9/12-Wrestling Night in the Heartland on HOTv and PWA-TV


Last Week’s Wrestling Night in the Heartland Results:
-‘The Sunshine God’ Rah comes out to participate in a 10-bell salute to the late Jimmy Buffett
-MATCH #1: The Working Girls (Caroline Lewis/’Queen Cool’ Leah Iris) defeated Jill Berg Enterprises (‘Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan/Prisoner #034291) in a Women’s Tag Team #1 contender’s match.
-JBE CEO Jill Berg stomped to the back with her security detail after the match.
-Kellie Burkowski interviews Lewis and Iris in the ring. Lewis attributes the win to working hard, giving it everything they had, and never giving up.  Iris says she and Lewis work together very well and that makes them a strong team.
-MATCH #2: Victoria McGill of Jill Berg Enterprises defeated ‘The Shadow Warrior’ Shizuko Yamazaki in a Women’s Division #1 contender’s match.
-After the match, Women’s Champion Jennifer Colton appears on the stage and we have a brief staredown between the two.
-MVW Majority Owner Ray McAvay comes out and announces that Victoria McGill will challenge Jennifer Colton for the Women’s title at the upcoming Heartland PPV; The Working Girls will challenge the Hanson Sisters for the Women’s Tag Team title. The other four matches will be determined through the rankings plus McAvay says there will be a couple other matches booked on the card.
-McAvay also announces the return of the Carmondy Cup to start September 15th and 16th.
-Kellie reviews the results of the two Heartland Title matches earlier in the night.  Amberly Stanton defeated ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin to become the new Women’s Heartland Champion.  Luke Woods retained the Men’s title over Ken Kardoucheian and then declared that he would be facing the #4 ranked contender in the Men’s Division.  The Kardoucheians were livid.
-‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Mr. McMann cuts a promo stating Ray McAvay does not speak for him when it comes to Lee Best and High Octane Wrestling.  He says sports entertainment is the future.
-Kellie interviews Men’s champion ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson.  Dickinson his strategy for the match is simple- Southern. Fried. Powerbomb.
-MAIN EVENT/MEN’S TITLE: ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson © defeated Ricky Stevens

Cue the pyro

Medium MVW Logo

Missouri Valley Wrestling
Wrestling Night in the Heartland
Great Southern Bank Arena
Springfield, Missouri
Tuesday September 12th, 2023

Announcers: Thunderbolt Smith and ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall

Backstage Interviewer: Kellie Burkowski

Ring Announcer: Heather Cooper


The camera pans across the Great American Bank arena in Springfield, Missouri, capturing the excited faces of over 5,000 wrestling fans. The arena buzzes with anticipation for Wrestling Night in the Heartland. Amidst the sea of cheering spectators, Thunderbolt Smith and ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall sit confidently at the commentator’s table, all smiles and ready for a night of non-stop action.

“Welcome, everyone, to Wrestling Night in the Heartland!” Thunderbolt Smith exclaims, raising his voice to be heard above the roar of the crowd. “I’m Thunderbolt Smith, alongside ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall, and we’ve got an incredible night planned for you!”

As the crowd’s cheers crescendo, Rick Hall chimes in, visibly excited. “That’s right, Thunderbolt! And if tonight’s matches are anything like what we have coming up at the Heartland Pay-Per-View show, we’re in for a real treat!”

“Speaking of which,” Thunderbolt interjects, “we have two major matches booked for the upcoming Pay-Per-View: Women’s Title Match – Champion Jennifer Colton defending against Victoria McGill of Jill Berg Enterprises, and Women’s Tag Team Title Match – The Hanson Sisters defending the tag belts against The Working Girls.”

“Absolutely, Thunderbolt!” Rick agrees enthusiastically. “But let’s not forget last week’s big title change when The Stevens Dynasty defeated The Alabama Gang to become the new MVW Men’s Tag Team champions!”

“Ah, yes” Thunderbolt nods, a knowing smile playing on his lips. “The Stevens have been relentless in their pursuit of the belts, and they finally caught up to the Alabama Gang.” With a quick gesture, he introduces the video clip of the end of that unforgettable match.

