11/21-Wrestling Night in the Heartland on HOTv


Tuesday’s Wrestling Night in the Heartland Results:
-The Kardoucheian Empire stages a sit-down strike in the ring. MVW majority owner Ray McAvay walks out and fires them.
-MATCH #1: Cletus T. Johnson defeated John O’Reilly in a #2 vs. #3 contender’s match.
-Kellie Burkowski interviews the new MVW Tag Team champions No Quarter. Former champions The Stevens Dynasty attack and lay out the new champions.
-The Stevens Dynasty then abducts Ginny Van Lear backstage.
-MATCH #2: Surf Express Bro (Bowie Abrams/Bradlee Nelson) defeated The Alabama Gang (R.G. Jenkins/Mark Hendry) in a #3 vs. #4 contender’s match.
-The Stevens Dynasty leaves Ginny tied up in her rental car and sets off three buck bombs inside the vehicle.
-Cletus T. Johnson and Enos T. Johnson race out to the parking area and pull Ginny out of the car. Cletus demands a match between The Stevens Dynasty and he and Enos.  Ray McAvay books the match for the main event.
-MATCH #3: Victoria McGill of Jill Berg Enterprises defeated Amberley Stanton
-CEO Jill Berg cuts a promo after the match promising that Tori and the JBE tag team of Sheline Carrigan and Madison Miller will close their deals next Tuesday night and bring gold to JBE.
-MAIN EVENT: The Stevens Dynasty (Bo and George Stevens) defeated The Kentucky Redneck Mafia (Cletus T.  Johnson/Enos T. Johnson)
-The Stevens continues the beatdown on both Johnsons. No Quarter races down to make the save at the end of the show.

Cue the pyro…

Missouri Valley Wrestling
Wrestling Night in the Heartland
Hulman Arena
Terre Haute, Indiana
Tuesday November 21st, 2023

Announcers: Thunderbolt Smith and ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall

Backstage Interviewer: Kellie Burkowski

Ring Announcer: Heather Cooper


The Hulman Center in Terre Haute, Indiana was a seething cauldron of excitement and anticipation as the packed crowd eagerly awaited the commencement of Wrestling Night in the Heartland. The roar of the 6500 fans on hand reverberated through the arena, creating an electrifying atmosphere. In the center of the ring stood Thunderbolt Smith and ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall, their faces lit up with enthusiasm as they absorbed the energy from the crowd.

“Welcome, everyone, to Wrestling Night in the Heartland!” Thunderbolt shouted into his microphone, his voice barely audible above the cacophony of cheers. “We have an incredible lineup for you tonight, and I can tell you, this crowd is ready for it!”

“Absolutely, Thunderbolt!” agreed Hall as he chimed in. “Listen to these fans! They know they’re in for one wild ride tonight, and we’re here to bring it all to them!”

With a nod from Thunderbolt, Hall proceeded to run down the night’s matches, each announcement eliciting a fresh wave of raucous cheers from the crowd. “First up, we’ve got The Stevens Dynasty taking on Surf Express Bro in a Men’s Tag Team #1 contender’s match! These two teams are hungry for victory, and only one will move forward for a shot at the title!”

“Then,” continued Hall, “we have Cletus T. Johnson squaring off against Luke Woods in a Men’s Division #1 contender’s match! Both men have been on fire lately, and this match will determine who gets to challenge for the gold!”

“Let’s not forget about our non-title match tonight,” added Thunderbolt. “Men’s Tag Team Champions No Quarter will face The Kings of the Wild Frontier. Even without the titles on the line, you know both teams will fight tooth and nail for bragging rights!”

“Absolutely!” Hall interjected. “And for our Women’s Division, we have The Hanson Sisters defending their Women’s Tag Team Championship against Jill Berg Enterprises! Expect an all-out war in that one, folks!”

“Last but certainly not least,” Thunderbolt said with a touch of reverence in his voice, “we have Women’s Champion Jennifer Colton taking on Victoria McGill! These two incredible competitors will surely give it their all as they fight for the coveted Women’s Championship!”

“Man, there’s a whole lot of wrestling action lined up for tonight!” Thunderbolt exclaimed as he glanced over at Hall. “Let’s talk about this Stevens Dynasty-Surf Express Bro match, Rick. As we know, the Stevens Dynasty are two-time tag champions who recently lost their belts to No Quarter.”

