11/15-Wrestling Night in the Heartland on HOTv


Last Week’s Wrestling Night in the Heartland Results:
-Kellie Burkowski reports from the back that Ginny Van Lear buck-bombed The Stevens Dynasty’s dressing room.
-MATCH #1: John O’Reilly defeated Ricky Stevens in a Men’s Division #2 vs. #3 contender’s match
-MATCH #2: Victoria McGill (Jill Berg Enterprises) defeated Yosemite Samantha in a Women’s Division #1 contender’s match
-After the match, CEO Jill Berg sends in Prisoner #034291, Sheline Carrigan, and Madison Miller to attack Yosemite Samantha. Then ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin, Ginny Van Lear, and Jennifer Colton ran down to make the same.
-Scott Stevens finds his rental car has been riddled with shotgun bullets.  This leads to Ginny Van Lear being arrested.
-‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Mr. McMann gloats over Ricky Stevens’ loss to John O’Reilly.  McMann tells Luke Woods he’s going to end ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson long Men’s title run.
-MATCH #3: Women’s Tag Team Champions The Hanson Sisters (Andrea and Melissa Hanson) vs. Laney Harrison/McLean Oswald goes to a double count-out.
-MATCH #4: No Quarter (Bracken Krueger/Daryn Thompson) defeated The Stevens Dynasty (Bo and George Stevens) © to become the new Men’s Tag Team champions.
-Kellie reviews the two Heartland title matches earlier in the show, including Buckshot Henderson’s win over Absolute Zero to become the new Men’s Heartland title.
-MAIN EVENT: ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson © defeated Luke Woods (SEC) to retain the Men’s title.
-After the match, Ricky Stevens and Dru Danes come out on stage to gloat at Luke Woods’ loss.

Cue the pyro…

Missouri Valley Wrestling
Wrestling Night in the Heartland
Cedar Rapids Ice Arena
Cedar Rapids, IA
Tuesday November 15th, 2023

Announcers: Thunderbolt Smith and ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall

Backstage Interviewer: Kellie Burkowski

Ring Announcer: Heather Cooper


The atmosphere inside the Cedar Rapids Ice Arena in Cedar Rapids, IA for tonight’s Wrestling Night in the Heartland was electric. The crowd roared with anticipation, filling every corner of the packed arena with a palpable energy that crackled like lightning through the air. Fans waved homemade signs and cheered wildly, their faces painted with the colors of their favorite wrestlers.

Standing tall in the ring, Thunderbolt Smith and ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall soaked in the enthusiasm, exchanging knowing grins. As the noise died down, Thunderbolt raised the microphone to his lips and boomed, “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Wrestling Night in the Heartland!” The crowd erupted once more, their excitement surging like a tidal wave.

“Thank you all for joining us tonight,” Thunderbolt continued, his voice steady despite the din. “We’ve got a fantastic lineup of matches for you!”

“Yessir, Thunderbolt!” chimed in ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall, his eyes twinkling with excitement. “Tonight’s show is gonna be one for the ages!”

With a nod from Thunderbolt, Hall turned to the task at hand. “First up, we have John O’Reilly go head-to-head with Cletus T. Johnson in a #2 versus #3 contender’s match in the Men’s Division.  This will be a battle of brute strength and cunning strategy.” The crowd’s reaction was mixed, with some cheering for O’Reilly and others for Johnson. It was clear that this match would divide loyalties.

“Next, we’ll have a #3 versus #4 contender’s match in the Men’s Tag Team division which will see the Alabama Gang taking on Surf Express Bro in a high-flying tag team showdown!” The audience hollered their approval, already invested in the outcome of the match.

“Then, we’ll see the #1 contender in the Women’s Division Victoria McGill in action against the #4 contender Amberley Stanton!” The crowd responded enthusiastically, looking forward to the drama and athleticism that these competitors would surely bring to the ring.

“Finally, in our main event,” Hall paused for effect, “Men’s Champion ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson will be in action!” The arena erupted in a frenzy of cheers and jeers, with fans both adoring and despising the controversial champion.

“Get ready, folks,” Thunderbolt added, his voice resonating throughout the arena. “Tonight is going to be a night you’ll never forget!”

