6/4-Wrestling Night in the Heartland on HOTv



Last Week on Wrestling Night in the Heartland
-MATCH #1: The Shamrocks defeated The Lumberjacks in an elimination match in the Men’s Tag Team Non-Division
-Cary Stevens (Stevens Dynasty) cuts an in-ring promo on No Quarter and says The Stevens Dynasty was disqualified in their match for being ‘too tough for No Quarter to handle.’
-Stevens also ripped MVW majority owner Ray McAvay for making their Wrestling Night in America match where The Dynasty would lose the belts if they get disqualified again.
-The Alabama Gang came out. Sunny O’Callahan taunted Cary.  Bo and George Stevens jump them from behind and a brawl breaks out.
-Kellie Burkowski interviews Jill Berg (CEO-Jill Berg Enterprises) to mark Bethany Stewart’s first singles match as a part of JBE and talk about Felicia LaBarbara’s match tonight against MVW Women’s Champion Jennifer Colton.
-MATCH #2: Bethany Stewart (Jill Berg Enterprises) defeated Ninja Kitty in an elimination match in the Women’s Non-Division.
-Kellie interviews The Redneck Mafia next. They say the Alabama Gang think they have them figured out but they are going to rewrite the song to favor them.
-MVW majority owner Ray McAvay announces the other big matches for Wrestling Night in America.
-MATCH #3: The Alabama Gang defeated The Redneck Mafia in a #3 vs. #4 contenders match in the Men’s Tag Team Division
-After the match, both teams brawl until MVW Security run down to separate both teams.
-MATCH #4: Aaron Gray defeated J.J. Bittinger in a #3 vs. #4 contenders match in the Men’s Division.
-Kellie interviews Gray after the match. Gray says he’s coming for Ricky Stevens this weekend and he’s taking no prisoners.
-Kellie interviews MVW Women’s Champion Jennifer Colton.  She talks her title defense next week against Shizuko Yamazaki and her match tonight with JBE’s Felicia LaBarbara.
-MAIN EVENT-NON-TITLE: MVW Women’s Champion Jennifer Colton defeated Felicia LaBarbara (Jill Berg Enterprises)
-JBE surround Colton in the ring after the match but Victoria McGill and The Queens of Desire run down to make the save.

Missouri Valley Wrestling
Wrestling Night in the Heartland on HOTv
Ford Arena
Evansville, Indiana
Tuesday June 4th, 2024

Announcers: Thunderbolt Smith and ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall

Backstage Interviewer: Kellie Burkowski

Ring Announcer: Heather Cooper


Thunderbolt and Hall welcomed everyone to tonight’s edition of Wrestling Night in the Heartland coming to you live from the Ford Arena in Evansville, Indiana.   There was over 6,100 people here tonight for a big card.

Tonight’s Card:
-Victoria McGill vs. Amberley Stanton in a #2 vs. #3 contender’s match
-The Sports Entertainment Corporation vs. No Quarter in a Men’s Tag Team number one contender’s match
-Aaron Gray vs. ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson in a Men’s Division number one contender’s match
-Backman Taylor Powerdrive challenges Jill Berg Enterprises tonight for the MVW Women’s Tag Team Title.
-MVW Champion Luke Woods of the SEC is in action tonight against Ricky Stevens of the Stevens Dynasty
-Main Event: MVW Women’s Champion Jennifer Colton defends the title against challenger ‘The Shadow Warrior’ Shizuko Yamazaki.

“Six big matches tonight,” Thunderbolt said.  “Let’s get underway with our first match of the night.”

MATCH #1: Victoria McGill vs. Amberley Stanton
 Heather Cooper’s confident stride carried her to the center of the ring, the spotlight casting a sheen on her ruby-red sequined dress that clung to her curves and shimmered with every movement. Her brunette locks cascaded down her back as she lifted the mic with a gloved hand, her voice sultry yet commanding, filling the arena. “Ladies and gentlemen,” she declared, pausing for dramatic effect as the anticipation built, “tonight’s first match will be…” The crowd erupted, finishing her sentence with a thunderous “ONE FALL!”

As if summoned by their collective call, Victoria McGill made her regal entrance, her imposing height accentuated by the wavy blonde hair that flowed like liquid gold over her broad shoulders. Her piercing gaze swept over the fans as she sauntered down the ramp, each step a perfect blend of power and grace. Samantha Fish’s “Twisted Ambition” blared through the speakers, the gritty guitar riff echoing Victoria’s own relentless drive. Flanked by the Queens of Desire, Dawn McGill stood tall, her medium-length blonde waves framing a face that exuded steely confidence; Tammie Hardy and Savannah Smith smoldered in their sensuous attire, an aura of untamed desire surrounding them.

The spectacle continued as Dawn’s cabana boys whisked onto the scene, setting up an oasis of luxury ringside – a chaise lounger where Dawn reclined like wrestling royalty, her every whim attended with shoulder rubs, refreshing drinks, and soothing foot massages.

But the pageantry was cut short by the pulse-pounding intro of Kelly Clarkson’s “Since You’ve Been Gone” that shook the arena. Amberley Stanton burst from backstage with a determined sprint, her more modest stature no less formidable. Black hair bouncing just off her shoulders, she beelined for the ring, slapping hands with fans, their energy fueling her momentum. She rolled under the ropes with practiced ease and began hopping up and down, her lithe frame poised and ready, contrasting sharply with Victoria’s calculated stillness.

The air crackled with electricity as two very different forces prepared to collide. The old-school pro wrestling show had begun its dance of raw ambition versus honed precision, each woman embodying the essence of competition that was the beating heart of MVW.

