3/5-Wrestling Night in the Heartland on HOTv


Cue the pyro…

Missouri Valley Wrestling
Wrestling Night in the Heartland
Landon Arena
Topeka, Kansas
Tuesday March 5th, 2024

Announcers: Thunderbolt Smith and ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall

Backstage Interviewer: Kellie Burkowski

Ring Announcer: Heather Cooper



The roar of the crowd cascaded over the Landon Arena as Thunderbolt Smith’s steady voice welcomed viewers at home and fans in attendance to an electrifying evening of grapples and grips.

Thunderbolt Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Wrestling Night in the Heartland, right here in Topeka, Kansas!

His partner in commentary, ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall, couldn’t help but let his excitement bubble.

‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall: That’s right, Thunderbolt, it’s a sizzler tonight, folks! Three title matches on the line tonight and another big crowd for a live MVW show.

Thunderbolt continued with his calm demeanor, balancing out Hall’s fervor.

Thunderbolt: Absolutely, Rick.  We’re looking at a night filled with high stakes… Jill Berg Enterprises defends the MVW Women’s Tag Team Title, Victoria McGill of Jill Berg Enterprises defends the MVW Women’s Title, and words I never thought I’d ever say, Jace Parker Davidson… The VILLAIN of HOW himself…

Rick: The King of Everything.

Thunderbolt: JPD is here tonight to defend High Octane Wrestling’s LSD Title against one of our own… Captain Jack.

Rick: Yeah.  Captain Jack is coming off a tough loss over the weekend to ‘The New Age Cybertronic Criminally Insane Rogue Sentient Robot Wrestling Machine’ Ultratron-6.1 and was relegated out of the Men’s Heartland Division to the Men’s Non-Division.  But tonight, he has a chance of a lifetime… to share a ring with HOW Hall of Fame wrestler Jace Parker Davidson and go for HOW’s LSD Title.

Thunderbolt: Real quick, let’s run down our other matches tonight.

Rick: We’ve got TWO number one contender’s matches for you all tonight.  No Quarter will take on the stoner boys from Idaho Surf Express Bro in a Men’s Tag Team #1 contender’s match.  And then Adam Ellis takes on the Sports Entertainment Corporation’s Luke Woods in a Men’s #1 contender’s match.

Thunderbolt: Okay… we’ve set the stage.  We’re going to take an early commercial break her and come back with our first match of the night.  We’ll be right back.

High Octane Wrestling

Back from commercial break…

Thunderbolt: All right, Heather Cooper is in the ring and we are ready for our first match of the night.

MATCH #1-MEN’S TAG TEAM #1 CONTENDER’S MATCH: No Quarter vs. Surf Express Bro
As the camera panned across the sea of eager faces, the focus shifted to the center of the ring where Heather Cooper commanded the stage in a shimmering emerald gown, her mic held confidently in one hand. All eyes were drawn to her as she began to speak.

Her sultry tones floated through the arena…

Heather Cooper: Ladies and gentlemen… our first match tonight will a Men’s Tag Team #1 Contender’s match with…

Crowd: ONE FALL!

Heather: Introducing first, making their way to the ring… BOWIE ABRAMS… BRADLEE NELSON… THEY ARE SURF EXPRESS BRO!

The opening guitar riff of Poison’s “Ain’t Nothing but a Good Time” blared through the speakers, and the fans erupted into cheers as the fun-loving duo emerged, riding the wave of their infectious energy down the aisle. They slapped high-fives with the fans, embodying the spirit of reckless abandon.

Surf Express Bro: Bowie Abrams and Bradlee Nelson

Heather: And their opponents…

No sooner had the last chord faded than Blues Saracino’s “Kicking and Screaming” replaced it, signaling the arrival of No Quarter. Bracken Krueger, the towering ‘Lakeshore Leviathan’, strode out with purpose, flanked by ‘The Texas Technician’, Daryn Thompson.


The intense gazes of both Krueger and Thompson contrasted sharply with the laid-back demeanor of their opponents.

Thunderbolt: The winner of this match challenges The Stevens Dynasty for the MVW Tag Team title two weeks from tonight in Normal, Illinois.

Rick:  Thunderbolt, No Quarter want so badly to get a piece of The Stevens Dynasty for what they did to win the belts.  But… Surf Express Bro have also had their issues with the tag team champions.  This should be a very competitive match.

Thunderbolt: Referee Ron Martin is ready to call for the bell to get this match underway.

Heather Cooper: YOUR WINNER AT 13:53… NO QUARTER!

Thunderbolt: All right.  It’s going to happen… two weeks from tonight.  No Quarter versus The Stevens Dynasty and…

Suddenly, the lights flickered and dimmed, signaling the arrival of none other than ‘The Sports Entertainment Genius and Raconteur of Road Rage’ Triple R. With an enraged look on his face, he made his way to the ring accompanied by his cohorts Gator Bates and The Alabama Kid.

