3/17-MVW’s Six-O-Five Show


Missouri Valley Wrestling’s Six-O-Five
Taped Last Night at Expo Square Pavilion in Tulsa, OK
Sunday March 17th, 2024

Announcers: Thunderbolt Smith and ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall
Backstage Interviewer: Kellie Burkowski
Ring Announcer: Heather Cooper

The Expo Square Pavilion in Tulsa, Oklahoma, pulsated with the rowdy energy of a crowd primed for an electrifying night of professional wrestling. The camera swept over the sea of excited faces before zoning in on the broadcast booth where Thunderbolt Smith and ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall sat ready to welcome viewers to MVW’s Six-O-Five show.

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to another action-packed edition of MVW’s Six-O-Five!” Thunderbolt’s voice boomed, his tone embodying the grandeur of the occasion. “We’re coming to you taped from the historic Expo Square Pavilion in Tulsa, Oklahoma!”

“Thunderbolt, tonight’s lineup is as combustible as a powder keg,” Rick Hall added, the excitement evident in his voice. “In our high-flying first matchup, Women’s Non-Division Champion Ninja Kitty looks to catapult herself into the Women’s Heartland Division by taking on the current #5 contender, Savannah Smith.”

“Absolutely, Rick! And let’s not forget, Tiger Jackson, the Men’s Non-Division Champion, will try to claw his way up against ‘The New Age Cybertronic Criminally Insane Rogue Sentient Robot Wrestling Machine’ Ultratron-6.1. It’s a promotion playoff match for the coveted #5 contender spot in the Men’s Heartland Division!”

The camera cut back to the ring, capturing the fervor of fans as they anticipated the upcoming clashes.

“Also tonight,” Thunderbolt continued, “we’ve got tag team turmoil as The Working Girls clash with the Rose Warriors in a high-stakes #2 versus #3 contender’s match.”

“And let’s cowboy up because Yosemite Samantha is going toe-to-toe with ‘The Shadow Warrior’ Shizuko Yamazaki in another big #2 versus #3 contender’s match,” Rick interjected.

“Fans are on the edge of their seats, and so are we,” Thunderbolt said, nodding at his partner. “And speaking of seats, I hope everyone’s got theirs reserved for the Spring Fling supershow on March 30th at the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri.”

“Indeed, McAvay and Bergman just released the card this weekend, and it’s stacked, Thunderbolt. Stacked!” Rick emphasized, holding his hand high as if measuring an invisible stack.

**March 30th – Spring Fling – Lake of the Ozarks / Lake of the Ozarks, MO**
6 MAN TAG TEAM: The Stevens Dynasty vs. The Sports Entertainment Corporation
-8 WOMAN TAG TEAM: Jill Berg Enterprises vs. Jennifer Colton, Amberley Stanton, and The Working Girls

“Every match has implications tonight and every moment could be pivotal. Folks, do not blink, because MVW’s Six-O-Five is about to take you on a wild ride!” Thunderbolt declared as the camera zoomed out, capturing the final wide shot of the electric crowd before transitioning to the ring where the night’s first battle was about to commence.

MATCH #1-WINNER-#5 WOMEN’S HEARTLAND DIVISION: #5 Savannah Smith vs. (Non-Division Champion) Ninja Kitty
The Expo Square Pavilion throbbed with anticipation as Thunderbolt Smith passed the action to ringside. Heather Cooper, MVW’s ring announcer, stood poised in the squared circle, microphone in hand. Her sultry voice boomed through the arena.

“Introducing first,” Heather began, her tone rising above the din of the crowd, “from Benton Harbor, Michigan, standing five feet eight inches tall, she is the current number five contender in the Women’s Heartland Division… Savannah Smiiiiith!”

A rush of cheers greeted Savannah as she stepped through the curtains, her focused gaze sweeping across the sea of fans. She walked down the ramp with a steely determination, slipping under the top rope and into the ring.

“And her opponent,” Heather continued, the audience’s excitement building, “from Rio Rancho, New Mexico, standing five feet two inches tall, she is the Women’s Non-Division Champion… Ninja Kitty!”

“Here comes the high-flying dynamo,” ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall’s voice resonated alongside the ringing echoes of Ninja Kitty’s theme song. The diminutive masked wrestler darted onto the stage, her energy palpable, evoking roars from the gathered masses as she sprinted to the ring.

The bell rang, and the match erupted into a game of cat and mouse, Savannah Smith stalking Ninja Kitty, but the nimble challenger dodged with a swiftness that left the crowd in awe. Ninja Kitty then unleashed a barrage of Slingblades, taking down Smith repeatedly, each maneuver drawing a chorus of approval from the spectators.