Heather introduced both wrestlers…

Queens of Desire

Victoria McGill
AGE: 26 / HT: 6’ 2″ WT: 140 / HOME: Killeen, TX
ALIGN: Heel / STYLE: Power / FIN: Gutwrench Facebuster
WITH: Manager Dawn McGill, Tammie Hardy, and Savannah Smith

Amberley Stanton

AGE: 24 / HT: 5’ 8” WT: 100 / HOME: Seward, NE
ALIGN: Face / STYLE: Technical / FIN: Stanton Sleeper

-A match between two women who are more than familiar with each other.  Amberley won the last time for move up to #2 but lost in an epic fifty-four minute match to ‘The Shadow Warrior’ Shizuko Yamazaki.
-Victoria McGill looks to bounce back.  A win puts her in a good position as Women’s Division action starts back up this weekend.

Heather Cooper returned to the ring to announce the winner…

RESULTS: Victoria McGill wins via pinfall at 8:46.

Tori celebrated with Dawn McGill, Hardy, and Smith in the ring

-Good match. Big win there for Victoria McGill with a nasty facebuster for the pinfall.  Tori moves back up to #2 in the Women’s Division contender’s rankings.

But then…

The Soviet Bloc Come Out
As the solemn, orchestral strains of the “State Song of the USSR” filled the arena, a sea of red washed over the video screen. The bold yellow letters spelling out “THE SOVIET BLOC” stood stark against the fluttering Soviet flag backdrop, heralding the arrival of the fearsome trio. A wave of red flags unfurled throughout the arena, each one bearing the unmistakable hammer and sickle emblem of the Soviet Union.

Out from behind the curtains emerged the fearsome trio known as “The Soviet Bloc.” First came Major Svetlana Kovaleski, her tall and imposing figure looming over the other wrestlers. Her stern expression and rigid stance mirrored the unwavering ideology of the Cold War she represented. As she marched towards the ring, her sharp gaze swept over the audience, daring anyone to challenge her.

Beside her was Lt. Nikita Kalashnik, a young and wiry wrestler whose intense eyes seemed to see right through her opponents. Despite her lean frame, she held an air of strength and discipline that commanded respect. And flanking them both was Agent Valya, a seductive yet deadly force to be reckoned with. Her every move exuded confidence and danger, making it clear that she was not just another pretty face in this ruthless world of wrestling.

As they stood on the stage, the crowd fell silent, mesmerized by this formidable trio before them. All around us hung a heavy aura of power and dominance – a true embodiment of Soviet strength and control.

The Queens of Desire, confident and poised in the ring, felt the weight of the Soviet Bloc’s glare; it was a stare that could freeze vodka. As the Russian national anthem reached its crescendo, a hush fell over the crowd, anticipation thickening the air.

“Comrade Dawn,” Agent Valya’s voice slithered through the silence, her Russian accent wrapping around each syllable like a velvet glove concealing an iron fist. “Listen and heed this warning. Do not meddle in our affairs this weekend. Your interference would be… most unwelcome.”

Her warning hung in the air like the final note of a requiem, a stark reminder of the stakes at play.

With calculated precision, Major Kovaleski stepped forward, the spotlight catching the glint of steely resolve in her eyes. “Queens of Desire,” she began, her tone low and menacing, “you epitomize the weakness and decadence we have come to expect from your kind. There will be no ‘perestroika’, no easing of our might when we dismantle you this weekend.”

Their message delivered, the Soviet Bloc turned on their heels in a synchronized military pivot, exiting the stage without so much as a backward glance.

Thunderbolt Smith adjusted his headset, his seasoned journalist’s instinct knowing this was a moment that needed no embellishment. “The Soviet Bloc has thrown down the gauntlet, ladies and gentlemen,” he announced with measured gravitas. “Their intentions are clear, and their confidence is high.”

“Long Haul” Rick Hall leaned into his microphone, his voice infused with the electric charge of someone who had been on the receiving end of such threats in his wrestling days. “That’s a chilling promise from Major Kovaleski and her comrades, Thunderbolt. The Queens of Desire better be ready for a battle this weekend.”

And with that final comment, the screen faded to black, the logo for the MVW flashed briefly, and the broadcast cut to the first commercial break of the night.

High Octane Wrestling

Sports Entertainment Corporation Segment
The camera zoomed in, its lens capturing the opulent grandeur of the Sports Entertainment Corporation dressing room. Gold-embellished lockers flanked a plush, red carpet that led to a regal, high-backed chair where ‘The Sports Entertainment Genius’ Triple R sat, exuding confidence and an air of inevitability about tonight’s outcome. Beside him stood Corporate Sports-entertainment Programming Nation (the official media outlet of the SEC) reporter Rebecca Morris, her long blonde hair impeccably styled, her tailored ensemble projecting a professionalism that was as much a part of her as the microphone she held with poised assurance.

CSPN Reporter Rebecca Morris and ‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Triple R

“Triple R,” Rebecca began, her voice smooth and controlled, “with tonight’s highly anticipated match on the horizon, can the SEC fans expect another dominant performance from your team?”

Without missing a beat, Triple R smirked, his chiseled face breaking into a grin that was both charming and infuriating. He lifted the ‘script’ of the match like a trophy, his large, powerful hands making the papers seem almost insignificant.

“Rebecca,” he replied, his voice dripping with a blend of amusement and certainty, “the outcome is as clear as the ink on this script. The SEC will not just win; we’ll do it with such ease that our opponents will wish they were never booked in the same arena as us.”

