6/11-Wrestling Night in the Heartland on HOTv


Last Week on Wrestling Night in the Heartland
-MATCH #1: Victoria McGill (Queens of Desire) defeated Amberley Stanton-Women’s Division #2 vs. #3 contender’s match
-The Soviet Bloc come out and warns Dawn McGill not to meddle in this weekend’s Queens of Desire vs. The Soviet Bloc this weekend.
-CSPN reporter Rebecca Morris interviews ‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Triple R who claims he has the script of their match tonight and that the SEC will beat No Quarter.
-Kellie Burkowski interviews No Quarter.  Bracken Krueger scoffed at a ‘script’ and Daryn Thompson promised to submit someone tonight.
-MATCH #2: No Quarter defeated The Sports Entertainment Corporation-Men’s Tag Team #1 contender’s match.
-After the match, Triple R gives referee Ron Martin an earful and the full contingent of the SEC attacks No Quarter in the ring.  The Alabama Gang run down to make the save.
-Aaron Gray vignette recounting how he moved up from #5 to #2 the past two weekends.
-MATCH #3: Aaron Gray defeated ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson-Men’s Division #1 contender’s match.
-Kellie interviews Backman Taylor Powerdrive before their first title match against Jill Berg Enterprises.
-Jill Berg (CEO-JBE) calls BTP a joke and declares Jill Berg Enterprises means business.
-MATCH #4: Jill Berg Enterprises retains the MVW Women’s Tag Team Title over Backman Taylor Powerdrive
-MATCH #5: MVW Champion Luke Woods defeated Ricky Stevens via DQ in a non-title match.
-The SEC and The Stevens Dynasty brawl after the match.
-MAIN EVENT: Jennifer Colton retains the MVW Women’s title over Shizuko Yamazaki

Missouri Valley Wrestling
Wrestling Night in the Heartland on HOTv
Peoria Civic Center
Peoria, IL
Tuesday June 11th, 2024

Announcers: Thunderbolt Smith and ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall

Backstage Interviewer: Kellie Burkowski

Ring Announcer: Heather Cooper


Thunderbolt and Hall welcome everyone to Wrestling Night in the Heartland on HOTv.  Wrestling Night in America is less than three weeks away and tonight, MVW is at the Peoria Civic Center in Peoria, Illinois.

Tonight’s Card:
-The Queens of Desire (Tammie Hardy/Savannah Smith) led by Dawn McGill vs. The Soviet Bloc (Svetlana Kovaleski/Nikita Kalashnik w/Agent Valya)
-The Working Girls (Caroline Lewis/’Queen Cool’ Leah Iris vs. The Missouri Valley Fight Club (Carrieanne McDermott/Harley Davisson w/Molly Hatchett) in a #3 vs. #4 contender’s match in the Women’s Tag Team Division.
-Amberley Stanton vs. Felicia LaBarbara of Jill Berg Enterprises in a #3 vs. #4 contender’s match
-MVW Tag Team Champions The Stevens Dynasty (Bo and George Stevens) vs. The Alabama Gang (R.G. Jenkins/David Bonnett w/Sunny O’Callahan) in a non-title match.
-MVW Champion Luke Woods of the Sports Entertainment Corporation vs. J.J. Bittinger in non-title action.

“Speaking of the The Working Girls, Kellie Burkowski is with them right now.  Back to you, Kellie!” Thunderbolt Smith’s voice boomed, the authority in his tone unmistakable as he transitioned the live feed to the backstage area.

Kellie Burkowski Interviews The Working Girls
Kellie Burkowski stood poised, microphone in hand, flanked by The Working Girls. The camera zoomed in on Caroline Lewis’s confident smile, her curly blonde mane a halo around her head, and ‘Queen Cool’ Leah Iris, whose eyes sparkled with steely determination beneath her signature Donnie Iris t-shirt.

The Working Girls: Caroline Lewis and ‘Queen Cool’ Leah Iris

“Caroline, Leah, tonight you face the Missouri Valley Fight Club,” Kellie began, her piercing blue eyes locked on her interviewees. “A team that’s held the women’s tag team titles four times. Tell us, how do you prepare for such seasoned opponents?”

Caroline stepped closer, her athletic frame ready for action. “Kellie, we’ve trained hard, fought harder, and we’re here to show the world just what The Working Girls are made of,” she said, her assertive voice ringing with an undercurrent of excitement. “Respect is earned inside that ring, and tonight, we’ll earn ours.”

Leah nodded, her lean muscles tensing like coiled springs. “The Missouri Valley Fight Club have paved their way with gold, and we honor that,” she added, a wry smile playing on her lips. “But respect goes both ways. We’re not just excited for this match; we’re ready to prove that we belong at the top too. It’s going to be tough, but Queen Cool thrives under pressure.”

“Indeed,” Caroline chimed in, her gaze sweeping across the locker room, filled with the buzz of anticipation for the upcoming bout. “This is more than a match for us. It’s a chance to rise up, to chase that glory. And we’re grabbing it with both hands.”

Their words hung in the air, a testament to their unwavering focus and the fire of competition burning within them. Kellie gave a sharp nod, her professional demeanor never wavering as she concluded the interview.