Thunderbolt: Uh oh…

Rick: Last week, Triple R was upset with Surf Express Bro for ‘going into business for themselves’ in their win over Bates and The Alabama Kid.

Thunderbolt: Here we go!

Triple R wasted no time in launching a vicious attack on Surf Express Bro. Bates and The Alabama Kid mercilessly pummeled Surf Express Bro.

Thunderbolt: We’ve got chaos erupting on the floor!

Rick: This is not good.

Just when it seemed like all hope was lost for Surf Express Bro, No Quarter ran the ropes and leapt through the ropes and speared both Bates and The Alabama Kid to even the odds against Triple R and their allies.

Thunderbolt: No Quarter coming to their aid.

The two sides clashed in a brutal brawl that had the entire audience on their feet, cheering and jeering with every blow.

Rick: Now it’s the SEC who are reeling back.

But before anyone could catch their breath, The Outlaw’s “Ghost Riders in the Sky’ blares.

Thunderbolt: The music….


The Stevens Dynasty: Bo and George Stevens with Cary Stevens

MVW Tag Team Champions themselves, The Stevens Dynasty. Bo, George, and Ricky Stevens stormed into the ring, their eyes blazing with determination as they set their sights on No Quarter.

The four teams battled ferociously, each one trying to gain the upper hand in this chaotic showdown. It was clear that tensions had reached a boiling point between these rival factions and there would be no backing down.

As bodies flew and fists flew, it was impossible to predict who would come out on top in this ultimate clash of egos and power struggles. But one thing was certain – this war was far from over.

Thunderbolt: MVW Security is headed down to put an end to this.  Let’s take a commercial break and we’ll be back with more after this.


Kellie Burkowski Interviews Adam Ellis
Kellie Burkowski brings in Adam Ellis right before his match against Luke Woods.

Kellie: Adam. Any last words before you go to the ring?

Adam Ellis: Kellie, tonight, it’s not just about a match. It’s about standing up to bullies like Bill Dickinson and The Alabama Gang. It’s about showing them that I won’t back down, that I won’t let them intimidate us.”

Ellis clenched his fists, the veins in his arms bulging.

Adam Ellis: It’s bigger than us – it’s about doing what’s right.

Dawn McGill, standing by his side, nodded in agreement.  She added with a calm yet firm tone…

Dawn McGill: Remember, Adam, first things first – Luke Woods is your target tonight. Take him down and show everyone that you’re ready to take on anyone who stands in your way.

Ellis looked at McGill with gratitude in his eyes before turning back to face the camera.

Adam: Thanks Dawn.  Yes, I will do whatever it takes to win tonight and send a message to The Alabama Gang.

Ellis and McGill then walked towards the curtain leading to the entrance ramp.

Kellie: Back to you Thunderbolt.

Cut back to the broadcast table.

Thunderbolt: Thanks Kellie.  This should be a good one.

Rick: Thunderbolt, it should be.  But we’ll have to see where Adam Ellis’s mind is.  He took a tough loss Friday night at PRIME to Harley Walker and he hasn’t won a match at PRIME since late 2023.  We’ll see how he fares tonight.

Thunderbolt: All right, Heather Cooper is in the ring and ready to go.

MATCH #2-MEN’S #1 CONTENDER’S MATCH: Adam Ellis vs. Luke Woods
The camera cut to the vibrant ring where Heather Cooper’s sultry voice once again filled the arena.

Heather: Ladies and gentlemen, our next match is a Men’s Division #1 contender’s match and will be…

Crowd: ONE FALL!

Heather: Introducing first, accompanied by the ‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ and the ‘Raconteur of Road Rage’ Triple R along with the ‘Mouthpiece of the SEC’ Phil Feinbaum… PLEASE WELCOME… LUKE… WOODS!”

Luke Woods with ‘The Sports Entertainment Genius and Racontuer of Road Rage’ Triple R

The generic upbeat music could barely compete with the chorus of boos as Woods, flanked by the calculating Triple R and mouthpiece Feinbaum, confidently strode to the ring. The Corporate Sports(entertainment) Programming Nation aka…CSPN, film crew hustled behind them, capturing every swaggering step.

Heather: And his opponent…

Then, the mood shifted palpably as Garrett Biggs’ “Cheers to the Beers” hit the speakers, and out walked Adam Ellis, Dawn McGill by his side, both exuding an aura of defiance that resonated with the crowd.

Heather: Accompanied to the ring tonight by Dawn McGill… please welcome… ADAM… ELLIS!

Adam Ellis with Dawn McGill

Adam and Dawn made their way to the ring, ready for battle, the match teetering on the edge of commencement.


Thunderbolt: Luke Woods is the new #1 contender for the MVW Title and he will face ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson for the belt in two weeks.

