9/19-Wrestling Night in the Heartland on HOTv and PWA-TV


Last Week’s Wrestling Night in the Heartland Results:
-Replay of the end of the Men’s Tag Team Title match between The Alabama Gang and The Stevens Dynasty
-MATCH #1-#3 vs. #4 MEN’S TAG TEAM MATCH: #4 No Quarter (Bracken Krueger/Daryn Thompson) defeated #3 Surf Express Bro (Bowie Abrams/Bradlee Nelson).  Krueger and Thompson face #2 The Kings of the Wild Frontier this weekend.
-Kellie Burkowski interviews No Quarter after their win but The Stevens Dynasty comes out to celebrate their title win, The Kardoucheian Empire comes out to complain about not being in contention, and then The Alabama Gang show up and tell everyone the line to a title shot against the new champions starts and ends with them.
-MATCH #2: Victoria McGill defeated Kelly Lynn Smith
-Kellie goes to interview Tori afterwards but Jill Berg Enterprises CEO Jill Berg stops her and has Kellie interview her instead.  Berg says Jennifer Colton can’t hold off Tori forever and the belt is coming to JBE.
-Coach Reg cuts a backstage promo as Andrea and Melissa Hanson play with wrestling action figures in the background.  She calls the Hansons an unstoppable force who will dominate at the Heartland PPV.
-MATCH #3-#2 vs. #3 MEN’S DIVISION MATCH: #3 John O’Reilly defeated #2 Buckshot Henderson
-Kellie interviews Women’s Champion Jennifer Colton who’s had just about enough of Jill Berg Enterprises.
-Christa Carmondy draws the first eight matches of the Carmondy Cup.
-MAIN EVENT/NON-TITLE: Women’s Champion Jennifer Colton defeated Lisa Barbosa-Stevens

Cue the pyro

Medium MVW Logo

Missouri Valley Wrestling
Wrestling Night in the Heartland
Ford Center
Evansville, Indiana
Tuesday September 19th, 2023

Announcers: Thunderbolt Smith and ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall

Backstage Interviewer: Kellie Burkowski

Ring Announcer: Heather Cooper


The electric atmosphere of the Ford Center pulsated with anticipation as Thunderbolt Smith and ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall stood in the middle of the ring, surrounded by an ocean of cheering fans. The bright lights shone down on them, casting dramatic shadows across their faces.

“Welcome everyone to the final MVW house show before this Sunday’s Heartland Pay-Per-View event!” Thunderbolt roared into his microphone, causing the crowd to erupt in a cacophony of cheers and applause.  “Tonight’s show is two hours folks and we’ve got a lot of stuff to get through.”

“Let me tell you, folks,” Hall chimed in, his voice booming with excitement, “the card for Heartland as it stands is absolutely stacked! We’ve got Amberly Stanton defending her Women’s Heartland Title against Tammie Hardy, Luke Woods putting his Men’s Heartland Title on the line against Absolute Zero, The Hanson Sisters defending their Women’s Tag Team Titles against The Working Girls, and Jennifer Colton clashing with Victoria McGill for the Women’s Title!”

Thunderbolt nodded in agreement, his eyes scanning the frenzied crowd. “And tonight, we will find out who will face Men’s Champion ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson and Men’s Tag Team Champions The Stevens Dynasty at Heartland.”

“First up, The Alabama Gang will go head-to-head with No Quarter in a #1 contender’s match! Whoever comes out on top will challenge The Stevens Dynasty for their titles at Heartland.” He paused for effect, then continued, “And then, Ricky Stevens of the SEC will battle it out with John O’Reilly in another #1 contender’s match. The winner will take on ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson for the Men’s Championship!”

Hall’s eyes widened as he added, “And let’s not forget, Majority Owner Ray McAvay will be here tonight to announce the full card for Heartland. It’s gonna be one hell of a night, folks!”

“Absolutely, Rick,” Thunderbolt agreed. “Now, let’s send it over to the lovely ring announcer, Heather Cooper, for our first match of the evening!”

As the camera panned over to Heather, a sultry brunette with curves that could stop traffic, her voice rang out as clear as a bell. “Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome your competitors for tonight’s first match!”

The roar of the crowd intensified as the wrestlers made their way to the ring.