“Absolutely, Thunderbolt,” Hall nodded, his eyes filled with excitement. “The Stevens have been on a path of rage ever since losing the belts.  They’ve attacked No Quarter, kidnapped Ginny Van Lear after she buck bombed their dressing room, and brawled with Cletus T. Johnson and Enos T. Johnson.”

“Those incidents just go to show how dangerous the Stevens Dynasty can be when they’re pushed to their limits,” Thunderbolt mused, his brow furrowed in thought. “They’ll stop at nothing to reclaim those titles.”

“Speaking of titles, let’s not forget about Surf Express Bro,” Hall interjected, shifting the focus toward the other team. “These guys are also former tag team champions looking to make a big comeback. They knocked off the Kings of the Wild Frontier on Saturday night and will challenge for the title if they win tonight.”

“Both teams have a lot at stake here, Rick,” Thunderbolt agreed, his gaze locked onto the entrance ramp where the wrestlers would soon emerge. “This is going to be one hell of a match, and I can’t wait to see who comes out on top.  I think Surf Express Bro could pull this off tonight?”

As the crowd’s anticipation grew even more intense, Hall leaned closer to Thunderbolt, his voice tinged with excitement. “I don’t know about you, Thunderbolt, but my money is on the Stevens at this point.  They are focused and-“

“Cary Stevens is standing behind us, isn’t he?” interrupted Thunderbolt, acutely aware of the arrival of the patriarch of the Stevens Dynasty.

“Yep,” said Hall.

“Let’s send it to Heather Cooper in the ring,” Thunderbolt said, looking back at the agitated Texan standing right behind him.  “Heather?”

The crowd roared in approval as Heather Cooper, MVW’s sultry ring announcer, stepped into the spotlight, her curves accentuated by her form-fitting outfit.

MATCH #1: The Stevens Dynasty vs. Surf Express Bro- Men’s Tag Team #1 contender’s match

Surf Express Bro
-Young, good-looking, fun-loving stoner/party boys

Bradlee Nelson
AGE: 21 / HT: 5’ 10” WT: 217 / HOME: Pocatello, ID
ALIGN: Face / STYLE: High Flyer / FIN: Fire it Up (Missile Dropkick)

Bowie Abrams
AGE: 21 / HT: 6’ 2” WT: 210 / HOME: Pocatello, ID
ALIGN: Face / STYLE: High Flyer / FIN: Contact High (Frog Splash)
THEME MUSIC: ‘Nothin’ Like a Good Time’- Poison

The Stevens Dynasty

Bo Stevens
AGE: 26 HT: 6’ 1” WT: 234 / HOME: Waco, TX
ALIGN: / STYLE / FIN: Rolling Cutter
THEME: “Ghost Riders in the Sky”- The Outlaws

George Stevens
AGE: 41 / HT: 6’ 5” WT: 445 / HOME: Texarkana, TX
ALIGN: / STYLE: Power / FIN: Texas Sized Slam
THEME: “Ghost Riders in the Sky”- The Outlaws

WITH: Manager Cary Stevens
and Scott Stevens

Following the Stevens Dynasty’s count-out win over Surf Express Bro, Thunderbolt Smith and ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall provided play-by-play commentary on the post-match beatdown. Bo, George, and Scott Stevens, aided and abetted by Cary Stevens, relentlessly attacked Bowie Abrams and Bradlee Nelson.

“Look at the carnage in the ring, folks!” Thunderbolt exclaimed as the Stevens continued to decimate their opponents. “This is just brutal!”

“Absolutely, Thunderbolt,” Hall agreed, his voice laced with concern.

No Quarter (Bracken Krueger and Daryn Thompson)

“But wait! Here comes No Quarter racing down the aisle!”

As No Quarter sprinted to the rescue, the Kentucky Redneck Mafia joined them…

Kentucky Redneck Mafia (Cletus T. Johnson, Enos T. Johnson, and Dawn McGill)

…flanked by none other than Dawn McGill, much to everyone’s surprise. The crowd erupted in cheers at her unexpected appearance.

“DAWN McGILL IS BACK IN MVW!” Thunderbolt shouted, barely audible over the roar of the fans.

“Cool!” Hall replied.  “You know, I still have my “I kissed Dawn McGill’ t-shirt.”