“Thank you, Caroline, Leah. There you have it, folks! The Working Girls are ready for battle. Will they emerge victorious? Only time will tell.”

The camera faded out on The Working Girls’ determined expressions, capturing a final glimpse of their readiness before the screen cut back to the roaring arena where destiny awaited them.

Kellie “Interviews” Ultratron-6.1
As the final echoes of applause for the Missouri Valley Fight Club interview still reverberating off the arena walls, Kellie, poised and polished as always, pivoted with grace on her heels, ready to move on to the next scheduled segment.

“Kellie, Kellie!” The metallic twang of Ultratron-6.1’s voice sliced through the cacophony backstage like a knife through butter. The sleek, cartoonish figure of ‘The New Age Cybertronic Criminally Insane Rogue Sentient Robot Wrestling Machine’ barreled toward her, flanked by the motley crew known as the Kabal of Really Awful People. His glowing red eyes seemed to pulsate with urgency.

‘The New Age Cybertronic Criminally Insane Rogue Sentient Robot Wrestling Machine’

“Ultratron-6.1, you’re not on the schedule—” Kellie began, but the words died in her throat as those hypnotic eyes fixed on her own piercing blues. A strange warmth spread through her mind, dulling her usual sharp focus.

“Interview me,” Ultratron-6.1 demanded, his voice resonant and devoid of any human inflection.

“Tell us about your winning promotion to the Men’s Division,” Kellie found herself saying, her voice eerily calm despite the situation.

“Ah, yes, Kellie,” Ultratron-6.1 started, puffing out its chest plate, which bore the name that had become synonymous with mayhem in MVW. “My ascension is inevitable. I am the pinnacle of robotic wrestling perfection. Those feeble humans stand no chance against my superior cybernetic intellect and strength. I will crush them, dominate them, and reign supreme over this puny division!”

As the hypnotized interviewer continued her conversation with the mechanical subject, behind them, the Kabal of Really Awful People were up to their usual antics.

Defective Marty Pratt attempted to erase people with his oversized pencil, while the Murder Hornets- two luchadors in purple wrestling gear- cackled and jeered.

Bill E. Zayne, dressed in the fancy clothing circa 1912 of the heir to a Pittsburgh steel fortune- Caledon Hockley as he boarded the Titanic , exuded snobby and narcissistic traits as he randomly shouted “I HAVE A CHILD!”

And then there was David Litterman, an ordinary-looking man who couldn’t care less about the environmental consequences of his careless trash disposal as he tossed a candy wrapper onto the floor.

“Indeed, domination seems to be a recurring theme,” Kellie commented, her professionalism somehow intact even under Ultratron-6.1’s control.

“Recurring?” Ultratron-6.1 bellowed. “It is the only theme! Watch and learn, fleshlings. The era of Ultratron-6.1 has commenced!”

With a clank and a stomp, the robotic wrestler turned on its heel, the Kabal scurrying behind like minions following their master. As they disappeared into the shadows of the backstage area, Kellie shook her head as if waking from a deep sleep.

“Apologies for the interruption,” she said into the camera with a small, composed smile. “Now, back to you, Thunderbolt and Hall.”

Thunderbolt confirmed that Ultratron-6.1 defeated Buckshot Henderson in a promotion/relegation match and is now the #5 contender in the Men’s Division.

Rick Hall: “Uh oh.”

Thunderbolt quickly sent it to the ring for our first match of the night.

MATCH #1: The Queens of Desire vs. The Soviet Bloc
“EMM-VEE-DUBYA… EMM-VEE-DUBYA…” the crowd inside the Peoria Civic Center chanted over and over.

Draped in a form-fitting, crimson sequined dress that shimmered with each move, MVW’s brunette haired ring announcer Heather Cooper lifted the microphone with a sultry smile.

“Ladies and gentlemen!  Tonight’s first match will be,” she began, her voice rising to cue the enthusiastic crowd.

“ONE FALL!” the fans roared in unison, a tradition as old as the sport itself.

Heather’s brown eyes sparkled as she continued, “Introducing first…”

The solemn, orchestral strains of the “State Song of the USSR” filled the arena, a sea of red washed over the video screen. The bold yellow letters spelling out “THE SOVIET BLOC” stood stark against the fluttering Soviet flag backdrop, heralding the arrival of the fearsome trio. A wave of red flags unfurled throughout the arena, each one bearing the unmistakable hammer and sickle emblem of the Soviet Union.

Out from behind the curtains emerged the fearsome trio.  First came Major Svetlana Kovaleski, her tall and imposing figure looming over the other wrestlers. Her stern expression and rigid stance mirrored the unwavering ideology of the Cold War she represented. Beside her was Lt. Nikita Kalashnik, a young and wiry wrestler whose intense eyes seemed to see right through her opponents. Despite her lean frame, she held an air of strength and discipline that commanded respect. And flanking them both was Agent Valya, a seductive yet deadly force to be reckoned with. Her every move exuded confidence and danger, making it clear that she was not just another pretty face in this ruthless world of wrestling.

Heather introduced them as they walked down to the ring.