MATCH #1: Red State Nation (‘Victorious’ Veronica Vincent/’Daddy’s Girl’ Kay Daniels) vs. The Working Girls (Caroline Lewis/’Queen Cool’ Leah Iris

Red State Nation

‘Daddy’s Girl’ Kay Daniels

AGE: 21 / HT: 5′ 8″ WT: 125 / HOME: Shelbyville, TN
ALIGN: Heel / STYLE: Technical / FIN: Facebuster DDT
THEME MUSIC: “Daddy’s Money”- Ricochet

‘Victorius’ Veronica Vincent
AGE: 31 / HT: 5’ 10” WT: 115 / HOME: Biloxi, MS
ALIGN: Tweener / STYLE: Strong Style / FIN: Brainbuster

Working Girls

“Queen Cool” Leah Iris
AGE: 27 / HT: 5′ 9″ WT: 125 / HOME: Pittsburgh, PA
ALIGN: Face / STYLE: Technical-All Around / FIN: Pittsburgh Plunge (Fisherman Buster)
THEME MUSIC: “Ah Leah”- Donnie Iris

‘Former Hooter’s Waitress’ C.J. Lewis
AGE: 32 / HT: 5’11 WT: 135 / HOME: Conway, NH
ALIGN: Face / STYLE: Power / FIN: Last Round
THEME MUSIC: “She Works Hard for the Money”- Donna Summer

“What a match!” Thunderbolt exclaimed.  “Wow.”

“Thunderbolt, Kay Daniels and Veronica Vincent decided not to just walk through the motions tonight,“ Rick Hall said excitedly. “They came out to give The Working Girls a fight and that’s exactly what they did.”

Quick cut to the ring where Daniels and Vincent celebrate their unexpected win while Lewis and Iris gather themselves on the floor.

“Look,” Hall continued, “I wouldn’t look too much into the loss.  This was not The Working Girls night and I’m sure they’ll bounce back this Sunday at the Heartland Pay-Per-View.”

“All right, we’ll be back with more after these messages,” Thunderbolt said, sending it to a commercial break.


High Octane Wrestling

“Back from break and I’m still excited over the first match,” Thunderbolt explained.  “This next match is huge.”

“That’s right Thunderbolt,” Hall replied.  “This match will determine who the first challenger for the new Men’s Tag Team Champions, The Stevens Dynasty will be at the Heartland Pay-Per-View show. No Quarter’s Bracken Krueger and Daryn Thompson first steamrolled through the Men’s Tag Team Non-Division.  Now, they’ve knocked off The Kardoucheian Empire, Surf Express Bro, and The Kings of the Wild Frontier in the last two weeks to move up to #2 in the contender’s rankings.  Tonight, they face former 2-time champions The Alabama Gang and the winner of this match will get a chance to challenge the Stevens Dynasty at Heartland for the championship title.”

“Let’s go back to Heather Cooper in the ring for our big Men’s Tag Team #1 contender’s match,” Thunderbolt said.

MATCH #2-MEN’S TAG TEAM #1 CONTENDER’S MATCH: No Quarter (Bracken Krueger/Daryn Thompson) vs. The Alabama Gang (R.G. Jenkins/Mark Hendry)

No Quarter

Bracken Krueger
“The Lakeshore Leviathan”
AGE: 30 / HT: 6’ 11” WT: 290 / HOME: Chicago, Illinois
ALIGN: Heel / STYLE: Power / FIN: Into the Deep (over-the-shoulder Fisherman’s Driver)

Daryn Thompson
“The Texas Technician, The Daughter of Dust”

AGE: 28 / HT: 6’ 0” WT: 165 / HOME: Dallas, Texas
ALIGN: Heel / STYLE: Technical/submissionist / FIN: Legacy Lock (Anaconda vice)
THEME MUSIC: “Kicking and Screaming” – Blues Saracino

The Alabama Gang

R.G. Jenkins
AGE: 39 / HT: 5’ 11”  WT: 242 / HOME: Monroeville, AL
ALIGN: Tweener / STYLE: Brawler / FIN: Cobra Claw submission

Mark Hendry
AGE: 25 / HT: 6′ 2″ WT: 230 / HOME: Enterprise, AL
ALIGN: Tweener/ STYLE: Brawler / FIN: The Alabama Slam
THEME MUSIC: “White Trash”- Chris Janson

Valet: Sunny O’Callahan

“NO QUARTER DOES IT!” Thunderbolt yelled into the microphone.

