4/9-Wrestling Night in the Heartland on HOTv


Missouri Valley Wrestling
Wrestling Night in the Heartland
Hastings Civic Center
Hastings, Minnesota
Tuesday April 9th, 2024

Announcers: Thunderbolt Smith and ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall

Backstage Interviewer: Kellie Burkowski

Ring Announcer: Heather Cooper



“Hello and welcome to Wrestling Night in the Heartland!” Thunderbolt said beginning tonight’s show.  “We are live from the Hastings Civic Center tonight in Hastings, Minnesota.  I am Thunderbolt Smith.  He is ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall.”  He pointed over to Rick.

“Hey,” Rick deadpanned.

“Well,” Thunderbolt continued, “in the aftermath of the unprovoked attack by Drew Mitchell, HOW’s LSD Champion, on Adam Ellis this past Saturday night at MVW’s Award banquet, Mitchell and Ellis will meet right here… right now.”

“Thunderbolt, totally surprised at what happened Saturday night,” Hall commented. “Drew’s manager is Sunny O’Callahan who also happens to be the manager of MVW’s Alabama Gang.”

“Well, things between HOW and PRIME haven’t been right for quite a while.  There is some very bad blood between both companies and it’s a shame that MVW has indirectly been pulled into this.”  Thunderbolt paused for a second.  “But I’m sure we’ll hear more about this later.  Right now, let’s go to Heather Cooper in the ring for the match.”

MATCH #1-HOW vs. PRIME MATCH: Drew Mitchell vs. Adam Ellis
The charged atmosphere of the arena crackled with anticipation as Heather Cooper, her sultry voice resonating through the microphone, announced the arrival of HOW wrestler Drew Mitchell. The opening licks of Status Quo’s “Rockin’ All Over the World” blasted from the speakers, and the crowd erupted into a cacophony of cheers and jeers. Mitchell swaggered down the ramp, his youth and raw energy personified in each confident step. At 6’1″ and 225 pounds, the rookie was an impressive sight, and beside him, Sunny O’Callahan struggled to maintain the semblance of mentorship over the rowdy and untamed Brit.

Drew Mitchell
AGE: 21 / HT: 6’ 1” WT: 225 / HOME: Manchester, UK
ALIGN: Tweener / STYLE: Technical / FIN: Tenchi Crush

“Thunderbolt” Smith’s even-keeled voice cut through the noise. “There he is, folks, Drew Mitchell.  After what he pulled on Saturday night, Drew has got some explaining to do!”

“Right you are, Thunderbolt,” chimed in ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall, his tone betraying a hint of excitement. “But let’s not forget about the man he ambushed.”

Indeed, it was time for PRIME’s Adam Ellis to make his entrance. As Garrett Biggs’ “Mama Didn’t Raise No…” began its gritty intro, the contrast between the two fighters couldn’t be clearer. Stepping out into the limelight, Ellis was flanked by his wife, Ginny Van Lear, whose petite frame and fiery red hair were matched only by the determination in her eyes, even at five months pregnant. Dawn McGill followed closely, exuding a calm confidence as she settled into a ringside lounge chair, accompanied by three cabana boys who attended to her every need without missing a beat.

Adam Ellis
AGE: 24 / HT: 6’ 4” WT: 226 / HOME: Kansas City, MO
ALIGN: Face / STYLE: Technical / FIN: Goodnight Kiss (Superman Punch)

The tension rose exponentially as the two wrestlers stood face-to-face in the ring, their jawing quickly escalating into a heated verbal confrontation. It was a scene straight out of the old-school wrestling playbook – raw emotion, bitter rivalry, and the promise of an explosive showdown.

“Looks like they’re picking up right where they left off!” asserted Thunderbolt, the gravity of the situation not lost on him.

“Absolutely,” agreed Hall. “And look at Ginny Van Lear! She’s not one to back down, especially not to Sunny O’Callahan.”

Ginny’s sharp words cut through the air, her gaze locked onto Sunny as the two women traded barbs. But it was the sudden shove between Mitchell and Ellis that shifted the energy from tense to near chaos. Ginny, protective and fierce, reached into her purse and produced a Winchester model 70 shotgun, leveling it at the ring. The crowd gasped, the potential for violence hanging thickly in the air.