Rick: Unlucky for Adam Ellis as he got tossed out of the ring where Triple R and Feinbaum were.

Post-match, the victor’s celebration was short-lived—Triple R and Phil Feinbaum rejoiced with Luke Woods in the center of the ring, their grins as wide as the title belt they flaunted. But outside the ropes, a different story unfolded.

Thunderbolt: Hold on… something’s going on.

Adam Ellis, who’d just been counted out, found himself embroiled in a ringside ambush. ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson, along with R.G. Jenkins and Mark Hendry, attacked with predatory zeal. The Alabama Gang’s relentless onslaught was a blur of fists and boots, seeking to decimate Ellis under the harsh arena lights.


As the SEC got out of Dodge and retreated to the back, an avenging shadow emerged—Dawn McGill. Like a tempest, she flew around the corner, kendo stick in hand, and with a resounding *TWHACK*, she struck Dickinson across the back.


The crowd erupted as the echo of wood on flesh reverberated throughout the Landon Arena.

The Kentucky Redneck Mafia: Cletus T. Johnson and Enos T. Johnson


No sooner had Dickinson howled in pain than Dawn’s other clients… Cletus T. Johnson and Enos T. Johnson of the Kentucky Redneck Mafia charged down the ramp. They entered the fray with haymaker punches aimed at Jenkins and Hendry, their retribution swift and merciless.

Thunderbolt: It’s pandemonium!

Rick: It’s an all-out war here in Topeka!

The scene closed with the Alabama Gang retreating, nursing their wounds, as Dawn McGill stood tall, her kendo stick raised high in solidarity with the fallen Ellis, and the Johnsons patrolled the ringside area, guardians against any further treachery.

Thunderbolt: Again, MVW Security is on their way to sort this out.  Let’s go to Kellie Burkowski again.

Kellie Interviews Jennifer Colton
Backstage, the tension was palpable as Kellie Burkowski stood by with a resolute Jennifer Colton. The grit in Colton’s eyes spoke volumes, and flanked by the stoic presences of RIA and Miranda DC, she exuded a confidence that could not be shaken.

Kellie: Jennifer, tonight you get another shot at Victoria McGill.

Jennifer Colton: Kellie, tonight’s the night. I’ve waited for this moment, trained for this battle, and it all comes down to one match. Victoria McGill, Jill Berg Enterprises… you may think you’ve got all the corporate power in the world, but out there in the ring, it’s just you and me.

Kellie: But it hasn’t been just you and Victoria in the ring.  Jill Berg Enterprises has constantly interfered in your matches with her.

She leaned in closer, intensity burning through the camera lens.

Jennifer: That’s why tonight I’ve got my own backup watching my six.

RIA and Miranda DC both nod and fist bump behind her.

Jennifer:  So Tori, get ready. Because tonight, I’m taking back what’s mine- the MVW Women’s Title.

The trio depart leaving Kellie to finish up the segment.

Kellie: There you have it.  Jennifer Colton thinks she has the numbers game evened up.

Jill Berg Enterprises Segment
The scene transitioned smoothly from Colton’s fiery determination to the sleek decor of the JBE suite. There, the CEO herself, Jill Berg, stood amidst the grandeur of her enterprise’s success, her expression cool and collected.

Jill Berg: Tonight…

Berg’s voice was smooth as silk yet firm as steel.

Jill: …is a showcase of precision and excellence. Sheline Carrigan and Madison Miller will do what they do best… defend their titles with the unmatched prowess that only Jill Berg Enterprises can provide.  Sorry Laney and McLean… there will be no underdog story tonight.  Carrigan and Miller will get the job done.

She paused, a sly smile creeping across her face.

Jill: And as for Victoria’s match against Jennifer Colton tonight… well, Tori’s the embodiment of our corporate philosophy. She fights not just to win, but to dominate.

Tori nods and warms up behind her.  Berg looked directly into the camera, her eyes gleaming with confidence.

Jill: So remember always… Jill Berg Enterprises means business!

Cut back to the broadcast table…

Thunderbolt: All right, more action for you after these commercial messages.

Sanctioned Violence Organization

Thunderbolt: It’s time for our first title match of the night.  Heather Cooper, take it away.

MATCH #3-WOMEN’S TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Jill Berg Enterprises © vs. Laney Harrison and McLean Oswald
The scene shifted again, now to the roaring crowd within the Landon Arena. Heather Cooper, ever the vision of sultry professionalism, took center stage in the ring, her voice cutting through the din.

Heather: Ladies and gentlemen… our next match will be…

Crowd: ONE FALL!

Heather: …and it will be for the MVW Women’s Tag Team Title. Introducing first, the challengers…

Heather gestured towards the entrance ramp where Laney Harrison and McLean Oswald emerged to an eruption of cheers.


Laney Harrison and McLean Oswald

Determination etched on their youthful faces, they sprinted down towards the squared circle, sliding under the bottom rope with high-flying agility.

