6/10-Saturday’s MVW 6:05 Results


Missouri Valley Wrestling’s 30-minute internet show Six-O-Five dropped tonight.

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Saturday June 10th – MVW’s Six-O-Five / St. Louis, MO
Yosemite Samantha vs. Queen of the Trailer Park’ Lani Harlot vs. Felicia LaBarbara vs. Amberly Stanton

– In the wrestling match, Stanton is hit with a stiff chop, followed by Yosemite Samantha performing a spinning neckbreaker on her. Although Samantha gets a two count on the pin, Amberly Stanton takes the advantage and delivers a big kick to Samantha and whips her into the turnbuckles, accidentally causing the referee to get sandwiched. Harlot then performs a flapjack on Samantha and attempts a pinfall, but the referee is conveniently laid out. Harlot slams Samantha down. Samantha manages to block a kick from Harlot. LaBarbara performs a flying elbow off the top rope. She also hits a spinning back kick, but Harlot reverses a hammerlock. Harlot then sloppily performs a running clothesline and a side suplex, eventually pinning LaBarbara for the win.

ELIMINATION: Felicia LaBarbara

Harlot receives a powerful kick to the chest causing her to stagger back. Stanton tries to land a flying elbow.. She covers Harlot for a two count. Stanton attempts a back heel kick on Harlot. Harlot almost got pinned with a 2.9999 count. Stanton failed to execute a big legdrop due to stalling for too long. Harlot countered with a flapjack on Stanton before tagging out to Yosemite Samantha. Samantha nails a Death Valley driver on Stanton, which planted her on the ground. With a count of 1-2-3, Samantha emerged as the winner, defeating Stanton.

ELIMINATION: Amberly Stanton

Yosemite Samantha attempts a backdrop move, but Harlot quickly counters. Samantha is surprised, but she quickly recovers and slams Harlot down on the mat. Harlot struggles to get back up, but Samantha doesn’t give her a chance. She delivers a shotgun knee that sends Harlot reeling. Samantha runs around the ring, building up momentum before delivering a devastating cannonball that crushes Harlot against the turnbuckle.  The referee counts: “1…2…3!!”

ELIMINATION: ‘Queen of the Trailer Park’ Lani Harlot
WINNER: Yosemite Samantha

Yosemite Samantha will face the Women’s Heartland Champion ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin for the title at Wrestling Night in America.

Thunderbolt and Hall run down the card for night one and two of the PWA-02 show that will feature MVW wrestlers: Jennifer Colton, The Stevens Dynasty, The Alabama Gang, Men’s Tag Team Champions Surf Express Bro, The Kings of the Wild Frontier, and newly minted 25% owner of MVW- Joe Bergman.

June 10th and 11th– PWA 02 Show – Arena Mexico /  Mexico City, Mexico
Night One:
-The Colton Family (PRIME/SHOOT/MVW) vs. Rezin (PRIME), Peach Backshots (SHOOT), Ivan Stanislav and Alexei Ruslan (PRIME)
-Ria Lockhart (SHOOT) vs. Tony Gamble (PRIME)
-Southern Boys (sVo) vs. Alabama Gang (MVW)
-DEATHMATCH: Ultimo Muerte (SHOOT) vs. Pigpen Matsumoto (SHOOT)
-Stevens Dynasty (Bo & George) (MVW) vs. MURDER DOVES (SHOOT)
-Timo Bolamba (PRIME) vs. COMBAT Kabuto (SHOOT)
-James Von Drake (sVo) vs. ??? (Free Agent)
Night Two:
-CAPTURE THE FLAG MATCH: Lindsay Troy (PRIME) vs. Steven Solex (HOW)- LT is proxy for Ivan Stanislav; Solex is proxy for Christopher America
-PWA TAG TEAM TITLE: Dan Ryan/Jatt Starr (HOW) vs. Surf Express Bro (MVW) vs. Winds of Change (PRIME)
-cOnOr fUsE (HOW) vs. Cancer Jiles (PRIME)
-JOE BERGMAN’S FINAL MATCH: Joe Bergman (HOW) vs. Sage Pontiff (PRIME)
-STRONK (HOW) vs. Coral Avalon (PRIME)
-Scott Stevens (HOW) vs. Abe Lipschitz (PRIME)
-Kings of the Wild Frontier (MVW) vs. Masters of the Moscowverse (PRIME)

Buckshot Henderson vs. Ken Kardoucheian (Kardoucheian Empire) vs. Randy Barrington vs. Absolute Zero

-Ken Kardoucheian arm drags Absolute Zero and attempts to cover him for a two count. However, Absolute Zero manages to dodge a clothesline. Buckshot Henderson bodyslams Ken and in the process takes out referee Ron Martin.  Buckshot follows up with a Death Valley driver on Ken.  Cover.  No one to count the pin. Undeterred, Buckshot executes a fallaway slam on Ken. Randy Barrington rushes forward and was met with a massive backbreaker by Buckshot.  Buckshot then lands a back elbow on Randy, causing him to stumble backwards. Randy accidentally trips, allowing Buckshot to land a big clothesline on him, followed by a powerbomb and a successful pinfall. .

ELIMINATION: Randy Barrington

Henderson was hip tossed by Absolute Zero who follows up with a spinning back kick. Absolute hooks Buckshot’s leg for a two-count. Absolute Zero attempted a flying elbow off the top rope, but unfortunately had poor elevation and Henderson takes advantage with a big spinebuster.  Ken Kardoucheian almost messes up a slingshot clothesline by slipping on the ropes. However, he recovers  and nails a Star-Crossed Stunner on Absolute Zero.  One schoolboy later and Absolute Zero is pinned with a three-count.

ELIMINATION: Absolute Zero

Buckshot takes a chop from Ken. Buckshot Henderson reverses a hip toss. Buckshot hits a stump piledriver on Ken Kardoucheian. Pinfall attempt gets a 2.9999. Ken blocks a punch. Flying elbow from Ken Kardoucheian, barely hitting the target. Ken Kardoucheian moves in for the kill. Star-Crossed Stunner!!! That shook the ring. 1….2….3!!

ELIMINATION: Buckshot Henderson
WINNER: Ken Kardoucheian

Ken Kardoucheian will face the new Men’s Heartland Champion Luke Woods at Wrestling Night in America.

Thunderbolt and Hall run down the final card for Wrestling Night in America:

June 17th – Wrestling Night in America PPV – Hale Arena / Kansas City, MO
-MAIN EVENT/MEN’S TITLE: ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson © vs. Bracken Krueger
-MAIN EVENT/WOMEN’S TITLE: Daryn Thompson © vs. Jennifer Colton
-MEN’S TAG TEAM TITLE: Surf Express Bro © vs. The Stevens Dynasty
-WOMEN’S TAG TEAM TITLE: The Hanson Sisters © vs. Jill Berg Enterprises
-MEN’S HEARTLAND TITLE: Luke Woods © vs. Ken Kardoucheian
-WOMEN’S HEARTLAND TITLE: ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin © vs. Yosemite Samantha
-Ricky Stevens vs. John O’Reilly
-Lisa Barbosa-Stevens vs. ‘The Shadow Warrior’ Shizuko Yamazaki
-The Stevens Dynasty (Bo and George Stevens) vs. The Kardoucheian Empire (Koley and Kourtney Kardoucheian)
-The Working Girls (C.J. Lewis and Leah Iris) vs. The Rose Warriors (Geena the Warrior Princess and Eliza Rose)


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