The Soviet Bloc

Major Svetlana Kovaleski
AGE: 36 / HT: 5′ 11″ WT: 155 / HOME: St. Petersburg, Russia
ALIGN: Heel / STYLE: Power / FIN: Gory Special
Lt. Nikita Kalashnik
AGE: 21 / HT: 5’ 11” WT: 135 / HOME: Kursk, Russia
ALIGN: Heel  / STYLE: Power  / FIN: Russian Sickle
Handler: Agent Valya

As the Soviet Bloc stood on the stage, the crowd fell silent, mesmerized by this formidable trio before them. All around us hung a heavy aura of power and dominance – a true embodiment of Soviet strength and control.

Agent Valya stepped into the limelight with her usual controlled poise. Her hands gripped the edges of a massive red banner and with Nikita’s help, opened the banner that was emblazoned with a picture of PRIME Wrestling’s Ivan Stanislav and his name written in bold Cyrillic. Valya and Nikita raised the banner high, like a war standard before the charge as the crowd booed.

“Tonight,” Valya’s voice cut through the clamor, amplified and unyielding, “we honor Ivan Stanislav and The Soviet Bloc will dominate Missouri Valley Wrestling just like Ivan has conquered PRIME!”

Heather took back the microphone and continued.  “And their opponents…”

Then… it began with an inhaled breath. Then, in a clear tone, a single note is sung. It’s the letter “I,” held like a beckoning call as the opening to Donna Summer’s epic ‘Love to Love You Baby’ oozed in sultry and seductive overtones over the PA system.

With a commanding presence, Dawn McGill glided down the ramp, followed by her three cabana boys who carried a piece of opulent furniture down to the ring with them.  Dawn gracefully climbed into the ring, her curves accentuated by a skin-tight, red halter top that left little to the imagination and a mini-skirt that barely reached her thighs. The air was charged with desire and anticipation as she smirked confidently in her four-inch heels, knowing that all eyes were gazing at her stunning figure tonight.

The Queens of Desire materialized like visions from a fever dream. Tammie Hardy’s long legs were accentuated by her purple top and wrestling tights under a fishnet stocking, shimmering with sequins that flashed fire with every deliberate step. Her brown hair with purple highlights was styled in wild waves that seemed to match her untamed spirit. Savannah Smith followed suit, her outfit a mirror image in red, hugging her curves as if painted on by the hands of an artist fixated on temptation. Her dark eyes were filled with mischief and desire as she strutted towards the ring with confidence and grace.

And then Dawn’s daughter Victoria McGill made her regal entrance down the ramp to cheers and gasps from the crowd.  Tori’s imposing height accentuated the wavy blonde hair that flowed like liquid gold over her broad shoulders and the black strapless top covered by black fishnet she wore.

Heather then introduced them.

Queens of Desire

Tammie Hardy
AGE: 24 / HT: 5’9” WT: 120 / HOME: South Padre Island, TX
ALIGN: Face / STYLE: High Flyer / FIN: Shooting Star Press
Savannah Smith
AGE: 23 / HT: 5’ 8” WT: 110 / HOME: Benton Harbor, MI
ALIGN: Face / STYLE: All-Round  / FIN: Waterwheel Drop
MGR: Dawn McGill
WITH: Victoria McGill

-The last time these two teams met four weeks ago, the Queen of Desire won but the Soviet Bloc were upset by Dawn McGill’s involvement.   Agent Valya of the Soviet Bloc has warned McGill to keep her nose out of what happens tonight.

“The Soviet Bloc have been disqualified!” Thunderbolt said.  Svetlana Kovaleski used a sledgehammer on Savannah Smith and referee Justine Mills immediately called for the bell!”

“Thunderbolt,” Rick jumped in, “this all started when Tammie Hardy took Svetlana Kovaleski to the floor from the top rope and Dawn and Victoria McGill got involved.  Tori and Hardy powerbombed Svetlana on the outside.  Nikita Kalashnik came in with a sledgehammer and knocked out Savannah Smith.”

Heather Cooper rolled into the ring to make it official.

MATCH RESULT: Winner via disqualification at 52 seconds… The Queens of Desire.

“And the Soviet Bloc is not happy at all,” reported Thunderbolt as Agent Valya, Svetlana Kovaleski, and Nikita Kalashnik surrounded referee Justine Mills and the conversation was heated.

Thunderbolt then sent it to our first commercial break of the night.


High Octane Wrestling


Thunderbolt and Hall recap what happened before the break.  The Soviet Bloc’s Nikita Kalashnik knocked out the Queens of Desire’s Savannah Smith and referee Justine Mills immediately disqualified them.

Video shot during the break showed Kovaleski, Kalashnik, and Agent Valya still shouting back towards the ring as Victoria McGill and Tammie Hardy helped Smith up and helped her out of the ring.

Right back to the ring and Heather Cooper for match number two of the night.

MATCH #2: The Missouri Valley Fight Club vs. The Working Girls
Heather announced this match would be a #3 vs. #4 contender’s match in the Women’s Tag Team Division.

The raucous energy of the arena surged as “Scotland the Brave” filled the air, heralding the entrance of Carrieanne McDermott. Standing tall and stoic at 5’9″ with a fighter’s build, her red hair a fiery cascade tied back for battle, Carrieanne strode onto the stage. Her piercing green eyes scanned the crowd, a silent promise of the impending clash. With a deliberate pose, she flexed, showing off the inked stories etched into her skin, each tattoo a chapter of her relentless journey.