“Look at Ninja Kitty go, Thunderbolt! She’s like lightning in that ring!” exclaimed Hall as Smith struggled to counter the relentless speed.

Savannah eventually found an opening, using her strength to ground the high-flyer, attempting to sap the agility that had given Ninja Kitty the edge. But resilience was the name of the game; Ninja Kitty wriggled free, delivering a series of knife-edged chops that echoed through the pavilion. Each chop was followed by swift kicks to Smith’s legs, keeping her perpetually off balance.

“Smith just can’t seem to get a grip on Ninja Kitty tonight! It’s all about quickness, Rick, pure quickness!” Thunderbolt analyzed as Smith floundered after her elusive target.

In a climactic moment, Ninja Kitty vaulted over Smith, grabbing her head and spiking her to the mat with a devastating hurricanrana DDT. The referee slid into position, arm swinging down for the count—one, two, three!

“Unbelievable! Ninja Kitty secures the victory and the promotion to the Women’s Heartland Division!” Thunderbolt’s voice reached a fever pitch as the crowd erupted.

“Talk about making an impact,” Hall added, as Ninja Kitty’s hand was raised in triumph, while Smith lay defeated, now relegated to the Women’s Non-Division.

Kellie Burkowski Interviews Ninja Kitty
Post-match, Kellie Burkowski entered the ring, holding a microphone up to the victor, whose breaths were still heavy from exertion. “Ninja Kitty, you’ve fought hard to get back to this point after your injury. How does it feel to be moving up to the Heartland Division?”

“Kellie,” Ninja Kitty panted, her eyes glinting behind her mask, “it wasn’t easy. I had to claw my way back into wrestling shape, but I never stopped working, never stopped believing. And here I am.” Her voice steadied, resolve setting in. “I’d love another run with the Heartland title, but for now, I’ll take it one match at a time.”

“Perseverance and dedication—that’s what got Ninja Kitty back on top,” Thunderbolt summarized as Ninja Kitty exited the ring to the adulation of the crowd, her sights set on future glory.

MATCH #2-WINNER-#5 MEN’S HEARTLAND DIVISION: #5 Ultratron-6.1 vs. (Non-Division Champion) Tiger Jackson
The Expo Square Pavilion pulsated with anticipation as Heather Cooper, clad in a shimmering silver jumpsuit that hugged her curves like a second skin, raised the microphone to her full, glossy lips. Her voice, rich and seductive, boomed through the arena’s sound system.

“Introducing first,” Heather’s sultry tone rolled over the audience, “hailing from the dojo of discipline, weighing in at 185 pounds, he is the challenger from the Men’s Non-Division… ‘The Martial Master’ Tiger Jackson!”

“Eye of the Tiger” blared across the speakers as Tiger Jackson bounded out, pumping his fists in the air. His eyes were focused, his body limber as he shadowboxed his way down the aisle, giving high-fives to the fans reaching out towards him.

“Look at that confidence, Thunderbolt,” Hall’s voice buzzed with excitement. “Tiger Jackson has got that fire in his belly tonight!”

“Absolutely, Rick. He knows what’s at stake here,” Thunderbolt replied.

Heather waited for the cheers to subside before she continued, “And his opponent…” The lights dimmed, plunging the arena into an eerie darkness punctuated by electronic hums and beeps. “From parts unknown, accompanied to the ring by the Kabal of Really Awful People, he is the #5 contender in the Men’s Heartland Division… ‘The New Age Cybertronic Criminally Insane Rogue Sentient Robot Wrestling Machine’ Ultratron-6.1!”

A spotlight snapped onto the entranceway, revealing the silhouettes of Ultratron-6.1 and his menacing entourage. The Murder Hornets flanked him, their purple masks gleaming under the light, while ‘Defective’ Marty Pratt followed, clutching his comically oversized pencil like a staff of power.

“Talk about a motley crew,” Hall muttered, shaking his head.

“Indeed,” agreed Thunderbolt. “But don’t let their appearance fool you; they’re as dangerous as they come.”

The bell rang, signaling the start of the match. Tiger Jackson sprang into action, using his martial arts expertise to deliver a series of rapid kicks and chops, keeping the mechanical monstrosity at bay. Ultratron-6.1 lumbered after him, but each attack was artfully dodged by the nimble Jackson.

“Jackson’s doing exactly what he needs to do—use that speed and agility to his advantage,” Thunderbolt observed.