“Whew! What a match!” Rick Hall exclaimed, his excitement palpable as he wiped the sweat from his brow. “Thunderbolt, this match was not for the faint of heart. R.G. Jenkins and Mark Hendry, Bracken Krueger and Daryn Thompson went at it hard. Unbelievably hard-hitting match.”

“Absolutely, Rick,” Thunderbolt agreed, leaning in closer to his microphone. “No Quarter comes away with the win and they will face The Stevens Dynasty on Sunday night for the MVW Men’s Tag Team title.”

No Quarter Interview
The arena buzzed with electric energy, the roaring crowd still on their feet as Kellie Burkowski, MVW’s 24-year-old backstage interviewer, stepped into the ring. Beams of light pierced through the darkened atmosphere, illuminating the sweat-drenched faces of Bracken Krueger and Daryn Thompson, the victorious No Quarter.

“Bracken, Daryn, congratulations on your huge win over The Alabama Gang!” Kellie exclaimed, her eyes wide with excitement. “Bracken, how does it feel to come out on top in such a brutal match?”

Krueger, towering at 6’9″ and still catching his breath from the hard-fought victory, grinned as he wiped the sweat off his brow. “Kellie, I’m thrilled,” he replied, his deep voice booming throughout the arena. “The Alabama Gang put up one hell of a fight, but we came out on top. And now, we’re ready for the challenge that the Stevens Dynasty will bring at the Heartland Pay-Per-View.”

Internally, Krueger couldn’t help but think about the upcoming challenge. He knew the Stevens Dynasty was a formidable force, but he was confident in the strength and skill that he and Daryn had honed together. They wouldn’t back down without a fight.

Kellie then turned to Daryn, her eyes filled with curiosity. “Daryn, what are your thoughts on tonight’s win?”

The Daughter of Dust, known for her technical prowess, nodded respectfully before answering. “You know, Kellie, y’all got to give credit to The Alabama Gang. They gave us no quarter, we gave them no quarter. We took some heavy hits, and we’ll be sore in the morning, but we’ll be ready for The Stevens Dynasty at Heartland.”

As Daryn spoke, she clenched her fists, picturing the grueling training sessions and relentless determination that had led her and Krueger to this moment. The thought of facing the Stevens Dynasty only fueled her desire for victory.

“Thank you, Bracken and Daryn,” Kellie said with a smile, wrapping up the interview. “We’re all looking forward to seeing No Quarter take on the Stevens Dynasty at Heartland Pay-Per-View!”

The crowd erupted in deafening cheers as Krueger and Thompson raised their arms triumphantly. They knew that the battle against the Stevens Dynasty would be one for the ages, but their resolve was unbreakable. No Quarter would stand tall, ready to face any challenge that awaited them in the ring.

The Stevens Dynasty Arrive
As if on cue, Cary Stevens led out his charges, Bo and George Stevens, to the stage for the obligatory pre-match staredown with their opponents on Sunday. They strode confidently, their gazes never leaving No Quarter, who stood tall in the ring.

The current Men’s Tag Team Champions:
The Stevens Dynasty: Cary, Bo, and George Stevens

“Look at that intensity!” Rick observed, his voice brimming with anticipation. “Both these teams want nothing more than to walk away with those titles. This is going to be one heck of a match.”

“Couldn’t agree more, Rick,” Thunderbolt chimed in, his eyes locked on the scene unfolding before them. He could feel the electric tension in the air, the crowd’s energy pulsating with every heartbeat. “I can’t wait for this match on Sunday.”

“Me neither, Thunderbolt,” Rick concurred, nodding vigorously. “This is what MVW is all about. Two incredible teams putting it all on the line for the ultimate prize.”

“Absolutely,” Thunderbolt confirmed, feeling the weight of the moment settle over him like a warm blanket. “Two matches down. We’ve got more action for you coming up after these commercial messages.”

As the camera pulled away, No Quarter and The Stevens Dynasty continued their staredown, neither team willing to give an inch. The stage was set, and in just a few days, they would do battle for pride, honor, and most importantly, the MVW Men’s Tag Team Championship.



Back from commercial break, Thunderbolt Smith and ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall sat at the commentary table, reviewing the earlier match between Sheline Carrigan, Prisoner #034291, Laney Harrison, and McLean Oswald. Their faces showed a mixture of shock and disbelief.

“Unbelievable,” Thunderbolt muttered, shaking his head. “I never would’ve guessed that Carrigan and Prisoner #034291 would lose to both Harrison and Oswald, and then The Working Girls.”