No sooner had the Scottish anthem faded than Creed Fisher’s “Daughter of an Outlaw” thundered through the speakers. Harley Davisson, the embodiment of rebellion, rolled out on stage astride her gleaming Harley Davidson. The spotlight caught the rebellious twinkle in her eye as she revved the engine, the roar echoing her untamed spirit. She swung a leg over the bike, joined Carrieanne with a nod that spoke volumes, and together they awaited their manager.

Molly Hatchett emerged, her presence rallying the crowd further. With a confident gait, she led the pair down the ramp, their combined aura of defiance and determination palpable as they approached the ring and Heather introduced the four-time women’s tag team champions.

Missouri Valley Fight Club

Carrieanne McDermott
AGE: 33 / HT: 5′ 9″ WT: 138 / HOME: Glasgow, Scotland
ALIGN: Tweener / STYLE: Technical / FIN: Glasgow Kiss or Indian Death Lock
Harley Davisson
AGE: 34 / HT: 5′ 10″ WT: 134 / HOME: Omaha, NE
ALIGN: Tweener / STYLE: Brawler / FIN: Kick Start (Detonation Kick)

MGR: Molly Hatchett

But the atmosphere shifted, charged with anticipation as Donnie Iris’s “Ah Leah” signaled the arrival of ‘Queen Cool’ herself, Leah Iris. Strutting to the rhythm, her muscular frame clad in a ‘King Cool’ tee, Leah exuded the steely grace of a warrior-poet. Every step was calculated, her smile a beacon to her fans as she struck a pose that resonated with her Pittsburgh pride.

The moment stretched until the first beats of “She Works Hard for the Money” by Donna Summer set it snapping back, introducing Caroline Lewis. Tall and statuesque, her blonde curls bouncing with every high-spirited stride, Caroline’s blue eyes sparkled with competitive fire. She shared a spirited high five with Leah, their camaraderie clear.

Together, the Working Girls descended the ramp, slapping hands with the outstretched palms of their supporters. Their connection with the fans was electric, each touch reinforcing the unity between wrestler and spectator, their shared passion fueling the atmosphere in the lead-up to the match that promised to be nothing short of spectacular.

Heather introduced them…

Working Girls

“Queen Cool” Leah Iris
AGE: 28 / HT: 5′ 9″ WT: 125 / HOME: Pittsburgh, PA
ALIGN: Face / STYLE: Technical-All Around / FIN: Pittsburgh Plunge (Fisherman Buster)

‘Former Hooter’s Waitress’ C.J. Lewis
AGE: 33 / HT: 5’11 WT: 135 / HOME: Conway, NH
ALIGN: Face / STYLE: Power / FIN: Last Round

-McDermott and Davisson look refreshed and ready to challenge for their fifth MVW Women’s Tag Team title.
-But don’t count out the Working Girls.  They won’t lose without putting up a hell of a fight.  Should be a good one.

“That’s it!” Thunderbolt exclaimed.  “Leah Iris has tapped out to Carrieanne McDermott’s Body Choke Sleeper and the winners are the Missouri Valley Fight Club!”

Standing in the ring, Heather would confirm the same.

MATCH RESULT: winner via submission at 25:54- The Missouri Valley Fight Club

-The Missouri Valley Fight Club keep climbing the ladder.  They move up to #3 in the contender’s rankings and next up will be a huge showdown with the former three-time women’s tag team champions- the #2 ranked The Hanson Sisters. We will see their match on Sunday night’s Six-O-Five show.

Two matches down.  Thunderbolt took us to another commercial break.



Sanctioned Violence Organization

June 14th – Hartman Arena /Park City, KS
June 15th – Cook Center / Manhattan, KS
June 18th – Knapp Center / Des Moines, IA
June 30th – Wrestling Night in America PPV – Hale Arena / Kansas City, MO
August 16th – Eihusen Arena / Grand Island, NE
August 17th – CHI Health Center Arena Omaha / Omaha, NE
August 18th – WarHorse Center / Norfolk, NE
August 23rd  – MTI Center / Angola, IN
August 24th – Genesis Convention Center / Gary, IN
August 27th – Landon Arena / Topeka, KS


Kellie Interviews Amberley Stanton
Backstage, the air hummed with anticipation as Kellie Burkowski stood in the midst of the controlled chaos, her piercing blue eyes scanning for her interviewee. The clatter of equipment and muffled roars from the audience filtered through the hallways of the arena. She spotted Amberley Stanton, a beacon of focus amongst the frenzy, striding towards ringside with determination etched into every line of her athletic frame.

Amberley Stanton

“Amberley, a moment?” Kellie’s voice cut through the din with practiced precision as she approached the black-haired contender.

Amberley nodded curtly, halting her march to face the interviewer. Her dark eyes were alight with a fire that spoke volumes of her readiness.

“Tonight, you step into the ring against Felicia LaBarbara again knowing full well Jill Berg Enterprises will be out there. How do you prepare for the unknown variables they bring?” Kellie’s question was sharp, getting straight to the heart of the matter.