“Right you are, Thunderbolt. But he can’t get too complacent,” Hall added, just as the tide of the match shifted dramatically.

Ultratron-6.1 managed to catch Jackson off guard, sending him flying towards the ropes. On the rebound, ‘Defective’ Marty Pratt swung his oversized pencil, connecting with a resounding WHAP to Jackson’s back. The crowd booed vehemently as Pratt theatrically attempted to ‘ERASE’ the stunned Tiger Jackson.

“Despicable!” Hall exclaimed. “We knew the Kabal would try something underhanded.”

“Unfortunately, it’s all part of the game when you’re facing Ultratron-6.1 and his cronies,” Thunderbolt sighed.

With Jackson reeling, Ultratron-6.1 seized the opportunity, lifting him up in a torturous grip and executing The Disintegrator with ruthless efficiency. He covered Jackson for the pinfall, and the referee counted—one, two, three.

“Ultratron-6.1 retains his spot in the Heartland Division,” announced Thunderbolt as the victor rose, circuits glowing with triumph. “And despite a valiant effort, Tiger Jackson will remain in the Non-Division.”

“Let’s hope Jackson can bounce back from this,” said Hall, empathy lacing his commentary. “No one deserves to go out like that.”

As the Kabal of Really Awful People celebrated their dubious victory, the crowd’s jeers filled the pavilion, a cacophony of disapproval for the treachery they’d witnessed. But amidst the chaos, Tiger Jackson’s spirit remained unbroken, promising another day, another fight.

MATCH #3-#2 vs. #3-WOMEN’S TAG TEAM: #2 The Working Girls vs. #3 The Rose Warriors
The Expo Square Pavilion thundered with anticipation as Heather Cooper, MVW’s embodiment of sultry elegance, took center stage. “Ladies and gentlemen,” her rich voice reverberated through the arena, “please welcome to the ring… Caroline Lewis and ‘Queen Cool’ Leah Iris… The Working Girls!”

“Ah Leah” by Donnie Iris filled the pavilion, capturing the essence of old-school wrestling nostalgia. Caroline Lewis, the former Hooter’s waitress known for her power moves, led the way with a determined stride, her theme song pulsating through the crowd. Leah Iris, cool as ice yet sharp as a tack in the ring, followed suit, both women ready to stake their claim in this pivotal match.

“Next,” continued Cooper, her tone rising with excitement, “making their way to the ring, hailing respectively from Sioux City, Iowa, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania… Geena the Warrior Princess and Eliza Rose… The Rose Warriors!”

“Theme from Xena Warrior Princess” heralded Geena’s entrance, a fittingly heroic anthem for such an imposing figure, while “Load Up the Bases” by Whiskey Falls complemented Eliza Rose’s athletic prowess as they approached the squared circle to cheers from the fans.

“Rick, this isn’t just any contenders’ match,” Thunderbolt Smith said as the teams prepared for battle. “With McLean Oswald out due to injury, tonight’s victors get a shot at the Women’s Tag Team Champions.”

“Absolutely, Thunderbolt,” Hall interjected, his voice laced with enthusiasm. “This is huge! The Working Girls and The Rose Warriors are about to leave it all in the ring for a chance at the gold!”

Referee Bailey Jenkins conducted the pre-match check with meticulous care, ensuring fairness in this high-stakes encounter. As the bell rang, the match erupted into a fierce display of athleticism.

The Rose Warriors executed their strategy with precision, tagging in and out with seamless coordination. Their fresh fighter always kept the pressure on Leah Iris, who found herself trapped in their corner, isolated from her partner. Geena, tall and powerful, loomed over Iris, setting up for her devastating Reverse Brainbuster.

But the Pittsburgh native displayed her technical prowess, slipping from Geena’s grasp in a move that embodied fluidity and experience. With a burst of energy, Iris lunged across the ring and slapped the outstretched hand of Caroline Lewis.

“The hot tag!” Hall shouted, barely able to contain his excitement. “Here comes C.J. Lewis!”

The Conway, New Hampshire native stormed into the ring like a whirlwind. Her strength was on full display as she laid into Geena with a series of hard-hitting clotheslines. Then, turning her attention to Eliza Rose, who had entered the fray, Lewis hoisted her up and, with a heave of power, sent Rose sailing over the top rope to the outside.

“Caroline Lewis is cleaning house, Thunderbolt!” exclaimed Hall as the crowd roared in approval.