“Stop!” The commanding bellow silenced the arena as Ray McAvay, MVW’s majority owner, strode purposefully to the ring alongside minority owner Joe Bergman. With the authority of one who had seen it all, McAvay raised a hand. “Okay… enough! No. This is NOT going to happen.”

His voice was firm, brooking no argument as he continued. “I realize there’s some real bad blood between HOW and PRIME right now but let me make this clear…”

McAvay turned to the hard camera and pointed, “I am totally, 100%, over this tribalistic bullshit between HOW and PRIME.”

McAvay paused as the crowd rose to their feet and cheered him on.

“None of the HOW-PRIME issues has anything to do with MVW,” McAvay continued, “MVW and myself had NOTHING to do with creating the issues between HOW and PRIME, and I resent the fact that we are being pulled into the middle of this. No… this stops NOW!”

The crowd roared as McAvay’s voice resonated through the arena, his eyes fixed firmly on the two wrestlers before him.

“I’ve invested time and energy into cultivating relationships with both HOW and PRIME,” he declared, pacing the canvas with a purposeful stride that commanded respect. “The relationships I’ve developed with Lee Best and HOW and Lindsay Troy and PRIME are invaluable to me. The fact of the matter is this… HOW and PRIME,” McAvay continued, turning to address each side of the raucous crowd, “are diametrically different playgrounds… diametrically different companies… with diametrically different cultures.” He paused for effect, letting the words sink in. “Despite that, they’re both playgrounds I choose to associate myself and this company with.”

McAvay paced back in forth in the ring.

“I have had both HOW and PRIME talent on our show. Jace Parker Davidson just defended the LSD title here last month. Jennifer Colton is the sister of PRIME wrestler Nate Colton. PRIME CEO/President Lindsay Troy has visited here. HOW’s Dan Ryan and Jatt Starr challenged The Alabama Gang at a MVW show for the HOTv tag team title. Bottom line, I like having a positive relationship with both HOW and PRIME and I intend for that to continue.”

McAvay stopped and looked squarely into the hard camera.

“What happened between HOW and PRIME has NOTHING to do with MVW. MVW will NOT take sides in this and I will NOT allow MVW to be pulled into this petty bullshit… period… end of story.”

Bergman stood beside McAvay, a silent sentinel backing up every sentiment with a firm nod.

“And if anyone has a problem with that,” McAvay’s voice boomed, the echo reverberating off the rafters, “they know where they can find me. I’m not hard to find.”

“Strong words from McAvay, folks,” Hall chimed in, clearly impressed by the show of integrity.

“Ray’s not one to back down from a challenge,” Thunderbolt replied.

Without another word, McAvay signaled to the security team—a cadre of stern-faced professionals who knew their job well. “Drew.  I’m sorry, but I’m going to ask you to leave.”

With swift precision, they approached Drew Mitchell and escorted the young Brit away from the squabble towards the nearest exit. Sunny O’Callahan threw her hands up in exasperation, following closely behind her unruly protégé.

“Looks like Drew Mitchell is getting the old heave-ho!” exclaimed Hall, as Mitchell was led out.

“Adam and Ginny, I’m sorry, you too,” McAvay pointed at the couple, his finger cutting through the tension. “Adam, I’ve worked out a deal for you to work part-time contract to Appalachian Mountain Championship Wrestling going forward. You’ll get the extra work you’re looking for there.”

“Wow! A bombshell from the boss,” Thunderbolt said, almost unable to believe the turn of events.

“Unbelievable,” echoed Hall, shaking his head.

Security ensured that Ginny, clutching her purse minus one Winchester shotgun now, and Adam were escorted out through a separate exit, ensuring no further confrontation would occur tonight.

“As for tonight, the card has changed,” McAvay announced, reclaiming the attention of everyone in the arena. “Instead of the HOW vs. PRIME match, Luke Woods will now face Ricky Stevens in a number one contender’s match.”

“Talk about a shakeup!” Hall’s voice rose with excitement.

“Indeed,” agreed Thunderbolt. “It’s going to be an electrifying night!”

As the security detail completed their task, the camera panned back to Thunderbolt Smith and ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall at the announcer’s table.

“So, let’s go over tonight’s revised card,” Thunderbolt proposed, shuffling his papers into order.