The camera caught every nuance of his bold declaration, the twinkle in his eye speaking volumes more than his words ever could. Meanwhile, Phil Feinbaum, the embodiment of scholarly wrestling punditry, leaned casually against the locker beside them. His slightly rumpled appearance belied the sharpness of his mind, a contrast that made his insights all the more compelling.

“Phil,” Rebecca pivoted smoothly, turning her attention to ‘The Mouthpiece of the SEC’, “what makes the SEC the powerhouse that it is in professional wrestling today?”

Feinbaum adjusted his glasses before answering, taking a moment to craft his response with the precision of a chess master moving his queen into position.

“Rebecca, the SEC is more than a group of wrestlers—it’s an institution,” Feinbaum proclaimed, his voice rich with gravitas. “Our athletes are the elite, the pinnacle of sports entertainment. They’re not just performers; they’re superlative competitors with unmatched prowess and an unquenchable thirst for victory.”

As Feinbaum continued to extol the virtues of the SEC, it was clear that he saw no equal to their dominion, his rhetoric painting a picture of invincibility that the viewers at home could almost believe was real.

“Thank you, Phil. Thank you, Triple R,” Rebecca concluded, nodding respectfully to her interviewees. She turned back toward the camera, her expression unchanged despite the bold claims she had just heard. “Ladies and gentlemen, there you have it. Confidence is high in the SEC camp ahead of tonight’s showdown. Stay tuned to see if the script unfolds as predicted or if we’re in for a twist in the tale.”

And with that, the segment wrapped, leaving the audience in suspense as the screen faded out, ready to cut back to the roaring crowd and the electrifying atmosphere of the main event.

Kellie Burkowski Interviews No Quarter
The camera panned across the dimly lit backstage area, cutting through the thick tension hanging in the air like a heavy fog before settling on Kellie Burkowski. Poised with microphone in hand, she stood next to the imposing figures of “The Lakeshore Leviathan” Bracken Krueger and “The Texas Technician” Daryn Thompson. The stark contrast between their towering statures and her composed elegance only amplified the intensity of the moment.

No Quarter: Bracken Krueger and Daryn Thompson

“Bracken, Daryn,” Kellie began, her voice steady and piercing through the background chatter of the crew, “we’ve just heard from the SEC’s camp, claiming victory is all but assured tonight with their ‘script.’ Your thoughts?”

Krueger’s broad chest heaved with a chuckle that rumbled like distant thunder. His eyes glinted with a mixture of amusement and disdain as he leaned down towards the microphone. “A script?” he scoffed, his voice echoing off the concrete walls. “In this ring, there are no guarantees, no pre-written endings. The SEC may have their plans, but we play by our own rules.”

Beside him, Daryn Thompson nodded, her blonde hair tied back, revealing a face set in determination. Her fists clenched tight, knuckles white, ready for combat. “Oh, they’ll find out soon enough,” she added, her tone laced with the confidence of a seasoned warrior. “Tonight, I’m not just going to beat one of the SEC—I’m going to submit them. And there ain’t no script that can save them from that reality.”

The pair exuded an aura of unbreakable resolve, their presence alone enough to cast doubt on any predetermined outcome. With a final nod to Kellie, Krueger and Thompson made their exit, their footsteps resounding with purpose.

Kellie turned back to the camera, her professionalism never wavering. “There you have it,” she declared, her words cutting through the growing anticipation. “No Quarter is ready to throw the SEC’s script out the window and rewrite tonight’s story in their favor. Now, let’s send it back to Thunderbolt Smith and ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall at ringside.”

With a swift cue from the director, the scene transitioned, leaving the viewers at home on the edge of their seats, wondering if the SEC’s confident facade would crumble under the might of No Quarter. The roar of the crowd swelled as the anticipation for the upcoming clash reached its crescendo.

Thunderbolt sends it to the ring for our second match.

MATCH #2: The Sports Entertainment Corporation vs. No Quarter
“Our next match will be a Men’s Tag Team #1 contender’s match,” Heather Cooper announced.

The arena erupted into a frenzy of cheers and jeers as the SEC, The Alabama Kid and Gator Bates, emerged from behind the curtain. Their muscular forms cut through the haze of the entrance ramp like two battleships, imposing and unstoppable. ‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Triple R, with his swaggering gait and holding up the ‘script’ of the match, led the pack while ‘The Mouthpiece of the SEC’ Phil Feinbaum, ever the strategist, whispered last-minute tactics that were absorbed by the focused fighters. The generic upbeat music pulsated through the speakers, its rhythm matching the steady, purposeful steps of the wrestlers as they approached the ring.  Also with them, the SEC’s enforcer ‘Georgia Bulldog’ Brice Brantley.

Together, they climbed into the squared circle, their presence alone commanding attention, demanding respect.

But the atmosphere shifted palpably as “Kicking and Screaming” by Blues Saracino tore through the airwaves. The bassline throbbed as Bracken Krueger and Daryn Thompson made their entrance, the song’s gritty edge perfectly encapsulating their defiant approach to the night’s challenge. Bracken moved with the confidence of a man who owned the very ground he trod upon, his slicked-back dark hair adding to his formidable aura. Daryn, in contrast, glided beside him, the embodiment of agile power, her long hair trailing behind her like a warrior’s standard.

As they descended the ramp, the crowd could sense the electric chemistry between the two. Daryn’s poise complemented Bracken’s raw intensity, her youthful ambition shining in her eyes as she surveyed the ring ahead. They stepped over the ropes together, a fluid motion that spoke volumes of their synergy. Bracken turned his resonant gaze towards the SEC, a silent promise of the storm that was about to unfold.