LAST WEEK: The Stevens Dynasty (Bo and George Stevens) vs. The Alabama Gang (R.G. Jenkins/Mark Hendry) ©

Bo and George Stevens, the members of The Stevens Dynasty, stand tall and triumphant in the ring. Their faces are a mix of exhaustion and elation as they clutch their newly-won championship belts. Cary Stevens, the patriarch of the dynasty, beams with pride from ringside, his rough, Texas-bred demeanor momentarily softened by his family’s victory.

“Alright, folks,” Thunderbolt announces, the excitement clear in his voice. “Let’s go over tonight’s lineup.” He leans forward, eyes locked on the camera. “We’ll kick things off with Surf Express Bro taking on the fast-rising No Quarter in a #3 vs. #4 contender’s match.”

“Bracken Krueger and Daryn Thompson are making an impact in the Men’s Tag Team Division,” Hall adds, nodding in agreement. “Tonight’s going to be a real test for them.”

“Then we have Victoria McGill facing off against Kelly Lynn Smith,” continues Thunderbolt. “This should be a great tune-up match for Tori as she prepares to take on Jennifer Colton at the Heartland Pay-Per-View.”

“Absolutely, Thunderbolt,” Rick chimes in. “And let’s not forget Buckshot Henderson versus John O’Reilly in a #2 vs. #3 contender’s match. Buckshot came out on top last Tuesday, but with O’Reilly’s win over Cletus T. Johnson on Friday, this rematch is sure to be intense.”

“Finally,” Thunderbolt pauses for dramatic effect, “our main event: Women’s Champion Jennifer Colton in a non-title match against Lisa Barbosa-Stevens. This will be Colton’s chance to fine-tune her skills before facing Victoria McGill at the pay-per-view.”

“Couldn’t agree more, Thunderbolt,” Rick grins, rubbing his hands together in anticipation.

“Plus, tonight,” Thunderbolt added.  The first round of the Carmondy Cup will be drawn right here in Springfield, Missouri.”

MATCH #1-#3 vs. #4 MEN’S TAG TEAM: #3 Surf Express Bro (Bowie Abrams/Bradlee Nelson) vs. #4 No Quarter (Bracken Krueger/Daryn Thompson)
Thunderbolt sends it down to the ring where Heather Cooper waits, microphone in hand and her sultry smile on full display. The crowd’s energy grows as she introduces the first match, starting with No Quarter. Bracken Krueger and Daryn Thompson confidently stride into the arena as “Kicking and Screaming” by Blues Saracino plays over the PA system, eyes locked on the ring and determination etched on their faces.

“Introducing first,” Heather begins, “the team of ‘The Lakeshore Leviathan’ Bracken Krueger and ‘The Texas Technician, The Daughter of Dust’ Daryn Thompson… No Quarter!”

The crowd roars as Poison’s “Nothin’ Like a Good Time” comes on and Surf Express Bro make their entrance, an explosive mix of excitement and anticipation filling the air.

“Next,” Heather continues, “please welcome their opponents, Bowie Abrams… Bradlee Nelson… they are Surf Express Bro!”

As the applause swells, Thunderbolt chimes in one last time before the action begins. “Ron Martin is our referee for this match,” he says, “and we’re about to get underway!”

The referee’s hand slaps the mat for the third and final time, signaling the end of the match. The crowd is stunned as Daryn Thompson releases Bowie Abrams from the Lasso from El Paso submission hold. A cacophony of cheers and boos fills the arena, a testament to the unexpected victory.

“Wow! No Quarter with a surprisingly quick win here tonight,” exclaims Thunderbolt, just as shocked as the audience. “Daryn Thompson submits Bowie Abrams with the Lasso from El Paso!”

“Color me impressed, Thunderbolt!” Hall chimes in, his voice filled with enthusiasm. “That was a hell of a performance from No Quarter tonight.  They will definitely be challenging for the title soon in the Men’s Tag Team Division.”