As the buzz from Thunderbolt’s and Hall’s announcements still echoed through the arena, a sudden commotion erupted in the crowd. The cacophony of boos drowned out the opening strains of “Morning” by Francis and the Lights, but as the song rose in volume, so too did the jeers and catcalls. The Kardoucheian Empire – Ken, Koley, Kourtney, and their father Kris – entered the arena with a swagger that only infuriated the audience further.

The Kardoucheian Empire: Kris, Ken, Koley, and Kourtney Kardoucheian

Ignoring the chorus of disdain, the Kardoucheians rolled into the ring one by one, their eyes locked on Thunderbolt and Hall, who exchanged wary glances. Once inside, Ken, Koley, and Kourtney plopped down onto the mat, crossing their arms over their chests, while Kris stood towering above them, a smug grin plastered across his face. He held out a hand, demanding a microphone from an apprehensive crew member at ringside.

“Give me a mic!” Kris bellowed, his words carrying even without amplification. Finally, the microphone found its way into his grasp, and he wasted no time in launching into his tirade.

“Look at all you ungrateful people,” he sneered, glaring out at the sea of enraged faces. “You don’t appreciate my sons being here in MVW. You don’t know what true talent looks like!”

Ken, Koley, and Kourtney nodded in agreement, their expressions a mirror of their father’s contempt. The crowd’s anger swelled, but their unified booing only seemed to fuel Kris’s speech.

“We are the only legitimate superstars in MVW!” he shouted, gesturing wildly to his progeny. “The Kardoucheians are tired of being treated as afterthoughts! We’re tired of wrestling people with no talent who are over their heads!”

The Kardoucheian brothers exchanged knowing smirks as Kris continued, their confidence bolstered by their father’s impassioned words.

“Most importantly,” he roared, “We’re tired of being walked over by people who don’t understand that the Kardoucheians are STARS! We know what you people want – my sons are worldwide reality TV superstars with millions of fans… Of course, you want the Kardoucheian Empire!”

Kris allowed himself a moment to revel in the fury he’d stirred up, his chest swelling with pride. The crowd’s animosity only fueled his ego, and despite the deafening boos and jeers, he stood tall, convinced of their greatness.

“Mark my words!” he bellowed into the microphone, raising his arms high. “The Kardoucheian Empire will not be ignored any longer! We will make sure of it!”

As Kris’s words hung heavy in the air, the stage was set for an unforgettable clash between the Kardoucheian Empire and MVW. The crowd, buzzing with anger and anticipation, could only watch as the drama unfolded before their eyes.

“Enough!” Kris roared, his face a mask of indignation. “The Kardoucheians will have a sit-down strike in the ring until MVW agrees to treat my sons with the respect and reverence they deserve as reality show megastars!”

His declaration sent a ripple of shock and disbelief through the crowd as Ken, Koley, and Kourtney planted themselves firmly on the mat. They folded their arms across their chests, their expressions defiant and unyielding. The atmosphere in the Cedar Rapids Ice Arena grew tense, the fans’ frustration mounting with every passing moment.

“Ray McAvay!” Kris bellowed into the microphone, demanding the attention of the MVW majority owner. “Get out here and address our demands!”

As if on cue, Ray McAvay emerged from behind the curtain, striding confidently towards the ring. The crowd erupted into a roaring ovation, their adoration for the no-nonsense owner palpable. McAvay climbed into the ring, a stern expression on his face as he confronted Kris.

“What the hell do you want, Kris?” McAvay demanded, his voice booming through the arena.

Kris wasted no time in laying out his demands. “I want Koley and Kourtney declared the #1 contenders for the Men’s Tag title! And then I want No Quarter to put my sons over for the title!”

A chorus of boos echoed throughout the arena, the fans’ disdain clear. But Kris was undeterred, pressing on with his requests. “I also want Ken Kardoucheian to be declared the #1 contender for the Men’s title! And then for ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson to put Ken over for the title!”

The boos intensified, reaching a deafening crescendo. Yet still, Kris stood firm, his final demand leaving the crowd breathless with astonishment. “I demand privileged status, special perks, and creative control for all three Kardoucheians!”