The Stevens rolled out of the ring and retreated up the ramp, their eyes locked on No Quarter and the Kentucky Redneck Mafia. Scott Stevens and Dawn McGill both stared daggers at each other.

“Two weeks ago, Dawn McGill took out Scott Stevens with chair shots on HOW,” Hall explained.  “Scott Stevens hasn’t forgotten that.”

There was major tension between the two factions, but for now, the violence had ceased.

After No Quarter exited the ring, Dawn McGill took center stage with Cletus and Enos flanking her. She oozed confidence in her sexy black coat with a black bra under a sheer top, mini-skirt, heavy makeup, and bright red lipstick.

“First off,” Dawn began, addressing the crowd, “for those wondering about my recent HOTv appearance with HOW wrestler Drew Mitchell and what I did in the bar, the parking lot of the bar, off the side of the road, and finally at a hotel… let me clear the air. Rah and I quietly annulled our marriage two months ago.”

Rick Hall quipped, eyebrows raised, “You mean there’s a chance now?”

“Settle down, Rick” Thunderbolt chided him with a chuckle.

“Anyway,” Dawn continued, “Since, Ginny Van Lear has returned to Texas where she’ll be her husband Adam Ellis’s valet…” She turned to Cletus with a wicked grin. “… that means Mama’s back and we got some title belts to go out and win!”

The crowd erupted once more as Dawn exited the ring with Cletus and Enos.

“It looks like the Kentucky Redneck Mafia are coming back,” Hall observed, watching Dawn glide up the steps.

“Wow, folks! What a night it’s been so far,” Thunderbolt said, trying to regain his composure. “And we’re just getting started.  Don’t touch that dial; we’ll be right back after a word from our sponsors!”

The broadcast cut to a commercial break.


High Octane Wrestling

Back from commercial, the camera shifted to the backstage area where ‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Mr. McMann stood with a scowl on his face. The return of Dawn McGill clearly didn’t sit well with him.

‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Mr. McMann

“Let me tell you something,” Mr. McMann began, “Dawn McGill’s return means nothing when it comes to my man, the MVW title #1 contender – Luke Woods. That’s right, folks. Luke Woods has his sights set on the MVW title, and he’s backed by the best men’s faction in MVW – the SEC.” He smoothed out the lapels on his expensive suit and continued to address the camera in a condescending tone.  “The creme de la creme. The best of the best. And let me assure you, once Luke Woods becomes the champion, no one will remember what backwater holler Cletus T. Johnson crawled out of.”

Back at the announcer’s table, Hall responded, “Well, we’ll see about that. Cletus is a dangerous competitor, especially now that he’s joined by Dawn McGill.”

“Indeed” Thunderbolt agreed, “but let’s not forget that Luke Woods is a former Heartland champion. He’s shot up the rankings and has his eyes on the title. It’ll be interesting to see how these two clash in the ring.”

“True,” Hall nodded, “Cletus is dabbling in singles while Enos gets healthy. But with Dawn McGill in his corner, she could be the wild card that tips the scales in his favor.”

“Or she could be an unknown factor that backfires,” Thunderbolt countered. “Either way, this is going to be one heck of a matchup.”

“Absolutely” Hall concurred. “Now, let’s send it down to Heather Cooper in the ring for our next bout!”

The camera panned over to the sultry and sexy Heather Cooper, standing in the center of the ring. Her brunette hair cascaded down her back, framing her brown eyes and ample curves. She held the microphone with poise and confidence as she prepared to introduce the next competitors.

MATCH #2: Cletus T. Johnson w/Dawn McGill vs. Luke Woods w/Mr. McMann (SEC)- MVW title #1 contender’s match
“Alright, MVW fans,” Heather announced, her voice resonating throughout the arena. “It’s time for our next match! Are you ready?”