#1 No Quarter (Bracken Krueger and Daryn Thompson) vs. #2 The Sports Entertainment Corporation (Gator Bates and The Alabama Kid)

#1 Luke Woods of the Sports Entertainment Corporation vs. #2 Ricky Stevens of the Stevens Dynasty

Jill Berg Enterprises (‘Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan and Madison Miller) © vs. The Working Girls (Caroline Lewis and ‘Queen Cool’ Leah Iris)

Jennifer Colton © vs. Victoria McGill of Jill Berg Enterprises

“And with that,” Thunderbolt concluded, “we’ll send it to a commercial break. Stay tuned for more non-stop action here on MVW!”

The screen faded to black, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats, eager for the continuation of what promised to be an unforgettable night of professional wrestling.

High Octane Wrestling

MATCH #2-MEN’S TAG TEAM #1 CONTENDER’S MATCH: #1 No Quarter vs. #2 The Sports Entertainment Corporation
The electric buzz of the crowd hummed through the arena as MVW’s flagship show returned from a commercial break. The camera panned across the sea of excited fans before cutting to the seasoned commentary duo of Thunderbolt Smith and ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall, who were perched at their ringside desk, anticipation etched on their faces.

“Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen,” Thunderbolt said with his smooth, even-keeled tone. “We’re getting set for what promises to be a high-stakes tag team showdown.”

“Absolutely, Thunderbolt,” Hall chimed in, unable to contain his excitement. “The number one contendership is on the line, and these teams are hungry!”

The camera then shifted focus to Heather Cooper, MVW’s sultry ring announcer, as she stood poised in the center of the squared circle. Her voice, both alluring and commanding, filled the arena.

“Introducing first,” Heather announced, her brown eyes sparkling under the spotlights, “accompanied by the ‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Triple R and SEC Mouthpiece Phil Feinbaum, representing The Sports Entertainment Corporation, Gator Bates and The Alabama Kid!”

The heavy beat of the SEC’s entrance theme reverberated throughout the venue as the quartet emerged from behind the curtain. Triple R strutted out front, oozing confidence, while Feinbaum wagged his finger at the booing crowd. Gator Bates and The Alabama Kid followed closely behind, their expressions steely and determined.

“And their opponents,” Heather continued, her voice rising above the crescendo of jeers and cheers, “Bracken Krueger and Daryn Thompson… No Quarter!”

“Kicking and Screaming” by Blues Saracino erupted from the sound system, its gritty riff fueling the audience’s fervor. Krueger and Thompson stormed down the ramp, their eyes locked on the ring, intensity radiating from their every step.

“Neither team could secure a win at Spring Fling,” Thunderbolt noted as No Quarter slid into the ring, ready for battle. “But tonight, they have a chance to change that narrative and face The Stevens Dynasty for the tag team titles.”

“Talk about redemption, Thunderbolt,” Hall added. “Both teams have something to prove, and it’s going to be explosive!”

Sports Entertainment Corporation

Leader: ‘The Raconteur of Road Rage’ Triple R
SEC Mouthpiece: Phil Feinbaum
Gator Bates
AGE: 26  / HT: 6’ 3”  WT: 239  / HOME: Gainesville, FL
ALIGN: Heel  / STYLE: Power / FIN: Gator Chomp
The Alabama Kid
AGE: 27 / HT: 6’ 2”  WT: 234  / HOME: Tuscaloosa, AL
ALIGN: Heel / STYLE: All-Around  / FIN: The Crimson Tide

No Quarter

Bracken Krueger
“The Lakeshore Leviathan”
AGE: 31 / HT: 6’11” WT: 290 / HOME: Chicago, Illinois
ALIGN: Heel / STYLE: Power / FIN: Into the Deep (over-the-shoulder Fisherman’s Driver)
Daryn Thompson
The Texas Technician, The Daughter of Dust

AGE: 29 / HT: 6’ 0” WT: 165 / HOME: Dallas, Texas
ALIGN: Heel / STYLE: Technical/submissionist / FIN: Legacy Lock (Anaconda vice)

Heather Cooper re-entered the ring, microphone in hand, and delivered the verdict. “Ladies and gentlemen, this match has ended in a double count-out draw at thirteen minutes and fifty-nine seconds!”