Heather then introduced both teams:

Sports Entertainment Corporation
Leader: ‘The Raconteur of Road Rage’ Triple R
SEC Mouthpiece: Phil Feinbaum

Gator Bates
AGE: 26  / HT: 6’ 3”  WT: 239  / HOME: Gainesville, FL
ALIGN: Heel  / STYLE: Power / FIN: Gator Chomp
The Alabama Kid
AGE: 27 / HT: 6’ 2”  WT: 234  / HOME: Tuscaloosa, AL
ALIGN: Heel / STYLE: All-Around  / FIN: The Crimson Tide
WITH: “Georgia Bulldog” Brice Brantley “The SEC Enforcer”

No Quarter

Bracken Krueger
“The Lakeshore Leviathan”
AGE: 31 / HT: 6’11” WT: 290 / HOME: Chicago, Illinois
ALIGN: Heel / STYLE: Power / FIN: Into the Deep (over-the-shoulder Fisherman’s Driver)
Daryn Thompson
“The Texas Technician, The Daughter of Dust”

AGE: 29 / HT: 6’ 0” WT: 165 / HOME: Dallas, Texas
ALIGN: Heel / STYLE: Technical/submissionist / FIN: Legacy Lock (Anaconda vice)

-No Quarter defeated the SEC four weeks ago and Triple R threw a fit, claiming Krueger and Thompson went ‘off-script.’  We’ll see how this goes tonight.
-Big match for Gator Bates and The Alabama Kid.  With the Alabama Gang, The Redneck Mafia breathing down their necks, a win tonight would be twofold- get the title match Triple R wants and put No Quarter in between them and the others down the rankings.

Heather Cooper returned to the ring to announce the winner…

RESULTS: No Quarter wins via submission at 11:28

-Daryn Thompson promised she’d submit someone tonight and that’s exactly what she did.  No Quarter will give it another go against The Stevens Dynasty at Wrestling Night in America and regardless of the result, the two teams will do it again when MVW returns in August in Omaha, Nebraska.
-‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Triple R is not happy and he’s giving referee Ron Martin an earful.

Triple R held up the ‘script’ and then showed Martin what the result was supposed to be.  Martin just shook his head and turned away as Thunderbolt sent it to our second commercial break.


The SEC’s Not Done Yet
The camera zoomed in on the chaos that had erupted inside the squared circle as MVW’s Thunderbolt Smith’s authoritative voice cut through the din. “Ladies and gentlemen, we are back from commercial break, and what you’re witnessing here is an absolute mauling!”

“Y’know, Thunderbolt,” Rick ‘Long Haul’ Hall chimed in, barely containing his excitement, “the SEC—Gator Bates, The Alabama Kid, Brice Brantley, Luke Woods, and Mark Hendry—are putting a hurting on No Quarter’s Bracken Krueger and Daryn Thompson! It’s a five-on-two beatdown, and it ain’t pretty!”

In the ring, Gator Bates was wrenching back on Krueger’s arms while The Alabama Kid stomped mercilessly at his midsection. Brantley and Woods had Thompson cornered, delivering alternating blows to his ribs, and Hendry was parading around the ring, egging on the crowd which booed with fervent disdain.

Suddenly, the opening riff of Chris Jansen’s “White Trash” blared through the arena speakers, and the mood shifted palpably. The crowd erupted into a cacophony of cheers as The Alabama Gang burst out from behind the curtain, their presence instantly igniting hope in the beleaguered faces of No Quarter.

“Here comes the cavalry, Thunderbolt!” exclaimed Hall, as R.G. Jenkins, David Bonnett, and ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson charged down the ramp like a trio of runaway freight trains.

Jenkins, stocky and intense, barreled into Bates with a shoulder block that sent him tumbling over the ropes. Bonnett, the tallest among them, used his height advantage to launch a big boot straight into the chest of The Alabama Kid, knocking the wind clean out of his sails.

Dickinson, the biggest man in the melee, waded through the brawl like a bulldozer, grabbing both Brantley and Woods by their necks and slamming their heads together with a resounding crack that echoed throughout the arena.

“Look at Sunny O’Callahan go!” Thunderbolt pointed out as the feisty Southern siren, clad in her retro rock attire, dashed after the retreating figures of Triple R and Phil Feinbaum. Her fiery red hair flowed behind her like a battle standard as she chased the troublemakers to the back, her platform boots thudding against the steel ramp.

“Security’s gonna have a tough time restoring order tonight!” Hall shouted over the commotion as MVW Security personnel streamed down towards the ring, their numbers barely enough to contain the free-for-all that had engulfed the ring.

“Fans, we’ve got ourselves a classic southern donnybrook right here on MVW!” Thunderbolt declared as the security struggled to pull apart the grappling wrestlers, each one fighting tooth and nail to land just one more punch.

The camera panned across the wild scene—the SEC reeling from the counterattack, No Quarter slowly finding their feet, and The Alabama Gang standing tall amidst the turmoil—as Thunderbolt and Hall continued to call the action with a mix of old-school professionalism and genuine awe at the spectacle unfolding before them.

Aaron Gray Vignette
The arena lights dimmed and the crowd’s murmur swelled into a roar as the video screen flickered to life. Eddies of anticipation swirled through the air, an electric charge that could ignite at the slightest spark. The screen blazed with the image of Aaron Gray, his imposing silhouette cast against the backdrop of his journey from May 21st’s #5 contender.