Kentucky Redneck Mafia

Cletus T. Johnson
AGE: 38 / HT: 6′ 3″ WT: 300 / HOME: Hueysville, KY
ALIGN: Heel / STYLE: Brawler / FIN: Kentucky Hoedown
THEME MUSIC: “But What Do I Know”- Robert Counts

Dawn McGill 

Sports Entertainment Corporation

Leader: ‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Mr. McMann

Luke Woods
AGE: 21 / HT: 6’3” WT: 200 / HOME: St. Louis, MO
ALIGN: Heel / STYLE: Technical / FIN: Arm Octopus Hold
ENTRANCE MUSIC: Generic Upbeat Music

The crowd roared in anticipation. The stage was set for an epic showdown between Luke Woods and Cletus T. Johnson, with the wild card of Dawn McGill adding an element of unpredictability. As the wrestlers made their way to the ring, Thunderbolt and Hall couldn’t help but wonder how this battle would unfold and what impact it would have on the future of MVW.

The crowd erupted as the referee’s hand hit the mat for the third time.

“Wow, what a match!” Thunderbolt exclaimed, his voice filled with excitement. “Cletus T. Johnson came out swinging and looked to be in control early on, but Luke Woods showed everyone exactly why he’s becoming one of the best in MVW.”

“Absolutely, Thunderbolt!” Hall agreed, nodding fervently. “Cletus got a couple of close two counts, but it just wasn’t enough to keep Woods down. And that roll-up at the end was a thing of beauty!”

As the camera focused on a visibly disappointed Cletus T. Johnson, Dawn McGill patted him gently on the back. Her expression was unreadable, leaving the audience to wonder what impact her presence had on the outcome of the match.

“Luke Woods will have a shot at the MVW Title in the future,” Thunderbolt reminded viewers, bringing their attention back to the ring where Woods continued to celebrate his victory.

“Right you are, Thunderbolt,” Hall chimed in. “But, if MVW majority owner Ray McAvay decides to book the title match at next month’s Night of Champions show, we could see Luke Woods become the new MVW Champion sooner rather than later.”

“Indeed, Rick. It’s going to be interesting to see how this all plays out,” Thunderbolt mused, his eyes still locked on Woods as he exited the ring. “But for now, let’s take a quick commercial break. Don’t go anywhere, folks – we have more incredible MVW action coming your way!”

With that, the screen faded to black, leaving viewers eager to see what would unfold next in the unpredictable world of MVW.



“All right, let’s go back to Heather Cooper in the ring for our next match,” Thunderbolt boomed through the arena directing the attention back to Heather Cooper in the ring.

MATCH #3: Kings of the Wild Frontier vs. MVW Tag Team Champions No Quarter- non-title match
Dressed in a curve-hugging outfit, she prepared to announce the non-title match between MVW Tag Team champions No Quarter and Kings of the Wild Frontier. The crowd buzzed with anticipation.

Kings of the Wild Frontier

Boone Daniels
AGE: 19 / HT: 6’ 3” WT: 200 / HOME: Boonesborough, KY
ALIGN: Face / STYLE: Technical  / FIN: Shotgun Lariat

Crockett Davies
AGE: 21 / HT: 6’ 2” WT: 205 / HOME: Greene County, TN
ALIGN: Face  / STYLE: Brawler/Fighter / FIN: Shotgun Lariat
THEME MUSIC: “Save a Horse”- Big and Rich

No Quarter-MVW Tag Team Champions

Bracken Krueger
“The Lakeshore Leviathan”
AGE: 30 / HT: 6’11” WT: 290 / HOME: Chicago, Illinois
ALIGN: Heel / STYLE: Power / FIN: Into the Deep (over-the-shoulder Fisherman’s Driver)

Daryn Thompson
The Texas Technician, The Daughter of Dust

AGE: 28 / HT: 6’ 0” WT: 165 / HOME: Dallas, Texas
ALIGN: Heel / STYLE: Technical/submissionist / FIN: Legacy Lock (Anaconda vice)
THEME MUSIC: “Kicking and Screaming” – Blues Saracino

In a shocking turn of events, the Kings of the Wild Frontier managed to win by count-out, leaving the audience on their feet in disbelief. Just as the dust began to settle, Thunderbolt shouted, “IT’S THE STEVENS DYNASTY!”

The Stevens Dynasty – Bo, George, Scott, and family patriarch Cary – stormed the ringside, attacking Krueger and Thompson without warning.

The chaos quickly escalated when the Kings of the Wild Frontier pulled away from referee Ron Martin raising their hands and joined the fray launching their own assault on the Stevens Dynasty.