The crowd erupted in confusion and disappointment. Triple R wasted no time in hopping over the barricade and into the ring, his face a mask of outrage. He brandished a piece of paper—allegedly the ‘script’—and vehemently argued with referee Ron Martin, who remained unmoved by the tirade.

Meanwhile, Thompson was at ringside, checking on Krueger, ensuring his partner was okay after the tumultuous battle.

“Uh-oh, Triple R is not happy,” Thunderbolt observed, watching the chaos unfold. “But what does this mean for our number one contender’s spot?”

“Who knows, Thunderbolt?” Hall replied, equally baffled. “But one thing’s for sure – this isn’t over between No Quarter and The Sports Entertainment Corporation.”

“Indeed,” Thunderbolt concluded, trying to make sense of the bedlam. “Folks, we’ll be right back after this break to figure out where we go from here.”

With a final shot of Triple R’s animated protest and the crowd’s clamor, the screen faded to commercials.


Ray McAvay in the Ring
The broadcast returned from commercial to the familiar sight of MVW’s ring, where majority owner Ray McAvay stood center stage, a microphone in hand. He wasted no time addressing the audience, his voice echoing with authority throughout the arena.

‘Majority Owner of MVW’
Ray McAvay

“Due to the controversial ending of our last match,” McAvay announced, “I’ve decided that No Quarter and The Sports Entertainment Corporation will settle their score this Saturday night in Cedar Rapids, Iowa!”

“Absolutely the right call,” Thunderbolt Smith concurred as the camera panned back to the announce table. “This rivalry is too heated to end in a draw.”

“Classic McAvay move,” ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall added with a nod. “Straightforward and decisive. It makes sense to give these teams another shot.”

Sports Entertainment Corporation Segment
The scene shifted backstage to the opulent dressing room of The Sports Entertainment Corporation. Triple R, still visibly agitated, was in mid-discussion with Rebecca Morris, the intrepid reporter from Corporate Sports (Entertainment) Programming Nation.

“Rebecca, look at this!” Triple R exclaimed, thrusting the crumpled ‘script’ at the camera. “It clearly states that the SEC were supposed to go over tonight, but referee Ron Martin made an egregious error by counting out The Alabama Kid!”

“Triple R, what about your loss to The Stevens Dynasty at Spring Fling?” Morris pressed, her journalistic instincts kicking in.

“Another travesty!” he declared, his face reddening. “They completely went off script! The SEC should have gone over, but no, they wanted to play heroes.”

Phil Feinbaum interjected, his tone dripping with disdain. “The Stevens Dynasty went into business for themselves. It’s unprofessional!”

“Rest assured, Rebecca,” Triple R continued, regaining his composure. “I’ll be having words with Ray McAvay about this rampant unprofessionalism.”

Kellie Burkowski Interviews Jennifer Colton, Amberley Stanton, and the Working Girls
The camera cut away from the simmering tension in the SEC’s lair to the bright-eyed Kellie Burkowski, who stood with Women’s Champion Jennifer Colton and her allies, Amberley Stanton and The Working Girls.

“Jennifer, you’re still riding high after your victory at Spring Fling,” Kellie observed.

“Absolutely, Kellie,” Colton replied, her championship belt glinting under the lights. “And we’re not stopping there. Tonight, we’re going to take those Women’s Tag Team titles.”

“Couldn’t agree more,” Stanton chimed in, her eyes shining with determination.

“Caroline and Leah, tonight you challenge Jill Berg Enterprises for the tag title. Your thoughts?” Kellie asked.

“Sheline Carrigan and Madison Miller won’t know what hit them,” Caroline Lewis confidently stated, while ‘Queen Cool’ Leah Iris gave a cool nod of agreement.

“Thanks for your time,” Kellie concluded with a smile, wrapping up another segment on the road to the next high-stakes showdown.

“All right, let’s go to the ring for our next match,” Thunderbolt said.

MATCH #3-MEN’S #1 CONTENDER’S MATCH: #1 Luke Woods vs. #2 Ricky Stevens
The arena lights dimmed as Heather Cooper’s sultry voice echoed through the charged atmosphere inside the arena. “Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the Number One Contender’s spot for the MVW Men’s Championship!”