“Absolutely, Rick,” agrees Thunderbolt. “But first, this weekend, they’ll take on #2 Kings of the Wild Frontier, with the winner getting a shot at a #1 contender’s match next Tuesday night against The Alabama Gang. But first, let’s send it back down to the ring where Kellie Burkowski is standing by with No Quarter.”

Kellie Interviews No Quarter
The camera cuts to the ring, where a beaming Kellie Burkowski stands beside the victorious No Quarter – Bracken Krueger and Daryn Thompson. Despite their tough exterior, both wrestlers can’t help but flash a grin, basking in the glory of their recent triumph.

“Congratulations on your win over Surf Express Bro,” Kellie starts. “How does it feel to be moving up the rankings and getting closer to a title shot?”

“Feels awesome, Kellie,” Krueger replies, his deep voice rumbling like distant thunder. “But we’all know it’s gonna be a tough road ahead. There are lots of really good tag teams in this division.”

“True,” Thompson adds, her eyes narrowing with determination. “But y’all ought to know, we’re ready for the challenge. We’ve come this far, and we won’t stop until we’re the top dogs.”

Kellie nods and is about to ask her next question when the sudden blare of the Stevens Dynasty’s entrance music interrupts her. “Ghost Riders in the Sky” by The Outlaws play.

“It’s the new Men’s Tag Team Champions… The Stevens Dynasty,” Thunderbolt calls out as the crowd erupts into a frenzy when Bo, George, and Cary Stevens make their way down the ramp, titles in hand and smirks plastered across their faces.

“Looks like The Stevens Dynasty think this is the perfect time for a title celebration,” Hall observes from the commentator’s table.

The Stevens Dynasty enters the ring, barely acknowledging No Quarter as they bask in the adoration – and disdain… mostly disdain – of the fans.

Cary takes the microphone from Kellie, his eyes locked on the two wrestlers who stand before him.

“Boys and girls,” he drawls, “we just wanted to come out here and give y’all a taste of what real champions look like.”

Krueger and Thompson exchange glances, their faces a mix of annoyance and determination.

The arena’s atmosphere shifts as “Morning” by Francis and the Lights- the Kardoucheians’ entrance music- blares over the speakers. The crowd’s quickly turns into a cacophony of boos as Koley, Kourtney, Ken, and Kris Kardoucheian step out onto the ramp, dressed in their finest designer clothes, with ‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Mr. McMann trailing behind them.

“Aw, come on now!” Hall exclaims from the commentator’s table. “The Kardoucheians?”

As they make their way down the ramp, Thompson can’t help but roll her eyes at the sight of the Kardoucheians. Krueger clenches his fists, mentally preparing himself for whatever nonsense is about to unfold.

Once inside the ring, Kris Kardoucheian snatches the microphone from Cary Stevens, his voice dripping with disdain. “You know, it’s really funny how we seem to be excluded from all this little title contention talk,” he sneers. “When are you people going to realize that my sons… world-famous Hollywood superstars… are the true future of this division?”

Koley Kardoucheian chimes in, adding fuel to his father’s fire. “That’s right! We deserve our shot at the gold just as much as any of these other clowns.”

“Ummmm, they lost to No Quarter last weekend,” Hall points out.  “The Kardoucheians really don’t have any grounds here to complain.”

In fact, throughout the exchange, Mr. McMann seems less than enthusiastic, almost as if he’s questioning why he’s there supporting the Kardoucheians in the first place. He stands off to the side, arms crossed, his face betraying the slightest hint of irritation.

Before anyone can respond to the Kardoucheians’ bold claims…

“My truck’s where my money goes
Got buck blood on my Sunday clothes
And direction to a honey hole that I’ll never tell…”

The Alabama Gang’s entrance music, “Unapologetically Country as Hell” by Hardy hits, and R.G. Jenkins and Mark Hendry come storming down the ramp, both clearly agitated by their recent loss.

“Enough of this bull-BLEEP!” Jenkins bellows as he enters the ring. “The line to get to the Stevens Dynasty starts and ends with us. We may have lost last week, but we ain’t done yet!”

Hendry nods forcefully in agreement with his partner, conveying his determination to make another run at the titles.