For a moment, McAvay was silent, his eyes locked on the defiant family before him. The tension in the arena was palpable, anticipation hanging heavy in the air. And then, with a voice that rang like thunder, McAvay delivered his response.

“You’re fired.”

The crowd exploded into wild cheers and applause, their jubilation nearly drowning out Kris’s furious protests. As MVW Security rushed to the ring and escorted the Kardoucheians up the ramp and out of the building, the fans serenaded them with a rousing chorus of “Na Na Say Goodbye” – a fitting end to this unforgettable showdown.


High Octane Wrestling

The camera panned back to Thunderbolt and Hall at the broadcast desk, as the energy in the arena reached a fever pitch. Anticipation coursed through the veins of every fan in attendance.

“Alright, folks,” Thunderbolt began, his voice steady and professional, “it’s time for the first match of the night. We’ve got a real barn burner coming up.”

“Absolutely, Thunderbolt,” Hall chimed in, excitement lacing his words. “John O’Reilly is the #2 contender in the Men’s Division, and he’s got that lethal Cannonball Right Hand that could knock out an elephant!”

“An impressive feat indeed,” Thunderbolt agreed, nodding solemnly. “But let’s not forget about Cletus T. Johnson, our #3 contender. He’s been climbing the ranks as a singles wrestler, and tonight might be his chance to prove himself.”

“Couldn’t agree more, Thunderbolt. Let’s send it down to the ring and the lovely Heather Cooper!” Hall exclaimed, gesturing toward the ring.

Heather Cooper, MVW’s sultry ring announcer, stepped into the spotlight with confidence, her curves accentuated by her form-fitting outfit. The crowd roared in approval.

MATCH #1: John O’Reilly vs. Cletus T. Johnson w/Ginny Van Lear

Cletus T. Johnson
AGE: 38 / HT: 6′ 3″ WT: 300 / HOME: Hueysville, KY
ALIGN: Heel / STYLE: Brawler / FIN: Kentucky Hoedown
THEME MUSIC: “But What Do I Know”- Robert Counts

VALET: Ginny Van Lear

John O’Reilly
AGE: 35 / HT: 5’ 10” WT: 200 / HOME: Atheny, Ireland
ALIGN: Face / STYLE: Brawler / FIN: Cannonball Right hand
THEME MUSIC: ‘John O’Reilly’- Charlie Robison

“John O’Reilly cannot return to the ring on time, and Cletus T. Johnson wins!” Thunderbolt declared, his voice tinged with surprise.

“Unbelievable!” Hall exclaimed, shaking his head in disbelief. “Both men came out swinging, but it’s Johnson who survives! He’ll face Luke Woods in a #1 contender’s match next Tuesday night!”

As Ginny Van Lear rolled into the ring to celebrate with Cletus, the crowd’s reaction was a mix of admiration and disappointment. But as the two embraced, it was clear that Cletus T. Johnson had indeed earned his victory.

“Let’s send it backstage now,” Thunderbolt said, his tone shifting back to his usual calm demeanor, “where Kellie Burkowski is standing by with the new MVW Tag Team champions, No Quarter!”

The camera panned to Kellie Burkowski, MVW’s 24-year-old backstage interviewer, who stood in front of the newly crowned Men’s Tag Team Champions, No Quarter. Kellie’s outfit was a little sexier than usual, with a form-fitting black dress that hugged her curves and showcased her toned legs. Her blonde hair cascaded over her shoulders as she held the microphone confidently.

No Quarter: Bracken Krueger and Daryn Thompson

“Congratulations, Bracken Krueger and Daryn Thompson, on your victory! As the new Men’s Tag Team Champions, how do you feel about winning the tag belts?” Kellie asked, her blue eyes sparkling with excitement.

“Thank ya kindly, Kellie,” drawled Daryn Thompson, his Texan accent evident. “This here is what we’ve been workin’ for. It ain’t been easy, but we done proved ourselves tonight.”

Bracken Krueger nodded, his imposing 6’11” frame towering over Kellie. “That’s right, Daryn. We’ve worked hard for this, and no one can take it away from us. We are the best tag team in the business, and now we have the gold to prove it.”

