News and Notes from Last Night’s Carmondy Cup Finals


Kellie Burkowski stood in the center of the MVW ring at the Joseph Gentile Center, microphone in hand, her blonde hair cascading over the shoulders of her sleek black dress and welcomed everyone to MVW’s News and Notes following the Carmondy Cup Finals show.

“Tonight was a night full of surprises and unforgettable moments,” Kellie began, her blue eyes sparkling with excitement. “But the biggest news coming out of the show was Charlie Blackwell winning the Men’s Carmondy Cup!” The crowd erupted in cheers at the mention of Blackwell’s victory. “Next month at the St. Louis Supershow, Blackwell will challenge ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson for the MVW title. And if that wasn’t enough, Blackwell’s impressive 499-day MVW Title reign record is also on the line!” Kellie shouted over the deafening applause, feeling the anticipation build in the air.

The camera then cut to a video package highlighting Victoria McGill’s win over Amberley Stanton, guaranteeing her the next three Women’s title opportunities. The footage showed Tori’s brutal use of a foreign object to knock Stanton out cold. As the video came to an end, Kellie continued, “Now, let’s take a look at what happened after that controversial match between Victoria McGill and Amberley Stanton.”

The screen shifted to a backstage area where an infuriated Amberley Stanton stormed through the corridor, her eyes scanning the area for any sign of Victoria. Her fists clenched tightly, face red with anger as she searched for her opponent.

“Where is she?” Amberley muttered under her breath, her thoughts consumed with the desire for retribution against Victoria. She couldn’t shake the image of Victoria holding that foreign object, the feeling of helplessness as it connected with her skull.

“Looking for someone?” A voice called out, dripping with sarcasm. Amberley turned her head to see Victoria sauntering towards her, a smug grin plastered on her face.

“Ah, there you are,” Amberley seethed, taking a step closer to Victoria. “You think that was a fair win? You had to use a foreign object to knock me out!”

Victoria scoffed, looking down at her challengers as if she were nothing more than an insect. “A win is a win, sweetheart. And now, I’ve got the next three Women’s title opportunities locked in.”

“Enjoy it while it lasts, McGill,” Amberley spat, her eyes burning with determination. “Because when I get my hands on you again, you won’t be so lucky.”

“Is that a promise or a threat?” Victoria taunted, raising an eyebrow. “Either way, I’m not worried. See you around, Stanton.”

As Victoria walked away, leaving Amberley fuming in her wake, Kellie Burkowski reappeared on screen, closing the segment with a look of intrigue on her face. “It seems tensions are higher than ever between Victoria McGill and Amberley Stanton. We can only imagine what will happen the next time they cross paths here in MVW.”


The camera panned backstage, where Kellie Burkowski stood with Jill Berg Enterprises – Victoria McGill, Sheline Carrigan, and Madison Miller. The atmosphere was thick with anticipation as the victorious team exuded confidence and determination. CEO Jill Berg, with a smug grin, took center stage.

“Last night, I led Tori McGill and the JBE tag team to smashing victories in the Carmondy Cup,” she boasted, her eyes gleaming with pride. “And now we’re ready to go after the Women’s and Women’s Tag Team titles on Sunday night at Night of Champions.”

Victoria McGill, still riding high from her controversial win over Amberley Stanton, chimed in. “That’s right, Kellie. We are unstoppable, and with Jill leading us, there’s no doubt we’ll bring back all the gold.”

Kellie nodded, impressed by their unwavering certainty. “Well, congratulations on your victories last night. It seems like Jill Berg Enterprises is a force to be reckoned with in MVW.”

“Absolutely,” agreed Sheline Carrigan, flexing her powerful arms for emphasis. “We won’t rest until we dominate this entire company.”

As they continued to bask in the glory of their success, the scene shifted to another part of the backstage area, where Kellie found Charlie Blackwell, fresh off his hard-fought victory over Scott Stevens. Sweat glistened on his skin, evidence of the epic 39-minute match he’d just endured.

“Charlie, congratulations on your win over Scott Stevens tonight. How does it feel to come out on top after such an intense battle?” Kellie asked, her blue eyes filled with admiration.

“Thank you, Kellie.” Charlie wiped the sweat from his brow, his chest heaving from the exertion. “Scott brought one hell of a fight tonight. He’s a tough competitor, and I have nothing but respect for him.”