A four team staredown ensues with The Stevens Dynasty raising the tag belts in the air, a kind of taunt towards the other teams in the ring.  MVW Security comes down to make sure nothing gets out of hand.

“Well, what a start to the show,” Thunderbolt says.  “No Quarter with an emphatic win over Surf Express Bro followed by a little heat between several teams which means business will be picking up as we head towards Heartland pay-per-view show.”


High Octane Wrestling

“Welcome back, folks!” Thunderbolt Smith’s voice boomed as the camera returned to the MVW ring. The crowd buzzed with anticipation for match number two. Heather Cooper, the sultry brunette ring announcer, stepped into the spotlight, her curvy figure drawing appreciative whistles from the audience.

MATCH #2: Victoria McGill vs. Kelly Lynn Smith

“Introducing first,” Heather began, her voice resonating through the arena, “from San Francisco, California, weighing in at 130 pounds… Kelly Lynn Smith!” The crowd erupted in cheers as Kelly Lynn strode confidently down the ramp, her eyes locked on the ring. She waved to her fans, absorbing their energy and channeling it into her own determination.

“Next up,” Heather continued, “from Killeen, Texas, weighing in at 140 pounds… Victoria McGill!” As she announced Tori, Jill Berg, CEO of Jill Berg Enterprises, made her entrance first, surrounded by her intimidating security detail. They parted like a human sea, allowing Tori to emerge. The powerful wrestler walked out to Samantha Fish’s “Twisted Ambition” with ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin by her side. Together, they conveyed an air of old-school wrestling prowess mixed with undeniable charisma.

“Bailey Jenkins will be our referee for tonight’s match,” Thunderbolt added, his even-keeled tone bringing focus back to the action at hand.

“Tori quickly overpowered Kelly Lynn, tossing her across the mat like a ragdoll,” Hall explains.  “In mere minutes, Tori subdued Kelly Lynn Smith with a devastating Muscle Bomb Press.”

“Victoria McGill makes quick work of Smith as she gets ready for her match at Heartland against Jennifer Colton,” Thunderbolt announced, his enthusiasm evident. Rick Hall chimed in, “She’s definitely ready for Colton, Thunderbolt. That was an impressive show of strength.”

Kellie Interviews Victoria McGill and Jill Berg
As Tori stood tall in the ring, Kellie Burkowski, MVW’s young blonde interviewer, climbed in to get her thoughts on the match. But before she could even begin, Jill Berg barged in, her authoritative presence demanding immediate attention.

“Remember, Victoria,” Jill admonished, “I am the singular voice of Jill Berg Enterprises, and ALL interviews go through me.” Kellie nodded nervously and turned her microphone toward Berg instead.

“Jill, what do you think this victory means for Tori’s upcoming match against Jennifer Colton?” Kellie asked, sticking to the basics.

“Jennifer Colton can’t hold off JBE forever,” Berg replied confidently. “Victoria McGill is backed by our corporate power, and she will become the Women’s Champion… very soon.” The fire in Berg’s eyes left no room for doubt, and the crowd responded with a mix of cheers and boos. With a final, piercing glare at Kellie, Jill Berg left the ring with her security detail, heading to the back as the scene came to a close.

The Hanson Sisters Promo
The camera cut to a dimly lit backstage area, where Coach Reg and The Hanson Sisters prepared for their upcoming match against The Working Girls. Andrea and Melissa Hanson were huddled around a small plastic wrestling ring, completely engrossed in an action figure battle while Charissa provided play-by-play commentary with her signature intensity.

“Caroline Lewis with a devastating right hook! But wait, Leah Iris counters with the Pittsburgh Plunge!” Charissa shouted, as Andrea and Melissa manipulated the figures accordingly.

In the foreground, Coach Reg, a tough-looking woman with piercing eyes, stared directly into the camera. Her voice was firm but carried an undertone of genuine respect.

“Caroline Lewis, Leah Iris, I gotta hand it to you two,” she began, “Beating Jill Berg Enterprises last weekend was no small feat. But I’m afraid that’s where your lucky streak ends.”

As she continued, Andrea and Melissa’s playful banter faded into background noise, their focus on the wrestling figures a testament to their unshakable confidence.