Before the interview could continue, a sudden crash echoed through the room as The Stevens Dynasty, consisting of Scott, Bo, and George Stevens, along with Cary Stevens, stormed into the scene. They each wielded steel folding chairs, their faces contorted with rage.

“Y’all think you’re so high and mighty, huh?” growled Cary Stevens, the family patriarch. “Well, let’s see how tough you really are!”

With malicious intent, the former Men’s Tag Team champions attacked Krueger and Thompson from behind with their steel folding chairs. Bo hit a devastating cutter on Daryn, while George executed a Texas-Sized Slam to Krueger, sending him crashing to the floor.

Scott Stevens then delivered a Toxic Sting to Thompson and then to Krueger, leaving them writhing in pain on the ground.

Cary grabbed the microphone from Kellie, his face inches from the camera. “We ain’t done yet,” he growled menacingly before tossing the mic aside and stalking off with his family, leaving No Quarter defeated and humiliated in their wake.

The camera cut back to Thunderbolt Smith and ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall at the broadcast desk, both visibly shaken by the brutal attack they had just witnessed. The bright lights of the arena illuminated their faces as they tried to make sense of the chaos that had unfolded moments before.

“Unbelievable,” Thunderbolt muttered, shaking his head in disbelief. “Folks, we just saw The Stevens Dynasty launch a vicious assault on No Quarter, our brand new Men’s Tag Team Champions.”

Hall nodded gravely. “Cary’s right about one thing: this isn’t over yet. Not by a long shot. No Quarter may have won the battle last week, but it looks like The Stevens Dynasty is determined to win the war.”

“Indeed,” Thunderbolt sighed. “Folks, stay tuned as we continue to bring you all the action and drama of MVW. And let’s hope that No Quarter can recover from this brutal attack and come back even stronger.”

“But one thing’s for sure,” Hall added darkly. “This rivalry is far from finished.”

“All right,” Thunderbolt said, “we’ll be back with more action right after these commercial messages.”



Ginny Van Lear, the fiery redhead and valet of the Kentucky Redneck Mafia, strode confidently backstage, her t-shirt and jeans hugging her toned MMA-trained body. The tape wrapped around her feet crinkled with each step, reminding everyone of her formidable past.

As Ginny turned a corner, George Stevens appeared out of nowhere, his massive 6’5″ frame casting a menacing shadow over her. Before she could react, with a snarl, Stevens swung his arm like a whip, delivering a vicious clothesline that sent Ginny crashing to the ground, unconscious.

Cary Stevens, the ornery patriarch of the Stevens family, stepped into the frame, his eyes cold and calculating. He towered over Ginny’s limp form, hands on his hips, and growled, “Ya thought ya could get away with buck-bombin’ our dressin’ room and shootin’ up Scott’s car last week, didn’t ya, girl?”

Cary’s Texas bravado filled the silence, making it clear that nobody was going to interfere.

“Yer gonna pay the price,” Cary declared, nodding in satisfaction as he motioned for George to take action. The younger Stevens moved with surprising agility for his size, scooping up Ginny’s unconscious body with ease. As Cary led the way, George followed closely behind, the two leaving the scene together, their message loud and clear: no one messed with the Stevens family and got away with it.

The arena vibrated with anticipation as the crowd roared, their excitement palpable in the air. Thunderbolt Smith, MVW’s play-by-play voice, leaned towards his microphone, his voice steady and even keeled. “Both The Alabama Gang and Surf Express Bro – both former tag team champions – have struggled at late, both sliding down the rankings,” he said.  “The Alabama Gang are at #3; Surf Express Bro- #4.”

“Long Haul” Rick Hall, MVW’s color commentator, nodded in agreement, his eyes wide with excitement. “Both teams should be up for this one, and this should be a battle,” he added, his voice rising in intensity.

“The winner moves on to face the #2 contender- The Kings of the Wild Frontier this weekend.  Let’s send it to Heather Cooper in the ring!” Thunderbolt announced.