“Wait a minute!” Hall called out. “Boone Daniels and Crockett Davies just attacked the Stevens!” “This is getting out of control fast!” Thunderbolt exclaimed, the air thick with tension as bodies collided in a whirlwind of fists and fury, fueled by long-standing rivalries and pent-up aggression.

“And finally, here comes MVW Security!” Hall said as MVW Security raced to the scene, attempting to restore order as the adrenaline-fueled chaos threatened to spiral out of control.

Thunderbolt’s voice cut through the commotion.  “We are going to take another commercial break as security sorts this out.  Back right after this.”

sVo Logo

Sanctioned Violence Organization

As the show returned from break, Jill Berg Enterprises CEO Jill Berg appeared on screen in a pre-taped segment from JBE’s dressing room, her confident demeanor and sharp business attire making it clear that she meant business.

CEO of Jill Berg Enterprises
Jill Berg

“Tonight,” she began, “Sheline Carrigan and Madison Miller will challenge the Hanson Sisters for the Women’s Tag Team title, and Victoria McGill will face off against Women’s Champion Jennifer Colton.”

“Let me remind you all,” Jill continued, her eyes narrowing with determination, “that these three women have the full force of a large corporation behind them. Tonight, they will bring gold to JBE because Jill Berg Enterprises means business.”

The camera panned to Sheline Carrigan, ‘The Canadian Cyborg,’ her powerful frame and technical prowess evident as she prepared for the upcoming match. Beside her, Madison Miller, a young but promising talent, stood poised and ready to prove herself in the ring. Meanwhile, Victoria McGill, the powerhouse known for her unrelenting strength, stared down the camera with an air of confidence, making it clear that she intended to walk away as the new Women’s Champion.

Jill Berg’s words hung heavy in the air as the scene came to a close, setting the stage for a night of intense battles and fierce competition in the pursuit of gold and glory.

Backstage, Kellie Burkowski stood with Coach Reg and the Hanson Sisters – Andrea, Charissa, and Melissa – who towered over her like menacing brawlers. It was clear that they were ready for a fight.

The Hanson Sisters (Coach Reg, Andrea Hanson, Charissa Hanson, and Melissa Hanson

“Coach Reg,” Kellie began, “your girls have beaten JBE many times before. Do you think tonight’s match will be any different?”

Coach Reg scoffed, an amused grin tugging at the corners of his mouth as he looked over at his powerful team. “Kellie, let me tell you something. My girls have beaten JBE so many times that it’s not even a challenge anymore.” He gestured to the Hansons, their confidence radiating from them like heat from a flame. “These girls are a force of nature, and JBE’s corporate crap is no match for them.”

As the sisters nodded in agreement, Andrea clenched her fists, her eyes narrowing with determination. “We’re not scared of JBE or their money. We’re here to fight and win, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do.”

The scene switched back to Thunderbolt Smith and ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall at the broadcast table, their energy matching the intensity of the upcoming battle. “Well, folks, it’s time for the Women’s Tag Team title match!” Thunderbolt announced, his voice charged with excitement. “Let’s send it down to Heather Cooper in the ring!”

MATCH #4/WOMEN’S TAG TEAM TITLE: Jill Berg Enterprises vs. The Hanson Sisters ©
Heather’s sultry voice rang out in the packed arena as she introduced the competitors. The air crackled with anticipation, the crowd on the edge of their seats as the match began.

Jill Berg Enterprises

CEO: Jill Berg
AGE: 37 /HT: 5′ 4″ WT: 90 /  HOME: New York City, NY
FIN: Spinning Heel Kick

Sheline Carrigan ‘The Canadian Cyborg’
AGE: 26 / HT: 6’0″ WT: 145 / HOME:  Vilbank, SK
ALIGN: Heel / STYLE: Power-Technical / FIN: Canadian Destroyer
THEME MUSIC: “Killer”- Fist

Madison Miller
AGE: 21 HT: 5’ 11” WT: 100 / HOME: Custer, WA
ALIGN: Heel / STYLE: Technical / FIN: Cyber Blow
THEME MUSIC: “Do It To It (ft. Cherish)”- ACRAZE

WITH: Prisoner #034291

The Hanson Sisters
– The hockey-loving Hanson Sisters always bring their hockey sticks to the ring and wear their thick black horn-rimmed glasses while dressed in their retro Charlestown Chief hockey uniforms.