Amberley’s lips curved into a half-smirk, half-snarl. “Kellie, I’ve trained for this. Jill Berg’s goons? They’re just shadows. When that bell rings, it’s just me and Felicia. And trust me, I’m ready to shine a light on those shadows and dispel them one by one,” she declared, her tone infused with unyielding resolve.

“Thank you, Amberley. Good luck tonight,” Kellie said, offering a nod of respect as Amberley continued her purposeful stride towards the gorilla position, the threshold of battle.

Back to Thunderbolt and it’s time for our third match.

MATCH #3: Felicia LaBarbara vs. Amberley Stanton
Heather Cooper stepped back into the ring again and announced this match would be a #3 vs. #4 contender’s match in the Women’s Division.

The scene shifted to the raucous arena where the crowd’s excitement was palpable, each cheer and jeer weaving a tapestry of fervor. Suddenly, the atmosphere thickened with the arrival of Jill Berg, CEO of Jill Berg Enterprises. Flanked by her six-man security detail, she exuded an aura of cold command, her tailored suit accentuating her status as she led the procession down the ramp. The fans booed, but she remained unfazed, her gaze locked onto the squared circle that served as her empire of influence.

Moments later, the first chords of “Black Sheep” by Dorothy shattered any lingering echoes of disdain and replaced them with a new wave of energy. Felicia LaBarbara emerged on stage, the spotlight capturing every facet of her confident sneer and the gleam in her eyes. Beside her, Prisoner #034291, clad in stark orange, embodied the threat of lawlessness that Felicia brought to the ring.

Felicia paused, soaking in the mixed chorus of cheers and boos, her blonde hair glistening under the lights. With a dismissive flick of her wrist, she gestured to the crowd as if to say she owned them, their reactions fueling her superiority. Then, with a stride that was both predatory and poised, she descended the ramp alongside her enigmatic companion. The pair slid under the bottom rope, and Felicia took center stage within the ropes, striking a pose that radiated sheer dominance before the match that awaited.

Heather introduced LaBarbara.

Felicia LaBarbara (representing Jill Berg Enterprises)

AGE: 22 / HT: 5’ 10” WT: 104 / HOME: Garibaldi, OR
ALIGN: Heel / STYLE: Technical / FIN:  Stealth Viper
With: CEO Jill Berg, Prisoner #034291

The arena’s energy shifted palpably as Kelly Clarkson’s anthem “Since You’ve Been Gone” ripped through the speakers. Amidst the clamor of excited fans, out shot Amberley Stanton, a blaze of determination etched across her face. She paused at the top of the stage, her black hair cascading over the shoulders of her halter top, the white sports bra peeking out with playful yet fierce black polka dots.

There was a moment—a split second really—where Amberley’s eyes caught the glare of the spotlight, and in that flash, the entire crowd could see the fire within her. She was the living embodiment of perseverance, the underdog whose heart refused to bow even under the crushing weight of adversity.

With the roar of approval from the fans building into a crescendo, Amberley struck a pose that was both a salute and a challenge; one arm flung high, muscles defining her readiness, her stance wide and defiant. She was there not just to compete but to conquer, to show that the spirit of Seward, NE, could not be contained within mere flesh and bone.

And then she was on the move, descending the ramp with the kind of poise that belied the ferocity simmering just beneath the surface. Her hand reached out, slapping palms with outstretched fans, sharing with them a current of electric camaraderie. Every touch was a pact, an unspoken agreement that tonight, they were all part of something greater than themselves.

Her stride was rhythmic, each step punctuated by the chorus of the song that had become an anthem for those who had been underestimated, overlooked, and yet emerged stronger. The fans leaned into her, offering their hands not just for the thrill of contact, but as pillars of support for the journey she was about to undertake inside the ring.

As Amberley approached ringside, the last notes of her entrance music faded, but the echoes of her presence resonated still. Inside the squared circle, opponents loomed—Jill Berg’s empire, the audacity of Felicia LaBarbara, and the enigma of Prisoner #034291—but Amberley Stanton, with the unwavering gaze of a warrior who knows her worth, stepped onto the apron and through the ropes, ready to etch her story into the annals of the wrestling world.

Heather then introduced Stanton.

Amberley Stanton

AGE: 24 / HT: 5’ 8” WT: 100 / HOME: Seward, NE
ALIGN: Face / STYLE: Technical / FIN: Stanton Sleeper
THEME MUSIC: “Since You’ve Been Gone”- Kelly Clarkson

-This is a battle between two women who’s fought tooth and nail against each other before.  LaBarbara has Jill Berg Enterprises backing.  Stanton is a lone wolf but unafraid of dealing with JBE.
-#3 vs. #4 contender’s match- Women’s Division.  Big match.

“One, two, three. And that’s it!” Thunderbolt said as Corrina Romanov raised Amberley Stanton’s arm in victory.  “Amberley Stanton remains the number three contender in the Women’s Division!”

Heather Cooper stood in the center of the ring to confirm.

MATCH RESULT: winner via pinfall at 16:29- Amberley Stanton

-Big win for Stanton. Intense, hotly contested match.
-Jill Berg (CEO-Jill Berg Enterprises) is NOT happy about the result.

Cut to Berg.  Her glare shot daggers towards LaBarbara.

Thunderbolt stepped back in- another commercial break.