“From the depths of the ranking pit, he clawed his way up!” boomed the gravelly voice of the announcer over the PA system, each word punctuated by the cheers and jeers of the crowd. Aaron Gray stood resolute, his mohawk an aggressive fin slicing through the air, camo wrestling pants hinting at a battle readiness that was both literal and figurative.

Flashbacks of his triumphs played out in rapid succession—a brutal slam laid on Buckshot Henderson, J.J. Bittinger left gasping for air after a devastating lock, Ricky Stevens’ face contorted in defeat beneath Gray’s relentless grip. With every opponent felled, his ascension was marked not just by victories, but by a palpable intensity that left no room for doubt: Aaron Gray was a force to be reckoned with.

“Tonight, he faces the immovable ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson,” the narrator continued, as images of the grizzled veteran filled the screen, his stocky frame a testament to battles hard-fought and won. “Can Gray dethrone the king of the hill? Can he cement his legacy by claiming the number one spot?”

The vignette reached its crescendo, scenes of Gray’s dominance merging with flashes of Dickinson’s unyielding stance, two titans on a collision course where only one could stand tall. As the video faded to black, the arena erupted, the collective breath of thousands held tight in their chests, awaiting the clash of warriors.

“All right folks,” Thunderbolt Smith said.  “Let’s go to Heather Cooper in the ring.”

MATCH #3: Aaron Gray vs. ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson
The opening chords of Warbringer’s “Total War” shook the arena as the audience roared in excitement. The lights dimmed and a figure emerged from backstage, stomping his way to the stage with determination and confidence. Aaron Gray, a burly man with a fierce mohawk haircut, stepped into the spotlight. His eyes scanned the cheering crowd as he made his way down the ramp, his camo wrestling pants fitting snugly around his muscular frame.

As he rolled into the ring, Gray wasted no time getting warmed up. He bounced on his toes, stretched his arms and neck, and let out a primal roar that echoed through the stadium. The energy was contagious as fans chanted his name and raised their signs in support.

Suddenly, the music changed to “Unapologetically Country as Hell” by Hardy and all attention turned to the entrance ramp once again. Redneck Bill Dickinson appeared alongside Sunny O’Callahan through the fog and red and blue lights and strutted confidently towards the ring. Sunny led him with ease, her frizzy blonde hair flowing behind her as she flashed a mischievous smile at the audience as they made their way down to the ring.

Dickinson rolled in and stared at Gray as Sunny stood next to the former MVW champion.

Heather introduced both men…

Aaron Gray
AGE: 34 / HT: 6’ 0” WT: 260 / HOME: Modesto, CA
ALIGN: Heel / STYLE: Power  / FIN: Gray Matter

‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson “The 330 Pound Southern Brawler”
AGE: 39 / HT: 6′ 1″  WT: 330 / HOME: Troy, AL
ALIGN: Tweener / STYLE: Brawler-Power / FIN: Southern Fried Powerbomb
Valet: Sunny O’Callahan

-Aaron Gray’s story is compelling.  He toiled in the Non-Division and the Heartland Division… won the Heartland title and held it for four weeks before earning promotion to the Men’s Division. It’s taken him a while to get a foothold but here he is… one win away from a title shot.
-Bill Dickinson is coming off a record 600-plus day MVW title reign and he’s guaranteed a second rematch against Luke Woods on June 30th at Wrestling Night in America.
-Now, should Gray win tonight, Dickinson would still get the title shot and Gray would challenge the winner when MVW returns in early August for the title.

Heather Cooper made the official announcement in the ring.

RESULTS: Aaron Gray wins via count-out at 5:09

-Not quite the result he thought it would be. Dickinson should never have gone back out of the ring.  Gray’s Vertical Suplex on the floor knocked the wind out of Dickinson and Gray got back in to score the win.
-Aaron Gray will face the winner of Dickinson and MVW champion Luke Woods August 17th at the CHI Health Center Arena in Omaha, Nebraska.

“Back with more, after these messages,” Thunderbolt said as Wrestling Night in the Heartland again went to a commercial break.

Sanctioned Violence Organization

June 7th – Grossinger Motors Arena / Bloomington, IL
June 8th – Peoria Civic Center / Peoria, IL
June 9th – David S. Palmer Arena / Danville, IL
June 14th – Hartman Arena /Park City, KS
June 15th – Cook Center / Manhattan, KS
June 18th – Knapp Center / Des Moines, IA
June 30th – Wrestling Night in America PPV – Hale Arena / Kansas City, MO
August 16th – Eihusen Arena / Grand Island, NE
August 17th – CHI Health Center Arena Omaha / Omaha, NE
August 18th – WarHorse Center / Norfolk, NE
August 23rd  – MTI Center / Angola, IN
August 24th – Genesis Convention Center / Gary, IN
August 27th – Landon Arena / Topeka, KS

Kellie Burkowski Interviews Backman Taylor Powerdrive
The camera swept across the chaotic labyrinth of backstage areas before settling on Kellie Burkowski, who stood poised and confident amidst the turmoil. Her piercing blue eyes were intent upon the formidable duo beside her—Backman Taylor Powerdrive. Randi Backman flexed her muscular arms, the sinewy lines a testament to battles fought and won, while Fredricia Taylor stood firm, her stance as grounded as her resolve.

“Randi, Fredricia,” Kellie began, her voice cutting through the din with practiced ease, “you’ve bulldozed through a gauntlet of fierce competitors to earn your first shot at the MVW Women’s Tag Team title. What’s going through your minds right now?”