Kellie could tell that Charlie was sincere in his praise of Scott Stevens. His eyes conveyed the truth behind his words. “You mentioned earlier that you came back to MVW because you don’t want ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson to break your record for the longest MVW title reign. Can you elaborate on that?”

“Of course,” Charlie replied, his expression firming with determination. “If Bill wants to break my record, he’s going to have to beat me to do it. I won’t sit idly by while someone else claims what I worked so hard to achieve.”

As Charlie’s words echoed through the backstage area, it was evident that his resolve was unshakable. The stage was set for an epic showdown between Charlie Blackwell and ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson – a confrontation that would undoubtedly shake the very foundations of Missouri Valley Wrestling.


Kellie, her blonde hair shimmering under the backstage lights, made her way over to Cary Stevens and the Stevens Dynasty. The camera captured the image of Bo and George Stevens standing tall behind their father, a strong presence that only added to the intensity of their words.

“Earlier tonight, you stated that the war with No Quarter isn’t over,” Kellie began, addressing Cary directly. “And you made it clear that the Stevens Dynasty wants the MVW Tag Team titles back. Can you tell us more about your plans moving forward?”

Cary’s eyes narrowed, and his voice carried a hint of anger as he spoke. “We’re going to do whatever it takes to get those titles back around our waists, Kellie. If that means Bo and George have to destroy every tag team in Missouri Valley Wrestling like they did tonight against the Kings of the Wild Frontier, then so be it.”

Bo and George nodded in agreement, their expressions mirroring their leader’s determination. Kellie could sense the resolve emanating from all three men.

“Speaking of last night, after the weekend your son Scott Stevens had in defeating Bill Dickinson Saturday night and then Michael Lee Best Monday night, you must be disappointed with Scott getting disqualified in the main event against Charlie Blackwell,” Kellie continued cautiously, knowing she was treading on sensitive ground.

“Disappointed is an understatement!” Cary’s face reddened, his voice rising in volume. “Referee Davey Keels had no right to disqualify Scott and hand the win to Charlie Blackwell! Scott Stevens is the champion of a big-time wrestling company and deserved a little more leeway and respect that wasn’t given to him and Ray McAvay should’ve overruled that decision!”

At the mention of Ray McAvay’s name, the camera panned to show the owner of MVW stepping into frame, his expression stern and resolute.

“Given the number of times you, Bo, and George interfered in the Blackwell match… and let’s be honest… you got away with a some stuff in the tag match against the Kings of the Wild Frontier as well…, I believe Davey Keels gave you enough rope to hang yourselves, and that’s exactly what happened,” Ray countered, his voice calm yet firm.  “He said he believed Scott Stevens ran into him deliberately to allow you, Bo, and George to continue to beat down Charlie Blackwell at ringside.”

Cary clenched his fists, clearly struggling to control his anger. Kellie could feel the tension in the air, thick and palpable.

“Be that as it may,” she interjected, attempting to diffuse the situation, “it’s time to move on to Sunday’s Night of Champions, where there will be six title matches.”

Ray nodded in agreement, his gaze never leaving Cary’s furious eyes. The Stevens Dynasty stood their ground, a united front against the world.

“Indeed,” Ray said, his voice heavy with meaning. “Let’s focus on what’s to come, not dwell on the past.”

As the scene came to a close, it was clear that the road ahead for both the Stevens Dynasty and MVW would be fraught with challenges and fierce competition. The fire of determination burned brightly within each competitor, as they prepared for the battles that lay ahead at Night of Champions.

December 17th – Night of Champions – Wintrust Arena / Chicago, IL
-Ricky Stevens vs. John O’Reilly
-Laney Harrison/McLean Oswald vs. The Working Girls
-Lisa Barbosa-Stevens vs. ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin
-Surf Express Bro vs. The Stevens Dynasty
-WOMEN’S HEARTLAND TITLE: Kirsten Canfield © vs. Felicia LaBarbara
-MEN’S HEARTLAND TITLE: Aaron Gray © vs. Randy Barrington
-WOMEN’S TAG TEAM TITLE: The Hanson Sisters © vs. Jill Berg Enterprises
-MEN’S TAG TEAM TITLE: No Quarter © vs. The Alabama Gang
-WOMEN’S TITLE: Jennifer Colton © vs. Victoria McGill- Steel Cage Match
-MEN’S TITLE: ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson © vs. Luke Woods

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