A raucous guitar riff blared from the speakers, cutting through the buzz of the crowd. “Introducing first, representing The Stevens Dynasty,” Heather’s announcement reverberated, “Ricky Stevens!”

“Search and Destroy” by Iggy Pop hit like a sledgehammer, and the crowd erupted as Ricky, flanked by Cary Stevens and Dru Danes, emerged from behind the curtain. With a swagger in their step, the trio soaked in the adulation, their faces set in steely determination, knowing what was at stake tonight.

“His opponent,” Heather continued, her voice rising above the clamor, “accompanied by the ‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Triple R and SEC Mouthpiece Phil Feinbaum, representing The Sports Entertainment Corporation, Luke Woods!”

The SEC’s theme pounded out its relentless beat, and the reaction was instantaneous—boos and jeers raining down as the trio walked with unshakable confidence. Triple R, carrying a sheaf of papers that everyone recognized as the infamous ‘script,’ whispered last-minute strategies to Woods, who nodded along, his muscles tensing in anticipation.

As they approached the ring, Triple R attempted to show referee Jake Little the script, but the official was having none of it. He shoed Triple R away with a dismissive wave, directing him to his corner as the crowd cheered Little’s no-nonsense approach.

Ricky Stevens
AGE: / HT: 5’ 11” WT: 185 / HOME: San Francisco, CA
ALIGN: Face / STYLE: High Flyer / FIN: Dead and Buried (X-Factor)

Manager: Cary Stevens

Valet: Dru Danes

Luke Woods
AGE: 21 / HT: 6’3” WT: 200 / HOME: St. Louis, MO
ALIGN: Heel / STYLE: Technical / FIN: Arm Octopus Hold

WITH: ‘The Raconteur of Road Rage’ Triple R and
SEC Mouthpiece: Phil Feinbaum

Heather Cooper re-entered the ring, microphone in hand, poised to make the official declaration. “Here is your winner, at eight minutes and eleven seconds, and the new Number One Contender for the MVW Men’s Championship, Luke Woods!”

“Looks like this one went to script,” Thunderbolt Smith remarked dryly, his voice echoing the sentiment of the fans who’d witnessed the SEC’s machinations pay off yet again.

“Two weeks from tonight in Terre Haute, Indiana, it’s going to be Luke Woods challenging ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson for the title,” Hall chimed in, his tone suggesting the anticipation of what was sure to be another high-octane encounter.

“Will the SEC’s plan continue to unfold as scripted? Or will the champion write his own ending?” Thunderbolt mused, setting the stage for the impending showdown.

“Only time will tell,” Hall added, “but for now, folks, we’ll be right back after these messages.” And with that, Thunderbolt sent the broadcast to a commercial break, leaving the audience to simmer in the aftershock of another night of MVW mayhem.

Sanctioned Violence Organization

April 12th – Surf Ballroom / Clear Lake, IA
April 13th – Cedar Rapids Ice Arena / Cedar Rapids, IA
April 14th – Xtream Arena / Coralville, IA
April 19th – Platt Arena / Huntington, IN
April 20th – War Memorial Coliseum / Fort Wayne, IN
April 23rd – Hulman Center / Terre Haute, IN
April 26th – Carson Center /Paducah, KY
April 27th – Banterra Center / Carbondale, IL
April 28th – Show Me Center / Cape Girardeau, MO
May 3rd –  Gross Memorial Coliseum / Hays, KS
May 4th – Tony’s Pizza Events Center / Salina, KS
May 7th – Charles Koch Arena / Wichita, KS

Back to the ring…

Kellie Burkowski Interviews Jill Berg
The screen faded in from the commercial break to reveal Kellie Burkowski, MVW’s bright-eyed backstage interviewer, standing amidst the opulence of the Jill Berg Enterprises dressing room. The camera panned over plush sofas and gilded mirrors before settling on CEO Jill Berg, a woman whose austere expression belied the luxury surrounding her.

“Jill,” Kellie began, microphone extended, “after last week’s match, what are your expectations for Victoria McGill tonight?”

Jill Berg’s eyes flashed with an intensity that matched the shimmering championship belts adorning the walls. “Victoria knows what’s at stake,” she said, her voice stern yet composed. “She understands that to remain at JBE, you must meet and exceed your ‘performance goals.’ I fully expect her to bring the MVW Women’s title back to where it belongs—right here with us.”