SHOOT Project


Jill Berg Enterprises Backstage
In the dimly lit confines of the backstage area, the air was thick with tension. The sharp click of high heels announced the approach of Jill Berg, CEO of Jill Berg Enterprises, as she made her way to Felicia LaBarbara, who was slumped against a wall, still reeling from the sting of defeat.

Jill Berg (CEO-Jill Berg Enterprises and Felicia LaBarbara

“Unacceptable, Felicia,” Jill’s voice cut through the commotion like a knife, her tailored power suit reflecting the harsh lighting, casting an aura of intimidation around her diminutive frame. “Amberley Stanton? You should have had that match in the bag!”

Felicia straightened up, the glint in her eyes betraying frustration and a simmering defiance. Her athletic form tensed, her distinctive ring attire doing little to conceal the muscle beneath.

“Jill, I—”

“No excuses!” Jill snapped, her piercing gaze boring into Felicia. “Jill Berg Enterprises means business and I expect gold and you’re supposed to deliver. That’s what I pay you for. Remember, Bethany Stewart is climbing those ranks. If you can’t get the job done, I’ll find someone who will.”

The Soviet Bloc Segment
In another corner of the arena, a clandestine surveillance operation unfolded. Three women, their faces set in grim determination, peering at a monitor displaying a live feed from The Queens of Desire’s dressing room.

“Pathetic,” Svetlana sneered, observing Dawn McGill reclining on a sun lounger amidst a sea of adoring cabana boys. “But also arrogant and foolish.”

The other two, Nikita Kalashnik and Agent Valya, shared Svetlana’s disdain, their expressions hardening as they took in the scene. The contrast between their austere demeanor and the carefree luxury before them could not have been starker.

“Look at her,” Svetlana continued, shaking her head with contempt. “Lounging on the beach like a pampered house pet. So soft, so naive. Typical Americans.”

“Enough observation,” Valya interjected, the cunning gleam in her eye belying a mind at work on something devious. “It’s time we discuss the plan to deal with Dawn McGill and the rest of The Queens of Desire.”

As the camera zoomed in, capturing the conspiratorial huddle of the three women, the viewers at home could almost feel the sinister plot weaving its web through the underbelly of the wrestling world. With Valya poised to speak, the scene shifted, promising revelations and schemes yet to unfold.

Rick Hall: “The Queens of Desire and The Soviet Bloc continue to be on a collision course.”

Thunderbolt took a couple moments to run down the card for Wrestling Night in America:

Jill Berg Enterprises © vs. The Working Girls

The Stevens Dynasty © vs. No Quarter

Jennifer Colton © vs. Victoria McGill of the Queens of Desire

Luke Woods of the SEC © vs. ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson representing The Alabama Gang

Time for the next match.

MATCH #4: The Alabama Gang vs. MVW Tag Team Champions The Stevens Dynasty
In the ring, Heather informed the crowd that this would be a non-title match.

“Introducing first,” she added.

 “Between the trailer and the dog
And the cars on blocks and the hogs
Out in the front yard
Where us kids play
No grass
Yeah there was mama
In her house shoes
Smokin’ Salem Lights with the tattoos
You add it all up
That’s why they call us white trash”

The twang of a guitar ripped through the charged atmosphere, heralding the slow burn opening to Chris Janson’s ‘White Trash’ that reverberated off the walls of the packed arena. The crowd’s anticipation reached a fever pitch as strobes of red, white, and blue light erupted on the stage, punctuating the dense fog that curled like grasping fingers from its edges.

Sunny O’Callahan sauntered into the limelight, a vision straight out of a late seventies Southern rock concert with her spaghetti strap top clinging to her torso, denim hugging her curves, and heels clicking authoritatively against the stage. Her normally tamed locks rebelled into a wild cascade of frizzy curls that bounced with every sashaying step she took. In a defiant gesture, she tilted her head back and guzzled from a bottle of Southern Comfort, the liquid courage setting her body into a sultry sway.

The second surge of patriotic lights cut across the stage as two imposing figures emerged from backstage. R.G. Jenkins, his bald head adorned with a black bandana, exuded raw power in his sleeveless vest and matching jeans, the very image of a biker ready to rumble. Beside him, David Bonnett’s arms flexed towards the heavens, his basic black wrestling trunks doing little to hide the muscles that rippled beneath his skin.

Heather introduced the team…

The Alabama Gang

R.G. Jenkins
AGE: 40 / HT: 6’ 2” WT: 242 / HOME: Monroeville, AL
ALIGN: Tweener / STYLE: Brawler / FIN: Cobra Claw submission
THEME MUSIC: “White Trash”- Chris Janson
David Bonnett
AGE: 38 / HT: 6’ 3” WT: 264 / HOME: Livingston, AL
ALIGN: Tweener / STYLE: Brawler / FIN: Death Valley Driver

Sunny O’Callahan

“And their opponents…” Heather’s arm with the microphone dropped for a second as she gazed around the arena.  Then she continued, “…they are the reigning MVW Tag Team Champions!”

Then, the mood shifted. A proud Texas flag unfurled on the video screen overhead, signaling the arrival of wrestling royalty. “Ghost Riders in the Sky” by The Outlaws filled the arena, its haunting melody weaving through the excited murmurs of the crowd.