“See, The Hanson Sisters are an unstoppable force, and no amount of hard work will take the tag belts from them,” Coach Reg said, her conviction unwavering. “Andrea, Melissa, and Charissa have been training harder than ever, and they’re ready to show you what real champions look like.”

Off to the side, Charissa chimed in without missing a beat in her play-by-play: “That’s right, Coach! We’ll be sending The Working Girls back to the drawing board after Heartland!”

With a nod of approval, Coach Reg addressed the camera one last time. “You heard it here first, folks. The Hanson Sisters are going to dominate at the Heartland Pay-Per-View show, and there’s nothing The Working Girls can do about it.”

As the promo reached its crescendo, the camera panned back to the broadcast table, where Thunderbolt Smith leaned forward.

“Strong words from Coach Reg and The Hanson Sisters! Will they make good on their promise to end The Working Girls’ winning streak? We’ll find out tonight!” Thunderbolt exclaimed, before adding, “But first, let’s take a short commercial break. Don’t go anywhere; we’ll be right back with more action-packed wrestling!”



“Welcome back, folks!” Thunderbolt Smith’s voice boomed through the arena as the show returned from commercial. The atmosphere was electric, and the fans eagerly anticipated the upcoming rematch between Buckshot Henderson and John O’Reilly.

“Last Tuesday night,” Thunderbolt continued, “we saw an incredible display of grit and determination from both competitors. Buckshot Henderson wore down John O’Reilly in a hard-hitting match, but can he do it again tonight?” He paused for a moment before sending it to the ring announcer. “Let’s find out! Heather Cooper, take it away!”

MATCH #3-#2 vs. #3 MEN’S DIVISION: #2 Buckshot Henderson vs. #3 John O’Reilly
The sultry Heather Cooper steps into the spotlight, her curves accentuated by the tight black dress she wore. The crowd roared in approval as she raised the microphone to her lips. “Ladies and gentlemen, introducing first, from Atheny, Ireland, weighing in at 200 pounds, John O’Reilly!”

Charlie Robison’s “John O’Reilly” blasts through the speakers, and the crowd erupts as the Irish brawler skips down the ramp with a grin on his face. His blue eyes sparkle with excitement, and he high-fives fans along the way. Upon reaching the ring, O’Reilly rolls under the bottom rope and quickly pops up, ready for action.

Heather Cooper continues, “And his opponent, accompanied by his valet Lillie Mae, from Tryon, South Carolina, weighing in at 245 pounds, Buckshot Henderson!”

Rhett Akin’s “Kiss My Country Ass” blares as Buckshot Henderson strode confidently onto the stage, Lillie Mae at his side. The stunning brunette exudes Southern charm, dressed in Daisy Dukes and a red, white, and bikini top. Buckshot held his arms wide, soaking in the mixed reaction from the crowd.

“Davey Keels will be our referee for this match,” Thunderbolt notes.

The bell rang, signaling the end of the grueling match. Both Henderson and O’Reilly were battered, bruised, and gasping for breath.

“John O’Reilly has done it!” Thunderbolt exclaimed. “He wins via count-out and moves back up to the #2 spot in the contender’s rankings!”

“Long Haul” Rick Hall chimed in. “John O’Reilly overpowered Henderson tonight.  He’s got heart and determination, and that’s what it takes to be a champion.”

“Absolutely, Rick,” Thunderbolt agreed. “And now, John O’Reilly is set to face Ricky Stevens of the Sports Entertainment Corporation next Tuesday night for a title shot at the Heartland Pay-Per-View show against Men’s Champion ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson! What a match that’s going to be!”

As John O’Reilly celebrated his hard-fought victory in the ring, Buckshot Henderson could only watch from the outside, the disappointment etched on his face.

Kellie Interviews Women’s Champion Jennifer Colton
The camera shifted to the backstage area, where Kellie Burkowski stood with a microphone in hand, her blonde hair perfectly styled. She was ready to interview Women’s Champion Jennifer Colton, who was fuming after hearing JBE CEO Jill Berg’s assertion that she couldn’t hold off her corporate power.