Kellie nodded, absorbing the gravity of Jill’s words. “And what about the Working Girls’ challenge for the tag team title? They’re facing Sheline Carrigan and Madison Miller tonight.”

“Kellie, let’s be clear,” Jill replied, her confidence unshakable. “It’s just Carrigan and Miller versus Lewis and Iris. My women are elite competitors; they’re simply too good for anyone else in this division. Tonight, we’re ready to secure not one, but two victories.”

“Thank you, Jill,” Kellie concluded, wrapping up the interview as the scene transitioned back to the commentators’ table.

Thunderbolt and Hall Recap
“Strong words from Jill Berg,” Thunderbolt Smith remarked, his seasoned voice capturing the drama of the evening. “But now, let’s take a moment to recognize some other outstanding performers from earlier tonight.”

“Absolutely, Thunderbolt,” ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall interjected with his signature enthusiasm. “Big congratulations to Tiger Jackson and Emma Faith Barbosa-Stevens on their well-deserved promotions to the Men’s and Women’s Heartland Division.”

“Indeed,” Thunderbolt continued, nodding in agreement. “And hats off to Absolute Zero for clinching the Men’s Heartland title. What a performance!”

“Can’t forget about J.J. Bittinger,” Hall added. “He’s proven himself and earned a spot in the Men’s Division. Things are really heating up here in MVW!”

“Speaking of heating up,” Thunderbolt pivoted, bringing the conversation to recent accolades. “Congratulations are also in order for Kirsten Canfield, who successfully defended her Women’s Heartland title against Allison Chambers.”

“Let’s not overlook the MVW Awards Banquet winners,” Hall chimed in. “‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson taking home Men’s Wrestler of the Year, and Jennifer Colton winning Women’s Wrestler of the Year—both well-deserved honors.”

“Here’s the full list of winner,” Thunderbolt concluded.

Women’s Wrestler of the Year: Jennifer Colton
Men’s Wrestler of the Year: ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson
* Best Women’s Entrance: Jill Berg
Best Men’s Entrance: ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson
* Women’s Return of the Year: Madison Miller (Jill Berg Enterprises)
Men’s Return of the Year: Charlie Blackwell
Women’s Faction of the Year: Jill Berg Enterprises (Jill Berg, Sheline Carrigan, Madison Miller, Victoria McGill)
* Men’s Faction of the Year: The Alabama Gang (‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson, R.G. Jenkins, Mark Hendry, Sunny O’Callahan)
* Women’s Rivalry of the Year: Victoria McGill vs. Jennifer Colton
Men’s Rivalry of the Year: The Stevens Dynasty vs. No Quarter
Women’s Heartland Wrestler of the Year: ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin
* Men’s Heartland Wrestler of the Year: Scott Stevens
* Women’s Match of the Year: Jill Berg Enterprises vs. The Hanson Sisters ©- 3/21/2023
* Men’s Match of the Year: ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson © vs. Bracken Krueger- 4/4/2023
* Women’s Breakout Wrestler of the Year: Felicia LaBarbara
* Men’s Breakout Wrestler of the Year: Luke Woods

“We’ve got more action for you after these commercial messages,” Thunderbolt said as the camera faded out, the anticipation hung thick in the air, every viewer on the edge of their seat for the next chapter in MVW’s storied legacy.

SHOOT Project

“Alright folks, we’re back live and it’s time for some high-stakes tag team action,” Thunderbolt Smith’s voice echoed through the arena as he sent it over to Heather Cooper, standing poised in the center of the ring.

MATCH #4-MVW WOMEN’S TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Jill Berg Enterprises © vs. The Working Girls
“Introducing first, the challengers!” Heather’s sultry tones carried across the excited crowd. “Caroline Lewis and ‘Queen Cool’ Leah Iris… The Working Girls!”

The driving beat of Donna Summer’s “She Works Hard for the Money” filled the arena, heralding Caroline Lewis’s entrance. She strode down the ramp, a picture of determination with every confident step. Moments later, the distinctive guitar riff of “Ah Leah” by Donnie Iris announced ‘Queen Cool’ herself. Leah Iris emerged, her cool demeanor contrasting with the fiery energy she brought to every performance. The pair met on stage, sharing a focused nod before advancing to the ring together, their eyes locked on the prize that awaited them.