MATCH #2: Surf Express Bro vs. The Alabama Gang

Surf Express Bro
-Young, good-looking, fun-loving stoner/party boys

Bradlee Nelson
AGE: 21 / HT: 5’ 10” WT: 217 / HOME: Pocatello, ID
ALIGN: Face / STYLE: High Flyer / FIN: Fire it Up (Missile Dropkick)

Bowie Abrams
AGE: 21 / HT: 6’ 2” WT: 210 / HOME: Pocatello, ID
ALIGN: Face / STYLE: High Flyer / FIN: Contact High (Frog Splash)
THEME MUSIC: ‘Nothin’ Like a Good Time’- Poison

The Alabama Gang

R.G. Jenkins
AGE: 39 / HT: 5’ 11”  WT: 242 / HOME: Monroeville, AL
ALIGN: Tweener / STYLE: Brawler / FIN: Cobra Claw submission
THEME MUSIC: “White Trash”- Chris Janson

Mark Hendry
AGE: 25 / HT: 6′ 2″ WT: 230 / HOME: Enterprise, AL
ALIGN: Tweener/ STYLE: Brawler / FIN: The Alabama Slam
THEME MUSIC: “White Trash”- Chris Janson

Valet: Sunny O’Callahan

“All right, we will be back with more of this epic match between The Alabama Gang and Surf Express Bro after these commercial messages,” Thunderbolt announced.

sVo Logo

Sanctioned Violence Organization

“Back to the match,” Thunderbolt said.

Finally!” Thunderbolt exclaimed after a grueling thirty-five-minute contest, “Surf Express Bro do it in a thirty-five-minute classic!”

Hall was visibly impressed with both teams’ performance. “The crowd is still going wild after the match!” he shouted, his excitement contagious.

The referee raised the weary arms of Adams and Abrams, their faces flushed with victory and exhaustion. Meanwhile, The Alabama Gang sat on the mat, their disappointment evident as they stared at their defeated opponents.

“Tonight, we witnessed a true battle between two teams desperate to reclaim their former glory,” Thunderbolt observed, his voice filled with admiration. “Congratulations to Surf Express Bro on their hard-fought victory.”

As the victorious team celebrated amidst the deafening cheers of the crowd, one couldn’t help but feel that this moment marked a turning point for both Surf Express Bro and The Alabama Gang. The burning desire for success had been reignited, and the path to redemption had begun.

The camera cut to Ginny Van Lear, now tied up inside her rental car. The dim light of the parking lot illuminated her fiery red hair as it cascaded around her face, a stark contrast to her pale, fear-stricken complexion. Her arms were bound tightly behind the passenger seat while her feet were secured together in the lotus position on the car seat. A strip of duct tape covered her mouth, muffling any cries for help.

The passenger door was open, allowing Cary Stevens to lean in and growl menacingly at Ginny. “Thought you could mess with us, did ya?” He sneered, his eyes filled with cruel satisfaction. Ginny’s eyes flashed with anger, defiant even in her helpless state.

“Y’know what, darlin’? I reckon it’s time for a little taste of your own medicine,” Cary said, his voice dripping with malice. With that, he reached into his pocket, revealing not one, not two, but three buck bombs. Ginny’s heart raced, knowing full well the pungent odor these small devices would unleash.

Ginny struggled against her bindings, her eyes pleading with Cary to reconsider. But her efforts were futile; the Stevens were a force to be reckoned with, and they had no intention of showing mercy.

“Enjoy, sweetheart,” Cary taunted before setting off each of the buck bombs inside the car. The toxic smell rapidly filled the confined space, causing Ginny’s eyes to water and her stomach to churn. As quickly as he had set them off, Cary slammed the car door shut, trapping Ginny inside with the unbearable stench.

“Let’s get outta here,” he said to George, who was standing nearby, a sinister grin plastered across his face. Together, they walked away from the scene, satisfied with their handiwork.

Shoot Logo

SHOOT Project

The gravel crunched underfoot as Cletus T. Johnson and Enos T. Johnson, the rough-and-tumble members of the Kentucky Redneck Mafia charged out of the arena, their faces flushed with fury. The parking lot was lit with floodlights illuminating the rows of cars. They instinctively knew where to find Ginny’s rental car and were shocked at what they found.

“Lord almighty, look at her!” Enos exclaimed in his thick Kentucky drawl, his eyes wide with concern. “Ginny’s barely hangin’ on in there!”