“Jennifer, you’ve just heard Jill Berg’s bold statement about your ability to withstand the pressure from Jill Berg Enterprises. What are your thoughts on this?” Kellie asked, her blue eyes filled with curiosity.

Jennifer Colton’s face hardened, her dark eyes blazing with anger. “You know what, Kellie? I’m sick and tired of Jill Berg and her corporate power trip. She thinks she can control everything and everyone in this business, but she’s dead wrong.”

As Jennifer spoke, the intensity in her voice grew, her fists clenching at her sides. “Jill Berg Enterprises has been a thorn in my side for far too long. At the Heartland Pay-Per-View, Victoria McGill is gonna find out exactly how I feel about JBE when I put her through hell and retain my title!”

Kellie nodded, sensing the fire within Jennifer Colton.

Jennifer snorted, her lip curling into a sneer. “Oh, and *BLEEP* Tony Gamble.”

With that, Jennifer stormed off, leaving Kellie to wrap up the interview.

“Back to you Thunderbolt,” Kellie said.

As the scene cut back to the broadcast table, Thunderbolt Smith picked up where they left off.

“Wow, strong words from our Women’s Champion, Jennifer Colton,” he remarked, his calm demeanor juxtaposed against the fiery passion displayed by Jennifer moments before. “And now, after this commercial break, we’ll see her in action against Lisa Barbosa-Stevens. You won’t want to miss it!”

As the scene faded out to commercials, anticipation for the upcoming match between Jennifer Colton and Lisa Barbosa-Stevens reached a fever pitch. It was clear that neither woman would back down without a fight, and the audience couldn’t wait to see what would unfold in the ring.

Shoot Logo

SHOOT Project

Christa Carmondy Draws the First Round Carmondy Cup Matches
The camera cuts back from commercial. Thunderbolt Smith stands at the center of the ring, microphone in hand, his eyes scanning the eager crowd. A single spotlight illuminates him as he prepares to speak.

“Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen,” Thunderbolt says with his signature even-keeled voice. “It’s time to introduce a true MVW Hall of Famer, Christa Carmondy!”

The crowd erupts in cheers as former MVW wrestler Christa Carmondy strides confidently down the ramp, her head held high. She steps into the ring and shakes hands with Thunderbolt, acknowledging the audience with a nod.

“The Carmondy Cup is named after Christa’s mother, Dame Judith Carmondy.  Christa is here tonight to draw the matches for the first round of the Carmondy Cup.” Thunderbolt continues, “The Carmondy Cup is set up much like the FA Cup in the English Football League. The tournament consists of randomly drawn rounds, and the entrants are not seeded.”

As Thunderbolt explains the format, Christa’s thoughts drift to her own wrestling days. She can’t help but feel a little nostalgic, remembering the adrenaline and excitement of being in the ring.

“Like the FA Cup, a system of byes based on the level -” Thunderbolt lists them off: “Bergman’s Barn Students, Non-Division, Heartland, Men’s/Women’s Divisions – ensures higher ranked wrestlers will enter in the later rounds.”

“Tonight,” Thunderbolt announces, raising his voice to be heard over the growing anticipation in the arena, “We have the names of the women wrestlers in the hopper: Miranda Crawford, Marilyn Kendricks, Kalya Davenport, Robin The Wonder Girl, Desiree Davis, Elsa Matthews, Missy Barnes, and Jennelle Jenkins!”

The crowd roars their approval, each name eliciting its own unique reaction.

“Christa, if you would please draw the matches for us?” Thunderbolt hands her the microphone.

With a determined look in her eyes, Christa reaches into the hopper and pulls out the first two names. “Miranda Crawford,” she announces, pausing for effect, “Versus Marilyn Kendricks!”

The crowd goes wild as the camera pans to Miranda and Marilyn, both women locking eyes with fierce determination from their respective spots in the audience.

“Next,” Christa says, drawing another set of names, “Desiree Davis will face Missy Barnes!”

Again, the crowd cheers and the two wrestlers glare at each other.

“Moving on,” Christa continues, her voice filled with excitement, “Elsa Matthews versus Kalya Davenport!”