The Stevens Dynasty made their grand entrance, commanding the space with a presence that only years of legacy and conquest could bestow. Bo and George Stevens stood tall, their powerful frames silhouetted against the backdrop of their heritage. Cary Stevens, the patriarch, bore the weight of their storied lineage with dignity, while Scott Stevens flanked his kin, his gaze steady and resolute.

With a synchronized motion, Bo and George struck their iconic pose atop the stage, a silent promise of the impending battle. The four men then descended from their elevated perch, making their way down the ramp with purposeful strides, the shadow of the Texas flag trailing behind them like a war banner.

The air crackled with electricity as these two factions converged upon the squared circle, the heart of the arena where legacies were built and rivalries were settled. The fans knew they were witnessing more than just a match; they were part of a saga etched into the fabric of professional wrestling history.

Heather introduced the MVW Tag Team Champions…

The Stevens Dynasty

Bo Stevens
AGE: 27 HT: 6’ 1” WT: 234 / HOME: Waco, TX
ALIGN: / STYLE / FIN: Rolling Cutter
THEME: “Ghost Riders in the Sky”- The Outlaws

George Stevens
AGE: 42 / HT: 6’ 5” WT: 445 / HOME: Texarkana, TX
ALIGN: / STYLE: Power / FIN: Texas-Sized Slam
THEME: “Ghost Riders in the Sky”- The Outlaws

Manager: Cary Stevens

WITH: Scott Stevens

-The Alabama Gang have struggled of late.  The whole ‘getting to know each other’ process between R.G. Jenkins and David Bonnett continues.
-The Stevens Dynasty have been champions since February.  They will face No Quarter at Wrestling Night in America for the tag title.  Because the Stevens Dynasty have lost title matches by DQ to No Quarter, MVW majority owner Ray McAvay added a stipulation that the title will change hands if the Stevens Dynasty loses the match via disqualification.

“Impressive win for the MVW Tag Team Champions,” Thunderbolt observed.

Heather Cooper rolled back into the ring.

MATCH RESULT: winner via pinfall at 1:38- The Stevens Dynasty

-Massive win for the Stevens.  R.G. Jenkins eats a nasty Texas-Sized Powerslam and that’s all she wrote.
-The Stevens are getting on track for Wrestling Night in America.

“Hold on,” Thunderbolt interrupted.  “Looks like Cary Stevens has something to say.”

“Or a lot,” Rick sniped in.

The Stevens Dynasty Segment
The raucous crowd’s cheers still echoed through the arena as the last reverberations of a devastating Texas-Sized slam faded away. The Alabama Gang lay scattered and defeated, their chance at glory squashed under the boot heels of The Stevens Dynasty in a shocking display of dominance.

“Y’all see that? That right there!” Cary Stevens barked into the microphone, his gruff voice cutting through the noise as he jabbed a thick finger toward the downed R.G. Jenkins. “That’s what happens when you step into the ring with the Dynasty! A lesson in humility, courtesy of George Stevens!”

The camera zoomed in on Cary’s weathered face, the lines etched deep from years in the squared circle. A smug grin spread across his lips as he turned to address the dejected figures outside the ring. “Alabama Gang, you boys just ain’t the same without Hendry,” he sneered. “He went off to chase the money, and it looks like he took your spine with him!”

At ringside, Sunny, the Alabama Gang’s manager, stood fuming. With a scowl darkening his features, he raised his middle finger high in the air, aiming the gesture squarely at Cary. The crowd erupted, half in shock, half in delight, but Cary only laughed, unfazed by the crude defiance.

“Nice try, Sunny,” Cary taunted, tipping his signature cowboy hat back with a smirk. “But I’m the real Manager of Champions. And come Wrestling Night in America, my boys will prove it once again!”

He turned his attention away from the fallen Alabama Gang, his gaze piercing through the camera lens as if challenging viewers at home. “No Quarter! Bracken Krueger, Daryn Thompson, y’all think you’re ready for this?” He gestured to the towering figures of George Stevens and the rest of the Dynasty behind him. “My boys are too good for you. They are the elite force in MVW, and they’ll chew you up and spit you out like they did to these sorry excuses for wrestlers.”

Cary’s voice rose with each word, his Texas drawl turning each sentence into a verbal lariat, lashing out at the upcoming challengers. In the background, George Stevens cracked his knuckles menacingly, while the other members of the Dynasty nodded, their faces set in grim determination.

“Mark my words, No Quarter,” Cary continued, his eyes blazing with intensity. “At Wrestling Night in America, you’re gonna get a Texas-sized beatdown that’ll make tonight look like a Sunday picnic. The Stevens Dynasty is unstoppable, and we’re gonna ride roughshod over anyone who dares to challenge us. This is our territory, and don’t you forget it!”

With that final declaration, Cary tossed the microphone down with a clatter, the sound reverberating through the arena as the Stevens Dynasty raised their arms in triumph. The message was clear: Anyone stepping into the ring with them would face the full might of a wrestling legacy forged in the fires of Texas history.

Thunderbolt then sent it to the final commercial break of the night.