Through the foggy windows, they could see Ginny slumped over in the passenger’s seat, her face pale and her breath coming in shallow gasps. She’d been tied up and left for dead, the malicious handiwork of the Stevens Dynasty. The acrid stench of buck bombs leaked out from inside the car, a parting gift from the vile trio.

Cletus yanked open the passenger side door, wincing as the foul odor hit him full force. He untied Ginny with nimble fingers, then carefully scooped her limp form into his arms as if she were made of glass. “Don’t you worry now, darlin’,” he murmured, his voice surprisingly gentle. “We’re gonna get you outta here.”

As Cletus carried Ginny away from the car, MVW majority owner Ray McAvay strode over, his brow furrowed with worry. He took one look at Ginny’s battered state and grimaced. “What the hell happened?” he demanded, his tone no-nonsense and direct.

“Them damn Stevens,” Enos spat, anger crackling through his words like a live wire. “Tied her up an’ set off three buck bombs in her car. They done crossed the line this time, Ray.”

“Well, wait a second there, guys.  Ginny did buck bomb the Stevens’ dressing room and then shot up Scott Stevens’ rental car,” Ray pointed out, alluding to what happened on last week’s show.

Cletus looked at Enos, determination burning in his eyes. “We gotta make ’em pay for what they done to Ginny,” he said, his accent thick with emotion. “You in?”

Enos hesitated for a moment, glancing down at the bandage wrapped around his still-healing injury. But then he squared his shoulders, his jaw set with resolve. “Count me in, Cletus. Them Stevens boys ain’t gonna get away with this.”

“Ray,” Cletus said, turning to McAvay with fire in his eyes. “Book us a match tonight. The Kentucky Redneck Mafia versus the Stevens Dynasty.”

McAvay’s gaze flicked between Cletus and Enos, weighing the seriousness of their request. Finally, he nodded in agreement. “Fine, you got it. Tonight’s main event: The Kentucky Redneck Mafia against the Stevens Dynasty.”

“We’re gonna show ’em what happens when you mess with our family,” Enos vowed.

Back at the broadcast desk, Thunderbolt and Hall watch what just happened on their monitors.

“Thunderbolt, Enos T. Johnson has not wrestled for a long, long time due to his injury,” Hall said, “and Cletus already wrestled in a match tonight.  I’m not sure this is a good idea.”

“Well, Ray’s booked the match and that will now be our main event tonight,” Thunderbolt replied.  “We’re going to find out if Enos’ is in any shape to be in the ring yet. But now, let’s talks about our next match- Victoria McGill versus Amberley Stanton.”

“Tori McGill is the #1 contender for the Women’s title and she’s wrestling really well right now,” Hall explained.  “Amberley Stanton is the #4 contender and won promotion to the Women’s Division after winning the Women’s Heartland title.”

“Well see how Amberley fares against a very motivated Tori McGill,” Thunderbolt said, “let’s go to Heather Cooper in the ring.”

MATCH #3: Victoria McGill vs. Amberley Stanton

Amberley Stanton

AGE: 23 / HT: 5’ 8” WT: 100 / HOME: Seward, NE
ALIGN: Face / STYLE: Technical / FIN: Stanton Sleeper
THEME MUSIC: “Since You’ve Been Gone”- Kelly Clarkson

Victoria McGill
AGE: 25 / HT: 6’ 2″ WT: 140 / HOME: Killeen, TX
ALIGN: Heel / STYLE: Power / FIN: Gutwrench Facebuster
THEME MUSIC: “Twisted Ambition”- Samantha Fish

Jill Berg Enterprises CEO- Jill Berg

WITH: Prisoner #034291

“Tori McGill gets the win!” Thunderbolt exclaimed.  “Tough loss for Amberley Stanton, there.”

Hall nodded in agreement.  “Thunderbolt, Victoria McGill looks ready to go and up to the challenge of Jennifer Colton next week…”

Jill Berg takes the microphone from Heather Cooper.

“…and it looks like Jill Berg has a few things on her mind.”

The deafening roar of the crowd filled the arena as Jill Berg, CEO of Jill Berg Enterprises, stood proudly in the center of the ring. Flanked by JBE associates Victoria McGill and Prisoner #034291, she was joined by the formidable tag team of Sheline Carrigan and Madison Miller. The bright lights cast their gleaming spotlight on the group, creating an atmosphere of tension and anticipation.