“Queen Cool” and “Former Hooter’s Waitress” stood tall in the ring, their eyes fixed on the prize: a title opportunity against Jill Berg Enterprises. This was old-school professional wrestling at its finest—raw determination, skillful execution, and the unyielding spirit of competition driving every moment in the ring.

Iris and Lewis had taken control, their synergy undeniable as they executed a textbook tag team strategy against The Rose Warriors.

“Look at this teamwork, Thunderbolt!” Rick Hall’s voice thundered over the broadcast. “The Working Girls are operating like a well-oiled machine!”

Indeed, The Working Girls had found their rhythm, trading places with smooth tags and keeping their opponents on the defense. But the tide of battle is ever fickle, and soon Geena the Warrior Princess and Eliza Rose clawed back the momentum.

Eliza Rose, with her youthful exuberance and athletic prowess, lined up for her signature move. She swung mightily for her Louisville Slugger finisher, but Iris—nimble and alert—dodged at the last possible second.

“Missed by a country mile!” Hall exclaimed as the crowd gasped.

With the agility that earned her the moniker “Queen Cool,” Iris seized the opportunity. She hooked Eliza into position and delivered the punishing Pittsburgh Plunge. The crowd erupted as she went for the cover, but their cheers turned to boos when Geena dove into the fray, breaking the count just before the referee’s hand struck down for three.

“Chaos in the ring, Thunderbolt! All four women are going at it!” Hall narrated the pandemonium.

Referee Bailey Jenkins struggled to restore order, but it was the heart and grit of Leah Iris that shined through. She battled valiantly, seeking an opening to tag in her powerhouse partner. Each attempt was thwarted by the relentless Rose Warriors until, with a desperate surge, Iris slid between Geena’s legs and reached out to slap the hand of Caroline Lewis.

“Here comes ‘Former Hooter’s Waitress’ C.J. Lewis!” Thunderbolt Smith bellowed as Lewis entered the fray.

With ferocity in her eyes and strength in her limbs, Lewis wasted no time. She grabbed Eliza Rose and launched her over the top rope to the unforgiving floor outside. The crowd roared, sensing the end was near.

“Caroline has Geena!” Hall’s voice pitched higher. “She’s setting up for the Last Round!”

With expert precision, Lewis spun Geena around and connected with the devastating Last Round. She dropped onto Geena for the cover, hooking the leg as the referee slid into position.

“1… 2… 3! It’s over!” Smith announced triumphantly.

Kellie Interviews The Working Girls
The pavilion resonated with cheers as The Working Girls were declared the victors, earning their title shot against Jill Berg Enterprises. Kellie Burkowski slipped into the ring, microphone in hand, ready to capture the moment.

“Caroline, Leah, congratulations!” Kellie began, her blue eyes reflecting the jubilation around them. “You’re moving forward to face Jill Berg Enterprises. How do you feel?”

Caroline Lewis, sweat glistening on her brow, caught her breath before speaking. “Kellie, it’s one more step forward. Jill Berg Enterprises, they’re tough, we know that. But we… we work hard for every victory,” she said, a nod to their entrance theme still echoing in the air.

“Queen Cool” Leah Iris, still catching her breath from the physical contest, added, “We’ve got Spring Fling in two weeks, Kellie. An eight-woman tag match. That’s our focus now. And come April 6th in Hastings?” She paused, a smile spreading across her lips. “Jill Berg Enterprises better be ready to work, because we won’t stop until those titles are ours.”

As their music hit again, Lewis and Iris stood tall in the center of the ring, their arms raised in triumph. Tonight, The Working Girls had outlasted, outsmarted, and outworked their opposition, and in doing so, had taken another crucial step towards championship gold.

MAIN EVENT-#2 vs. #3 WOMEN’S DIVISION: #2 Yosemite Samantha vs. #3 Shizuko Yamazaki
The Expo Square Pavilion was alive with anticipation as Heather Cooper, MVW’s sultry ring announcer with the bewitching brown eyes, took her position in the center of the squared circle. “Ladies and gentlemen,” her voice rang out, smooth as velvet yet carrying an edge that sliced through the crowd’s chatter, “it is now time for our main event of the evening!”

“Introducing first,” she continued, a sense of ceremony imbuing each syllable, “from Osaka, Japan, weighing in at 125 pounds, she is ‘The Shadow Warrior’—Shizuko Yamazaki!” The arena lights dimmed save for a solitary spotlight that traced the path of the martial arts maven as she made her stoic march to the ring. The air was thick with focus, her expression betraying nothing of her strategy or thoughts.

