The Alabama Gang in Action This Sunday Night

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Missouri Valley Wrestling Men’s Tag Team Champions The Alabama Gang…

WWE 2K20
The Alabama Gang: R.G. Jenkins, Mark Hendry, and Sunny O’Callahan

…will appear this Sunday on High Octane Wrestling’s Chaos 35, competing in a PWA Tag Team Title Number One Contender’s match against the sVo Tag Team Champions Blood Money. The event will be broadcasted on HOTv and PWA live from the Goiania Arena in Goiania, Brazil.

Last Saturday, in Dallas, Texas, teammates Jenkins, Hendry, and Sunny shared their thoughts while appearing at a Texas Championship Wrestling event:

(Texas Championship Wrestling show- Dallas, Texas)
Jenkins, Hendry, and Sunny are inside the ring with the ring announcer Wendy Willis standing behind them.

R.G. Jenkins: Well, after a long match against Surf Express Bro, The Alabama Gang prevailed and we are once again the MVW Men’s Tag Team Champions.

Jenkins glances at the others.

R.G.:  We should celebrate, right?

Sunny O’Callahan: Well, I was thinking the same thing…

Sunny takes another drink from her bottle of Southern Comfort. Hendry scopes out some of the women in the crowd.

Sunny O’Callahan: But first, let’s show these folks just what we are celebrating.

The lights dim and the main video screen comes on.

(Wrestling Night in America- The Alabama Gang vs. Surf Express Bro © for the MVW Men’s Tag Team Title)
Hendry has Bradlee Nelson’s head between his legs.

Thunderbolt Smith: Mark Hendry shook off the double dropkick delivered by Nelson and Abrams and now has Bradlee Nelson in a bad position. 

Rick Hall: Is it time for the Alabama Slam?

No. With immense strength, Hendry lifted Nelson high up into the air, before slamming his back onto the unforgiving mat with forceful impact.

Thunderbolt Smith: POWERBOMB! 

Hendry rolls up Nelson.

Thunderbolt Smith: FOR THE TITLE!

Referee Ron Martin slams his hand down on the mat.


As Martin prepares to bring his hand down for the second time, Bowie Abrams enters the ring to try to save the situation at the last minute. Clambering up through the ropes with determination etched on his face, he tries to get to his tag team partner in time.


With lightning-fast reflexes belying his age , R.G. Jenkins slips back into the ring, determined to intercept Abrams. He spears Abrams just as Martin’s hand comes down for the third and final time, the tension in the air palpable…


The crowd erupts as Martin points to the timekeeper’s table, signaling the ringing of the bell and the end of what was a thrilling match!


Thunderbolt Smith: NEW CHAMPIONS!   

Sunny rolls into the ring to celebrate with Jenkins and Hendry.  

After MVW owners Ray McAvay and Joe Bergman present the belts to Jenkins and Hendry, the Alabama Gang jumps onto a ring post and they hoist up their championship belts.

R.G.: That’s right, folks! The Alabama Gang is back and we’re gonna put things right!

He turns to Hendry and Sunny.

R.G.: We got our revenge on the Southern Boys for costing us the MVW Men’s Tag Team at the PWA-2 show. Then we took care of Surf Express Bro and took back our MVW Men’s Tag Team Championship at Wrestling Night in America.

The crowd cheers in approval as Hendry and Jenkins look at each other with determination in their eyes.

R.G.: Next, we’re going to go after the PWA Tag Team belts and the guys who beat us in Paducah, Kentucky- Dan Ryan and Jatt Starr.

Mark: YEAH!

Sunny nods and takes another drink from her bottle of Southern Comfort, pointing at the people in the audience as she makes her points.

Sunny: That’s right. The Alabama Gang are going to face impossible odds once again. Not only are they going to write us off as underdogs because we wrestle for a minor league wrestling company, but if this were seeded like an actual tournament the Alabama Gang would be the fourth seed. But instead of shrinking away, we’re going to stand tall and proud. Mark and R.G. are going to step into the ring ready to prove their mettle yet again against the best competition in pro wrestling.

Sunny steps forward and talks with her hand, pointing at the people in the audience as she makes her points. Her voice is soft and gentle, but strong, and she projects it to the back of the crowd without effort. The audience eats it up. Kids are cheering, and even some of the parents look like they’re about to join along.

Sunny: Nothing will stop them from conquering this mountain. the Alabama Gang will remain unfazed – embracing their status as underdogs like it’s a badge of honor. This #1 contenders tournament is just the latest in a long line of battles where they’ve been written off before they even begin…

Sunny points towards Jenkins and Hendry.

Sunny: …but they’ll prove them all wrong.

Mark: YEAH!

The sound of applause reverberates throughout the room and Sunny patiently awaits for it to subside before proceeding further.

R.G.: Anthony Moretti & Joe Barone, y’all know ’em as…Blood Money- sVo’s tag team champs since August of 2022. They may have the rep of bein’ sVo’s top team, but they ain’t never faced a team like The Alabama Gang afore. We’re gonna prove to ’em that we are the better team!

The crowd roars in approval at R.G.’s words and Sunny takes another drink from her bottle of Southern Comfort.

R.G.: Moretti & Barone can’t be messin’ with us no how, they’ve been runnin’ the roost ’round sVo fer months now…but we ain’t takin’ any o’ that. Mark and me’s comin’ fer ’em and we ain’ stoppin’ til we get what we came for! So y’all git ready ta cheer on The Alabama Gang! Let’s show these boys what happens when ya mess with champions!

Mark: YEAH!!

Sunny smiles and raises her bottle of Southern Comfort in salute to R.G.’s words while Hendry nods his head in agreement. The crowd is positively electric and it looks like they won’t be quieting down anytime soon.

R.G.: Hendry an’ I grit our teeth, ready ta take ’em on. Our muscles tense as we march out inta the ring, determined ta show them why the Alabama Gang is the most fearsome tag team in professional wrestlin’. We will fight tooth an’ nail ta come out ahead, no matter how hard they try ta stand in our way. We won’t rest till victory’s ours!

The crowd erupts into an even louder cheer as they all stand up in support of The Alabama Gang. R.G., Mark and Sunny raise their hands in triumph as the music hits.


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