Heather: And their opponents…

Suddenly, a series of resounding THUMP, THUMP, THUMP-THUMP-THUMP echoed throughout the arena. The camera shifted its focus to the stage, where Jill Berg, CEO of Jill Berg Enterprises, confidently strode out with her security detail flanking her on either side.

The crowd erupted into a cacophony of cheers and jeers as she made her way down the ramp, her eyes locked onto the ring like a predator stalking its prey.  With each step, Jill exuded power and control, her gaze never wavering as she climbed into the ring.

Heather: Representing Jill Berg Enterprises, your MVW Women’s Tag Team Champions… ‘THE CANADIAN CYBORG’ SHELINE CARRIGAN… AND MADISON MILLER!

The arena’s energy hit a fever pitch as the two champions, embodiments of physical perfection and tactical acumen, marched to the ring with gold glinting around their waists. They climbed onto the apron, stepping over the top rope with a grace that belied their powerful forms, ready to defend their claim to wrestling supremacy.

Thunderbolt: JBE versus Harrison and Oswald.

Rick: Thunderbolt, these two teams met four weeks ago and JBE won handily.  Tonight, they go again.  Do not sleep on Laney Harrison and McLean Oswald.  They could pull this off.

Thunderbolt: Referee Bailey Jenkins is ready and this match is about to get under way.


In the ring, Jill Berg, the embodiment of corporate ambition, raised the arms of Carrigan and Miller high. Their victory was absolute, their dominance under the JBE banner unquestionable. Flashbulbs popped around the arena as they stood triumphant, an unbreakable unit forged in the fires of competition.

Thunderbolt: Big win tonight for Jill Berg Enterprises.

Rick: Absolutely, Thunderbolt.  But let’s not forget, this was essentially a handicap match after McLean Oswald’s injury took her out of the equation.

Thunderbolt: That is true.  Medical attention is being given to Oswald who’s still down in the ring.

As the screen faded to commercial amidst the resounding boos and scattered applause, the atmosphere was thick with the drama that had just unfolded.

Thunderbolt: Back after these messages.

SHOOT Project

Kellie Updates the McLean Oswald Injury Situation
Back from the break, Kellie Burkowski appeared on screen, her expression somber as she updated the audience on the condition of McLean Oswald.

Kellie: McLean is being taken to the hospital for a significant injury.

In the background, the ambulance lights painted the night in urgent flashes of red and white as it made its departure, carrying away the fallen athlete.

Kellie: I imagine, MVW Owners Ray McAvay and Joe Bergman may have additional information on her injury during the media scrum after the show.

Cut back to the broadcast table…

Thunderbolt: Thanks Kellie.  We’ve got the HOW LSD Title match coming up.  Let’s hear from the challenger Captain Jack.

(VIDEO: Saturday Night-MVW House Show in Emporium, Kansas… Backstage Saturday night)
Captain Jack stands against a wall with a MVW banner behind it.  Next to him, his faithful First Mate Elizabeth Swayne.  Captain Jack wears a black bandana covering his head with a bushy black beard, black wrestling pants, and black boots.

And by his side, Elizabeth, wearing a pirate’s hat, jacket, and shirt and a pair of jeans cut off at the knees.  Her blonde hair shimmered under the stage lights.

Captain Jack: Jace Parker Davidson versus Captain Jack.  A battle between two dishonest men.  Now, you can trust a dishonest man because you can always trust them to be dishonest. You can mistrust me less than you can mistrust him. 

Captain Jack grins.

Captain Jack: Trust me…

Elizabeth nods.

Captain Jack: I’m aware that no one gives me much of a chance to win Tuesday night.  Well, Captain Jack has never played by the rules.  The only rules that matter are what a man can do and what a man can’t do.  What I know is this… Tuesday night will be the night that Jace Parker Davidson can say he almost defeated Captain Jack!

Captain Jack holds up a bottle of rum and drinks from it.

Thunderbolt: Okay.   Let’s go to Heather Cooper in the ring.

MATCH #4-HIGH OCTANE WRESTLING LSD TITLE MATCH: Jace Parker Davidson © vs. Captain Jack w/Elizabeth Swayne
Ring announcer Heather Cooper commands the spotlight, standing tall in the center of the ring. The arena buzzes with excitement as she struts in, her sparkly sequined dress hugging her curves and reflecting the vibrant lights.

Heather Cooper: Ladies and gentlemen… our next match will be…

Crowd: ONE FALL!

All eyes are on Heather, dressed to impress in her showstopping outfit that exudes confidence and charisma.

Heather Cooper: …and it will be for the High Octane Wrestling LSD Title!   Introducing the challenger…

The opening notes of “Captain Jack” by Billy Joel blast through the speakers, igniting the crowd into a wild frenzy.

Thunderbolt Smith: Here we go.