Both Elsa and Kalya nod, accepting the challenge, their expressions focused and unwavering.

“Finally,” Christa announces, pulling out the last pair of names, “Robin The Wonder Girl will take on Jennelle Jenkins!”

As Robin and Jennelle size each other up, the anticipation in the arena hits a fever pitch. The first round of the Carmondy Cup promises to be an unforgettable event.

“Thank you, Christa!” Thunderbolt exclaims, taking back the microphone.  “Alright, folks!  It’s time to draw the matches for the men in tonight’s Carmondy Cup!”

The camera zooms in on Thunderbolt’s face, beads of sweat forming on his forehead as he prepares to announce the contenders. The crowd hushes, anticipation hanging heavy in the air.

“Here are the names of the men’s wrestlers in the hopper tonight,” Thunderbolt proclaims, his voice steady and clear. “Bobby Starr, Xavier Crossman, Mr. Wrestling XXXIV, The Monongahelian Stomper, Shane Ferguson, Craig Richardson, Kyle Davenport, and The Masked Texan!”

As each name is called, the camera pans to the wrestler, capturing their intense focus and determination. Some exchange heated glances with their rivals, while others simply nod silently, acknowledging the challenge ahead.

“Christa, if you’ll do the honors once more,” Thunderbolt says, extending the hopper towards her.

“Of course, Thunderbolt,” Christa replies, her tone confident as she grasps the hopper handle. Her fingers brush against the first slip of paper inside, and she can’t help but wonder which two men will be pitted against each other in this high-stakes tournament.

“First up, we have Bobby Starr versus Mr. Wrestling XXXIV!” Christa announces, her voice ringing out across the arena. The two wrestlers lock eyes from across the room, their expressions a mix of respect and rivalry.

“Next,” Christa continues, drawing another pair of names, “Kyle Davenport will take on Craig Richardson!”

The camera captures Kyle and Craig sizing each other up, both aware of the other’s strengths and weaknesses. This match, like all the others, promises to be a brutal battle between skilled competitors.

“Moving along,” Christa says, her hand diving back into the hopper, “Xavier Crossman will face Shane Ferguson!” The arena roars with excitement as Xavier and Shane stare each other down, their minds already racing with strategies for victory.

“Finally,” Christa calls out, revealing the last matchup, “The Monongahelian Stomper will go head-to-head with The Masked Texan!” The two wrestlers exchange icy glares.

“Thank you, Christa!” Thunderbolt exclaims, reclaiming the microphone. “These first-round matches will take place this weekend with four bouts at Friday’s Hutchinson and Saturday’s Emporium, Kansas house shows. Don’t miss any of the action, folks!”

As the camera pans across the faces of the eight male wrestlers, their determination and focus evident, Thunderbolt concludes the scene with a final, electrifying statement: “Stay tuned, everyone—the main event is next!”

Women’s Heartland Division:
-#4 Tammie Hardy defeated #5 Kelly Lynn Smith- Smith is back in the potential drop zone again and faces a promotion/relegation match
-#4 Tammie Hardy defeated #3 Felicia LaBarbara- Hardy sweeps the weekend and moves up to #3 in the rankings.  She faces #2 Debbie the Destroyer Friday night in Hutchinson, Kansas. The winner gets the #1 contender ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin Saturday night in Emporium, Kansas.

Men’s Heartland Division:
-#4 ‘Rock Star’ Robbie Marrs defeated #5 Dave Mann- Mann is in the potential drop zone and faces an upcoming promotion/relegation match.
-#3 Absolute Zero defeated #4 ‘Rock Star’ Robbie Marrs- Absolute Zero holds the #3 ranking and will take on #2 Captain Jack Friday night with the winner challenging Ken Kardoucheian in a #1 contender’s match on Saturday in Emporium, Kansas.