“Absolutely, Thunderbolt,” agreed Hall, his voice filled with excitement. “This has been an incredible night of action so far!”

Jill Berg Enterprises Dressing Room
The camera cut to Jill Berg Enterprises’s dressing room, where Jill Berg was pacing like a caged animal, her face red with anger. She glared at Carrigan and Prisoner #034291, who stood before her with their heads hung low, trying to avoid eye contact.

Jill Berg Enterprises: CEO Jill Berg, ‘Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan, Prisoner #034291

“Are you kidding me?” Jill shouted, her voice dripping with contempt. “You two had one job – ONE JOB – and you blew it! Not only did you lose to Harrison and Oswald, but you also let The Working Girls walk all over you!”

Carrigan and Prisoner #034291 flinched at Jill’s harsh words, their shame evident on their faces. Before they could say anything in their defense, Jill turned her attention to ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin, her anger seething.

“And don’t get me started on you, Tessa!” she barked. “Losing the Women’s Heartland title was bad enough, but then losing to Tammie Hardy? What’s next? Are you going to lose to Daddy’s Girl Kay Daniels?”

Tessa clenched her fists, but didn’t dare speak up, knowing that doing so would only make matters worse. Jill looked over at Tori McGill, her icy stare causing Tori to shudder involuntarily.

“Listen up, Tori,” Jill hissed. “I don’t care what it takes, but you’d better come up with a result on Sunday night at Heartland. I’m not going to let this losing streak continue.”

Sports Entertainment Corporation Dressing Room
The camera then cut to the Sports Entertainment Corporation’s dressing room, where the mood was equally tense. ‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Mr. McMann stood in the center of the room, his eyes locked on Kris Kardoucheian of the Kardoucheian Empire.

‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Mr. McMann and the Patriarch of the Kardoucheian Empire Kris Kardoucheian

“Ken lost to an octogenarian!” McMann spat, his voice dripping with disdain. “A forty-five-year-old man named Absolute Zero! And now the Kardoucheians tag team has fallen to the #5 contender spot!”

Kris attempted to defend himself, desperation creeping into his voice. “It’s not our fault, sir! It’s Ray McAvay – he’s not booking us correctly and making us lose in these ridiculous matches!”

McMann scoffed, clearly unimpressed by Kris’s excuse. “Don’t try to pin this on McAvay. Sure, I’ve got my issues with him, but the fact is, the Kardoucheians just haven’t produced results.”

Turning his attention to Ricky Stevens, McMann’s eyes narrowed. “And as for you, Ricky, I’ve had it! You’re going out there all by yourself tonight, and you’d better come back with a win!”

Ricky nodded nervously, his heart racing at the thought of facing his upcoming match alone. As the tension in the room reached a boiling point, McMann made one final vow, his voice full of menace.

“Mark my words – there will be changes around here. Big changes.”

With that ominous declaration, the scene faded out, leaving viewers wondering what was in store for the future of both Jill Berg Enterprises and the Sports Entertainment Corporation.

Back at the broadcast table, both Thunderbolt and Hall shook their head.

“Going into the Heartland Pay-Per-View, it appears both the Sports Entertainment Corporation and Jill Berg Enterprises are in disarray,” opined Thunderbolt.

“Not good,” agreed Rick Hall.  “Lot of pressure on Victoria McGill on Sunday night… a lot of pressure on Ricky Stevens tonight.”

“All right, we’ll be back with more after these messages,” Thunderbolt said, sending it to the next commercial break.

Shoot Logo

SHOOT Project

Back to Thunderbolt and Hall.  Thunderbolt leaned forward and said, “All right, let’s go back to the ring and Heather Cooper for our next match…”

MATCH #3-NON-TITLE: LATX (Christina Garcia/Racquel Ramirez) vs. Women’s Tag Team Champions The Hanson Sisters (Amanda and Melissa Hanson)


Raquel Ramirez
AGE: 33 / HT: 5’ 9″ WT: 115 / HOME: Los Angeles, CA
ALIGN: Heel / STYLE: Brawler / FIN: LA Express

Christina Garcia

AGE: 32  / HT: 5’ 8″ WT: 123  / HOME: Los Angeles, CA
ALIGN: Heel  / STYLE: Brawler   / FIN: Beach Blast
THEME MUSIC:  “Turbulenca”- El Neon

The Hanson Sisters
– The hockey-loving Hanson Sisters always bring their hockey sticks to the ring and wear their thick black horn-rimmed glasses while dressed in their retro Charlestown Chief hockey uniforms.