Suddenly, in a burst of smoke and flashing lights, Captain Jack makes his grand entrance onto the stage, flanked by the stunning Elizabeth Swayne. With an air of theatricality befitting his larger-than-life persona, he struts down the ramp, basking in the adoration of his loyal fans wearing a black bandana covering his head with a bushy black beard, black wrestling pants, and black boots.

Captain Jack with Elizabeth Swayne

And by his side, Elizabeth matches his every step with grace and poise, her sparkling dress shimmering under the stage lights. Together, they exude a magnetic charisma that captivates the entire audience – a true showman and his radiant leading lady.

With an air of theatricality befitting his larger-than-life persona, he struts down the ramp, basking in the adoration of his loyal fans.

And by his side, Elizabeth matches his every step with grace and poise, wearing a pirate’s hat, jacket, and shirt and a pair of jeans cut off at the knees.  Her blonde hair shimmered under the stage lights.

Heather Cooper: Making their way to the ring, accompanied by Elizabeth Swayne… weighing in at 195 pounds, from Duck Key, Florida- Captain Jack!”

The raucous cheers and chants of the crowd were deafening as Captain Jack swaggered up the steel steps, a smirk on his face as he acknowledged his adoring fans. The thunderous chorus of Billy Joel’s “Captain Jack” filled the arena, fueling the frenzy in the stands.

Thunderbolt Smith: Captain Jack coming down for the biggest match of his career.

Rick Hall: Amazing.  Thunderbolt, this is a match written right out of a Rocky movie.  Three nights ago, Captain Jack lost a promotion/relegation match to Ultratron-6.1 and dropped down to the Men’s Non-Division.  Tonight, he’s been chosen to take on Jace Parker Davidson and take his chance at shocking the wrestling world.


…the music cuts, the lights in the arena go pitch black, and the audience is lit up by thousands of lights from phones being held in the air.

We don’t need no heroes
I’ma keep killin’
I’m never forgivin’
‘Cause I’ma, I’ma

The sound of “VILLAIN” by Ekoh and Vin Jay blasts from the speaker system. The crowd begins a chorus of boos as smoke begins to build up on stage. HOW Hall of Famer Jace Parker Davidson makes his way out through the smoke.

Thunderbolt: Well, if you had on your pro wrestling bingo card that Jace Parker Davidson would not only show up at a MVW show but actually wrestle… you just won.

Rick: Thunderbolt, Jace Parker Davidson has been on the outs with Lee and Michael Best for awhile.  Now he’s the GM over at HOW after an unfortunate injury to Lee Best.

Thunderbolt: Which is how we ended up with this match.

Jace soaks in the hatred from the fans while covered in gold. The HOW LSD Championship belt is displayed around his waist. He extends his arms out wide and soaks in the hatred from the MVW faithful.

Now, you actin’ cool to my face
I know that they talkin’ ’bout me though
Breakin’ your back, like I’m Bane
Please don’t get all your blood, on my clothes

Heather Cooper: From Denver, Colorado, weighing in tonight at 253 lbs. He is a two-time HOW Hall of Famer. He is the greatest LSD Champion in HOW history. He is HOW General Manager, The Villain JACE PARKER DAVIDSON!

HOW LSD Champion
Jace Parker Davidson

Jace slowly makes his way up the steel ring steps and then slowly walks along the ring apron. Jace leans back against the ropes facing the crowd then lifts his Championship belt into the air as Pyro explodes from high above the ring.

This shit is comical
You ain’t no obstacle
I’m goin’ all in
And losin’ improbable
I am a deviant
Blood to the bones
And I’m not backing down
I have lost control

Jace lowers the title and then enters the ring. He makes his way to the nearest corner then climbs the turnbuckle and poses for the fans. Jace hops down off of the turnbuckle and begins to prepare himself for the match ahead.

Thunderbolt: All right. As Jace Parker Davidson gets ready for his title defense, referee Davey Keels will take charge of this match.

Keels, clad in the black-and-white stripes of authority, checks both competitors. He signals for the bell and the match begins.

Thunderbolt: And this match is underway.  

Davidson smirks, his eyes betraying a hint of disdain, as both men circle each other; Davidson’s posture exudes nonchalance, a clear underestimation of his adversary. Suddenly, Captain Jack lunges, seizing the initiative.

Thunderbolt: Lock-up. A twist of arms. Reversal. Captain Jack maneuvers Davidson down but he rolls up fluidly.

Rick: Good start by Captain Jack but the champion is no novice. Davidson quickly regains his footing with a scoff and the battle goes on.

Davidson seizes control with a series of moves. Neckbreaker—impact echoes. Suplex—body slams mat. Springboard cutter—audience gasps.

Thunderbolt: Beautiful springboard cutter by JPD.

Rick: Jace Parker Davidson is dismantling Captain Jack with clinical precision here.

