anticipation and victory.

“Are you ready?” Jill’s words sliced through the buzzing excitement, her sharp gaze locked onto Victoria McGill. The camera zoomed in close, capturing the intensity in Victoria’s eyes—a mix of steely resolve and a fiery hunger for redemption.

Victoria’s chest rose and fell with deep breaths, each one steadying her nerves, steeling her for the confrontation ahead. It was just going to be her and Colton in the ring tonight, encased in unforgiving steel—the cage match that she had been yearning for since the day she lost the belts. She could feel the weight of expectation pressing down on her, but it was a burden she was prepared to bear.

“Ever since you lost the belts earlier this year, you’ve wanted this,” Jill continued, her tone equal parts stern and encouraging. The history behind those words wasn’t lost on Victoria; the sting of defeat had clung to her skin for months, and tonight presented the chance to wash it all away.

“You can do this.” Jill’s affirmation felt like a mantra, a talisman against the doubt that threatened to creep in at the edges of Victoria’s mind.

In response, Victoria only nodded, her jaw set in a determined line. There were no words needed—not when her entire being was screaming readiness, not when every muscle thrummed with the need to fight, to reclaim what was once hers. The camera caught the glint of conviction in her eyes before fading out, leaving the viewers with no doubt: Victoria McGill was ready to go.

The camera zoomed in on the broadcast table where Thunderbolt Smith and ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall sat, their expressions a mixture of excitement and anticipation. The energy in the arena was electric, a palpable force that seemed to vibrate through the very seats.

“Tonight, ladies and gentlemen, sparks are gonna fly,” Thunderbolt declared, his voice steady yet charged with the weight of the moment. “Victoria McGill has clawed her way back up the ladder and defeated the Women’s Champion Jennifer Colton in the Carmondy Cup quarter-finals on the way to winning the tournament.”

“Absolutely, Thunderbolt,” Hall interjected, barely able to contain his own fervor. “McGill’s got a series of title shots lined up—three, to be exact—and tonight she could cash in big. But let’s not forget about Jennifer Colton. She’s finally got a match with no Jill Berg Enterprises lurking in the shadows. This is her chance to prove she can overcome McGill fair and square.”

“Can Tori cash in or will Jennifer show she’s the true champion? We’re about to find out,” Thunderbolt said, nodding toward the ring. The camera panned to Heather Cooper who stood at the center, her sultry voice ready to slice through the crowd’s noise.

“Our first main event match will be…” Heather began, her words hanging in the air as if waiting for the ritualistic response.

“ONE FALL!” the crowd erupted, almost shaking the foundations of the arena.

“…and it will be for the Missouri Valley Wrestling Women’s Title!” Heather continued, allowing a pregnant pause for the crowd’s roar before proceeding, “Introducing first…”

A series of *THUMP*, *THUMP*, *THUMP-THUMP-THUMP* reverberated around the venue. On the ramp, Jill Berg, the embodiment of power in her sharp suit, emerged flanked by her personal security, her poise unshakeable despite the jeers from the crowd.

Then came Victoria McGill. Samantha Fish’s “Twisted Ambition” blared over the PA system, a fitting anthem for the challenger striding out in her purple strapless top and tights—a gladiator ready for battle. Her eyes were steely, focused, as Heather’s voice cut through the din, “The challenger representing Jill Berg Enterprises… Victoria McGill!”

As the Eagles’ “Heartache Tonight” started up, a different kind of determination entered the cage.

“Her opponent is the Missouri Valley Wrestling Women’s Champion!” Heather continued. “JENNIFER COLTON!”

Jennifer Colton, the champion, appeared—feisty, technical, and good. Her stature might have been smaller than Victoria’s, but her spirit filled the arena.

There’s a quick shot of Jennifer’s brother PRIME wrestler Nate Colton who is here tonight to cheer his sisters on.

Colton walked down the ramp with the MVW Women’s Title held up in the air. The champion handed the title belt to the referee and climbed into the cage to join McGill.

“Both women are in the cage,” Thunderbolt noted. “Corrina Romanov will be our referee and this match is just about underway!”

“NEW CHAMPION!” Thunderbolt’s voice boomed as McGill’s hand was raised in victory.  Confetti rained down from above, glistening like stars against the dark canopy of the arena.

“Jill Berg called it,” Hall voiced with a hint of disbelief. “Three titles changing hands in one night, all under the banner of Jill Berg Enterprises.”

