Ginny Van Lear Buck Bombs HOW Owner’s Vehicle


As many of you saw Sunday night on HOTv and PWA-TV on High Octane Wrestling’s Chaos 47, former MVW Men’s Champion Adam Ellis was attacked after shortly entering the Amalie Arena in Tampa Florida.  Ellis was brutally assaulted by Lee Best’s EPU agents as Best and Adam’s former mentor John Sektor watched and then unceremoniously taken out of the building by the EPU and dumped in the parking lot.

Adam had come to Tampa under the pretext that he was signing a contract to meet Sektor on October 29th at HOW’s In God’s House in Miami.   But it was a con by Best and Ellis unfortunately walked right into a trap.  The last shot of the segment on Sunday night’s show is a final zoomed-in shot of Adam Ellis unconscious on the parking lot pavement with a right-hand imprint can be seen on his cheek in a deep color red……a 97RED color.

However, video has come to light that shows a much different ending to this incident.  And since there’s little chance HOW will show this footage, Missouri Valley Wrestling takes this opportunity to show the world what happened in the aftermath of the vicious attack on Adam Ellis…

(Sunday Night-Amalie Arena/Tampa, Florida)
The EPU stand over an unconscious Adam Ellis laying on the parking lot pavement.

PRIME Wrestling’s Adam Ellis

EPU #1: We’ve finished disposing of the trash-


The shrill sound of a shotgun pierces the air, echoing off the concrete walls of the parking lot as one of the EPU agents suddenly found himself clutching his helmet, spinning around on his head from the force of the shot.

EPU #2: What the fuck!

EPU #3: What the hell was that?

The other agents freeze for a moment, their eyes wide as a trickle of blood drips down from inside the helmet of the EPU agent. 

EPU #2: I’ve been shot?

The others try to process what had just happened

EPU #3: Call for help.


Another load of buckshot flies past.


A fourth EPU agent begins to make the call but before he can…


A second gunshot rings out. 

Female Voice: Y’all better skedaddle now, ‘fore I start gettin’ real angry!

Adam’s wife Ginny Van Lear
Expert Marksman and Fully Accreditated and
Legally Licensed Shotgun Owner

Ginny Van Lear steps out.  Ginny’s a petite, red-haired firecracker with a fiery temper. Just 21 years old, Ginny was a former MMA prodigy who grew up in McDowell, Kentucky who married Adam Ellis on August 5th, 2022 in Hillsboro, Missouri.

“Real angry.”

Her voice rings out, her Kentucky accent sharp and fierce as she pumps another round into her shotgun. She gazes down at her husband, who still lay battered and bruised on the cold concrete.

Her eyes flash with anger and her blood grows cold as she slowly raises the shotgun.

EPU #4 (frantically talking into his radio): Um… this is EPU Leader.  We have a situation-



Random EPU:  Crazy bitch!

EPU #4: We definitely have a situation-


Abject panic sets in after Ginny fires again and nicks a second agent with a spray of buckshot. The agents scatter like roaches, suddenly realizing they are no longer in control of the situation.


Ginny Van Lear: That’s right.  Run, ya damn cowards!  

Meanwhile, Missouri Valley Wrestling minority owner Joe Bergman…

MVW Minority Owner Joe Bergman

…MVW Men’s champion ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson…

…former tag team champions R.G. Jenkins, and Mark Hendry…

…all rush over to Adam’s prone form. They quickly but gently lift him up, trying not to cause him any more pain than he was already in.

Joe Bergman: Easy there, partner.  We gotcha.

Adam’s taken towards a waiting van.

Ginny continues chasing the EPU agents through the parking lot, and her shotgun booms as they desperately run for their lives.

The agents, once so smug and confident, now found themselves on the receiving end of Ginny’s wrath.

Ginny Van Lear: Y’all ain’t gettin’ away that easy!


Ginny’s aim is true as she shoots buckshot into the rear ends of the EPU agents… all desperately attempting to get through the arena doors.

Ginny Van Lear: That’s what you get for messin’ with my husband!

Joe, Bill, R.G., and Mark carefully place Adam in the back of the van, and seconds later after Ginny literally dives into the rear of the van, tires screech and the van speeds away from the Amalie Arena, heading towards the Tampa airport. Inside, Ginny tended to Adam’s wounds with a mix of gentle concern and fierce determination. Her fiery red hair was a blur as she moved around him, cleaning cuts and applying bandages.

Ginny Van Lear: Y’all just relax now, Adam.  I’mma take care of ya.

Joe Bergman pulls out his cell phone and dials Ray McAvay to update him on the situation.

Joe Bergman: Ray, Adam’s safe but he’s banged up pretty bad. We’re heading to the airport now. We’ll get him patched up.

R.G. clenches his fists.

R.G. Jenkins: Damn it. If only we’d arrived fifteen minutes earlier, we could’ve prevented this whole mess from happening.

Adam winces through the pain and tries to smile.

Adam Ellis: You guys got here when you could, and that’s what matters.

Bill Dickinson cracks his knuckles.

‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson: Still wish we could’ve delivered some payback to Lee and Sektor. Let ’em assholes know they ain’t gonna pull this kind of bullshit without consequences.

A mischievous grin spreads across Ginny’s face as she glances up from tending to Adam’s wounds.

Ginny Van Lear: Oh, don’t y’all worry about that.

Her eyes sparkle with satisfaction.

Ginny Van Lear: I took care of it al’ready.

Bergman’s eyes reflect concern.

Joe Bergman: Uh oh.  Ginny.  What did you do?

Ginny Van Lear: Well…

***The scene rewinds, taking us back to a time right after Ginny was blocked and refused entrance to the Amalie Arena- by order of Lee Best. Once Adam went inside, she heard a commotion as the door closed and Ginny knew what was happening to her husband.

Helpless to do anything to stop the attack, Ginny, fueled by anger and a desire for payback, grabs a satchel out of their rental vehicle and makes her way to the talent parking lot. 

There, she searches and locates the car belonging to Lee Best and the one owned by John Sektor – the two prime targets for her own brand of Appalachian justice.

Ginny Van Lear (muttering to herself): “Well, let’s see how y’all like this.”

Ginny works diligently to prepare a timing device on what appears to be two buck bombs.

What is a buck bomb, you may ask?

Buck Bomb: Buck bombs are containers filled with liquid or gel-based scent attractants. They work by emitting a potent scent that travels long distances, signaling to bucks in the area that there is potential for mating or marking territory. The most common scents are doe estrus and dominant buck urine, which are specifically designed to draw bucks toward the source of the smell.


Now, you know.

With expert precision and a wicked grin, Ginny places the buck bombs on both Lee Best’s and John Sektor’s cars, ensuring maximum damage once they detonate.  She sets the timer for sixty seconds and steps back, admiring her handiwork for a moment before slipping away unnoticed.***

There has been no reaction to this by either Lee Best or John Sektor nor has HOW commented or even acknowledged what happened on Sunday night.

However, MVW Majority Owner Ray McAvay did comment on the incident.

MVW Majority Owner Ray McAvay

McAvay had this to say: “MVW does not condone nor does it sanction the actions Ginny Van Lear has taken but I will say this much- score one for the Evil Empire.”

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