Thunderbolt: Cover…



Thunderbolt: …but Captain Jack kicks out.

Davidson rolls him up again.



Thunderbolt: No!  Captain Jack kicks out again.

JPD pulls Captain Jack up…

Thunderbolt: Vertical suplex on the way…

Davidson holds Captain Jack in the air for several seconds before slamming him to the mat.

Rick: Got it!

Thunderbolt: Cover.





Rick: Thunderbolt, Captain Jack showing some resilience.  He refuses to stay down. One count, two count—kickout after kickout.

Davidson hauls him to his feet, a sneer forming.

Thunderbolt: He’s not going to give up that quickly… GREEN MIST!

Out of nowhere, JPD is blinded by a sudden green mist. The crowd erupts, their excitement palpable.


Rick: Davidson did not see that coming.  That’s a move he should have scouted and been ready for.

Capitalizing on the momentary chaos, Captain Jack executes a belly-to-belly suplex, flipping Davidson through the air. Without missing a beat, he follows with a back neckbreaker, driving him down with a vengeance.

Thunderbolt: Captain Jack covers!



Thunderbolt: No!  Davidson powers out.

Rick: This match has turned in favor of Captain Jack!

Thunderbolt: There’s frustration on Davidson’s face as he tries to scramble toward the apron.  Captain Jack is relentless… he drags him back by the ankle towards the center of the ring.

Davidson kicks free and escapes to the outside. He paces around the ringside area, arguing with himself until he comes to an immediate stop. The LSD Champion locks eyes with someone standing there in the front row.

Rick: Wait a minute! That’s HOW Hall of Famer Silent Witness! He’s here to watch Davidson defend the title!

Thunderbolt: Davidson doesn’t look happy at all that one of his rivals is standing right here in attendance.

Silent Witness has a smirk on his face and dares Jace to punch him. The distraction allows Captain Jack to slide out of the ring and send Davidson into the steel steps. The crowd roars as Captain Jack grabs hold of the LSD champion and rolls him back inside.

Rick: Davidson is reeling and Captain Jack has a chance to make history.

Captain Jack slides back inside and gets to his feet as Jace tries to gather himself.

Thunderbolt: Captain Jack spins Davidson around…. double axe handle smash to the spine.

Davidson crumples, the sound of flesh meeting flesh reverberating through the stunned audience.

Rick: Thunderbolt, JPD might be in a little trouble here!

Thunderbolt: Captain Jack going up top!

The air crackles with anticipation as Captain Jack ascends the ropes, his eyes blazing with the fire of newfound momentum. The crowd surges to its feet, a sea of anticipation for the spectacle to come.

Rick: He’s going for it!

Captain Jack perches atop the turnbuckle, steadies himself, and launches into the void… arcing gracefully through the air.

Thunderbolt: Shooting Star Press…

But when he lands, he finds JPD’s knees lifted in an act of defiance, meeting flesh with brutal precision.


Captain Jack crumples, his celestial flight grounded by the cold reality of Davidson’s defense.

Rick: Davidson scouted that move.

Davidson seizes the fleeting moment, yanking Captain Jack to his feet with predatory swiftness. A ripcord… an invitation to oblivion… followed by a clothesline that snaps Captain Jack’s head back sharply, like a whip cracking against the sky.

Thunderbolt: Nasty ripcord clothesline by Davidson.

The cover is immediate, a predator pouncing on prey.



Thunderbolt: Captain Jack gets the shoulder up.

The champion, resolute and methodical, rains down offense. Spear—a human missile. Canadian Destroyer—a whirlwind of devastation.

Thunderbolt: WOW!  That’s gotta do it!




Thunderbolt: NO!  Shoulder up!

Rick: How did he survive that?

Thunderbolt: Davidson hooks a leg and tries again.



Thunderbolt: SHOULDER UP!

Rick: Davidson’s circling him now like a shark scenting blood in the water.

JPD waits for Captain Jack to stagger upright.  Then…


Thunderbolt: SUPERKICK!

…he sends him crashing back down with a superkick that reverberates throughout the arena. The impact lingers in the air, a silent testament to Davidson’s power.

Thunderbolt: Is this it?



Thunderbolt: NO!

Rick: Another cover by Davidson, another desperate escape from Captain Jack!

Back elbow delivered with malice by Jace, a knee drop laden with intent.

Thunderbolt: Is THIS it?



Thunderbolt: NO!

Rick: The drumbeat of near falls continues relentlessly.

Thunderbolt: Davidson off the ropes.

Captain Jack finds a sliver of hope, dodging a fatal clothesline.

Thunderbolt: Captain Jack ducks under and… WHOA!

With the ferocity of a tempest, he unleashes a barrage of right hands, each one a declaration of his unyielding resolve.

Rick: He’s still fighting!

But Davidson counters with a low blow.

Thunderbolt: OHHHH!