Ray McAvay and Joe Bergman entered the cage, both carrying the gravitas of MVW’s legacy. They presented the new champion with her title belt—a moment of triumph frozen in time.

But triumph often begets challenge, and as McGill celebrated with her comrades—Carrigan, Miller, LaBarbara—the stage was suddenly illuminated once again.

“THAT’S AMBERLEY STANTON!” Thunderbolt exclaimed as Stanton appeared, her finger pointed accusingly at McGill. The memory of betrayal lingered in the air, as fresh as the wound from Tuesday night.

“Victoria McGill knocked Amberley out with a foreign object to win the Carmondy Cup, and Stanton hasn’t forgotten that,” Hall remarked, his tone grave. “Now, McGill’s victory means Stanton gets the next title shot and that sets the new Women’s champion on a collision course with the Carmondy Cup runner-up at the St. Louis Supershow.”

“January 9th won’t just be another date on the calendar,” Thunderbolt added solemnly. “It’s going to be a reckoning.”

McGill stood tall, her new title belt gleaming under the lights, while Stanton’s glare bore into her from the stage—a silent vow that this was far from over.

“What a night we’ve had,” Thunderbolt Smith’s voice cut through the cacophony, steady as ever but not without a trace of excitement. “Ricky Stevens defeated John O’Reilly in our opener.  Unfortunately, folks,” he continued, his tone taking on a somber edge, “O’Reilly has been taken to the hospital with a serious injury, and it looks like he’s going to be out for some time.”

“Right you are, Thunderbolt.” ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall chimed in, his voice tinged with concern but quickly shifting gears to recap the evening’s events. “But let’s not forget, Laney Harrison and McLean Oswald took down The Working Girls in match two. Lisa Barbosa-Stevens overcame ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin, and The Stevens Dynasty outlasted Surf Express Bro in one hell of a tag match.”

“Indeed,” Thunderbolt nodded, picturing the brutal efficiency of the matches in his mind, each move executed with precision and raw power. “Felicia LaBarbara became the new Women’s Heartland champion after defeating Kirsten Canfield. Aaron Gray successfully defended his Men’s Heartland Title against Randy Barrington. And let’s not overlook the fact that Jill Berg Enterprises now holds the Women’s Tag title after their victory over the Hanson Sisters.”

“Can’t argue with success, Thunderbolt,” Hall added. “No Quarter’s defense of the MVW Tag Team title against The Alabama Gang was a spectacle. And Victoria McGill—she’s a two-time Women’s Champion now after her cage match win over Jennifer Colton.”

“Time for the main event,” Thunderbolt declared, shifting their focus to the ring. He sent it over to Heather Cooper, who stood poised and radiant under the spotlight.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Heather’s sultry voice beckoned, a siren call to all within earshot, “our final match tonight will be…” She paused dramatically, and the crowd erupted, filling in the gap: “ONE FALL!”

“…and this will be our second main event for the MVW Title!” she announced, and the cheers grew thunderous, feet stompings and hands clapping in unison creating a tribal rhythm.

“Introducing first…” Heather’s gaze swept across the sea of faces before locking onto the entryway. ‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Mr. McMann emerged confidently, leading the challenger, Luke Woods, whose youthful face was set in steely determination. McMann’s lips curled into a smug smile, basking in the jeers that greeted them.

“From St. Louis, Missouri, weighing in at two hundred pounds, the technical wizard, Luke Woods!” Heather’s introduction echoed as Woods strode down the ramp with purpose, his eyes locked on the prize.

Then the acapella opening of Hardy’s “Unapologetically Country as Hell” blared over the PA system and the crowd exploded.

“His opponent,” Heather’s voice rose above the din, “he is the MVW Champion! The 330 Pound Southern Brawler… ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson!”

The champion’s entrance was an eruption of raw, unadulterated pride. Flanked by Sunny O’Callahan, whose Southern Comfort bottle caught the light just so, Dickinson raised the MVW title belt high. His gaze swept over the audience, a silent promise of the brawl to come as he ambled down the ramp, the weight of his title and his reputation heavy upon his broad shoulders.

“Davey Keels will be your referee,” Thunderbolt noted, while Hall leaned back in his chair, a grin spreading across his face.

“Bill Dickinson doesn’t just fight,” Hall mused aloud, though it was almost lost in the noise. “He brings a storm. And Luke Woods? He’s about to find out if he can weather it.”

“Indeed,” Thunderbolt agreed as Dickinson climbed into the ring, the energy of the crowd cresting like a wave ready to break. “This match is about to get underway.”