“Her opponent,” Heather’s voice soared again, “from Dodge City, Kansas, weighing in at 105 pounds, she is the roughest, toughest, rootinest, shootinest cowgirl who ever crossed the Rio Grande—Yosemite Samantha!” As Metallica’s “Moth to a Flame” blared through the speakers, a firecracker burst onto the stage. Yosemite Samantha exuded wild energy, her compact frame bristling with aggression as she stormed down to the ring, eyes locked on her Japanese adversary.

“Long Haul” Rick Hall’s voice boomed over the broadcast, “Folks, this is high stakes wrestling at its best! The winner tonight gets a shot at Victoria McGill for the number one contender spot!”

The bell rang, and Yosemite Samantha exploded into action like a cannonball shot across the prairie. She unleashed a torrent of hard-hitting strikes that left Yamazaki reeling, the cowgirl’s relentless assault epitomizing the roughneck brawling style she was infamous for.

But as the match wore on, Shizuko found herself repeatedly driven back, her usually precise offense scattered by the ferocity of Samantha’s attack. The crowd roared as Yosemite Samantha cornered her prey, but Yamazaki, ever the warrior, rolled out to the floor, desperately trying to regain her bearings and craft a new approach against her unrelenting foe.

“Yosemite Samantha ain’t giving an inch here, Thunderbolt,” Rick commented, as they watched Yosemite Samantha maintain control.

“Absolutely right, Rick. But if anyone can turn the tide, it’s the master of martial arts, Shizuko Yamazaki,” Thunderbolt Smith replied.

Back in the ring, Yosemite Samantha continued her dominance, but Yamazaki showed glimpses of her resilience, slipping in a couple of well-timed submission holds that momentarily slowed the cowgirl’s momentum.

“See there! That’s the technical prowess of Yamazaki coming into play,” Hall noted.

But just as quickly as she had been subdued, Yosemite Samantha broke free and revved up for her signature Shotgun Knee/Cannonball combo. The crowd held its breath, sensing the end near—but no! Yamazaki sidestepped at the last moment, sending Samantha crashing into the turnbuckles.

In a flash, ‘The Shadow Warrior’ struck. She executed a flawless Floatover DDT, driving Yosemite Samantha’s head into the mat with precision force. The pin was academic: one, two, three, and the Pavilion erupted with cheers.

“Unbelievable! What a comeback!” shouted Thunderbolt as Yamazaki rose to her feet, the victor. “Shizuko Yamazaki will meet Victoria McGill next Tuesday night!”

As the show reached its crescendo, Shizuko Yamazaki ascended the turnbuckle, posing for the fans whose cheers washed over her like a conquering hero’s welcome. She had weathered the storm, her spirit unbroken, her resolve stronger than ever. And as MVW’s Six-O-Five show came to a close, it was ‘The Shadow Warrior’, standing tall, poised for the next battle in her storied career.

-(Non-Division Champion) Ninja Kitty defeated (#5 ranked contender-Women’s Heartland Division) Savannah Smith at 7:20 to earn promotion to the Heartland Division; Smith is relegated to the Women’s Non-Division.
-(#5 contender-Men’s Heartland Division) Ultratron-6.1 defeated (Non-Division Champion) Tiger Jackson at 5:52 to remain in the Heartland Division; Jackson stays in the Men’s Non-Division.
-#2 The Working Girls (Caroline Lewis and ‘Queen Cool’ Leah Iris defeated #3 The Rose Warriors (Geena the Warrior Princess and Eliza Rose) at 12:15 in a Women’s Tag Team #2 vs. #3 contender’s match.
-#3 ‘The Shadow Warrior’ Shizuko Yamazaki defeated #2 Yosemite Samantha at 7:08 in a Women’s #2 vs. #3 contender’s match

March 19th – CEFCU Arena / Normal, IL
-#2 vs. #3-MEN’S TAG TEAM DIVISION: #2 Surf Express Bro vs. #3 The Alabama Gang
#2 vs. #3-MEN’S DIVISION:  #2 Adam Ellis vs. #3 Ricky Stevens
-WOMEN’S HEARTLAND TITLE: Kirsten Canfield © vs. #1 TBD
-MEN’S HEARTLAND TITLE: Absolute Zero © vs. #1 TBD
-NON-TITLE: Women’s Tag Team Champion Jill Berg Enterprises vs. #3 TBD
-NON-TITLE: Women’s Champion Jennifer Colton vs. #3 TBD
-MEN’S TAG TEAM TITLE: The Stevens Dynasty © vs. #1 No Quarter
‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson © vs. #1 Luke Woods

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