Andrea Hanson
AGE: 27 / HT: 5′ 11″ WT: 160 / HOME: Red Lake, MN
ALIGN: Tweener / STYLE: Brawler-Goon / FIN: High Stick

Melissa Hanson
AGE: 28 / HT: 6′ 0″ WT: 164 / HOME: Red Lake, MN
ALIGN: Tweener / STYLE: Brawler-Goon / FIN: CHECK!-mate
THEME MUSIC: ‘Hit Somebody’- Warren Zevon

MANAGER: Coach Reg, Charissa Hanson

The camera pans over the roaring crowd, briefly lingering on signs of support for various wrestlers before finally settling on the commentators’ booth. Thunderbolt Smith and ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall sit behind their table, with Thunderbolt’s calm demeanor contrasting with Hall’s barely contained excitement.

“Wow! What a surprising turn of events in the Women’s Tag Team match!” exclaimed Thunderbolt, still processing the upset LATX pulled off against The Hanson Sisters. “I don’t think anyone saw that coming.”

Hall shook his head, grinning. “You’re right, Thunderbolt. The Hanson Sisters being counted out is definitely not something we see every day. But you know what? I’m not too concerned about it. This should give them the incentive to bounce back at Heartland.”

Thunderbolt nodded in agreement, his eyes scanning the arena as he said, “I think you’re right, Hall. We all know how tough and determined Andrea and Melissa Hanson can be. They’ll learn from this experience and come back stronger than ever.”

Visitors to the Show
As the camera moved away from the commentators’ booth, it focused on the ringside area where Women’s Champion Jennifer Colton’s family gather. PRIME Wrestling’s Nate Colton and Jennifer’s father are clearly enjoying the atmosphere, beaming with pride.

“Speaking of strong competitors,” Hall continued, “we have Jennifer Colton’s family here tonight, including her brother Nate Colton from PRIME Wrestling and her father. It’s great to see them showing their support.”

“Absolutely,” replied Thunderbolt. “Evansville, Indiana is Jennifer’s hometown, and it’s always nice to see families coming together to cheer on their loved ones. And for those of you watching at home, don’t forget to catch Jennifer’s match later on in the evening and will be featured this Thursday night on MVW’s syndicated show – Lock and Loaded.”

The camera captured a moment of Jennifer’s family exchanging words and laughter, their anticipation for the match growing. Thunderbolt and Hall shared a nod, both looking forward to witnessing the passion and determination that define the wrestlers of MVW.

Main Event Preview
“Alright, folks,” Thunderbolt began, his voice booming with excitement as the camera pans back to the commentary booth. “It’s time to preview our main event for tonight – the #1 contender’s match between Ricky Stevens of the SEC and former Men’s champion John O’Reilly.”

“Absolutely, Thunderbolt!” exclaimed Hall, his eyes sparkling with anticipation. “O’Reilly managed to avenge a loss to Buckshot Henderson recently, securing his spot at #2 and earning this opportunity tonight. He faces a tough challenge against Ricky Stevens, though, who’s a member of The SEC.”

The camera cut to a split screen, showing both Ricky Stevens and John O’Reilly warming up backstage. Stevens looks focused and determined, while O’Reilly shadowboxed with an intensity that spoke to his hunger for victory.

“John O’Reilly has always been a fighter, and if he can manage to defeat Stevens tonight, he’ll earn a chance to compete in the Men’s Title match against ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson at Heartland,” continued Hall, watching the screen intently.

Thunderbolt nodded, adding, “That’s right. But let’s not forget the immense pressure on Ricky Stevens from ‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Mr. McMann. Losing in a title match or a #1 contender’s match could spell serious trouble for Stevens within The SEC.”

“True, but knowing Stevens, he won’t let that pressure get to him,” mused Hall, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. “He’s a fierce competitor and he’ll do whatever it takes to come out on top tonight.”

As the commentators discussed the upcoming match, the camera caught a glimpse of Mr. McMann watching the proceedings from the shadows, his eyes narrowed and calculating. Thunderbolt saw him on the monitor and commented, “I see Mr. McMann lurking in the background there, no doubt keeping a close eye on his investment in Ricky Stevens.”

“Which only adds to the pressure on Stevens,” agreed Hall. “But who knows, maybe that’s exactly what he needs to push himself even further tonight.”