Andrea Hanson
AGE: 27 / HT: 5′ 11″ WT: 160 / HOME: Red Lake, MN
ALIGN: Tweener / STYLE: Brawler-Goon / FIN: High Stick

Melissa Hanson
AGE: 28 / HT: 6′ 0″ WT: 164 / HOME: Red Lake, MN
ALIGN: Tweener / STYLE: Brawler-Goon / FIN: CHECK!-mate
THEME MUSIC: ‘Hit Somebody’- Warren Zevon

WITH: Manager Coach Reg
, Charissa Hanson

“WHAT A MATCH!” Thunderbolt exclaimed after the Hansons emerged victorious following a grueling 23-minute battle. The sisters reveled in their hard-won victory, sweat dripping from their brows, but their faces alight with triumph.

“Unbelievable,” Hall added, his voice tinged with awe. “Madison Miller appeared to get concussed during the match, and Sheline Carrigan had to go it alone against the Hansons.”

“Indeed,” Thunderbolt agreed, his voice sympathetic but firm. “Carrigan did the best she could under the circumstances, but the Hanson Sisters took care of business once again.”

As the victorious sisters celebrated in the ring, their dominance unquestionable, Thunderbolt wrapped up the scene. “Ladies and gentlemen, we’ll be back after a short commercial break. Don’t go anywhere – there’s more MVW action coming your way!”

Shoot Logo

SHOOT Project

The camera returned from commercial break, focusing on Kellie Burkowski standing backstage with a determined look in her eyes. “Welcome back to MVW’s Heartland Report! This weekend was packed with thrilling matches and shocking victories,” she began, excitement evident in her voice.

“Kirsten Canfield made an impressive climb to the top by defeating ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin and Lisa Barbosa-Stevens, rising to the number one spot from number three!” Kellie continued, flashing images of the intense battles on screen. ”

Kirsten Canfield

And it didn’t stop there – Kirsten went on to defeat ‘Queen of the Trailer Park’ Lani Harlot, claiming the Women’s Heartland title!”

Kellie’s voice swelled with enthusiasm as she transitioned to the Men’s Heartland Division. “Meanwhile, ‘Rock Star’ Robbie Marrs dominated his opponents, Matt Taylor and Absolute Zero, before ultimately winning the title against Buckshot Henderson earlier tonight.” She beamed into the camera, offering her heartfelt congratulations to both new champions.

‘Rock Star’ Robbie Marrs

“Back to you, Thunderbolt and Hall!” Kellie signed off, sending the camera feed back to the broadcast desk. Thunderbolt Smith, ever the even-keeled commentator, nodded in agreement with Kellie’s report. “A fantastic weekend indeed, and now we’re ready for the main event after these commercial messages.”

PWA Logo

Phoenix Wrestling Alliance

November 24th – Carson Center /Paducah, KY
November 25th –  Banterra Center / Carbondale, IL
November 26th – Racer Arena / Murray, KY
December 1st – Gross Memorial Coliseum / Hays, KS
December 2nd – Tony’s Pizza Events Center / Salina, KS
December 5th – Charles Koch Center / Wichita, KS
December 8th – BMO Harris Bank Center / Rockford, IL
December 9th – Joseph Gentile Center / Chicago, IL
December 17th – Evening of Champions – Wintrust Arena / Chicago, IL

Back from commercial, the camera cut to Kellie once again, this time interviewing Jennifer Colton before her Women’s Title defense. Colton’s face was a mix of determination and defiance.

“Jennifer, any thought about tonight’s match?” Kellie asked.

“Victoria McGill can’t beat me,” Colton declared, gritting her teeth. “That’s why Jill Berg’s so-called ‘associates’ keep trying to sneak attack me at every opportunity.”

With that, Colton strode purposefully towards the ring, ready to defend her title.

Suddenly, The Masked Texan appeared, walking by with a mysterious air.  The Cinderella story of the Men’s Carmondy Cup, The Masked Texan came out of nowhere to win five consecutive matches to reach the quarterfinals.

Kellie attempted to interview him.  But the Masked Texan simply waved her away and continued walking without a word.

“All right, back to you, Thunderbolt and Hall!” Kellie said, watching The Masked Texan disappear into the distance. The camera returned to the commentators, who promptly sent it to the ring for tonight’s main event.