JPD follows with a running clothesline driving Captain Jack face-first to the canvas.  Relentless, he drags Captain Jack up and slams his skull into the unforgiving steel of the top buckle.

Thunderbolt: Captain Jack’s staggered… ROLL UP!

A roll-up, tight and sudden…

…but no three-count follows.

Thunderbolt: Wait a minute?

Rick: Thunderbolt, look.

Elizabeth Swayne, ever watchful at ringside, has caught referee Davey Keels’ attention. Her distraction is timely, her presence an unspoken ally in Captain Jack’s corner.

Rick: Elizabeth Swayne just saved the match for Captain Jack… at least for the moment.

Davidson’s fury boils over, his eyes flashing betrayal as he realizes the count was broken not by Captain Jack’s fortitude, but by Elizabeth’s intervention. He shouts something at her and circles his prey, a predator’s gaze locked onto the wearied Captain Jack.

Thunderbolt: I think Captain Jack is running out of gas now.

With a sudden lurch, JPD pounces, arms hooking under Jack’s, hoisting him skyward for a moment that hangs eternal—then crashing down from a brutal elevated double arm DDT that shatters the canvas and Captain Jack’s defiance in equal measure.


Rick: I think it’s game over now.

“Jack! Get up!” Elizabeth Swayne’s voice pierces the clamor, her scream a rallying cry amidst the sea of spectators. Desperation etched upon her face, she wills her charge to rise from the ashes of defeat.

Captain Jack, spent, his body a map of torment, obliges with the heart of ten men. Shaking, he claws back to all fours, his spirit unbroken but his frame screaming surrender.

Thunderbolt: Davidson’s measuring him and I think we all know what comes next.

Davidson stands back, an executioner awaiting the final act. He measures, waits, then strikes—Bend the Knee. The curb stomp is a cruel exclamation point, the full stop to a grueling sentence. Captain Jack collapses, his odyssey at its end.

Thunderbolt: BEND THE KNEE!

Rick: It’s definitely game over now.

Keels slides into position, hand slapping the mat with the inexorable rhythm of time running out.



Three… the sound echoes like thunder, finality ringing in Captain Jack’s ears.


Thunderbolt: And that’s it!

Heather Cooper rolls back into the ring to make it all official.


With Ekoh & Vin Jay’s “VILLAIN” blaring, Keels hoists his arm aloft, muscles straining in triumph. The LSD title belt gleams as it returns to its master, Davidson’s reign unchallenged, his conquest complete.

Thunderbolt: Captain Jack gave it his best shot.

Rick: Thunderbolt, the odds were stacked against Captain Jack but he came out and put up a fight.  The green mist was his chance to pull off what would have been one of the biggest upsets in pro wrestling history but Jace Parker Davidson is Jace Parker Davidson.

Davidson raises the LSD Championship high into the air but doesn’t see Witness hop the guardrail and slide into the ring behind him. The LSD Legend spins Jace around and lunges at him. Davidson staggers backward from shock and drops the LSD title. Witness picks up the belt and looks down at it as the crowd is buzzing.

Thunderbolt: Could we see these two go at it right here tonight?

Jace steps forward and shoves Witness with both hands before snatching back the LSD championship. Davidson points an index finger in the face of Silent Witness while threatening him. The LSD Legend just smirks and then makes a title belt gesture around his waist. The HOW General Manager flips off Witness and then exits the ring with his title.

Thunderbolt: Things are heating up both here in MVW and in HOW. Now that all the title belts in HOW being able to travel, there is no telling what we can see happen here in an MVW ring.  We’ve got our main event coming up after these commercial messages.

Upcoming House Shows
March 8th – Martinsville High School Gym / Martinsville, IN
March 9th –  Athletics-Recreation Center / Valparaiso, IN
March 10th – Northern Indiana Event Center / Elkhart, IN
March 15th – Clinton High School Gymnasium / Clinton, OK
March 16th – Expo Square Pavilion / Tulsa, OK
March 19th – CEFCU Arena / Normal, IL
March 22nd – Benton Civic Center / Benton, IL
March 23rd – Decatur Civic Center / Decatur, IL
March 24th – Thornton Gymnasium / Aurora, IL
March 30th – Spring Fling – Lake of the Ozarks / Lake of the Ozarks, MO

Back from commercial…

Thunderbolt: All right.  Tonight, we saw No Quarter book their showdown with The Stevens Dynasty for the MVW Tag Team Title in two weeks.  The SEC’s Luke Woods scored a big win over Adam Ellis to reclaim the #1 contender’s spot and set up a match against ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson… also in two weeks.  Jill Berg Enterprises retained the MVW Women’s Tag Team Title earlier tonight over Laney Harrison and McLean Oswald.

Rick: And we just saw Jace Parker Davidson defeat Captain Jack to retain High Octane Wrestling’s LSD Title.