“Victoria,” Jill began, her voice booming through the arena’s speakers, “I want to congratulate you on your great win over Amberley Stanton!” The crowd erupted in a mix of cheers and jeers, reflecting the polarizing nature of the wrestling world. Victoria beamed with pride, her eyes locked on Jill’s approving gaze.

“These women remind me of a salesman trying to close the deal,” Jill continued, turning her attention to Carrigan and Miller. “And just like that salesman, it’s often not easy… sometimes, you have to be persistent and keep pursuing the objective until you finally make the sale.”

Carrigan and Miller nodded, their determination evident on their faces as they exchanged confident glances. They knew what it took to succeed in this business, and they were more than willing to prove themselves.

“Let me tell you something,” Jill said, her southern drawl adding emphasis to her words. “Carrigan and Miller are pushing hard, and I believe they will close the deal against The Hanson Sisters next week.” The audience buzzed with anticipation, sensing the brewing rivalry between the two teams.

“Victoria,” Jill turned back to McGill, “you’ve taken Jennifer Colton’s best shot, and I know you will close the sale next week and bring gold back to Jill Berg Enterprises!” The crowd’s reaction intensified, some rallying behind Victoria while others jeered at the prospect of her triumph.  “Why?  Because Jill Berg Enterprises MEANS Business!”

Thunderbolt Smith’s voice rang out, addressing the audience. “Well, folks, our main event is up next!” he announced, excitement evident in his tone. ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall chimed in, adding, “Don’t go anywhere, we’ll be right back after this commercial break!”

PWA Logo

Phoenix Wrestling Alliance

November 17th – Hinkhouse Gymnasium / Nevada, MO
November 18th –  Warren Hearnes Center / Columbia, MO
November 21st – Hulman Center / Terre Haute, IN
November 24th – Carson Center /Paducah, KY
November 25th –  Banterra Center / Carbondale, IL
November 26th – Racer Arena / Murray, KY
December 1st – Gross Memorial Coliseum / Hays, KS
December 2nd – Tony’s Pizza Events Center / Salina, KS
December 5th – Charles Koch Center / Wichita, KS
December 8th – BMO Harris Bank Center / Rockford, IL
December 9th – Joseph Gentile Center / Chicago, IL
December 17th – Evening of Champions – Wintrust Arena / Chicago, IL

Kellie Burkowski stood in the backstage area, her blonde hair perfectly styled as she prepared to deliver the Heartland Report.

“Good evening, wrestling fans!” Kellie shouted above the roar of the audience. “We’ve got some major updates for you this week in both the Women’s and Men’s Heartland divisions!”

She paused, allowing the anticipation to build before continuing, “In the Women’s Heartland division, we saw Debbie the Destroyer come out strong at the end to upend Tammie Hardy, moving up to #4 in the rankings!” The crowd erupted in excitement at the mention of the fierce battle.

Kellie continued, “But that’s not all! Kirsten Canfield ground down Debbie the Destroyer in their next match, staying at #3 and setting up a massive showdown against #2 ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin next Friday in Nevada, Missouri!” The energy in the room intensified as fans began chanting the names of their favorite wrestlers.

“Switching gears to the Men’s Heartland Division,” Kellie said, raising her voice to be heard over the passionate audience. “Matt Taylor showed his dominance with a big win over Captain Jack, who drops to #5, then made it two for two for the weekend with a victory over Aaron Gray! That puts Taylor at #3, and he’ll face off against #2 ‘Rock Star’ Robbie Marrs next Friday in Nevada, Missouri!”

“That’s all for now.  Back to you Thunderbolt,” Kellie signed off as she wrapped up her report.

Back at the broadcast desk, Thunderbolt Smith and ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall glanced at each other with excitement in their eyes. The arena’s energy was palpable as they prepared to discuss the earlier events of the night.

“Wow, what a night so far!” Thunderbolt remarked, running a hand through his hair. “It’s time to send it over to Heather Cooper in the ring for our main event.”

The camera switched to Heather. Her voice rang out clearly, announcing the competitors for the main event.