The air was thick with anticipation as Randi leaned into the microphone, her voice raspy with intensity. “Kellie, it’s like we’re living in a dream, but trust me, we’ve sweated blood to get here. Laney Harrison and McLean Oswald, The Rose Warriors, The Hanson Sisters, and The Working Girls—they all fell to BTP’s drive!”

Fredricia chimed in, her tone equally fervent. “We know the road ahead is tough; those titles are the pinnacle of this division. But we’re tougher! We’re not just ready for this opportunity—we’re hungry for it.”

Their words hung heavy in the charged atmosphere. The two warriors shared a nod of unspoken understanding, their bond sealed by the trials they had overcome together.

“Thank you, Randi, Fredricia,” Kellie concluded, wrapping up the segment with the sleek efficiency that was her trademark. “Backman Taylor Powerdrive is clearly geared up for the challenge.”

As the camera panned away from the earnest trio…

Jill Berg Enterprises Segment
…the scene shifted with a jarring cut to opulence—a stark contrast to the grit of the locker room. Plush leather sofas and golden trophies adorned Jill Berg Enterprises’ luxurious dressing room. Amid the splendor sat the diminutive yet imposing figure of Jill Berg herself, her presence magnified by the grandeur surrounding her.

“Unworthy,” she spat out, the word dripping with disdain. “BTP might have powered through the masses, but they will never hold OUR gold.” She tapped her manicured fingers on the mahogany table, her rings glinting with every strike. “Our title is reserved for the elite, the crème de la crème, not for…them.”

Jill leaned forward, her steely gaze piercing the lens of the camera. “It’s more than just a championship; it’s a symbol of the corporate might of Jill Berg Enterprises. And we do not share power with the unworthy.  Backman Taylor Powerdrive is a joke.  Jill Berg Enterprises means business.”

Her declaration echoed in the plush room, a clear message to anyone daring to challenge the supremacy of her empire. The opulence around her seemed to nod in agreement—Jill Berg Enterprises was untouchable, and their grip on the title was ironclad.

MATCH #4-MVW WOMEN’S TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Jill Berg Enterprises © vs. Backman Taylor Powerdrive
The arena was pulsing with energy as fans cheered and sang along to Bachman Turner Overdrive’s “Takin’ Care of Business”, the iconic entrance theme of Backman Taylor Powerdrive. Randi Backman and Fredricia Taylor emerged from backstage, dressed in their signature black leather jackets and their all-black wrestling outfits. They high-fived fans on their way down the ramp, exuding confidence and attitude.

Once in the ring, they huddled together, discussing strategy for their upcoming match against Jill Berg and the Women’s Tag Team Champions, Sheline Carrigan and Madison Miller. The crowd roared as the tension built between these two powerful teams.

Suddenly, the lights dimmed and a lone figure made her way towards the ring. It was none other than Jill Berg, CEO of Jill Berg Enterprises, accompanied by her imposing six-man security detail. She strutted confidently down the ramp, her stilettos clicking against the concrete floor.

But before she could enter the ring, the MVW Women’s Tag Team Champions arrived on scene. Sheline Carrigan and Madison Miller were a force to be reckoned with, both physically and mentally. They carried themselves with poise and determination, their championship belts proudly displayed on their shoulders.

As they made their way down the ramp, they were joined by Prisoner #034291. who had been recruited by Carrigan and Miller from the local penitentiary. Together, they climbed into the ring, ready to face off against Backman Taylor Powerdrive.

The atmosphere was electrifying as all four wrestlers eyed each other up, sizing each other up for what was sure to be an epic battle in the ring. The anticipation was palpable as both teams stood tall and confident in their abilities. And with one final stare-down between rivals, Heather Cooper introduced both teams.

Backman Taylor Powerdrive

Randi Backman
AGE: 32 / HT: 5-9 WT: 175 / HOME: Detroit, MI
ALIGN: Tweener / STYLE: Power / FIN: TCB
Fredricia Taylor
AGE: 33 / HT: 5-8 WT: 170 / HOME: Flat Rock, MI
ALIGN: Tweener / STYLE: Power / FIN: Sledgehammer (DDT)

Jill Berg Enterprises
“Jill Berg Enterprises Means Business”
CEO: Jill Berg ‘The Corporate Predator’, ‘The Phenomenon Known as…’

Sheline Carrigan ‘The Canadian Cyborg’
AGE: 27 / HT: 6’0″ WT: 145 / HOME:  Vilbank, SK
ALIGN: Heel / STYLE: Power-Technical / FIN: Canadian Destroyer
THEME MUSIC: “Killer”- Fist
Madison Miller
AGE: 22 HT: 5’ 11” WT: 100 / HOME: Custer, WA
ALIGN: Heel / STYLE: Technical / FIN: Cyber Blow
THEME MUSIC: “Do It To It (ft. Cherish)”- ACRAZE
WITH: Prisoner #034291

-This is Backman Taylor Powerdrive’s first title shot. They’re going to have to keep their heads in this type of high-stakes match.  We’ll see how they handle it.
-Jill Berg Enterprises have been rolling along now as the champions.  If JBE wins tonight, they will face The Working Girls coming up on June 30th at Wrestling Night in America for the tag belts.

Heather Cooper rolled back into the ring to make the announcement.

RESULTS: Jill Berg Enterprises wins via pinfall at 11:36 to retain the MVW Women’s Tag Team Title

-Backman Taylor Powerdrive put up a good fight against their experienced opponents but Madison Miller got the pinfall on Backman and the champions once again retained.

Thunderbolt stepped back in.  “Back with more after these commercial messages.”

SHOOT Project

 Right back to the ring for our next match.