“Only time will tell,” said Thunderbolt, his voice filled with anticipation. “Stay tuned, folks, because this match is going to be one for the ages. We’ll be right back after these commercials with our main event: Ricky Stevens vs. John O’Reilly for the Men’s Division #1 contender’s spot!”

Heartland Report with Kellie Burkowski
Women’s Heartland Division:
-#3 Tammie Hardy defeated #2 Debbie the Destroyer last Friday night in Hutchinson, Kansas to move up to #2 and set herself up for a #1 contender’s match against #1 ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin.
-#2 Tammie Hardy then knocked off Tessa Saturday night in Emporium, Kansas to leapfrog past her and earn a title match at Sunday’s Heartland Pay-Per-View show against champion Amberly Stanton.

Men’s Heartland Division:
-#3 Absolute Zero defeated #2 Captain Jack to move up to #2 at Friday night’s Hutchinson house show.
-#2 Absolute Zero then followed that up with another win, this one over #1 Ken Kardoucheian, at Emporium on Saturday night and he too will have a title match at Sunday’s Heartland Pay-Per-View show against Men’s Heartland champion Luke Woods.

September 24th – Heartland PPV – Indiana Farmers Coliseum / Indianapolis, IN
September 29th –Lambert Fieldhouse / West Lafayette, IN
September 30th – Peoria Civic Center / Peoria, IL
October 1st – The Viaero Center / Kearney, NE
October 6th – Cheyenne County Community Center / Sidney, NE
October 7th – Wilkert Event Center / Columbus, NE
October 10th – Knapp Center / Des Moines, IA
October 13th – Griffon Indoor Sports Complex / St. Joseph, MO
October 14th – Landon Arena / Topeka, KS
October 15th –  Five Flags Center / Dubuque, IA
October 20th – Hale Arena / Mason City, IA
October 21st – Surf Ballroom / Clear Lake, IA
October 24th – Athletics-Recreation Center / Valparaiso, IN


sVo Logo

Sanctioned Violence Organization

MAIN EVENT-#1 MEN’S DIVISION CONTENDER’S MATCH: John O’Reilly vs. Ricky Stevens of the SEC

The camera fades in, capturing the glistening sweat on Thunderbolt Smith’s brow as he and ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall return to their broadcasting table after a heated commercial break. Both men wear expressions of anticipation, their eyes locked onto the backstage area.

“Welcome back, folks,” Thunderbolt says, his voice steady as always despite the excitement brewing in the air. “We’re going to send it right back to Kellie Burkowski for a special interview with John O’Reilly.”

The scene cuts to Kellie, her blonde hair shining under the bright lights of the backstage area. She stands beside John O’Reilly, who’s got a fierce determination etched onto his face. The intensity in his blue eyes speaks volumes about what this match means to him.

“Thanks, Thunderbolt,” Kellie begins, keeping her questions simple and direct. “John, you specifically asked for this time. What’s going through your mind right now?”

O’Reilly’s gaze remains steady, his lips pressed into a thin line before he finally speaks. “Tonight, I’m dedicating this match to the late Texas Country artist Charlie Robison.” He pauses, emotion creeping into his voice. “Charlie’s song ‘John O’Reilly’ has been my entrance music for years, and his passing over a week ago hit me hard. I’m doing this for him and all his fans out there.”

Kellie nods, understanding the weight of his words. “Thank you, John. Good luck tonight.”

“Thanks, Kellie,” O’Reilly replies, his resolve strengthened by his heartfelt dedication. The camera cuts back to Thunderbolt, who doesn’t miss a beat.

“Thank you, Kellie. Let’s head to the ring now, where Heather Cooper is awaiting our competitors.”

John O’Reilly
AGE: 35 / HT: 5’ 10” WT: 200 / HOME: Atheny, Ireland
ALIGN: Face / STYLE: Brawler / FIN: Cannonball Right hand
THEME MUSIC: ‘John O’Reilly’- Charlie Robison

Ricky Stevens
AGE: / HT: 5’ 11” WT: 185 / HOME: San Francisco, CA
ALIGN: Face / STYLE: High Flyer / FIN: Dead and Buried (X-Factor)
THEME: “Search and Destroy” – Iggy Pop

Valet: Dru Danes

“After an intense back-and-forth match, John O’Reilly emerged victorious to secure his place in the Heartland Pay-Per-View against ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson for the Men’s title,” Thunderbolt announced. “O’Reilly’s win tonight was impressive.  His dedication to Charlie Robison clearly motivated him.”