June 14th – Hartman Arena /Park City, KS
June 15th – Cook Center / Manhattan, KS
June 18th – Knapp Center / Des Moines, IA
June 30th – Wrestling Night in America PPV – Hale Arena / Kansas City, MO
August 16th – Eihusen Arena / Grand Island, NE
August 17th – CHI Health Center Arena Omaha / Omaha, NE
August 18th – WarHorse Center / Norfolk, NE
August 23rd  – MTI Center / Angola, IN
August 24th – Genesis Convention Center / Gary, IN
August 27th – Landon Arena / Topeka, KS


“One more time,” Thunderbolt said.  “Heather Cooper in the ring for our final match.”

MAIN EVENT: J.J. Bittinger vs. MVW Champion Luke Woods
Heather announced this would be tonight’s main event.

The arena’s ambiance shifted as the opening riff of Molly Hatchet’s “Whiskey Man” reverberated through the excited crowd. A smoky haze lingered over the stage, pierced by the spotlight that suddenly shone on J.J. Bittinger, who emerged with a confident swagger. His boots thudded against the metal ramp, each step in sync with the pounding beat of the southern rock anthem. The audience erupted into cheers as Bittinger raised a clenched fist high above his head, soaking in the adoration.

Seconds ticked by, and as the vocalist belted out the lyrics, Bittinger made his way down the aisle, slapping hands with the fans reaching out from behind the barricades. He wore a leather vest adorned with patches and fringes that swayed with his movements, embodying the rough-and-tumble spirit of a road warrior.

Heather introduced Bittinger…

J.J. ‘The Bear’ Bittinger
AGE: 31 / HT: 6′ 4″ WT: 265 / HOME: Cherokee, NC
ALIGN: Tweener / STYLE: Power / FIN: Bear Hug or the Bear Trap (Sami Callihan submission)

“And his opponent,” Heather continued.

Then, the atmosphere took a sharp turn as generic, pulsating upbeat music replaced the gritty tune. The Sports Entertainment Corporation made their grand entrance, beginning with ‘The Sports Entertainment Genius’ Triple R striding out confidently. His eyes were hidden behind mirrored sunglasses, exuding an air of arrogant intellect.

Close behind him came the ‘Mouthpiece of the SEC,’ Phil Feinbaum, sporting a headset and a smug grin plastered across his face. His presence commanded attention, and the crowd responded with a mixture of boos and grudging respect.

Flanked by CSPN reporter Rebecca Morris, Triple R sauntered down the ramp while the interviewer peppered him with questions. He delivered each answer with a calculated smoothness, his voice dripping with the condescension of a man who believed he held all the answers.

“Triple R, after tonight’s match, what will be the next strategic move for the Sports Entertainment Corporation?” Rebecca Morris asked, her microphone catching every syllable for the at-home audience.

“Strategy, Rebecca,” Triple R began, pausing for dramatic effect, “is for those who plan to win. And the SEC doesn’t just plan; we execute.”

The procession continued as MVW Champion Luke Woods made his appearance, the title belt glistening around his waist like a declaration of battle-hardened royalty. His gaze was locked forward, unflinching and intense. Brice Brantley loomed beside him, the muscle-bound enforcer exuding raw power, a silent sentinel ready to unleash devastation upon anyone who dared challenge the supremacy of the SEC.

Together, they approached the ring with a sense of purpose, each member playing their part in the theater of conflict that was about to unfold within the squared circle. The crowd buzzed with anticipation, the electric charge of an imminent showdown hanging heavy in the air. This was old school professional wrestling at its finest—a spectacle of larger-than-life characters set to collide in a clash of wills and muscle.

Heather announced Woods and the SEC.

Sports Entertainment Corporation

Leader: ‘The Raconteur of Road Rage’ Triple R

Luke Woods
AGE: 21 / HT: 6’3” WT: 200 / HOME: St. Louis, MO
ALIGN: Heel / STYLE: Technical / FIN: Arm Octopus Hold

WITH: SEC Mouthpiece: Phil Feinbaum,
“Georgia Bulldog” Brice Brantley “The SEC Enforcer”

-This is a non-title match.
-J.J. Bittinger is a two-time MVW champion and trying to get back into the title picture.

“And that’s all for J.J.  Luke Woods gets the win,” Thunderbolt said after Woods rolled up Bittinger with a rolling cradle.

Heather Cooper came back into the ring for the final time tonight to make it all official.

MATCH RESULT: winner via pinfall at 11:05- MVW Champion Luke Woods

-Good match.  We all knew J.J. wouldn’t just lay down for Woods and he put a good effort in the loss.
-Good workout for Luke Woods as he prepares to face the former MVW champion ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson at Wrestling Night in America.

Thunderbolt then wrapped up tonight’s show.  Next week is the go-home show before Wrestling Night in America- June 30th.

The Queens of Desire defeated The Soviet Bloc via DQ at 0:52
-The Missouri Valley Fight Club defeated The Working Girls at 25:54 in a #3 vs. #4 contender’s match-Women’s Tag Team Division.
-Amberley Stanton defeated Felicia LaBarbara at 16:29 in a #3 vs. #4 contender’s match-Women’s Division
-MVW Tag Team Champions The Stevens Dynasty defeated The Alabama Gang at 1:38 in a non-title match
-MVW Champion Luke Woods defeated J.J. Bittinger at 11:05 in a non-title match

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