MATCH #5: MVW Champion Luke Woods vs. Ricky Stevens- Non-Title Match
The raucous strains of Iggy Pop’s “Search and Destroy” ripped through the arena, igniting a cacophony of cheers and jeers as Ricky Stevens emerged from behind the curtain. His confidence was palpable, a cocky swagger in his step that matched the beat of the music. Flanked by the ever-stoic Dru Danes, her short brunette hair a stark contrast to the flamboyant attire of her charge, they cut an eye-catching silhouette against the flashing lights.

Behind them loomed Cary Stevens, a man whose very presence seemed to command respect—or at least demanded attention. Texas pride was practically etched into his weathered features, his gaze sweeping over the crowd with the kind of disdain only an ornery patriarch could muster. Scott Stevens mirrored his father’s demeanor, exuding that same rough-and-tumble attitude that spoke volumes without uttering a single word.

As Dru guided Ricky down the ramp, the Stevens men followed suit, each step resonating with the weight of their family legacy. They approached the ring with purpose, a united front ready for whatever showdown awaited within those sacred ropes.

No sooner had the echoes of Ricky’s theme faded than a new anthem filled the space: the bombastic entrance music for the ‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Triple R and ‘The Mouthpiece of the SEC’ Phil Feinbaum. The duo sauntered out, basking in the spotlight, their smirks as sharp as the tailored suits that clung to their frames.

They weren’t alone for long. With a thunderous roar from the crowd, MVW champion Luke Woods stepped into view, the title belt glinting around his waist like a badge of honor, a symbol of conquest and glory. His eyes were alight with the fire of a warrior king, while Brice Brantley, the SEC Enforcer, loomed behind him—a silent sentinel, muscles coiled and ready to spring into action at a moment’s notice.

Together, the SEC descended the ramp toward the ring, where Heather Cooper stood waiting. Poised within the squared circle, her figure was striking, commanding the arena’s attention without so much as lifting a finger. Her deep brown eyes tracked their approach, her expression unreadable yet undeniably magnetic.

Luke Woods raised the championship belt high above his head, the gold catching the light in a brilliant display of power and prestige, before handing it off to an attendant at ringside. The SEC joined Heather in the ring, their collective presence a tangible force that seemed to electrify the air itself.

Heather’s sultry voice cut through the tension, her words rolling off her tongue with practiced ease, resonating throughout the venue as she prepared to orchestrate the evening’s proceedings.

Ricky Stevens
AGE: / HT: 5’ 11” WT: 185 / HOME: San Francisco, CA
ALIGN: Face / STYLE: High Flyer / FIN: Dead and Buried (X-Factor)

WITH: Valet Dru Danes
and Manager Cary Stevens, Scott Stevens

Sports Entertainment Corporation
Leader: ‘The Raconteur of Road Rage’ Triple R
SEC Mouthpiece: Phil Feinbaum

Luke Woods
AGE: 21 / HT: 6’3” WT: 200 / HOME: St. Louis, MO
ALIGN: Heel / STYLE: Technical / FIN: Arm Octopus Hold

WITH: “Georgia Bulldog” Brice Brantley “The SEC Enforcer”

The stage was set, the players assembled, and the battle lines drawn. It was old school professional wrestling at its finest, and the crowd roared in anticipation of the spectacle to come.

-Ricky Stevens has been a mainstay in the Men’s Division. He’s had a couple cracks at the title but ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson wasn’t losing to anyone at that point.  Ricky’s flown under the radar but he’s consistent and he’ll give Luke Woods a fight tonight.
-Luke Woods defeated ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson for the title back on April 23rd and defeated him four weeks later in his first title defense.  Woods will face Dickinson again at Wrestling Night in America.  This will be a very good test for the champion.

The crowd was a seething cauldron of excitement as Heather Cooper, with her trademark poise and sultry confidence, stood in the center of the ring. Her lips parted, ready to declare the victor, when suddenly the fervor turned to chaos.

“Wait a minute, folks!” Thunderbolt Smith’s voice boomed over the pandemonium. “That’s Bo Stevens and George Stevens right behind him!”

Bo, all sinew and swagger, burst down the aisle with a predatory gleam in his eye, his older brother George, a mammoth of a man, shaking the very foundation with each thunderous step. They slid under the ropes like two great white sharks entering a fishbowl. Without hesitation, they lunged at Luke Woods, who was still catching his breath from the match.

“Well, it’s death, taxes, and the Stevens Dynasty get themselves disqualified in a match and then set off a brawl!” Rick Hall cried out as Bo landed a vicious forearm to Woods’ jaw, while George used his gargantuan frame to corner their prey. “Didn’t think it would be Dru Dane decking Luke Woods with a foreign object to kick it off though.”

Heather, ever the professional, didn’t miss a beat. With a roll as graceful as it was urgent, she exited the ring, her eyes sharp with disapproval but her demeanor unshaken.

“Looks like the cavalry’s arrived!” Thunderbolt’s voice pitched higher with excitement. The SEC’s own Gator Bates and The Alabama Kid charged down the ramp, their loyalty to their teammate written on their determined faces. ‘The Georgia Bulldog’ Brice Brantley also stormed into the ring and barreled into the maelstrom, fists flying like sledgehammers, evening the odds as he defended his teammate with brutish efficiency.

Gator, compact and fierce, threw himself into Bo, trading blows with a ferocity that belied his size. Meanwhile, The Alabama Kid, lanky and full of fire, squared off against the colossal George, his quick jabs a blur against the bigger man’s slow power.

MVW Security personnel poured forth, a flood of black-clad figures descending upon the ring. They fought to restore order, pulling apart the tangled mass of muscle and fury as the audience’s chants hit a fever pitch.