The arena’s atmosphere was electric as the final bell echoed through the space. “Dickinson retains!” Thunderbolt’s voice boomed over the PA system, his words slicing through the din of the exultant crowd like a hot knife through butter.

Davey Keels, the referee, strode over with purpose to where ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson stood in the center of the ring, his chest heaving from the exertion of combat. The champion extended a meaty hand, calloused and scarred from countless battles, and reclaimed the MVW title belt that had been momentarily set aside for the clash. As the gold met leather in his grip, Dickinson raised the symbol of his dominance high above his head, his face contorted into a victorious snarl.

“Bill Dickinson’s title reign is now 475 days,” Hall couldn’t help but marvel, his voice carrying a mix of respect and disbelief. “Should be defeat Charlie Blackwell at the St. Louis Supershow on January 9th, he will stand at 498 and will break Blackwell’s 499-day title reign.”

Inside the squared circle, Dickinson’s mind churned with the weight of the milestone just announced, his thoughts a maelstrom of pride and determination. He knew the road ahead was treacherous, each day of his reign carved out by sheer brawn and an unyielding drive to remain atop the mountain.

The familiar twang of The Cody Johnson Band’s “Texas Kind of Way” cut through the noise, heralding the approach of a figure whose shadow had loomed large over Dickinson’s shoulder…

…the challenger, Charlie Blackwell. The music rolled over the crowd like a wave of anticipation, announcing the presence of the man who would attempt to dethrone the king.

Blackwell descended the ramp with a deliberate, measured pace, his eyes locked onto Dickinson’s, projecting a silent challenge that needed no words. The two warriors, so different in style yet equally fierce in their ambition, found themselves mere feet apart, the tension between them crackling like static in the air.

“In over three weeks from tonight,” Thunderbolt intoned gravely, capturing the gravitas of the moment perfectly, “Bill Dickinson has a chance to finish the job and break Charlie Blackwell’s record for longest MVW title reign… and to do that, he’ll have to defeat Blackwell himself.”

The show edged toward its inexorable close, but not before the audience was treated to a tableau that would sear itself into the annals of Missouri Valley Wrestling history. Redneck and Blackwell stood toe-to-toe, the former clutching his hard-won title, the latter radiating an unspoken vow to claim it for his own.

“We’ll see you all Tuesday January 9th for the St. Louis Supershow,” Thunderbolt said.  “Here is the card.”

January 9th – St. Louis Supershow – Chaifetz Arena / St. Louis, MO
-WOMEN’S TAG TEAM TITLE: Jill Berg Enterprises © vs. (Carmondy Cup Runner-Up) The Hanson Sisters
-MEN’S TAG TEAM TITLE: No Quarter © vs. (Carmondy Cup Winner) The Stevens Dynasty
-WOMEN’S TITLE: Victoria McGill © vs. (Carmondy Cup Runner-Up) Amberley Stanton
-MEN’S TITLE: ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson © vs. (Carmondy Cup Winner) Charlie Blackwell

As the cameras panned back, capturing the final indelible image, the two titans remained steadfast in their standoff—each man a personification of strength and resolve, each man silently swearing that come hell or high water, victory would be his and as the screen faded to black, the promise of an epic showdown lingered in the minds of all who bore witness.

MATCH #1: Ricky Stevens defeated John O’Reilly at 9:42
MATCH #2: Laney Harrison and McLean Oswald defeated The Working Girls at 16:08
MATCH #3: Lisa Barbosa-Stevens defeated ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin at 14:04
MATCH #4: The Stevens Dynasty defeated Surf Express Bro at 24:32
MATCH #5: Felicia LaBarbara defeated Women’s Heartland Champion Kirsten Canfield at 8:20 to become the new champion.
MATCH #6: Men’s Heartland Champion Aaron Gray defeated Randy Barrington to retain the title at 19:16
MATCH #7: Jill Berg Enterprises defeated Women’s Tag Team Champions The Hanson Sisters at 10:51 to become the new champions
MATCH #8: MVW Tag Team Champions No Quarter defeated The Alabama Gang to retain the title at 10:44
MAIN EVENT #1: Victoria McGill (Jill Berg Enterprises) defeated Women’s Champion Jennifer Colton in a cage match at 10:07 to become the new champion.
MAIN EVENT #2: MVW Champion ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson defeated Luke Woods (Sports Entertainment Corporation) to retain the title at 6:49

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