“Absolutely,” Hall agreed, his excitement evident. “He worked himself back into title contention with that victory. But let’s not forget about Ricky Stevens. His future in the SEC seems uncertain after this loss.”

“Right you are, Rick,” Thunderbolt replied. “Stevens may have been distracted by the ongoing strife between the SEC and Jill Berg Enterprises. Only time will tell how this will affect his career.”

MVW Majority Owner Ray McAvay Announces the Full Card for Heartland
The camera panned across the excited crowd, their anticipation clear as a bell as they eagerly awaited the next announcement. The air is thick with energy and a sense of anticipation. Suddenly, the arena lights dimmed, and a spotlight illuminated the stage as MVW Majority Owner Ray McAvay stepped into view, his wife Stacee Perry-McAvay by his side. A standing ovation erupted from the audience, their cheers reverberating throughout the venue.

MVW Majority Owner Ray McAvay and Stacee Perry-McAvay

“Thank you! Thank you all!” Ray exclaimed, his voice booming with authority, yet warm and appreciative. He raised a hand, motioning for the crowd to settle down.  “Here is the official card for Heartland.”

-WOMEN’S HEARTLAND TITLE: Amberly Stanton © vs. #1 Tammie Hardy
-MEN’S HEARTLAND TITLE: Luke Woods © vs. #1 Absolute Zero
-WOMEN’S TAG TEAM TITLE: The Hanson Sisters © vs. #1 The Working Girls
-MEN’S TAG TEAM TITLE: The Stevens Dynasty © vs. #1 No Quarter
-WOMEN’S TITLE: Jennifer Colton © vs. #1 Victoria McGill
-MEN’S TITLE: ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson © vs. #1 John O’Reilly

“Tonight has been an amazing night of wrestling action, but I have more news for you all,” McAvay continued, his eyes scanning the crowd, making them feel included in this momentous occasion. “I am proud to announce two additional matches for our upcoming Heartland show!”

The crowd’s excitement builds, their impatience almost tangible as they lean forward in their seats.

“First, we will see PRIME’s Adam Ellis return to MVW for one night to take on Buckshot Henderson in what promises to be a fun match!” Ray announced, his voice filled with passion for the sport.

“YEAH!” the crowd roared back in approval, fists pumping in the air.

“Furthermore,” Ray added, pausing for dramatic effect, “Laney Harrison and McLean Oswald will face off against LATX!”

The crowd again rises up, their cheers deafening as they celebrate the exciting matchups ahead. Thunderbolt and Hall exchange impressed looks at the announcer’s table.

“All right.  Sunday night is Heartland and we will see you there,” Thunderbolt said as the show ended.

-Red State Nation (‘Victorious’ Veronica Vincent/Kay Daniels) defeated The Working Girls (Caroline Lewis/’Queen Cool’ Leah Iris) via count-out at 23:59
-MEN’S TAG TEAM #1 CONTENDER’S MATCH: No Quarter (Bracken Kreuger/Daryn Thompson) defeated The Alabama Gang (R.G. Jenkins/Mark Hendry) at 15:45
-NON-TITLE: LATX (Christina Garcia/Racquel Ramirez) defeat Women’s Tag Team Champions The Hanson Sisters (Andrea and Melissa Hanson) via count-out at 3:37
-MAIN EVENT-MEN’S DIVISION #1 CONTENDER’S MATCH: John O’Reilly defeated Ricky Stevens at 9:24

September 24th – Heartland PPV – Indiana Farmers Coliseum / Indianapolis, IN
-WOMEN’S HEARTLAND TITLE: Amberly Stanton © vs. #1 Tammie Hardy
-MEN’S HEARTLAND TITLE: Luke Woods © vs. #1 Absolute Zero
-WOMEN’S SPECIAL MATCH: Laney Harrison/McLean Oswald vs. LATX
-MEN’S SPECIAL MATCH: PRIME’s Adam Ellis vs. Buckshot Henderson
-WOMEN’S TAG TEAM TITLE: The Hanson Sisters © vs. #1 The Working Girls
-MEN’S TAG TEAM TITLE: The Stevens Dynasty © vs. #1 No Quarter
-WOMEN’S TITLE: Jennifer Colton © vs. #1 Victoria McGill
-MEN’S TITLE: ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson © vs. #1 John O’Reilly


PWA Logo

Phoenix Wrestling Alliance


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