Before the fervor could subside, Heather turned her attention to the entranceway once more. “And now, accompanied by her six-person security detail, please welcome the CEO of Jill Berg Enterprises, Jill Berg!”

The audience erupted into a chorus of boos and cheers as the formidable figure of Jill Berg made her way to ringside. Flanked by her imposing security team, she exuded the air of confidence and power that had become synonymous with her corporate empire. Her disdainful gaze swept over the crowd, clearly unimpressed by the reaction, her mind fixated on victory.

“And their opponents,” Heather continued, the anticipation building, “they are the MVW Women’s Tag Team Champions, ‘Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan and Madison Miller—Jill Berg Enterprises!”

“Canadian Cyborg” Sheline Carrigan and Madison Miller, flanked by the ominous presence known only as Prisoner #034291, marched to the ring with military precision. Their presence was an intimidating sight, the champions clad in matching black and gold gear, radiating a sense of invincibility that had become their trademark.

Bailey Jenkins, the appointed referee, waited patiently in the ring, ready to take control of the impending chaos. As the competitors squared off, tension crackled in the air. The scene cut away just as the bell rang, signaling the start of a match that promised to be unforgettable.

Working Girls

“Queen Cool” Leah Iris
AGE: 28 / HT: 5′ 9″ WT: 125 / HOME: Pittsburgh, PA
ALIGN: Face / STYLE: Technical-All Around / FIN: Pittsburgh Plunge (Fisherman Buster)
‘Former Hooter’s Waitress’ C.J. Lewis
AGE: 33 / HT: 5’11 WT: 135 / HOME: Conway, NH
ALIGN: Face / STYLE: Power / FIN: Last Round

Jill Berg Enterprises
“Jill Berg Enterprises Means Business”
CEO: Jill Berg ‘The Corporate Predator’, ‘The Phenomenon Known as…’

Sheline Carrigan ‘The Canadian Cyborg’
AGE: 27 / HT: 6’0″ WT: 145 / HOME:  Vilbank, SK
ALIGN: Heel / STYLE: Power-Technical / FIN: Canadian Destroyer
Madison Miller
AGE: 22 HT: 5’ 11” WT: 100 / HOME: Custer, WA
ALIGN: Heel / STYLE: Technical / FIN: Cyber Blow

After a grueling battle that saw momentum swing like a pendulum, Heather Cooper stood at the center of the canvas once again. “Ladies and gentlemen, your winners by knockout at nineteen minutes and forty-five seconds… and still the MVW Women’s Tag Team Champions, Jill Berg Enterprises!”

“Wow, what a great match,” Thunderbolt praised, his voice steady but reflecting the excitement that had gripped the arena.

“Absolutely, Thunderbolt, lots of action, and that straight right from Carrigan was lethal!” ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall couldn’t hide his admiration for the decisive conclusion.

In the ring, Bailey Jenkins presented the gleaming title belts back to Carrigan and Miller. Jill Berg swiftly joined her victorious team, lifting their arms triumphantly. The image of the dominant trio, bathed in the adulation of the crowd, was the last thing viewers saw before Thunderbolt smoothly transitioned to the commercial break. “Stay with us, folks.  We’ve got the main event right after these messages.”

April 12th – Surf Ballroom / Clear Lake, IA
April 13th – Cedar Rapids Ice Arena / Cedar Rapids, IA
April 14th – Xtream Arena / Coralville, IA
April 19th – Platt Arena / Huntington, IN
April 20th – War Memorial Coliseum / Fort Wayne, IN
April 23rd – Hulman Center / Terre Haute, IN
April 26th – Carson Center /Paducah, KY
April 27th – Banterra Center / Carbondale, IL
April 28th – Show Me Center / Cape Girardeau, MO
May 3rd –  Gross Memorial Coliseum / Hays, KS
May 4th – Tony’s Pizza Events Center / Salina, KS
May 7th – Charles Koch Arena / Wichita, KS

Back from commercial.  Thunderbolt leaned forward to speak.  “All right, it’s main event time and it’s another chapter of the ongoing war between Jennifer Colton and Jill Berg Enterprises.  Can Tori McGill regain the title?  If not, what happens to her in JBE?