Thunderbolt: Alright folks, it’s time for the main event.

MAIN EVENT-WOMEN’S TITLE: Victoria McGill © vs. Jennifer Colton
He nodded to Heather Cooper, poised in the ring like a siren calling the warriors to battle. Her sultry voice cascaded through the arena.


The crowd stood up and cheered.

Heather: Introducing first, the challenger…

Jennifer Colton emerged, flanked by RIA and Miranda DC – a trio of defiance against the establishment.

Heather: She is accompanied to the ring tonight by RIA and Miranda DC… she is a former MVW Women’s Champion… PLEASE WELCOME… JENNIFER COLTON!

Jennifer Colton with RIA and Miranda DC

Their march to the ring was purposeful, a visual promise that tonight, history could be rewritten.

Heather: And their opponent…

Following their arrival, the familiar figure of Jill Berg reemerged with a series of resounding THUMP, THUMP, THUMP-THUMP-THUMP that echoed throughout the arena. Jill Berg confidently strode out with her security detail flanking her on either side.

Samantha Fish’s “Twisted Ambition” then began to play.

Heather: Accompanied by the CEO of Jill Berg Enterprises… Jill Berg… and Prisoner #034291… SHE IS THE MVW WOMEN’S CHAMPION… VICTORIA McGILL!

Victoria McGill

The crowd erupted into a cacophony of cheers and jeers as she escorted the MVW Women’s Champion Victoria McGill. The champion strode with the confidence of a reigning monarch, her title glistening in the spotlight.

Heather: Corrina Romanov will be your referee.

Thunderbolt: Well Rick… what do you think?

Rick: Short of getting Tori back inside a steel cage, this is probably the next best thing.

Thunderbolt: All right!  HERE WE GO FOR THE MVW WOMEN’S TITLE!

Romanov called for the bell, its sound echoing the beginning of a battle where legacies were at stake. The scene held there, the tension palpable, as two warriors stood ready to clash with the championship glory hanging in the balance.

Thunderbolt: Jennifer Colton was thrown out onto the floor by Victoria McGill.  Prisoner #034291 tried to interfere but Colton, with a burst of energy, sidestepped and tripped her up, sending the giant crashing to the floor.

Rick: Smart move by Colton there.  Quick thinking under pressure.

Suddenly, RIA and Miranda DC appeared like avenging angels, charging around the corner. Jill Berg, who had been orchestrating from ringside, turned just in time to see the duo launch themselves at her with the force of a freight train.

Thunderbolt: HERE THEY COME!



RIA and Miranda unleashed their fury and threw McGill into the unforgiving steel ring post.


McGill toppled back and landed on the mat.

Thunderbolt: She’s out, Rick.

Rick: I think she is, too.

RIA and Miranda DC then turn their wrath back onto Prisoner #034291. They stomped her mercilessly, ensuring she would not rise again to interfere.

Meanwhile, Colton seized the moment, dragging McGill’s dazed form back into the ring.


With precision and technique honed by countless hours of training, she locked in her signature submission hold – the Colton Clutch #2.

Thunderbolt: COLTON CLUTCH #2!

The crowd roared… on the edge of their seats… every eye fixed on the struggle of wills in the center of the ring. McGill’s efforts to escape proved futile; the pain and exhaustion were too much. Slowly, inevitably, she succumbed to the vice-like grip, her body going limp.

Rick: Can she hang on?

Corrina Romanov, after checking McGill’s condition, called for the bell.



A wave of shock and exhilaration rolled through the crowd as the realization set in and Heather Cooper rolled into the ring to make the final declaration.


Colton rose to her feet, her allies RIA and Miranda joining her in the ring. Together, they celebrated their victory, a trio of defiance that had toppled an empire.

In the background, McGill laid defeated, her reign ended.

Jill Berg and Prisoner #034291 remained motionless on the floor, casualties of the battle waged.


Rick: An incredible match, an incredible night.

Thunderbolt: Jennifer Colton has climbed the mountain here in the Heartland. This young woman’s grit and resilience have earned her the gold.

Rick: Absolutely, Thunderbolt. What a statement she’s made tonight. And what a show we’ve witnessed!

The screen faded to black, ending another memorable Wrestling Night in the Heartland.

-No Quarter defeated Surf Express Bro at 13:53 in a Men’s Tag Team #1 Contender’s Match
-Luke Woods of The Sports Entertainment Corporation defeated Adam Ellis at 4:14 in a Men’s #1 Contender’s Match
-Jill Berg Enterprises defeated Laney Harrison and McLean Oswald at 10:32 to retain the MVW Women’s Tag Team Title
-Jace Parker Davidson defeated Captain Jack at 12:38 to retain the High Octane Wrestling LSD Title match
-Jennifer Colton defeated Victoria McGill at 7:53 to become the new MVW Women’s Champion.

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