September 8th – Nellis Hall / Coffeyville, KS
September 9th – JHQ Arena / Springfield, MO
September 10th – Cook Center / Olathe, KS
September 15th – Hutchinson Sports Arena / Hutchinson, KS
September 16th – Del 5ive Event Center / Emporium, KS
September 19th – Ford Center / Evansville, IN
September 24th – Heartland PPV – Indiana Farmers Coliseum / Indianapolis, IN
September 29th –Lambert Fieldhouse / West Lafayette, IN
September 30th – Peoria Civic Center / Peoria, IL
October 1st – The Viaero Center / Kearney, NE
October 6th – Cheyenne County Community Center / Sidney, NE
October 7th – Wilkert Event Center / Columbus, NE
October 10th – Knapp Center / Des Moines, IA
October 13th – Griffon Indoor Sports Complex / St. Joseph, MO
October 14th – Landon Arena / Topeka, KS
October 15th –  Five Flags Center / Dubuque, IA
October 20th – Hale Arena / Mason City, IA
October 21st – Surf Ballroom / Clear Lake, IA
October 24th – Athletics-Recreation Center / Valparaiso, IN

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Sanctioned Violence Organization

MAIN EVENT/NON-TITLE: Women’s Champion Jennifer Colton vs. Lisa Barbosa-Stevens
“Welcome back, folks!” Thunderbolt Smith’s voice boomed as the camera panned over the roaring crowd. “We’re ready for the main event!”

Heather Cooper strutted into the ring, her sultry voice echoing through the arena. “Introducing first… Lisa Barbosa-Stevens!”

As Within Temptation’s “What Have You Done Now?” blasted through the speakers, Barbosa-Stevens emerged from behind the curtain, her steely gaze fixed on the ring. She took a deep breath, feeding off the energy of the crowd, before striding down the ramp with determination.

“Her opponent,” Heather continued, “the Women’s Champion herself – Jennifer Colton!”

The Eagles’ “Heartache Tonight” filled the arena, and Colton appeared at the top of the ramp, raising her title belt high above her head. The crowd erupted in cheers as she made her way to the ring, the weight of the championship both a burden and a badge of honor.

“Corrina Romanov will be your referee for this match,” Thunderbolt informed the audience, his tone even and unbiased.

In the ring, Barbosa-Stevens stretched her limbs while Colton tightened the laces on her boots. Both women were keenly aware that only one could emerge victorious.

Jennifer Colton wins!” Thunderbolt shouted, his voice barely audible over the raucous cheers of the crowd.

As Romanov raised Colton’s arm in victory, Victoria McGill appeared on the stage, her powerful presence drawing everyone’s attention. The Women’s Champion locked eyes with her challenger at the upcoming Heartland PPV, both women silently acknowledging the inevitable clash that lay ahead.

“An intense stare-off between Colton and McGill as we wrap up tonight’s show!” Thunderbolt excitedly concluded. “Folks, you won’t want to miss what happens next!”

The camera lingered on Colton and McGill’s unyielding gazes before fading to black..

-MEN’S TAG TEAM #3 vs. #4 MATCH: No Quarter (Bracken Krueger/Daryn Thompson) defeated Surf Express Bro (Bowie Abrams/Bradlee Nelson) at 3:15
-Victoria McGill defeated Kelly Lynn Smith at 1:48
-MEN’S DIVISION #2 vs. #3 MATCH: John O’Reilly defeated Buckshot Henderson at 5:46
-MAIN EVENT/NON-TITLE: Women’s Champion Jennifer Colton defeated Lisa Barbosa-Stevens at 8:40

Results of the Carmondy Cup Drawing-First Round Matches
Christa Carmondy drew the first-round matches in the Women’s Carmondy Cup:
-Miranda Crawford vs. Marilyn Kendricks- Sept. 15th
-Desiree Davis vs. Missy Barnes- Sept 15th
-Elsa Matthews vs. Kalya Davenport- Sept 16th
-Robin the Wonder Girl vs. Jennelle Jenkins- Sept 16th

Christa then drew the Men’s first-round matches:
-Bobby Starr vs. Mr. Wrestling XXXIV- Sept. 15th
-Kyle Davenport vs. Craig Richardson- Sept 15th
-Xavier Crossman vs. Shane Ferguson- Sept 16th
-The Monongahelian Stomper vs. The Masked Texan- Sept 16th

Last, but not least… RIP Charlie Robison 1964-2023

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