MAIN EVENT: The Stevens Dynasty vs. The Kentucky Redneck Mafia

Kentucky Redneck Mafia
Cletus T. Johnson
AGE: 38 / HT: 6′ 3″ WT: 300 / HOME: Hueysville, KY
ALIGN: Heel / STYLE: Brawler / FIN: Kentucky Hoedown
THEME MUSIC: “But What Do I Know”- Robert Counts

Enos T. Johnson
AGE: 36 / HT: 6′ 1″ WT: 285 / HOME: Garrett, KY
ALIGN: Heel / STYLE: Brawler / FIN: Kentucky Hoedown
THEME MUSIC: “But What Do I Know”- Robert Counts

VALET: Ginny Van Lear

The Stevens Dynasty

Bo Stevens
AGE: 26 HT: 6’ 1” WT: 234 / HOME: Waco, TX
ALIGN: / STYLE / FIN: Rolling Cutter
THEME: “Ghost Riders in the Sky”- The Outlaws

George Stevens
AGE: 41 / HT: 6’ 5” WT: 445 / HOME: Texarkana, TX
ALIGN: / STYLE: Power / FIN: Texas Sized Slam
THEME: “Ghost Riders in the Sky”- The Outlaws

MGR: Cary Stevens

“STEVENS’ WIN!” exclaimed Thunderbolt as referee Davey Keels called for the bell.

“No surprise there,” commented Hall.  “Enos isn’t in wrestling shape yet and Cletus clearly was tired after wrestling John O’Reilly earlier in the show.”

As Bo Stevens released his grip on Cletus T. Johnson, George entered the fray, hoisting Cletus up and nailing him with a devastating Texas-Sized Slam. The crowd roared with each impact, a cacophony of emotion filling the arena.

“Wait a minute!” Thunderbolt called out.

“Thunderbolt,” Hall said, “the Stevens Dynasty aren’t done yet!”

Enos, seeing his partner in trouble, darted into the ring with fury in his eyes. Bo was quick to react, tripping him up and allowing George to powerbomb Enos onto the mat with a sickening thud. As Bo, George, and Scott Stevens stomped away at Cletus and Enos, Cary Stevens pursued Ginny Van Lear around the ring, hellbent on avenging the earlier altercation.

“Cletus and Enos are in trouble.  Cary’s chasing Ginny Van Lear around the ring,” Thunderbolt recapped, “what else is going to happen?”

“Think we’re gonna find out now.”  Hall pointed to the ring where Bo and George hoisted Enos up, giving Scott the perfect opportunity to strike with another Toxic Sting.

“TOXIC STING TO ENOS T. JOHNSON!” shouted Thunderbolt.  “And now it’s Cletus’s turn.”

Turning their attention back to Cletus, they prepared to continue the attack – but suddenly…

“NO QUARTER!  NO QUARTER!” Thunderbolt stood up from his chair as No Quarter rushed to the ring!

“Here comes The Lakeshore Leviathan Bracken Krueger and The Texas Technician Daryn Thompson!” Hall shouted, his excitement barely contained.

Krueger and Thompson slid into the ring, steel chairs in hand. WHAM! Krueger took down Scott Stevens. WHAM! Thompson took out Bo Stevens. WHAM… WHAM… WHAM… WHAM… The duo laid waste to George Stevens, their faces twisted with ruthless intent.

Cary Stevens, who had been preoccupied with chasing Ginny, suddenly found himself alone in the crosshairs of Krueger and Thompson. His bravado faltered as they advanced on him, steel chairs raised menacingly. He knew he was in for a world of hurt, but there was no way out.

The camera captured the tense standoff before cutting to black, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the next chapter in this escalating saga.

-MEN’S DIVISION #2 vs. #3 CONTENDER’S MATCH: Cletus T. Johnson defeated John O’Reilly at 6:34
-MEN’S TAG TEAM #3 vs. #4 CONTENDER’S MATCH: Surf Express Bro defeated The Alabama Gang at 34:38
-Victoria McGill defeated Amberley Stanton at 3:43
-MAIN EVENT: The Stevens Dynasty defeated The Kentucky Redneck Mafia at 3:34

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