MAIN EVENT/WOMEN’S TITLE: Victoria McGill w/Jill Berg Enterprises vs. Jennifer Colton ©
Heather Cooper, MVW’s sultry ring announcer, raised her microphone as the crowd’s anticipation reached its peak. With a seductive smile, she announced, “This is for the MVW Women’s Title!” The scene ended on this climactic note, promising an unforgettable battle between two fierce competitors.

Victoria McGill
AGE: 25 / HT: 6’ 2″ WT: 140 / HOME: Killeen, TX
ALIGN: Heel / STYLE: Power / FIN: Gutwrench Facebuster
THEME MUSIC: “Twisted Ambition”- Samantha Fish
WITH: JBE CEO Jill Berg, Prisoner #034291

Jennifer Colton

AGE: 21 / HT: 5’6″ WT: 130 / HOME: Evansville, IN
ALIGN: Face / STYLE: Technical / FIN: Colton Clutch 2 (Lebell lock, but with cobra clutch grip instead of crossface)
THEME MUSIC: “Heartache Tonight”- The Eagles

The crowd roared as Prisoner #034291, the menacing figure from Jill Berg’s crew, emerged from the JBE corner wielding a kendo stick. With a malicious glint in her eye, she swung the weapon with brute force, swatting Jennifer Colton on the side of her head and rendering her unconscious. The once confident Colton crumpled to the floor, powerless against the devastating blow.

“Sweet mercy!” Thunderbolt exclaimed, his voice tinged with shock. “That was a brutal hit!”

“Long Haul” Rick Hall couldn’t help but agree. “Absolutely ruthless, Thunderbolt. That kendo stick is no joke.”

As Prisoner #034291 rolled Colton’s limp body back into the ring, Victoria McGill pounced on the opportunity for an easy victory. She covered Colton, expecting a quick count from referee Corrina Romanov. However, to everyone’s surprise, Romanov refused to make the count.

“Wait a minute!” Hall cried out. “Romanov isn’t counting! What is going on?”

“Did she disqualify Tori McGill?” asked Thunderbolt in the heat of the moment.

Romanov tells ring announcer Heather Cooper that she’s disqualified Victoria McGill and declared Colton the winner by disqualification.

“SHE DID!  JENNIFER COLTON WINS THE MATCH!” exclaimed Thunderbolt.

“UNBELIEVABLE!” chimed in Hall as the arena erupted in chaos as all hell broke loose.

A furious Jill Berg stormed over to confront Romanov about her decision, while Victoria, fuming with anger, yanked Colton to her feet and hit her with a gutwrench facebuster, further punishing her already battered opponent.

“JILL BERG IS PISSED AND THINGS ARE GETTING OUT OF CONTROL!” Thunderbolt warned as the tension escalated.

“RAY McAVAY’S COME OUT!” Hall pointed out, as the MVW majority owner suddenly appeared on stage, cutting through the bedlam with an air of authority.

McAvay raised his hand and silenced the uproar.

MVW Majority Owner
Ray McAvay

“Enough!” he bellowed, his voice booming through the arena. “If you, Victoria, or anyone else from JBE touches Jennifer Colton again tonight, there will be consequences!”

The crowd cheered in approval.

McAvay continued, “I’ve had enough of JBE’s interference. At Night of Champions, it’s going to be Jennifer Colton vs. Victoria McGill… inside a steel cage! No interference. Just the two of you battling for the title.”

“Wow!” Hall exclaimed, excitement filling his voice. “A steel cage match!”

“Indeed,” Thunderbolt agreed, sharing in the anticipation. “McAvay has laid down the law, and it’s time for these two women to settle their score once and for all.”

With that, Thunderbolt and Hall wrapped up the chaotic night of wrestling, wishing everyone watching a Happy Thanksgiving as they signed off.

-The Stevens Dynasty defeated Surf Express Bro in a MVW Tag Team #1 contender’s match at 12:20
-Luke Woods defeated Cletus T. Johnson in a MVW Title #1 contender’s match at 9:53
-The Kings of the Wild Frontier defeated MVW Tag Team Champions No Quarter in a non-title match at 8:16
-The Hanson Sisters retained the Women’s Tag Team title over Jill Berg Enterprises at 23:35
-Jennifer Colton retained the Women’s title via DQ over Victoria McGill at 1:36

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