“Let them fight! Let them fight!” the crowd shouted, a unified entity demanding more of the mayhem that only the world of MVW could provide.

At last, the wrestlers were separated, each one panting and glaring daggers at their opponents. The air crackled with tension, promises of retribution hanging heavy as the security team asserted their control.

Thunderbolt called out, his voice a mixture of awe and disbelief, “We’ll be back with our main event after these messages.”

June 7th – Grossinger Motors Arena / Bloomington, IL
June 8th – Peoria Civic Center / Peoria, IL
June 9th – David S. Palmer Arena / Danville, IL
June 14th – Hartman Arena /Park City, KS
June 15th – Cook Center / Manhattan, KS
June 18th – Knapp Center / Des Moines, IA
June 30th – Wrestling Night in America PPV – Hale Arena / Kansas City, MO
August 16th – Eihusen Arena / Grand Island, NE
August 17th – CHI Health Center Arena Omaha / Omaha, NE
August 18th – WarHorse Center / Norfolk, NE
August 23rd  – MTI Center / Angola, IN
August 24th – Genesis Convention Center / Gary, IN
August 27th – Landon Arena / Topeka, KS

Back from break, Thunderbolt sent it right back to the ring for tonight’s main event.

MAIN EVENT-MVW WOMEN’S TITLE MATCH: Jennifer Colton © vs. ‘The Shadow Warrior’ Shizuko Yamazaki
The arena lights dimmed, and a hush fell over the crowd as Heather Cooper’s unmistakable voice sliced through the tension. “Ladies and gentlemen,” she began, her sultry undertone imbuing each syllable with weight, “it is time for our main event of the evening—the MVW Women’s Title match!”

A roar erupted from the audience as the first chords of “Clock Strikes” by One OK Rock thundered through the speakers. Smoke wafted across the stage, and ‘The Shadow Warrior’ Shizuko Yamazaki emerged, shrouded in mystery and strength. Her full Japanese battle dress, an intricate tapestry of tradition and intimidation, shimmered under the spotlight as she paused to strike a warrior’s pose atop the stage, igniting the crowd’s fervor.

With purpose in every step, Yamazaki descended the ramp, her eyes locked on the ring—a silent promise of the impending battle. The fans reached out towards her, but she remained resolute, her focus unbroken, a lone samurai walking the path of destiny.

As the final echoes of Shizuko’s theme faded, the opening riff of The Eagles’ “Heartache Tonight” electrified the atmosphere once more. The reigning MVW Women’s Champion, Jennifer Colton, stepped into view, her title belt catching the glint of the overhead lights as she hoisted it proudly above her head. The emblem of her hard-earned dominance.

Jennifer’s smile was as radiant as her golden locks, and she made her way down the ramp with the grace of a queen addressing her subjects. She slapped hands, shared high-fives, and absorbed the adulation like solar rays—each touch fueling her confidence. A young fan, eyes wide with admiration, held out a phone, and without missing a beat, Jennifer leaned in for a selfie, immortalizing the moment for a lifetime fan.

The champion ascended the steel steps, her every move broadcasting the poise of a seasoned protagonist. She ducked between the ropes into her domain, the squared circle, where countless battles had been waged. Jennifer raised the title belt one last time, the signal clear: this was her reign, her night, her moment to shine.

In opposite corners of the ring, two warriors stood—the challenger, draped in the heritage of her homeland, and the champion, the heart and soul of MVW. Anticipation crackled through the air as referee Corrina Romanov lifted the coveted prize skyward, signaling the storm to come.

Heather Cooper introduced both women…

Shizuko Yamazaki “The Shadow Warrior”
AGE: 24 / HT: 5’4″ WT: 125 / HOME: Osaka, Japan
ALIGN: Face / STYLE: Martial Arts / FIN: Floatover DDT

Jennifer Colton

AGE: 22 / HT: 5’6″ WT: 130 / HOME: Evansville, IN
ALIGN: Face / STYLE: Technical / FIN: Colton Clutch 2 (Lebell lock, but with cobra clutch grip instead of crossface)

-Shizuko Yamazaki is a former Women’s Champion and she’s more than capable of doing it again.
-But Jennifer Colton is dialed in right now and it’s going to take a hell of an effort to get the title belt off her right now.
-The winner of this match will face Victoria McGill on June 30th for the Women’s title at Wrestling Night in America.

Heather Cooper climbed back into the ring for the final time tonight.

RESULTS: Jennifer Colton wins via pinfall at 9:01 to retain the MVW Women’s title

-Jenny Colton again uses the high-flying cover to get the pin on Shizuko Yamazaki and retains the title.
-Now, Colton turns her attention to Victoria McGill in twenty-seven days at Wrestling Night in America.

Thunderbolt wrapped up the show from there.

Victoria McGill defeated Amberley Stanton at 8:46 in a #2 vs. #3 contender’s match
-No Quarter defeated The Sports Entertainment Corporation at 11:28 in a Men’s Tag Team #1 contender’s match
-Aaron Gray defeated ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson via count-out at 5:09 in a Men’s Division #1 contender’s match
-MVW Women’s Tag Team champions Jill Berg Enterprises defeated Backman Taylor Powerdrive at 11:36 to retain the title
-MVW champion Luke Woods defeated Ricky Stevens via DQ at 12:33 in a non-title match
-MAIN EVENT: MVW Women’s champion Jennifer Colton defeated ‘The Shadow Warrior’ Shizuko Yamazaki at 9:01 to retain the title.

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