“We’re about to find out,” Hall chimed in.

“Let’s go to Heather Cooper in the ring,” Thunderbolt finished as the camera cut to Heather inside the ring.

MAIN EVENT-MVW WOMEN’S TITLE MATCH: Jennifer Colton © vs. Victoria McGill
The electric atmosphere of the arena pulsed with anticipation as Heather Cooper’s voice cut through the din. “This match is…” She paused, allowing the fervent crowd to erupt in unison, “ONE FALL!” They roared, a sea of excitement washing over the ringside.

“…and it is for the MVW Women’s Title!” Heather declared, her sultry tones adding to the drama as the audience’s cheers reached a fever pitch.

“Introducing first…” Heather continued, and all eyes turned to the entrance ramp. With an air of corporate superiority, Jill Berg made her way down, flanked by her formidable six-man security detail—a living barricade of suits and stern faces.

Heather raised the mic again, her brown eyes sparkling under the spotlight. “The challenger,” she boomed, her voice resonating throughout the hall, “hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, Victoria McGill!”

“Twisted Ambition” by Samantha Fish blared from the speakers, its gritty guitar riffs perfectly soundtracking McGill’s entrance. Accompanied by the stoic figure of Prisoner #034291, she sauntered onto the stage. Her pose was half-hearted, betraying a hint of doubt or perhaps strategy, before she stalked down the ramp, her focus laser-sharp on the ring that awaited her.

The tension was palpable as Heather prepared to announce the champion. The opening chords of the Eagles’ “Heartache Tonight” hit, and the crowd erupted once more as Jennifer Colton emerged, the glint of the MVW Women’s title belt mirroring the fire in her eyes. She strode across the stage, every inch the warrior queen, lifting the belt high for all to see.

Her gaze locked onto her adversaries, Jill Berg and Victoria McGill, as if etching their images into her battle plan. Then, turning her attention to the fans, Colton slapped their outstretched hands, feeding off their energy, their roars fueling her resolve.

“Corrina Romanov will be the referee,” Thunderbolt Smith added matter-of-factly, his even-keeled commentary grounding the spectacle as always.

Victoria McGill
AGE: 26 / HT: 6’ 2″ WT: 140 / HOME: Killeen, TX
ALIGN: Heel / STYLE: Power / FIN: Gutwrench Facebuster

Jennifer Colton

AGE: 22 / HT: 5’6″ WT: 130 / HOME: Evansville, IN
ALIGN: Face / STYLE: Technical / FIN: Colton Clutch 2 (Lebell lock, but with cobra clutch grip instead of crossface)

Heather stood regal and composed in the center of the ring. “Your winner at six minutes and thirty seconds… and STILL MVW WOMEN’S CHAMPION—JENNIFER COLTON!” Her announcement echoed as Colton, victorious, pumped her fist triumphantly, the championship belt returned to her grasp by Romanov.

Across the mat, a silent exchange unfolded. Victoria McGill’s eyes met Jill Berg’s, the CEO’s disappointment clearly evident for everyone to see. With a dismissive wave of her hand, Berg turned her back, her cadre of security following in tow accompanied by Prisoner #034291 up the ramp.

McGill, left to contemplate her loss, could only watch as her potential ally retreated.

“Looks like trouble in paradise for Jill Berg Enterprises, Thunderbolt.” ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall couldn’t contain his excitement, his voice tinged with curiosity.

“Indeed, Rick. What does this mean for Tori McGill’s future?” Thunderbolt mused aloud, encapsulating the question on everyone’s mind as the show wrapped up, leaving fans eager for the next chapter in the saga of MVW’s women warriors.

-Drew Mitchell vs. Adam Ellis- no match
-The Sports Entertainment Corporation vs. No Quarter- double count-out draw at 13:59 in a Men’s Tag Team #1 Contender’s Match
-Luke Woods (Sports Entertainment Corporation) defeated Ricky Stevens (Stevens Dynasty) at 8:11 in a Men’s #1 Contender’s Match
-MVW Women’s Tag Team Champions Jill Berg Enterprises retain the title over The Working Girls at 19:45.
-MVW Women’s Champion Jennifer Colton defeated Victoria McGill (Jill Berg Enterprises) at 6:30 to retain the title.


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